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Index to Marriage Applications
Book 2 - March 1907 - March 1909

Copyright 1997 Genealogical Society of Whitley County

Abstract of Marriage Applications
Book 2 - March 1907 - March 1909

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Name - Relationship - Book & Page

Aburn, Wanda Groom's Mother 2-240
Adams, Florence Groom's Mother 2-125
Adams, Nettie Groom's Mother 2-273
Albertson, Charles Stuart Groom 2-112
Albertson, E.F. Bride's Witness 2-153
Albertson, E.F. Groom's Witness 2-153
Albertson, Edward Groom's Father 2-112
Albertson, Honora Bride's Witness 2-112
Albertson, Honore Groom's Witness 2-112
Albright, John Henry Groom's Father 2-109
Albright, Nina Imogene Bride 2-202
Albright, Otto Bride's Father 2-202
Albright, William Milo Groom 2-109
Allen, Abraham Groom's Father 2-237
Allen, Arthur Clemons Groom 2-180
Allen, Charley Bride's Witness 2-177
Allen, Charley Groom's Witness 2-177
Allen, Jacob Groom 2-237
Allen, Jennie Bride 2-233
Allen, Mary Alice Groom's Mother 2-96
Allen, Oliver Bride's Father 2-177
Allen, Oliver Bride's Father 2-233
Allen, Oliver Bride's Witness 2-180
Allen, Oliver C. Groom's Father 2-180
Allen, Oliver C. Groom's Witness 2-180
Alley, Ida Bride's Mother 2-43
Alvord, Carrie Roby Groom's Mother 2-181
Ambrose, Orwell T. Groom 2-212
Anderson, Anzel Groom 2-81
Anderson, Clarence E. Groom 2-198
Anderson, Eli Groom's Father 2-81
Anderson, Joseph M. Groom 2-223
Anderson, Joseph P, Groom's Father 2-223
Anderson, William R. Groom's Father 2-198
Appleton, Aaron Bride's Father 2-285
Appleton, Aaron Bride's Witness 2-285
Appleton, Aaron Groom's Witness 2-285
Appleton, Effie Bride 2-285
Archer, Lulu Bride's Witness 2-121
Aresmith, Melmia C Groom's Mother 2-293
Armold, Flossie Belle Bride 2-26
Armold, Peter Senard Bride's Father 2-26
Arnold, Phoebe Bride's Mother 2-242
Arthur, Curtis Bride's Witness 2-62
Arthur, Curtis Groom's Witness 2-62
Auer, Edward Bride's Father 2-176
Auer, Edward Bride's Witness 2-176
Auer, Edward Groom's Witness 2-176
Auer, Ellenor Bride 2-176
Auer, Mikeal Bride's Father 2-97
Auer, Susan Bride 2-97
Augerman, Amelia Groom's Mother 2-62
Austin, Perry G. Groom's Father 2-67
Austin, Stephen H. Groom 2-67

Badger, Granville Bride's Father 2-74
Badger, Mary Bride 2-74
Badsky, Fred J. Groom 2-74
Badsky, Henry Groom's Father 2-74
Bailey, Homer Groom's Father 2-299
Bailey, Horace E Groom 2-299
Bair, Aaron Groom's Father 2-63
Bair, David Groom's Father 2-291
Bair, Mary Ann Groom's Mother 2-90
Bair, Timothy Monroe Groom 2-63
Bair, Walter F Groom 2-291
Baker, Ann Jelick Bride's Mother 2-37
Baker, Annie Bride's Mother 2-56
Baker, Arion Bride's Father 2-34
Baker, Edith Grace Bride 2-58
Baker, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-10
Baker, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-297
Baker, Henry Edson Bride's Father 2-58
Baker, McClellan Groom's Father 2-292
Baker, Robert Dorsey Bride's Father 2-93
Baker, Royal R Groom 2-292
Baker, Vera Mae Bride 2-93
Baley, Barbarm Bride's Mother 2-191
Banning, Elva Bride 2-273
Banning, Willard Bride's Father 2-273
Barber, Alice M. Groom's Mother 2-252
Barber, Elsie Bride's Mother 2-295
Barber, Francis Groom's Mother 2-67
Barkdoll, Henry Bride's Father 2-98
Barkdoll, Henry Bride's Witness 2-98
Barkdoll, Henry Groom's Witness 2-98
Barker, Arthur E. Groom 2-154
Barker, James T Groom's Father 2-108
Barker, James T. Bride's Witness 2-108
Barker, James T. Groom's Witness 2-108
Barker, JamesT. Groom's Father 2-154
Barker, Willard Hamilton Groom 2-108
Barnes, Feilding Groom's Father 2-138
Barnes, Franklin P. Groom's Father 2-243
Barnes, Joshua Groom 2-243
Barnes, Luke H. Groom 2-138
Barnes, Martin Bride's Father 2-103
Barnes, Reuben Groom's Father 2-103
Barnes, Sarah Ann Bride 2-103
Barnes, Zachariah Groom 2-103
Barsh, Gineva Bride's Witness 2-182
Barsh, Gineva Groom's Witness 2-182
Bash, Mary Groom's Mother 2-51
Bauer, Hannah Groom's Mother 2-65
Baugher, George L. Bride's Father 2-275
Baugher, Mary Mable Bride 2-275
Baugher, Myrta A. Bride's Mother 2-275
Baugher, Nora Bride's Mother 2-270
Bayley, William Bride's Father 2-191
Bayman, Charlie Groom 2-235
Bayman, William Groom's Father 2-235
Beachler, Ellen Bride's Mother 2-171
Beall, Celia Ann Bride's Mother 2-249
Beall, Sybilla Bride's Mother 2-186
Beam, Laura Bride 2-135
Beard, Rhoda May Bride's Mother 2-280
Beck, J. Henson Bride's Witness 2-224
Beck, J. Henson Groom's Witness 2-224
Beers, Emma Bride's Witness 2-11
Beers, Emma Groom's Witness 2-11
Beers, Emma Estella Bride 2-130
Beers, John Bride's Father 2-11
Beers, John Bride's Father 2-130
Beers, Pearl Bride 2-11
Beigh, Ezra Bride's Father 2-39
Beigh, Ezra Bride's Witness 2-39
Beigh, Ezra Groom's Witness 2-39
Beigh, Fern Bride 2-39
Bell, Amanda Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-80
Bell, Chas R. Bride's Father 2-193
Bell, Chas R. Bride's Witness 2-193
Bell, Chas R. Groom's Witness 2-193
Bell, Louisa A. Groom's Mother 2-18
Bell, Mamie E. Bride 2-193
Bell, Miranda Jane Groom's Mother 2-238
Bemis, Mary Groom's Mother 2-226
Bender, David Bride's Father 2-161
Bender, Sylvia May Bride 2-161
Bennet, Lorenzo Augustus Groom's Father 2-54
Bennett, Elizabeth E. Groom's Mother 2-204
Bennett, Elnora Groom's Mother 2-33
Bennett, Floyd Ethelbert Groom 2-54
Bennett, Lorenzo A. Bride's Witness 2-54
Bennett, Lorenzo A. Groom's Witness 2-54
Bennett, Lucinda R Bride's Mother 2-299
Bennett, Margaret Bride's Mother 2-184
Benton, Zilla Groom's Mother 2-16
Bentz, Rebecca Bride's Mother 2-177
Bentz, Rebecca Bride's Mother 2-233
Bentz, Rebecca Groom's Mother 2-180
Bentz, Reuben Bride's Father 2-4
Bentz, Rozzie May Bride 2-4
Benward, Edward Clinton Bride's Father 2-42
Benward, Jessie Lillian Bride 2-42
Berger, Emma Bride's Mother 2-73
Betzner, C.D. Bride's Witness 2-41
Betzner, C.D. Groom's Witness 2-41
Biers, Ida Ellen Bride's Mother 2-15
Bishop, Rachael Bride's Mother 2-24
Bitting, Samuel Claude Groom 2-32
Bitting, Sarah E. Groom's Mother 2-32
Black, Elva Alta Bride 2-54
Black, Ottley Bride's Father 2-54
Blain, Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 2-206
Blaine, Bell Bride's Mother 2-92
Blair, Courand M. Bride's Mother 2-261
Blanchard, Effie May Bride 2-23
Blanchard, Mary E. Bride's Witness 2-269
Blanchard, Mary E. Groom's Witness 2-269
Blanchard, Melissa Bride 2-269
Blanchard, Oliver Thomas Groom 2-26
Blanchard, Oscar Bride's Father 2-269
Blanchard, Oscar L. Bride's Father 2-23
Blanchard, Oscar Lewis Groom's Father 2-26
Blaugh, Cyrus Bride's Witness 2-262
Blaugh, Cyrus Groom's Father 2-262
Blaugh, Cyrus Groom's Witness 2-262
Blaugh, Emmett Eugene Groom 2-262
Blumer, Hannah Groom's Mother 2-222
Boggs, John Bride's Father 2-70
Boggs, Mina Bride 2-70
Bolinger, Peter Groom's Father 2-174
Bolinger, William F. Groom 2-174
Bollinger, Clarence W. Groom 2-201
Bollinger, John Groom's Father 2-201
Bonebrake, J.H. Bride's Witness 2-162
Bonebrake, J.H. Groom's Witness 2-162
Bonnar, Jessie Bride's Mother 2-94
Bordner, Charles Barton Groom 2-163
Bordner, Edythe Bride's Witness 2-259
Bordner, Edythe Groom's Witness 2-259
Bordner, Fremont C. Groom's Father 2-163
Bordner, Rulavow J. Groom's Father 2-259
Bordner, William Albert Groom 2-259
Born, Christian Groom's Father 2-236
Born, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-289
Born, Forest E. Groom 2-236
Born, Jacob W. Bride's Father 2-75
Born, Jacob W. Bride's Witness 2-75
Born, Jacob W. Groom's Witness 2-75
Born, Victorean Bride 2-75
Bossenberry, Margaret Bride's Witness 2-43
Bossenberry, Margaret Groom's Witness 2-43
Bowen, Alida Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-80
Bowerman, Abraham Bride's Father 2-142
Bowerman, Bessie Bride 2-288
Bowerman, Clara C Bride's Mother 2-288
Bowerman, Edson Perchas Bride's Father 2-288
Bowerman, Ella Maud Bride 2-142
Bowerman, P. L. Bride's Witness 2-142
Bowerman, P. L. Groom's Witness 2-142
Bowlby, Angie Mae Bride 2-61
Bowlby, Francis Marion Bride's Father 2-61
Bowlby, J. A. Bride's Witness 2-170
Bowlby, J. A. Groom's Witness 2-170
Bowlby, James A. Groom's Father 2-16
Bowlby, Jess E Groom 2-16
Bowser, Henry Bride's Father 2-267
Bowser, Mollie Bride 2-267
Boy, Pheba Ann Bride's Mother 2-273
Boyll, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-112
Bozworth, Geo. Bride's Witness 2-73
Bozworth, Geo. Groom's Witness 2-73
Braden, Elido Bride's Mother 2-258
Bradon, Elyda Groom's Mother 2-165
Brant, Harvey H. Bride's Father 2-261
Brant, Lucy Luvella Bride 2-261
Brechner, Edward Bride's Witness 2-196
Brechner, Edward Groom 2-197
Brechner, Edward Groom's Witness 2-196
Brechner, Elmer Groom 2-196
Brechner, Elmer Groom's Witness 2-197
Brechner, Elmer Bride's Witness 2-197
Brechner, Samuel Groom's Father 2-196
Brechner, Samuel Groom's Father 2-197
Brenneman, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-177
Bridge, Castle S Bride's Witness 2-293
Bridge, Castle S Groom's Witness 2-293
Bridge, Castle S. Bride's Witness 2-277
Bridge, Castle S. Groom's Witness 2-277
Bridge, Clement Groom's Witness 2-199
Bridge, Emmet E. Groom 2-277
Bridge, Franklin Groom's Father 2-277
Briggs, Jesse Howard Groom 2-281
Briggs, Mary Agnes Groom's Mother 2-123
Briggs, S. Edw. Bride's Witness 2-218
Briggs, S. Edw. Groom's Witness 2-218
Briggs, Silas Groom's Father 2-281
Brookins, S. R. Bride's Witness 2-273
Brookins, S. R. Groom's Witness 2-273
Brown, Charles Sumner Groom 2-25
Brown, Emma Groom's Mother 2-230
Brown, George W. Groom's Father 2-221
Brown, James Arthur Groom 2-221
Brown, John R. Groom's Witness 2-25
Brown, John Reed Groom's Father 2-25
Brown, Mary Groom's Mother 2-237
Brubaker, Thomas C. Groom 2-28
Brubaker, William H. Groom's Father 2-28
Bruch, Charles Burdell Groom 2-146
Bruch, George Groom's Father 2-146
Brumbaugh, Jacob Groom's Father 2-296
Brumbaugh, Virgil Groom 2-296
Bryan, Laura Elsie Bride's Mother 2-231
Buckmaster, Eliza Bride's Mother 2-235
Buckmaster, Eliza Jane Groom's Mother 2-83
Bumgardner, Alice Groom's Mother 2-282
Bump, Delphin J. Groom's Mother 2-131
Bump, Elmer Groom's Witness 2-151
Bump, Elmer Bride's Witness 2-151
Bump, Nahum Bride's Father 2-151
Bump, Nahum Groom's Father 2-131
Bump, Philena Ann Bride 2-151
Bump, Wilson Elvin Groom 2-131
Buntain, Anna Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-150
Bunyan, Emera Groom 2-294
Bunyan, W W Groom's Father 2-294
Burch, Elva Bride 2-84
Burch, William Bride's Father 2-84
Burch, William Bride's Witness 2-84
Burch, William Groom's Witness 2-84
Burkholder, Mary Groom's Mother 2-221
Burnheimer, Aaron Bride's Witness 2-113
Burnheimer, Aaron Groom's Father 2-113
Burnheimer, Aaron Groom's Witness 2-113
Burnheimer, Victor Dewitt Groom 2-113
Burt, Malissa Groom's Mother 2-251
Burwell, Caroline Groom's Mother 2-137
Burwell, James W. Groom's Father 2-137
Burwell, Sarah Frances Bride's Mother 2-143
Burwell, Walter Karl Groom 2-137
Bush, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-118
Butler, Arminda Bride's Mother 2-256
Butler, Arminda Groom's Mother 2-254
Butler, Mary Ellen Bride 2-268
Butler, Mont Bride's Father 2-268
Butler, Mont Bride's Witness 2-268
Butler, Mont Groom's Witness 2-268
Butterbaugh, Frank P. Bride's Witness 2-32
Butterbaugh, Frank P. Groom's Witness 2-32
Byall, Daisy F. Bride 2-245
Byall, F. M. Groom's Witness 2-245
Byall, F. W. Bride's Witness 2-245
Byall, Francis W. Bride's Father 2-245
Byrd, Melvin Bride's Witness 2-220
Byrd, Melvin Groom's Witness 2-220
Byrum, Andrew J. Bride's Witness 2-109
Byrum, Andrew J. Groom's Witness 2-109
Byrum, Andrew Jackson Bride's Father 2-109
Byrum, Bertha Lulu Bride 2-109

Cady, Amanda A. Bride's Mother 2-113
Caldwell, David Charles Groom 2-134
Caldwell, Peter Groom's Father 2-134
Calhoun, Minerva Groom's Mother 2-84
Campbell, Isaac Groom's Father 2-80
Campbell, Nelson Willard Groom 2-80
Carper, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-268
Carver, Florence Almira Bride 2-96
Carver, Joseph Bride's Father 2-213
Carver, Joseph Bride's Witness 2-213
Carver, Joseph Groom's Witness 2-213
Carver, Joseph M. Bride's Witness 2-96
Carver, Joseph M. Bride's Witness 2-195
Carver, Joseph M. Groom's Witness 2-96
Carver, Joseph M. Groom's Witness 2-195
Carver, Joseph McHenry Bride's Father 2-96
Carver, Phidelia Bride's Mother 2-195
Cecil, Malissie Bride's Mother 2-250
Cessna, Benton Bride's Father 2-182
Cessna, Ora Mable Bride 2-182
Chamberlain, Etta Bride 2-107
Chapman, Arthur Leon Groom 2-181
Chapman, Charles Ferdinand Groom 2-1
Chapman, Peter Mason Groom's Father 2-181
Chapman, Phoebe Groom's Mother 2-53
Chapman, Sanford T. Groom's Witness 2-1
Chapman, Sanford Thomas Groom's Father 2-1
Christeon, George H. Bride's Father 2-19
Christeon, Pearl M. Bride 2-19
Churchel, Larence Bride's Father 2-76
Ciston, Rebecca Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-40
Clabaugh, Allie Bride 2-100
Clark, C.H. Bride's Witness 2-150
Clark, C.H. Groom's Witness 2-150
Clark, Celia C. Groom's Mother 2-232
Clark, Delsa Mae Bride 2-150
Clark, Edwin Groom's Father 2-143
Clark, Frederick Harry Groom 2-143
Clark, Hannah Bride's Mother 2-147
Clark, Nellyn Bride 2-60
Clark, Simon Groom's Father 2-147
Clark, Stephen Bride's Father 2-60
Clark, Uriah H. Groom 2-147
Clark, Uriah Heath Bride's Father 2-150
Clarke, Hazel M. Bride 2-223
Clarke, Joseph Bride's Father 2-223
Claxton, John W. Bride's Father 2-155
Claxton, Sarah Jane Bride 2-155
Clay, Edward O. Bride's Father 2-183
Clay, Lulu Bride's Mother 2-193
Clay, Mabelette Bride 2-183
Clemens, Emma Jane Groom's Mother 2-54
Cleveland, Sarah Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-109
Clevenger, Sarah E. Groom's Mother 2-9
Clugston, H. B. Bride's Witness 2-159
Clugston, H. B. Groom's Witness 2-159
Cobaugh, Sarah Elizbath Groom's Mother 2-121
Coblentz, Mary Groom's Mother 2-215
Cocklin, David A Bride's Father 2-211
Cocklin, Vada May Bride 2-211
Coe, George Groom's Witness 2-284
Coe, George Bride's Witness 2-284
Coffield, Della Jane Groom's Mother 2-145
Cole, Audley` Groom 2-170
Cole, Frank Bride's Witness 2-215
Cole, Frank Groom's Witness 2-215
Cole, Minnie L. Bride's Witness 2-135
Cole, Sheldon Groom's Father 2-170
Collins, Lucinda Bride 2-147
Combs, Birt Bride's Witness 2-191
Combs, Birt Groom's Witness 2-191
Compton, James Bride's Father 2-24
Conkel, Mary Groom's Mother 2-35
Cook, Eliza I. Groom's Mother 2-139
Cook, Eliza I. Groom's Mother 2-263
Cooperrider, Alfred Bride's Witness 2-3
Cooperrider, Alfred Groom's Father 2-3
Cooperrider, Alfred Groom's Witness 2-3
Cooperrider, Allen Price Groom 2-3
Coplin, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-108
Coplin, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-154
Corbin, Alfred T. Groom 2-205
Corbin, William S. Groom's Father 2-205
Cornelius, Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-28
Cornish, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-95
Cotney, P. Bride's Witness 2-140
Cotney, P. Groom's Witness 2-140
Cotseymeyer, Gertrude Groom's Mother 2-60
Coulter, Ernest V Bride's Witness 2-241
Coulter, Ernest V Groom's Witness 2-241
Coulter, Francis W. Bride's Witness 2-240
Coulter, Francis W. Groom's Witness 2-240
Coulter, Francis W. Groom's Father 2-240
Coulter, John J. Groom's Father 2-157
Coulter, Lawrence O Groom 2-157
Coulter, Mirian Groom's Mother 2-94
Coulter, William A. Groom 2-240
Counts, John Groom's Father 2-148
Counts, John W. Groom 2-148
Coverston, George C Groom 2-23
Coverston, George W. Groom's Father 2-23
Coverston, George W. Groom's Witness 2-23
Coverston, Luna M. Groom's Mother 2-23
Coverston, Mary E. Bride's Mother 2-157
Coverstone, Eliza Jane Bride's Mother 2-155
Covington, Addie Bride's Mother 2-102
Cowan, Alice Bride's Mother 2-287
Cowgill, Mary Elsie Bride 2-124
Cowgill, William Roper Bride's Father 2-124
Cox, David Groom 2-97
Cox, Phillip Groom's Father 2-97
Crabill, Emma A. Bride 2-198
Crabill, James Bride's Father 2-198
Crabill, James Bride's Witness 2-198
Crabill, James Groom's Witness 2-198
Crabill, Rosa M. Bride 2-274
Crabill, W. M. Bride's Witness 2-274
Crabill, W. M. Groom's Witness 2-274
Crabill, William M. Bride's Father 2-274
Cramar, Claude Groom 2-268
Cramar, Samuel Groom's Father 2-268
Cramer, Lucetta Bride's Mother 2-41
Crawford, Cynthia Groom's Mother 2-191
Crawford, Delilah Jane Bride's Mother 2-115
Crawford, Estella May Bride 2-87
Crawford, Geo. Bride's Father 2-87
Creager, Lydia Bride's Mother 2-207
Creager, Lydia Groom's Mother 2-172
Cristman, Effie Bride's Mother 2-237
Critchfield, Julia Groom's Mother 2-100
Crouch, Grace L. Bride 2-170
Crouch, Rudolph Bride's Father 2-170
Crouse, Jessie Marie Bride's Mother 2-136
Crow, Bessie Helen Bride 2-94
Crow, John Bride's Father 2-94
Crowel, Henry Clay Bride's Father 2-88
Crowel, Julia Ann Groom's Mother 2-34
Crowell, Harvey A. Bride's Witness 2-60
Crowell, Harvey A. Groom's Witness 2-60
Crowell, James B. Bride's Father 2-15
Crowell, Merrette Groom's Witness 2-288
Crowell, Merrette W Bride's Witness 2-288
Crowell, Oscar C. Groom 2-60
Crowell, Viola Bride 2-15
Crowell, William D. Bride's Witness 2-156
Crowell, William D. Groom's Father 2-156
Crowell, William D. Groom's Witness 2-156
Crowell, William Henry Groom 2-156
Crowell, William M. Groom's Father 2-60
Croxton, Alpharetta I. Bride 2-119
Croxton, Philip W. Bride's Father 2-119
Cullers, Viola Groom's Mother 2-72
Cuney, Angline Bride's Mother 2-86
Cuney, Angeline Groom's Mother 2-12
Cunningham, Emma F. Bride's Mother 2-21
Cunningham, John Theodore Bride's Father 2-65
Cunningham, Ruby Bride 2-65
Currey, Angelina Bride's Mother 2-167
Cusick, Frank Cecil Groom 2-47
Cusick, Frank W. Bride's Witness 2-47
Cusick, Frank W. Groom's Witness 2-47
Cusick, Frank Worden Groom's Father 2-47

Dailey, Myrtle Bride 2-284
Dailey, Orrin V Bride's Father 2-284
Daniel, Edward E. Bride's Witness 2-132
Daniel, Edward E. Groom's Witness 2-132
Daniels, Clarice Bride's Mother 2-26
Darr, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-262
Davidson, Anna Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-238
Davis, Alice Bride's Mother 2-7
Davis, Charles S Groom's Witness 2-9
Davis, Charles S. Bride's Witness 2-9
Davis, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-296
Davis, Zora Bride's Mother 2-18
Day, Susan Bride's Mother 2-114
Decker, Lyda Groom's Mother 2-141
Deeter, Earl L. Groom 2-92
Deeter, George C. Groom's Father 2-92
Demerton, Julietta Bride's Mother 2-216
Denges, Christian Groom 2-176
Denges, Christian Groom's Father 2-176
Dennis, S. Groom's Mother 2-225
Dennison, Catharine Groom's Mother 2-298
Dennison, John O. Groom 2-159
Dennison, Newton Groom's Father 2-159
Dennison, Susan Groom's Mother 2-87
Denton, Lura Bride 2-52
Deepe, Elizabeth A. Bride's Mother 2-183
DePew, Jennie Bride 2-187
DePoy, Jesse Groom 2-91
DePoy, Nicholas Silvester Groom's Father 2-91
Depoy, Samuel F. Bride's Witness 2-185
Depoy, Samuel F. Groom's Witness 2-185
DePoy, Samuel F. Groom's Witness 2-246
DePoy, Samuel F. Bride's Witness 2-246
Desper, Harve Bride's Witness 2-26
Desper, Harve Groom's Witness 2-26
DeVault, Charles L. Bride's Witness 2-137
DeVault, Chas. L. Groom's Witness 2-137
DeVaux, Edward Groom 2-290
DeVaux, Oliver Groom's Father 2-290
Dial, Jacob Emro Groom 2-122
Dial, William E. Groom's Father 2-122
Diffendaffer, Augusta F Bride's Mother 2-284
Dillon, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-27
Dilman, Catharine Groom's Mother 2-30
Dinius, John G. Groom's Father 2-51
Dinius, Solomon Bash Groom 2-51
do not know, do not know Groom's Father 2-212
do not know, do not know Groom's Mother 2-212
Dolholer, Almira Groom's Mother 2-214
Donley, Ella Bride's Mother 2-77
Donnelly, Sarah Jane Groom's Mother 2-7
Doonan, Flora Agnes Bride 2-123
Doonan, William D. Bride's Father 2-123
Doriot, Chas. G. Bride's Witness 2-82
Doriot, Chas. G. Groom's Witness 2-82
Doriot, Emile Groom's Father 2-82
Doriot, Harry Garfield. Groom 2-82
Doriot, Ransom Bride's Witness 2-10
Doriot, Ransom Groom's Witness 2-10
Douglas, Frank Bride's Father 2-259
Douglass, Zella Groom's Mother 2-132
Dowell, Phoebe J. Groom's Mother 2-171
Dowell, Sarah Delila Bride 2-231
Dowell, Warren Bride's Father 2-231
Drake, Edith Bride 2-203
Drake, Thos. Franklin Bride's Father 2-203
Dreyer, Frederick Bride's Father 2-66
Dreyer, Frederick Groom's Father 2-46
Dreyer, Henry Bride's Witness 2-66
Dreyer, Henry Groom 2-46
Dreyer, Henry Groom's Witness 2-66
Dreyer, Lena Bride 2-66
Droz, Adalise Groom's Mother 2-169
Druly, Amy Groom's Mother 2-287
Duglay, Lorain Bride's Father 2-255
Duglay, Mable Anna Bride 2-255
Dull, Allison Bride's Witness 2-296
Dull, Allison Groom's Witness 2-296
Dull, Ella Mae Bride 2-296
Dull, Joseph Allison Bride's Father 2-296
Dunfee, Fred Lee Groom 2-73
Dunfee, Justice Clinton Groom's Father 2-73
Dunfee, Mary L. Bride's Witness 2-199
Dungan, Mary Groom's Mother 2-162
Dyer, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-187

Eairleywine, Daniel Bride's Father 2-266
Eairleywine, Ida M. Bride 2-266
Earleywine, Aaron Bure Bride's Father 2-135
Earll, Gladys Leona Bride 2-125
Earll, Joseph Bride's Father 2-125
Eberhard, Catharine Bride's Mother 2-188
Eberhard, Chas A Bride's Witness 2-297
Eberhard, Chas A Groom's Witness 2-297
Eberhard, Daniel Groom 2-144
Eberhard, William Henry Groom's Father 2-144
Ebersole, Anna Bride's Mother 2-262
Eckert, Catherine Bride's Mother 2-111
Edmonds, David B. Groom 2-158
Edmonds, Joseph B. Groom's Father 2-158
Eger, Florence May Bride 2-250
Egner, Cordle May Bride 2-282
Egner, John W. Bride's Father 2-72
Egner, John W. Bride's Father 2-282
Egner, John W. Bride's Witness 2-72
Egner, John W. Groom's Witness 2-72
Egner, Susan Bride's Mother 2-282
Egner, Virginia A. Bride 2-72
Egolf, Catherine Louisa Bride's Mother 2-241
Egolf, Eletha Maude Bride 2-117
Egolf, George Washington Bride's Father 2-117
Egolf, Israel Bride's Father 2-37
Eikenberry, John Bride's Father 2-57
Eikenberry, Mary Bride 2-57
Elder, Nora Dell Bride's Mother 2-44
Elliot, Albert F. Bride's Father 2-172
Elliott, Albert F. Bride's Witness 2-172
Elliott, Albert F. Groom's Witness 2-172
Elliott, Flora A Groom's Mother 2-299
Elliott, Nettie Bride's Mother 2-212
Elliott, Pansy Ilene Bride 2-172
Emery, John Lee Groom 2-247
Emery, Thomas Groom's Father 2-247
Emrick, Ida Groom's Mother 2-136
Emrick, John G Bride's Father 2-286
Emrick, Loretta Bride 2-286
Engle, Isabell Groom's Mother 2-115
Enos, Alexander Groom's Father 2-21
Enos, Clarence Orlin Groom 2-21
Enos, Emma Groom's Mother 2-21
Enos, Myrtle May Bride's Witness 2-21
Enos, Myrtle May Groom's Witness 2-21
Erdmann, August Groom's Father 2-93
Erdmann, Edward E. Groom 2-93
Essig, David Bride's Father 2-28
Essig, Melvina Groom's Mother 2-207
Estlick, Ellen E. Bride's Mother 2-172
Estlick, Martha J. Bride's Mother 2-106
Eubank, Francis Oron Groom 2-84
Eubank, George Washington Groom's Father 2-84
Evans, Daniel Groom's Father 2-200
Evans, James E. Groom 2-200

Fairbanks, Sarah A. Groom's Mother 2-179
Farmer, Essie E. Bride's Mother 2-90
Farmer, George Groom's Father 2-182
Farmer, Orville Thomas Groom 2-182
Farren, Philip Bride's Witness 2-258
Farren, Philip Groom's Witness 2-258
Faudree, Leola Belle Bride 2-21
Faudree, Richard Bride's Father 2-21
Faurot, Alice Adora Bride's Mother 2-101
Feit, Catharine Bride's Mother 2-67
Ferguson, Almina Bride's Mother 2-218
Ferguson, Pearl Mae Bride 2-156
Ferguson, Samuel Bride's Father 2-156
Ferrey, Frank Irvan Groom's Father 2-231
Ferrey, Phoebe Ellen Groom's Mother 2-231
Ferrey, Ralph Roy Groom 2-231
Fetters, Mary Groom's Mother 2-77
Finch, Abby M Bride's Witness 2-298
Finch, Alva Bride's Father 2-298
Finch, David Groom's Father 2-36
Finch, George Edward Groom 2-36
Finley, Ambrose M. Bride's Father 2-178
Finley, Mary Frances Bride 2-178
Firestone, Allison D Groom's Father 2-9
Firestone, Fred Groom 2-33
Firestone, Julia D Bride 2-299
Firestone, Miner L. Bride's Witness 2-33
Firestone, Miner L. Groom's Father 2-33
Firestone, Miner L. Groom's Witness 2-33
Firestone, Neson L Bride's Father 2-299
Firestone, Tyree W Groom 2-9
Firestone, Wilson L Groom's Witness 2-299
Firestone, Nelson L Bride's Witness 2-299
Fischer, Amelia Mary Bride 2-181
Fischer, Lewis Bride's Father 2-181
Fisher, Charles M Bride's Witness 2-231
Fisher, Charles M. Groom's Witness 2-231
Fisher, Della Bride's Mother 2-12
Fisher, Lind Groom's Mother 2-86
Fisher, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-147
Fleck, Alvin R. Bride's Witness 2-257
Fleck, Alvin R. Groom's Witness 2-257
Fleck, John Bride's Father 2-257
Fleck, Orpha Almeda Bride 2-257
Fleming, Edward Bride's Father 2-197
Fleming, Josephine Geneneve. Bride 2-197
Fleming, Lydia Belle Groom's Mother 2-142
Fletcher, Eliza Bride's Mother 2-78
Flickinger, Cathren Groom's Mother 2-135
Flickinger, Viola Bride's Mother 2-139
Flox, Mary Ann Bride's Mother 2-202
Folliver, W H Bride's Witness 2-289
Fordyce, Alice L. Bride 2-141
Fordyce, John M. Bride's Father 2-141
Forker, Estella E. Bride's Mother 2-125
Forst, Emma Groom's Mother 2-244
Forst, Emma Catherine Groom's Mother 2-49
Fortune, Virginia Groom's Mother 2-220
Fosler, Clem D. Groom's Witness 2-203
Foster, Arthalinda Groom's Mother 2-264
Foster, Asa Bride's Witness 2-17
Foster, Asa Groom's Witness 2-17
Foster, Everett M. Groom 2-246
Foster, Hannah Margaret Bride 2-88
Foster, Hiram Lamon Groom's Father 2-264
Foster, Jacob L. Groom's Father 2-246
Foster, Louisa N. Bride's Mother 2-119
Foster, Millard V. Bride's Witness 2-88
Foster, Millard V. Groom's Witness 2-88
Foster, Otto Liew Groom 2-264
Foster, Pearl Bride's Witness 2-85
Foster, Pearl Groom's Witness 2-85
Fox, Dedelia Bride's Mother 2-103
Francis, Matilda Bride's Mother 2-87
Fressler, Peter Bride's Father 2-291
Frick, Isrel Rachel Groom's Father 2-29
Frich, John Eli Groom 2-29
Frich, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-29
Frith, Mary Groom's Mother 2-143
Fulk, Daniel Bride's Father 2-254
Fulk, Flossie K. Bride 2-254
Fulk, Naoma Groom's Mother 2-116
Fullmer, Henry Bride's Father 2-210
Fullmer, Sarah Bride 2-210
Fulton, Margaret Groom's Mother 2-43

Gable, Eldora Groom's Mother 2-146
Gaerte, Andrew Groom's Father 2-50
Gaerte, Clarence Doriot Groom 2-90
Gaerte, Lloyd Monroe Groom 2-50
Gaerte, Mary Rebecca Groom's Mother 2-25
Gaerte, Ozias J. Bride's Witness 2-90
Gaerte, Ozias J. Groom's Father 2-90
Gaerte, Ozias J. Groom's Witness 2-90
Gaerte, Priscilla Groom's Mother 2-144
Gaff, Mina Orilla Bride 2-71
Gaff, Winfield Scott Bride's Father 2-71
Galbreath, Martin L. Groom's Witness 2-183
Galivan, John Bride's Father 2-152
Gallivan, Catharine Bride 2-152
Gallivan, Dennis Bride's Witness 2-152
Gallivan, Dennis Groom's Witness 2-152
Gallivan, James Groom 2-278
Gallivan, John Groom's Father 2-278
Galloway, Martha Groom's Mother 2-11
Galloway, Martin Bride's Father 2-283
Galloway, Nellie Rachel Bride 2-283
Galvin, Denis Bride's Witness 2-278
Galvin, Denis Groom's Witness 2-278
Garber, Anna M. Bride's Mother 2-170
Gard, Goldie N Bride 2-92
Gard, John N. Bride's Father 2-92
Gardner, M.N. Bride's Witness 2-238
Gardner, M.N. Groom's Witness 2-238
Gardner, William N. Bride's Witness 2-53
Gardner, William N. Groom's Witness 2-53
Garman, Charles E. Groom 2-79
Garman, Nathan Groom's Father 2-79
Garrison, Adaline Bride's Mother 2-117
Garrison, Ethel Mae Bride 2-91
Garrison, Wayne Bride's Father 2-91
Garrison, Wayne Bride's Witness 2-91
Garrison, Wayne Groom's Witness 2-91
Garver, David Bride's Father 2-276
Garver, Dora E. Bride 2-276
Gates, Benton E. Bride's Witness 2-114
Gates, Benton E. Bride's Witness 2-174
Gates, Benton E. Bride's Witness 2-242
Gates, Benton E. Groom's Witness 2-114
Gates, Benton E. Groom's Witness 2-174
Gates, Benton E. Groom's Witness 2-242
Gawthrop, Ellen Margaret Groom's Mother 2-110
Gebert, August Bride's Father 2-290
Gebert, August Groom's Witness 2-290
Gebert, August Bride's Witness 2-290
Gebert, Jessie Bride 2-290
Geiger, Alta Bride's Witness 2-57
Geiger, Ethel Wynona Bride 2-133
Geiger, Jacob Groom's Father 2-274
Geiger, Lewis E. Groom 2-274
Geiger, Samuel E. Bride's Witness 2-133
Geiger, Samuel E. Groom's Witness 2-133
Geiger, Samuel Ellsworth Bride's Father 2-133
Geisler, Fred Bride's Witness 2-223
Geisler, Fred Groom's Witness 2-223
Geisler, Rosa Groom's Mother 2-258
Geist, Hazel Bride's Witness 2-235
Geist, Hazel Groom's Witness 2-235
Geist, Lesta Belle Bride 2-83
Geist, Nancy Ellen Bride's Mother 2-146
Geist, Oswald Curtis Bride's Father 2-83
Gelvin, George W. Bride's Father 2-195
Gengnagel, Albert Bride's Father 2-163
Gengnagel, Ester Bride 2-163
Genth, Angeline Groom's Mother 2-253
Gerard, Mattie Bride's Mother 2-294
Gillam, Daniel R Groom's Father 2-293
Gillam, Lemuel D Groom 2-293
Gilland, Catherine Groom's Mother 2-228
Gillian, Ellen Groom's Mother 2-290
Ginger, Inda Groom's Mother 2-233
Girard, Dora Bride's Mother 2-91
Glassley, Firmer L. Bride's Witness 2-244
Glassley, Firmer L. Groom's Witness 2-244
Glassley, Firmer Logan Groom 2-49
Glassley, Jesse A. Bride's Witness 2-146
Glassley, Jesse A. Groom's Witness 2-146
Glassley, Jesse H. Groom 2-244
Glassley, Ray H Groom's Witness 2-58
Glassley, Ray H Groom's Witness 2-298
Glassley, Ray H. Bride's Witness 2-58
Glassley, Ray H. Bride's Witness 2-83
Glassley, Ray H. Bride's Witness 2-207
Glassley, Ray H. Groom's Witness 2-83
Glassley, Ray H. Groom's Witness 2-207
Glassley, Ray H. Groom's Witness 2-210
Glassley, Will W. Bride's Witness 2-49
Glassley, Will W. Groom's Witness 2-49
Glassley, William H. Groom's Father 2-244
Glassley, William Winters Groom's Father 2-49
Glazier, Benjamin Dakin Groom's Father 2-53
Glazier, Joel Groom 2-53
Glice, Rosena Bride's Mother 2-126
Goble, Samuel Bright Bride's Father 2-31
Goble, James Jon Bride's Father 2-122
Goble, Lucinda Belle Bride 2-31
Goble, Pearl May Bride 2-122
Goble, Samuel B. Groom's Father 2-89
Goble, Verne V. Groom 2-89
Goodrich, Jennie Bride 2-239
Goodrich, John S. Groom 2-269
Goodrich, Marion Groom's Father 2-269
Goodyear, Bertha L Bride 2-293
Goodyear, Erastus Bride's Father 2-293
Goshow, Catherine Bride's Mother 2-290
Grabill, A.A. Bride's Witness 2-173
Grabill, A.A. Groom's Witness 2-173
Grace, Alfred Bride's Father 2-243
Grace, Alfred Bride's Witness 2-243
Grace, Alfred Groom's Witness 2-243
Grace, Ethel Glee Bride 2-243
Grace, John Bride's Father 2-131
Grace, Martha Bride's Mother 2-79
Grace, Mary Ora Belle Bride's Mother 2-131
Grace, Mrs. John Bride's Witness 2-248
Grace, Nellie Coral Bride 2-131
Grace, S.L. Bride's Witness 2-184
Grace, S.L. Groom's Witness 2-184
Grace, William Bride's Witness 2-131
Grace, William F. Groom's Witness 2-131
Gradeless, Cyntha Bride's Mother 2-240
Gradeless, Cynthia Groom's Mother 2-133
Gradeless, Mariah Groom's Mother 2-64
Gradless, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-188
Gradless, Walter Nathaniel Groom 2-151
Gradless, Wells T. Groom's Father 2-151
Graft, Julia Bride's Mother 2-259
Gramling, Jennie Bride's Mother 2-163
Grant, Celia Bride's Mother 2-81
Grant, Della Bride's Mother 2-228
Graves, Chancey Bride's Father 2-294
Graves, Chancey Bride's Witness 2-294
Graves, Chancey Groom's Witness 2-294
Graves, Hazel Bride 2-294
Gray, George W. Bride's Father 2-69
Gray, Mary Ellen Bride 2-69
Green, A.D. Bride's Witness 2-166
Green, A.D. Groom's Witness 2-166
Green, Albert J. Groom's Father 2-226
Green, Anna Groom's Mother 2-170
Green, Elizabeth Leotta Bride 2-149
Green, J.W. Bride's Father 2-149
Green, James Albert Groom 2-226
Green, Louisa J. Groom's Mother 2-198
Green, Martha Bride's Mother 2-85
Green, Martha Groom's Mother 2-17
Green, Mary Bride's Witness 2-149
Green, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-34
Greulich, Theodore Dillon Groom 2-27
Grider, Ella Bride's Mother 2-65
Grimes, Carl Groom's Witness 2-204
Grimes, Carl Bride's Witness 2-204
Grimes, J. S. Bride's Father 2-204
Grimes, Lena Bride 2-204
Griswold, Edgar Groom 2-202
Griswold, George W. Groom's Father 2-202
Gross, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-22
Gross, Eva Bride 2-184
Gross, John Bride's Father 2-184
Gross, Lavina Bride's Mother 2-260
Groves, Erastus Hamlin Groom's Father 2-128
Groves, Guy Garlin Groom 2-128
Gruelich, Michael A. Groom's Father 2-27
Gruesbeck, Charles William Groom's Father 2-273
Gruesbeck, Frank Groom 2-273
Gummow, Albert Stephen Groom 2-95
Gummow, Walter Groom's Father 2-95

Haag, Abbie Bride's Mother 2-298
Haas, Celesta R. Bride 2-33
Haas, Durst Bride's Father 2-33
Haas, George Bride's Witness 2-295
Haas, George Groom's Witness 2-295
Haines, Sarah Ann Bride's Mother 2-217
Hale, Mary Groom's Mother 2-200
Halenbeck, J.W. Bride's Witness 2-103
Halenbeck, J.W. Groom's Witness 2-103
Hall, Celestine Bride's Mother 2-137
Hall, Mary Jane Bride's Mother 2-61
Hall, Ocie Bride 2-205
Hallauer, Arnold A. Bride's Witness 2-237
Hallauer, Arnold A. Groom's Witness 2-237
Hamilton, Hiram Zelotus Groom 2-145
Hamilton, William R. Groom's Father 2-145
Hamlin, Christenia Bride's Mother 2-64
Hanauer, Amanda Groom's Mother 2-201
Handy, Burton Groom 2-110
Handy, Hiram Groom's Father 2-110
Haneline, Delilah Groom's Mother 2-39
Hanes, George Bride's Witness 2-51
Hanes, George Bride's Witness 2-104
Hanes, George Groom's Witness 2-51
Hanes, George Groom's Witness 2-120
Hanes, George L. Groom's Witness 2-104
Hanes, Mary Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-104
Haney, Laura Jane Bride's Mother 2-232
Hapner, Earl Bride's Witness 2-221
Hapner, Earl Groom's Witness 2-221
Hapner, Hazel Marie Bride 2-221
Hapner, Jeremiah Bride's Father 2-221
Hardgrove, Emily A. Bride's Mother 2-277
Harrold, Gideon Groom's Father 2-116
Harrold, Walter J. Groom 2-116
Harshbarger, Andrew Jackson Groom's Father 2-15
Harshbarger, Franklin Herber Groom 2-15
Harshbarger, Mary A. Groom's Mother 2-192
Harshbarger, Rosetta C. Bride 2-242
Harshman, Elmer Ray Groom 2-85
Harshman, Rhoda Groom's Mother 2-235
Harshman, William H. Groom's Father 2-85
Hart, Anna Bride's Mother 2-215
Hart, Richard M. Bride's Father 2-128
Hart, Richard M. Bride's Witness 2-128
Hart, Richard M. Groom's Witness 2-128
Hart, Rosa Reathy Bride 2-128
Harter, George N. Bride's Witness 2-19
Harter, George N. Groom's Witness 2-19
Harter, Reuben Bride's Father 2-107
Hartley, Alva W. Groom 2-126
Hartley, Jacob Groom's Father 2-126
Hartman, Elizabeth Bride 2-46
Hartman, Jonathan Bride's Father 2-209
Hartman, Nora E. Bride 2-209
Hartman, William Bride's Father 2-46
Hartman, William Bride's Witness 2-46
Hartman, William Groom's Witness 2-46
Hartsock, Anna Louisa Bride's Mother 2-93
Hartsough, Euphema Bride 2-106
Hartsough, George E. Bride's Father 2-106
Hartsough, George E. Bride's Witness 2-106
Hatcher, Amanda Minerva Bride's Mother 2-134
Hatfield, Mary Matilda Groom's Mother 2-153
Havens, Mary C. Bride 2-138
Hawk, Christopher Groom's Father 2-86
Hawk, Emeline Groom's Mother 2-106
Hawk, Gianna Bride's Mother 2-142
Hawk, Ida Bride's Mother 2-165
Hawk, Milo Groom 2-86
Hawn, Ella Bride's Mother 2-112
Haynes, Christian Groom's Mother 2-216
Haynes, Judd Bride's Witness 2-282
Haynes, Judd Groom's Witness 2-282
Haynes, Susan Bride's Mother 2-72
Hazen, Ella Bride's Mother 2-116
Hazen, Emma Bride's Mother 2-154
Hazen, George Groom's Father 2-56
Hazen, William Bride's Witness 2-37
Hazen, William Groom's Witness 2-37
Hazen, William A. Groom 2-56
Hearld, Estellie Bride 2-36
Hearld, George W. Bride's Father 2-36
Hearld, Nelson Groom's Witness 2-50
Heaton, Corlime Bride's Mother 2-76
Heck, Lousie Bride's Mother 2-271
Hedges, Hiram Bride's Father 2-116
Hedges, Myrtle Ethel Bride 2-116
Heinbach, Catherine Bride's Mother 2-272
Heinley, Catherine Groom's Mother 2-186
Heinley, Charles Bride's Witness 2-202
Heinley, Charles Groom's Witness 2-202
Heintzelman, Josias Groom's Father 2-106
Heintzelman, Samuel Slyvester. Groom 2-106
Helfrick, Abigal Florence Bride 2-289
Helfrick, John Bride's Father 2-289
Helfrick, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-209
Helsel, Carrie B. Bride 2-244
Helsel, Edith Perle Bride 2-48
Helsel, Samuel Bride's Father 2-48
Helsel, Samuel Bride's Father 2-244
Helsel, Samuel Bride's Witness 2-48
Helsel, Samuel Groom's Witness 2-48
Helsper, Albert J. Groom's Father 2-70
Helsper, Flora Mabel Bride 2-89
Helsper, Franklin Homer Bride's Father 2-89
Helsper, Frederick A. Groom 2-70
Helsper, Odella Bride's Witness 2-89
Helsper, Odella Groom's Witness 2-89
Hendricks, Jarusha Candis Bride's Mother 2-148
Henemeyer, Anna Groom's Witness 2-279
Henemyer, Anna Bride's Witness 2-279
Henny, Mary Bride's Mother 2-14
Henry, Isadora Bride's Mother 2-196
Henry, Lulu Lippencott Bride 2-20
Henry, Mary Catharine Bride's Mother 2-211
Hensel, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-176
Herren, Earl J. Groom 2-245
Herren, James Groom's Father 2-245
Herrold, Emma Rebecca Groom's Mother 2-261
Herrold, Isral Walkum Groom's Father 2-261
Herrold, William Franklin Groom 2-261
Herrold, Wyland G. Bride's Witness 2-261
Herrold, Wyland G. Groom's Witness 2-261
Hertsel, Otis L. Bride's Father 2-35
Hetch, Mary Bride's Mother 2-248
Hicks, George S. Bride's Father 2-162
Hicks, Myrtle Bride 2-162
Hilborn, Irene Bride 2-279
Hildebrand, George W Groom's Witness 2-289
Hildebrand, Isaiah B. Groom 2-76
Hildebrand, Joseph Groom's Father 2-76
Hiler, Blanche Bride's Witness 2-126
Hiler, Blanche Groom's Witness 2-126
Hiles, Caroline N. Groom's Mother 2-126
Hill, Susan Bride's Mother 2-203
Hine, Mary Cecilia Bride 2-111
Hine, Michael Bride's Father 2-111
Hine, Michael Bride's Witness 2-111
Hine, Michael Groom's Witness 2-111
Hiner, Minerva Bride's Mother 2-159
Hinkel, Jacob Groom's Father 2-135
Hinkel, John Groom 2-135
Hipp, Mary Ann Groom's Mother 2-241
Hipp, Lizzie Groom's Mother 2-118
Hire, Edith Bride's Mother 2-281
Hite, Carl Groom 2-270
Hite, Florilla Groom's Witness 2-270
Hite, James A. Groom's Father 2-270
Hites, John Leom Bride's Father 2-144
Hites, Rachel Neome Bride 2-144
Hively, Amanda J. Bride's Mother 2-127
Hively, Benjamin Earnest Groom 2-115
Hively, Charles W. Groom's Father 2-248
Hively, Ellen Bride's Mother 2-285
Hively, Francis E. Bride's Witness 2-275
Hively, Francis E. Groom's Father 2-275
Hively, Francis E. Groom's Witness 2-275
Hively, Frank Groom 2-275
Hively, Isaac Bride's Father 2-264
Hively, Isabell Bride's Witness 2-115
Hively, Isabell Groom's Witness 2-115
Hively, Jesse Bride's Witness 2-236
Hively, Jesse Groom's Witness 2-236
Hively, Lucretia Bride's Mother 2-264
Hively, Noah Bride's Witness 2-188
Hively, Noah Groom's Witness 2-188
Hively, Pearl Ethel Bride 2-264
Hively, Samuel Groom's Father 2-115
Hively, Webster Groom 2-248
Hockemeyer, Christian D. Groom's Father 2-66
Hockemeyer, Tony W. Groom 2-66
Hodge, Arby Weston Groom 2-11
Hodge, Pearl Bride's Witness 2-130
Hodge, Pearl Groom's Witness 2-130
Hodge, Winfield S. Groom's Father 2-11
Hoffmann, Lulu Bride 2-67
Hoffmann, Valentine Bride's Father 2-67
Holben, Daniel E Groom's Witness 2-24
Holben, Daniel E. Bride's Witness 2-24
Holben, Lawrence Groom's Father 2-24
Holben, William S Groom 2-24
Holderbaum, C.E. Groom's Witness 2-16
Holderbaum, C.E. Bride's Witness 2-16
Holderbaum, C.E. Bride's Witness 2-34
Holderbaum, C.E. Groom's Witness 2-34
Holeycross, Pheba Bride's Mother 2-239
Hollaman, Matilda Jane Groom's Mother 2-103
Holland, Mary A. Groom's Mother 2-127
Hollenbeck, Austin Bride's Witness 2-233
Hollenbeck, Austin Groom's Father 2-233
Hollenbeck, Austin Groom's Witness 2-233
Hollenbeck, Clark S. Groom 2-233
Holman, Isaac Newton Groom's Father 2-40
Holman, James Washington Groom 2-40
Holtzinger, Esther Bride 2-34
Holycross, Albert Groom 2-120
Holycross, Daniel Groom's Father 2-31
Holycross, Daniel Groom's Father 2-120
Holycross, Elizabeth M. Bride's Witness 2-31
Holycross, Elizabeth M. Groom's Witness 2-31
Holycross, Elizabeth Margaret Bride 2-104
Holycross, Joseph Clarence Groom 2-31
Holycross, Marietta Jane Groom's Mother 2-26
Holycross, Mary E. Bride's Mother 2-269
Holycross, Mary Etta J. Bride's Mother 2-23
Holycross, Mercy Groom's Mother 2-104
Hood, Wariah Groom's Mother 2-245
Hook, Henry Groom's Father 2-22
Hook, Roscoe Groom 2-22
Hooper, Lucy M. Groom's Mother 2-208
Hoover, Desty Bride 2-225
Hoover, Hazel Belle Bride 2-1
Hoover, J.M. Bride's Witness 2-225
Hoover, J.M. Groom's Witness 2-225
Hoover, James Bride's Father 2-225
Hoover, M . S. Groom's Father 2-214
Hoover, Sylvanus Bride's Father 2-1
Hoover, Sylvanus Bride's Witness 2-1
Hoover, Sylvanus Groom 2-214
Horgan, Mary Groom's Mother 2-152
Hornplier, Mary Groom's Mother 2-274
Hose, Mary Groom's Mother 2-239
Hosler, Aaron Bride's Father 2-251
Hosler, Aaron Bride's Witness 2-251
Hosler, Aaron Groom's Witness 2-251
Hosler, Mearl Bride 2-251
Hougendobler, Amos R. Groom's Father 2-229
Hougendobler, Ervin Groom 2-229
Householder, Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-279
Houser, Charley Groom 2-101
Houser, John Lewis Groom's Father 2-101
Hoverstock, Florilla Groom's Mother 2-270
Howard, Clarissa Arabelle Bride's Mother 2-179
Howell, Mary Bride's Mother 2-263
Howenstine, Asinith Groom's Mother 2-5
Howenstine, Nellie Bride 2-224
Howenstine, Solon A. Bride's Father 2-224
Huff, Bertha Bride 2-86
Huff, Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-32
Huff, Grace Bride 2-167
Huff, James Bride's Father 2-86
Huff, James Bride's Father 2-167
Huff, James Groom's Father 2-12
Huff, William John Groom 2-12
Huffman, Catherine Groom's Mother 2-203
Huffman, Fanny Groom's Mother 2-247
Hull, Abraham Taylor Groom's Father 2-123
Hull, F.H. Bride's Witness 2-171
Hull, Joseph Briggs Groom 2-123
Humbarger, Ethel Gertrude. Bride 2-121
Humbarger, Lauren Bride's Father 2-121
Humbarger, Leroy Bride's Witness 2-6
Humbarger, Leroy Groom's Witness 2-6
Hurd, Chancy Jackson Groom 2-55
Hurd, James K. Bride's Witness 2-55
Hurd, James K. Groom's Witness 2-55
Hurd, James Kelsey Groom's Father 2-55
Huston, Margaret Bride's Mother 2-96
Hyatt, Laura J. Bride's Mother 2-62
Hypes, Malissa Groom's Mother 2-75
Hyre, Aaron Bride's Father 2-241
Hyre, Arminda Bride 2-241
Hyre, Calvin C. Bride's Father 2-232
Hyre, Calvin C. Groom's Father 2-32
Hyre, Calvin C. Groom's Witness 2-232
Hyre, Clavin C. Bride's Witness 2-232
Hyre, Hazel L. Bride 2-232
Hyser, Andrew C. Groom's Father 2-98
Hyser, John W. Groom 2-98

Ihrig, Benjamin Frank Bride's Father 2-5
Ihrig, Edna Bride 2-5
Ihrig, Olive Genet Groom's Mother 2-55
Inks, Joseph Groom's Father 2-271
Inks, Walter Groom 2-271

Jackson, Olive M. Groom's Mother 2-73
Jagger, Dorsey Bride's Father 2-115
Jagger, Nellie Eva Bride 2-115
James, George Bride's Father 2-30
James, Nellie Frances Bride 2-30
Jarrett, Florence Groom's Witness 2-283
Jarrett, Florence Bride's Witness 2-283
Jarrett, James Groom 2-283
Jarrett, Samuel Groom's Father 2-283
Jellison, Irene Groom's Mother 2-28
Jerome, Catharine Bride's Mother 2-8
Jerome, Katherine Bride's Mother 2-234
Johnson, Alby M. Groom 2-260
Johnson, Brayton B. Groom's Father 2-260
Johnson, Jay C. Groom 2-228
Johnson, Luerita Bride's Mother 2-255
Johnson, Maria Bride's Mother 2-219
Johnson, Perry Groom's Father 2-228
Johnson, Samuel Groom's Father 2-189
Johnson, Samuel H. Groom 2-189
Johnston, A.M. Bride's Witness 2-124
Johnston, Susan Groom's Mother 2-257
Jolly, Samuel Bride's Witness 2-214
Jolly, Samuel Groom's Witness 2-214
Jones, Charles H. Bride's Witness 2-92
Jones, Charles H. Groom's Witness 2-92
Jones, Charles W. Groom's Witness 2-106
Jones, Cora Bride's Mother 2-10
Jones, Emmaline J. Groom's Mother 2-61
Jones, Lavina Bride 2-291
Jones, Martha Groom's Mother 2-173
Jones, Melissa Bride's Mother 2-84
Jontz, Everett Berl Groom 2-280
Jontz, Robert J. Bride's Witness 2-280
Jontz, Robert J. Groom's Witness 2-280
Jontz, Thomas A. Groom's Father 2-280
Judd, Clarence Groom 2-285
Judd, Isaac Groom's Father 2-285

Kantner, Annettie Bell Bride's Mother 2-185
Karber, Anna May Bride 2-136
Karber, William E. Bride's Father 2-136
Karnes, Mattie O. Bride's Mother 2-192
Kasheriman, Anna Bride's Mother 2-283
Kaufman, J.F.W. Groom's Witness 2-5
Kaufman, James F.W. Bride's Witness 2-5
Kaufman, James F.W. Groom's Father 2-5
Kaufman, John Eston Groom 2-5
Kaufman, Katharine Groom's Mother 2-124
Kaufman, Mary Bride 2-189
Kaufman, Mary Bride's Mother 2-63
Kaufman, Snyder Bride's Father 2-189
Kaylor, Amelia Groom's Mother 2-122
Keenan, Edward Groom's Father 2-75
Keenan, Walter Groom 2-75
Keirn, Vilona Bride 2-298
Keiser, Conrad Bride's Father 2-175
Keiser, Conrad Bride's Witness 2-175
Keiser, Conrad Groom's Witness 2-175
Keiser, Eunice Belle. Bride 2-47
Keiser, Jacob Bride's Father 2-47
Keiser, John H. Bride's Witness 2-93
Keiser, John H. Groom's Witness 2-93
Keiser, Leah Bride's Mother 2-46
Keiser, Mary Bride's Mother 2-149
Keiser, Minnie L. Bride 2-175
Keister, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-71
Kelly, Emma May Bride 2-27
Kelly, O.F. Bride's Witness 2-27
Kelly, O.F. Groom's Witness 2-27
Kelly, Oliver Franklin Bride's Father 2-27
Kelsey, Carrie Groom's Mother 2-117
Kemery, Miranda Bride's Mother 2-194
Kemery, Miranda Groom's Mother 2-69
Kerch, P. Jacob Groom 2-241
Kerch, Pauline Groom's Mother 2-58
Kerch, Phillip Groom's Father 2-241
Kerns, Katharine Bride's Witness 2-28
Kerns, Katharine Groom's Witness 2-28
Kersey, Elma Groom's Mother 2-151
Ketrow, Amanda Groom's Mother 2-78
Keymier, Mime Groom's Mother 2-70
Kichler, George W. Bride's Witness 2-42
Kichler, George W. Bride's Witness 2-86
Kichler, George W. Groom 2-62
Kichler, George W. Groom's Witness 2-42
Kichler, George W. Groom's Witness 2-86
Kichler, Jacob Groom's Father 2-62
Kiefer, Amanda D. Groom's Mother 2-223
Kiefer, Jacob Bride's Father 2-180
Kiefer, Mary Lydia Bride 2-180
Kies, Emma Bride's Mother 2-197
Kiester, Ambrose Bride's Father 2-206
Kiester, Ambrose Bride's Witness 2-206
Kiester, Ambrose Groom's Witness 2-206
Kiester, Bessie Bride 2-228
Kiester, Chloe Bride 2-206
Kiester, Della Bride's Witness 2-228
Kiester, Della Groom's Witness 2-228
Kiester, Perry Bride's Father 2-228
Kiger, Olive Bride 2-213
Killian, Jacob Bride's Father 2-164
Killian, Mary Bride 2-164
Killian, Mary Bride's Witness 2-164
Killian, Mary Groom's Witness 2-164
Killworth, Jennie E. Bride 2-256
Killworth, John Bride's Father 2-256
Killworth, John Groom's Father 2-254
Killworth, Newton E. Bride's Witness 2-256
Killworth, Newton E. Groom 2-254
Killworth, Newton E. Groom's Witness 2-256
Kimble, George Groom's Father 2-100
Kimble, Squire Lazell. Groom 2-100
Kime, Cyres Bride's Father 2-53
King, Allen Groom's Witness 2-44
King, Allen Bride's Witness 2-44
King, Alonzo N. Bride's Witness 2-252
King, Alonzo N. Groom's Father 2-252
King, Alonzo N. Groom's Witness 2-252
King, Bessie Belle Bride 2-63
King, Carl Barber Groom 2-252
King, George Bride's Father 2-237
King, Reuben Bride's Father 2-63
King, Reuben Bride's Witness 2-63
King, Reuben Groom's Witness 2-63
Kitt, Dore D. Groom 2-224
Kitt, Jacob Groom's Father 2-224
Klinck, AnnieZ. Bride's Mother 2-174
Klinck, Elizabeth K. Groom's Mother 2-206
Kline, Margaret J. Groom's Mother 2-42
Kline, Mary L. Bride's Mother 2-243
Kneller, Fred Bride's Witness 2-97
Kneller, Fred Groom's Witness 2-97
Knief, Sarah Angeline Bride's Mother 2-22
Knight, Heber R. Groom 2-64
Knight, Joseph Groom's Father 2-64
Knight, Mary Groom's Mother 2-3
Knobloch, Elizabeth J Bride 2-218
Knobloch, William Bride's Father 2-218
Koogen, Emma Groom's Mother 2-256
Kraus, Charles L. Bride's Father 2-238
Kraus, Edith Elizabeth Bride 2-238
Kreider, David Bride's Father 2-146
Kreider, J.B. Bride's Witness 2-4
Kreider, Mary Malinda Bride 2-146
Kreider, Nettie L. Groom's Witness 2-4
Kreiger, Charley Henry Groom's Father 2-20
Kreiger, John Edward Groom 2-20
Krider, Benjamin F. Bride's Father 2-205
Krider, Blanche Bride 2-226
Krider, W. O. Bride's Father 2-226
Krieder, Cindiaralla Bride's Mother 2-4
Kruse, Lizzie Bride's Mother 2-227
Kunce, Susannah Groom's Mother 2-196
Kunce, Susannah Groom's Mother 2-197
Kyle, Cecile Marie Bride 2-44
Kyle, Dora Bride 2-263
Kyle, John Franklin Bride's Father 2-44
Kyle, W.A. Bride's Father 2-263
Kyle, W.A. Bride's Witness 2-263
Kyle, W.A. Groom's Witness 2-263

Lancaster, Chas. E. Bride's Witness 2-70
Lancaster, Chas. E. Groom's Witness 2-70
Lancaster, Harry F. Groom's Witness 2-157
Lancaster, Harry T. Bride's Witness 2-157
Lancaster, Ralph Page Bride's Father 2-200
Lancaster, Violet Bride 2-200
Lancaster, W.S. Bride's Witness 2-78
Lancaster, W.S. Groom's Witness 2-78
Langohr, Frank Groom's Father 2-258
Langohr, Otto Groom 2-258
LaRue, James E. Groom's Father 2-204
LaRue, Wilber Groom 2-204
Latimer, Helen Frances Bride's Mother 2-30
Lavering, Anna Bride's Mother 2-100
Lavine, Edward Franklin Groom 2-169
Lavine, Peter Groom's Father 2-169
Lawrence, Henry H. Groom 2-242
Lawrence, John Abbot Groom's Father 2-242
Leaf, Joe Bride's Father 2-239
Leasure, Ella Bride 2-140
Leasure, Isaac N. Bride's Father 2-140
Leathers, Phoebe Groom's Mother 2-227
Lehman, Adam David Groom 2-83
Lehman, Dessie Bride 2-235
Lehman, Idella Bride's Mother 2-268
Lehman, Isaiah Bride's Father 2-235
Lehman, Isaiah Groom's Father 2-83
Lehman, Sarah Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-31
Lehman, Sarah Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-89
Lehman, William Bride's Father 2-279
Leiter, J.W. Bride's Witness 2-255
Leiter, J.W. Groom's Witness 2-255
Lemmon, Henry Bride's Witness 2-56
Lemmon, Henry Groom 2-37
Lemmon, Henry Groom's Witness 2-56
Lemmon, Lafaette Groom's Father 2-37
Lemmon, Mary Groom's Mother 2-37
Lengal, Amanda Groom's Mother 2-224
Lenwell, Elsie B. Groom's Mother 2-277
Lesley, Sarah Elisebath Groom's Mother 2-52
Licke see Luecke Licke, Augustus Bride's Witness 2-227
Licke, Augustus Groom's Witness 2-227
Licke, August Bride's Father 2-227
Lighthusin, Delphina Bride's Mother 2-151
Lillich, Melvin Bride's Witness 2-14
Lillich, Melvin J. Groom's Witness 2-14
Lincoln, Cora Bride's Mother 2-226
Lippencott, A.J. Bride's Witness 2-20
Lippencott, A.J. Groom's Witness 2-20
Lippencott, Andrew Jackson Bride's Father 2-20
Little, Harry Thurle Groom 2-211
Little, Hosea Bingham Groom's Father 2-211
Logan, Hugo Bride's Witness 2-99
Logan, Hugo Groom's Witness 2-99
Logan, Lesta E. Bride's Witness 2-203
Logan, Lesta E. Bride's Witness 2-211
Logan, Lesta E. Groom's Witness 2-211
Londt, Catharine Groom's Mother 2-156
Long, Aaron B. Groom's Father 2-34
Long, Amanda Bride's Mother 2-54
Long, Charles William Groom 2-130
Long, Jacob Groom 2-34
Long, Jennie Groom's Mother 2-269
Long, Martha Groom's Mother 2-218
Long, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-199
Long, WIlliam Wilson Groom's Father 2-130
Lookingbill, Margaret Bride's Mother 2-229
Lore, Alma Bride 2-35
Lovjoy, Nellie Mae Viola Bride 2-101
Lovjoy, Willard W. Bride's Witness 2-101
Lovjoy, Willard W. Groom's Witness 2-101
Lovjoy, Willard Winfield Bride's Father 2-101
Lower, Conrad Bride's Father 2-160
Lower, Mary May Bride 2-160
Luckenbill, L. A. Groom's Witness 2-248
Luckey, Caroline Bride's Mother 2-66
Luecke, Clara Bride 2-227
Luecke, Fredaricke Bride's Mother 2-176
Luecke, Hannah Bride's Mother 2-247
Luecke, Lena Groom's Mother 2-46
Luecke, Minnie Groom's Mother 2-93
Lumm, John Bride's Father 2-165
Lumm, Mary Estella Bride 2-165
Lynch, Helen Edith Bride 2-173
Lynch, John William Bride's Father 2-173
Lynch, Mary Ann Bride's Mother 2-278
Lytle, L. W. Groom's Witness 2-144
Lytle, L. W. Bride's Witness 2-144

Madden, Besse Bride 2-281
Madden, William Wallace Bride's Father 2-281
Magley, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-102
Magley, Homer Samuel Groom 2-102
Magley, Jno. Groom's Father 2-102
Magley, W.H. Bride's Witness 2-76
Magley, W.H. Bride's Witness 2-102
Magley, W.H. Groom's Witness 2-76
Magley, W.H. Groom's Witness 2-102
Maires, Aron Bride's Father 2-216
Maires, Myrtle M. Bride 2-216
Malone, Adam Groom's Father 2-215
Malone, George Groom 2-215
Maloney, Catherine Bride 2-278
Maloney, James L. Bride's Father 2-278
Malott, Ebro Monroe Groom 2-238
Malott, James Marion Groom's Father 2-238
Mannen, Eliza Alice Bride's Mother 2-289
Mannen, W.H. Bride's Witness 2-35
Mannen, W.H. Groom's Witness 2-35
Mapes, Fannie Groom's Mother 2-88
Maring, Martha A. Bride's Mother 2-5
Martin, Susan Bride's Mother 2-182
Martz, Floyd C. Groom 2-225
Martz, Frank W. Groom's Father 2-225
Mason, Cora Ellen Bride's Mother 2-58
Maston, Marion H Bride's Witness 2-291
Maston, Marion H Groom's Witness 2-291
Maxwell, Anise Belle Bride's Mother 2-296
Maynard, Elam Bride's Father 2-214
Maynard, Elmira Bride 2-214
McAfferty, Susan Groom's Mother 2-119
McAllister, Anna Eliza Groom's Mother 2-138
McBride, Charles Arthur Groom 2-257
McBride, Clara Estella Groom's Mother 2-211
McBride, William G. Groom's Father 2-257
McClain, Catharine Groom's Witness 2-149
McClain, John W. Groom's Father 2-149
McClain, Oda Pearl Groom 2-149
McClintoc, Martha Groom's Mother 2-140
McConnell, Alma O. Bride 2-24
McCormick, John H. Groom's Father 2-42
McCormick, Wilford H. Groom 2-42
McCoy, David Bride's Father 2-187
McCoy, Edyth Berlena Bride 2-271
McCoy, Jacob Bride's Father 2-271
McCuen, Charles L. Groom 2-210
McCuen, Henry Groom's Father 2-210
McDonald, Calvin Groom 2-39
McDonald, John Groom's Father 2-39
McDougall, Walter Groom's Father 2-43
McDougall, Walter C. Groom 2-43
McElligott, Mary Bride's Mother 2-152
McGinley, Dorothy Bride's Mother 2-246
McGinley, Dorothy Bride's Mother 2-265
McGinley, Dortha Jane Bride's Mother 2-153
McGuire, T. B. Groom's Witness 2-281
McGuire, T. B. Bride's Witness 2-281
McGwin, Thomas B. Groom's Witness 2-57
McKeligott, Mary Groom's Mother 2-278
McKown, Henry Groom's Father 2-234
McKown, William J. Groom 2-234
McLain, Hugh S Bride's Father 2-157
McLain, Ollie J. Bride 2-157
McLallen, Walter F. Bride's Witness 2-134
McLallen, Walter F. Groom's Witness 2-134
McNabb, John W. Groom's Witness 2-141
McNabb, John W. Bride's Witness 2-141
McWhoster, John W. Bride's Father 2-64
Meiser, L. M. Bride's Witness 2-250
Meiser, L.M. Groom's Witness 2-250
Meltin, Almira Groom's Mother 2-272
Menaugh, Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-200
Merriman, Jennie H. Bride's Mother 2-224
Mettert, Alice Groom's Mother 2-82
Metzler, Frank Bride's Father 2-262
Metzler, Lois Adella Bride 2-262
Metzler, Mary Bride's Mother 2-160
Miles, Edna Belle Bride 2-49
Miles, William Lorenzo Bride's Father 2-49
Miller, Arnie Mae Bride 2-6
Miller, Besse Bride 2-295
Miller, David Emmett Groom 2-38
Miller, David W. Groom's Father 2-38
Miller, Dora Bernecta Bride 2-247
Miller, Elizabeth Bride's Witness 2-210
Miller, Elsie Groom's Mother 2-210
Miller, Flora F. Bride's Witness 2-38
Miller, Flora F. Groom's Witness 2-38
Miller, George Washington Bride's Father 2-6
Miller, Henry Melvin Groom's Father 2-132
Miller, J.W. Bride's Father 2-38
Miller, Jesse Bride's Father 2-295
Miller, John L Bride's Father 2-247
Miller, John L. Bride's Witness 2-247
Miller, John L. Groom's Witness 2-247
Miller, Joseph Clark Groom's Father 2-35
Miller, Joseph Ervin Erlin Groom 2-35
Miller, Lavina Groom's Mother 2-194
Miller, Marry Ann Bride's Mother 2-6
Miller, Minnie Eldora Bride 2-38
Miller, Nancy Bride's Mother 2-57
Miller, Ocie L. Bride 2-174
Miller, Samuel S. Bride's Father 2-174
Miller, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-95
Miller, Sarah J Groom's Mother 2-285
Miller, Sarah Jane Groom's Mother 2-243
Miller, Susan Bride's Mother 2-109
Miller, Thomas Bride's Witness 2-190
Miller, Thomas Groom's Witness 2-190
Miller, Thomas O. Groom 2-132
Miller/Bechler, Ellen Elisa Groom's Mother 2-295
Miner, Charles W. Bride's Witness 2-192
Miner, Charles W. Groom's Witness 2-192
Miner, Philip Frederick Groom 2-192
Miner, William H. Groom's Father 2-192
Mishler, John D. Bride's Father 2-217
Mishler, John D. Bride's Witness 2-217
Mishler, John D. Groom's Witness 2-217
Mishler, Pearl Alice Bride 2-217
Mitchell, Elnora Bride 2-81
Mitchell, Murray Bride's Father 2-81
Mitchell, Murray Bride's Witness 2-81
Mitchell, Murray Groom's Witness 2-81
Mong, Jacob Bride's Witness 2-201
Mong, Jacob Groom's Witness 2-201
Monroe, Lottie Bride 2-215
Monroe, William Bride's Father 2-215
Moore, Clara C. Bride 2-56
Moore, Park Bride's Witness 2-123
Moore, Park Groom's Witness 2-123
Moore, Sarah Agnes Bride's Mother 2-173
Morrison, Sarah Jane Bride's Mother 2-40
Morrolf, Jesse Bride's Father 2-248
Morrolf, Laura E. Bride 2-248
Mosher, Benona Bride's Witness 2-69
Mosher, Benona Bride's Witness 2-239
Mosher, Benona Groom's Father 2-239
Mosher, Benona Groom's Witness 2-69
Mosher, Benona Groom's Witness 2-239
Mosher, Delphia E. Bride 2-194
Mosher, Hiram L. Groom's Father 2-164
Mosher, James Groom's Father 2-69
Mosher, James T. Bride's Father 2-194
Mosher, Lyman Chancey Groom 2-239
Mosher, Millard Emerson Groom 2-69
Mosher, Miranda Bride's Witness 2-194
Mosher, Miranda Groom's Witness 2-194
Mosher, Pearl May Bride 2-177
Mosher, Walter Groom 2-164
Mott, Susanna Groom's Mother 2-275
Motters, Elnora Bride's Mother 2-162
Muffley, Christine Bride's Mother 2-36
Mullendore, Aaron Groom 2-297
Mullendore, Harvey Groom 2-10
Mullendore, Joseph Groom's Father 2-10
Mullendore, Joseph Groom's Father 2-297
Mummey, John Huling Groom's Father 2-104
Mummey, William Groom 2-104
Murbach, Frank Groom 2-77
Murbach, Jacob Groom's Father 2-77
Myers, Amos H. Bride's Father 2-10
Myers, Edith Aileen Bride 2-10
Myers, Fannie Bride's Mother 2-209
Myers, Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 2-132

Neal, Martha Ann Bride's Mother 2-51
Nei, Elma Bride 2-139
Nei, Rufus Bride's Father 2-139
Nei, Rufus Bride's Witness 2-139
Nei, Rufus Groom's Witness 2-139
Nelson, John R. Bride's Father 2-52
Nelson, Samuel C. Groom's Father 2-220
Nelson, William Rogers Groom 2-220
Nichols, Carrie Bride's Witness 2-117
Nichols, Carrie Groom's Witness 2-117
Nichols, Charles Curtis Groom 2-117
Nichols, Mary Bride's Mother 2-293
Nichols, Roy E. Groom 2-267
Nichols, Susan Groom's Mother 2-130
Nichols, William Bride's Witness 2-267
Nichols, William Groom's Father 2-117
Nichols, William Groom's Father 2-267
Nichols, William Groom's Witness 2-267
Nickey, Rebecca Groom's Mother 2-281
Noble, Myron Bride's Father 2-138
Nolt, Jonas E. Groom's Father 2-171
Nolt, Jonas E. Groom's Witness 2-171
Nolt, Leah Bride's Mother 2-50
Nolt, Lyman L. Groom 2-171
Nolt, Mary Groom's Mother 2-160
Norris, Elizabeth A. Groom's Mother 2-85
North, Ella May Groom's Mother 2-163
North, Mary Bride's Mother 2-164
North, Phebe Bride's Witness 2-163
North, Phebe Groom's Witness 2-163

Obenchain, John W. Groom 2-177
Obenchain, Riley Groom's Father 2-177
Oberholser, Mary Alice Bride's Mother 2-128
Oberholser, Ruella May Bride's Mother 2-1
Oberkiser, Katherine Bride 2-2
Oberkiser, Phillip Bride's Father 2-2
Oldfather, Melissa J. Groom's Mother 2-280
Olinger, Judy Groom's Mother 2-8
Orcutt, Grace Bride 2-270
Orcutt, Helen E. Groom's Mother 2-92
Orcutt, Jay Bride's Witness 2-270
Orcutt, Jay Bride's Father 2-270
Orndorf, Ila May Bride 2-62
Orndorf, John W. Bride's Father 2-62
Orndorff, Emona Carlysle Groom's Mother 2-168
Orner, Charles H. Bride's Witness 2-178
Orner, Charles H. Groom's Witness 2-178
Orner, Charles Harmony Groom's Father 2-178
Orner, George Felix Groom 2-178
Osborne, Benjamin Franklin Groom's Father 2-44
Osborne, Lee Everett Groom 2-44
Oser, Loius W. Groom's Witness 2-136
Oser, Louis W. Bride's Witness 2-136
Overmyer, J.R. Bride's Witness 2-95
Overmyer, J.R. Groom's Witness 2-95
Overmyer, Jesse Raymond Groom 2-19
Overmyer, John Groom's Father 2-19

Park, Susan Groom's Mother 2-71
Parkinson, Henry Bride's Father 2-154
Parkinson, Myrtle Bride 2-154
Parks, Lorena Bride's Mother 2-27
Paugh, Evaline Bride's Mother 2-13
Paulus, Ella Bride's Mother 2-39
Paulus, Jacob Bride's Father 2-100
Paulus, Jacob Bride's Witness 2-100
Paulus, Jacob Groom's Witness 2-100
Pegingno see Pequigno Pence, Chloe H. Bride 2-277
Pence, Clara Groom's Mother 2-248
Pence, David M. Bride's Witness 2-94
Pence, David M. Groom's Witness 2-94
Pence, David Morton Groom's Father 2-94
Pence, Evan Judson Groom 2-94
Pence, Jacob E. Groom's Father 2-173
Pence, John Bride's Father 2-277
Pence, Joseph Monroe Groom's Father 2-6
Pence, Lucinda Groom's Mother 2-56
Pence, Mary Bride's Mother 2-2
Pence, Melvin C. Bride's Witness 2-116
Pence, Melvin C. Groom's Witness 2-116
Pence, Melvin Clerance Groom 2-6
Pence, Nancy Nettie Groom's Mother 2-6
Pence, Tobey A. Groom 2-173
Pequigno, Frank Groom's Father 2-111
Pequigno, William Daniel Groom 2-111
Perry, Rebeca Isibella Groom's Mother 2-2
Phelps, Martha F. Bride's Mother 2-141
Phelps, Octavius Groom's Father 2-141
Phelps, William H. Groom 2-141
Phillips, Ernest L. Groom 2-14
Phillips, Joseph Groom's Father 2-14
Pittenger, John Alexander Groom's Father 2-153
Pittenger, Melville C. Groom 2-153
Pletcher, Amy Bride 2-18
Pletcher, Lester M. Bride's Father 2-18
Pletcher, Zora Bride's Witness 2-18
Pletcher, Zora Groom's Witness 2-18
Plough, Lizzie Catherine Bride's Mother 2-20
Plummer, David L. Groom's Father 2-8
Plummer, Ira F Groom 2-8
Plummer, Ira F Groom's Witness 2-234
Plummer, Ira F. Bride's Witness 2-234
Plummer, Jacob E. Bride's Witness 2-8
Plummer, Jacob E. Groom's Witness 2-8
Pontzius, Charles E Groom 2-289
Pontzius, Solomon Groom's Father 2-289
Poorman, James Earl Groom 2-284
Poorman, James Monroe Groom's Father 2-284
Porch, Francis Marion Bride's Father 2-134
Porch, Glenn Viola Bride 2-134
Ports, Brady Leon Groom 2-61
Ports, Jacob Groom's Father 2-61
Prescott, Charles Bride's Father 2-113
Prescott, Percy Barcus Bride 2-113
Pressler, Charles H. Bride's Witness 2-161
Pressler, Charles H. Groom's Witness 2-161
Pressler, Joseph Bride's Father 2-59
Pressler, Maria Luretta Bride 2-59
Priest, Olive Bride's Mother 2-55
Pritchard, Lottie M. Bride 2-78
Pritchard, Reese Bride's Father 2-78
Puntenney, Nelson Groom's Father 2-88
Puntenney, Noah Groom 2-88
Putt, Charles Groom's Father 2-59

Quick, David Allen Bride's Father 2-51
Quick, Mary Henrietta Bride 2-51
Quinn, Mary Ellen Egolf Bride 2-37
Quinn, Susan Groom's Mother 2-271

Raber, R.F. Bride's Witness 2-59
Raber, R.F. Groom's Witness 2-59
Ragon, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-254
Raichart, Malinda Bride's Mother 2-225
Ramsey, David Groom's Father 2-194
Ramsey, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-129
Ramsey, Elward Groom 2-194
Rapp, Charles Bride's Father 2-95
Rapp, Viola Bride 2-95
Raupfer, Jerome B. Bride's Witness 2-181
Raupfer, Jerome B. Groom's Witness 2-181
Ray, Mary Bride's Mother 2-274
Raymer, Catherine Groom's Mother 2-175
Raypole, John Logan Groom 2-71
Raypole, William Bride's Witness 2-71
Raypole, William Groom's Father 2-71
Raypole, WM. Groom's Witness 2-71
Ream, George Bride's Father 2-207
Ream, George Groom's Father 2-172
Ream, George E. Groom 2-172
Ream, Lucy Bride 2-207
Redman, Emma Groom's Mother 2-202
Reed, Addie Jane Bride's Mother 2-49
Reed, Eliza Bride's Mother 2-291
Reeg, Charles M. Groom 2-266
Reeg, Daisy M. Bride 2-168
Reeg, Frank Bride's Witness 2-168
Reeg, Frank Bride's Witness 2-266
Reeg, Frank Groom's Witness 2-168
Reeg, Frank Groom's Witness 2-266
Reeg, Franklin C. Groom 2-4
Reeg, George H. Bride's Father 2-168
Reeg, George H. R. Groom's Father 2-266
Reeg, George Henry Groom's Father 2-4
Reese, Charles W. Bride's Father 2-166
Reese, Clara B. Bride 2-166
Reese, Elmer Franklin Groom 2-52
Reese, Hiram Bowen Groom's Father 2-52
Reichard, Ida Bride's Mother 2-201
Reider, Arizona A. Bride 2-64
Reider, David Groom's Father 2-139
Reider, David Groom's Father 2-263
Reider, Emmer Groom 2-263
Reider, Joseph Royce Groom 2-139
Reiff, David Groom's Father 2-217
Reiff, Floyd Wilson Groom 2-217
Reigle, Mary Ann Groom's Mother 2-114
Reim, David Bride's Father 2-242
Ressler, Ira Groom 2-250
Ressler, John Groom's Father 2-250
Rex, Martha Bride's Witness 2-61
Rex, Martha Groom's Witness 2-61
Reynolds, George H. Groom's Father 2-127
Reynolds, Howard Hezekiah Groom 2-127
Rhinehart, Sarah J. Groom's Mother 2-79
Rhoades, Jesse W. Bride's Witness 2-216
Rhoades, Jesse W. Groom's Witness 2-216
Rhoads, Catherine Groom's Mother 2-260
Rhodes, Mary Bride's Mother 2-123
Richard, Clarence George Groom 2-124
Richard, Frederick Groom's Father 2-124
Richard, Geo. E. Groom's Witness 2-124
Richardson, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-230
Riddle, Clerminda Groom's Mother 2-236
Ridenor, Margaret Groom's Mother 2-19
Rider, Amanda Bride's Mother 2-11
Rider, Maggie Bride's Mother 2-130
Rifenbergh, B.E. Bride's Witness 2-179
Rifenbergh, Hiram Bride's Father 2-179
Rifenbergh, Ida May Bride 2-179
Rightenour, Anna Bride's Mother 2-3
Ritenour, Hannah Groom's Mother 2-161
Roadarmel, Edythe May Bride 2-259
Robbins, Maude Edna Bride 2-112
Robbins, Samuel Bride's Father 2-112
Roberson, Arvey Groom's Father 2-256
Roberson, Asbury P. Bride's Witness 2-254
Roberson, Asbury P. Groom 2-256
Roberson, Asbury P. Groom's Witness 2-254
Roberts, Sarah Jennie Groom's Mother 2-178
Robinett, Clinton L Groom 2-287
Robinett, Frank Groom's Father 2-287
Robinette, Alferd D. Bride's Father 2-252
Robinette, Lamora Bride's Mother 2-252
Robinette, Nellie Caroline Bride 2-252
Robinson, Frances M. Groom's Mother 2-246
Robison, Frederick Groom 2-230
Robison, Marion Groom's Father 2-230
Rodgers, Blanche Bride's Witness 2-260
Rodgers, Blanche Groom's Witness 2-260
Rodgers, Della Bride 2-260
Rodgers, John Bride's Father 2-260
Rogers, Anna O Bride 2-249
Rogers, George Henry Bride's Father 2-249
Rogers, Ida Bride's Mother 2-251
Romey, B. Frank Groom 2-186
Romey, Julius Groom's Father 2-186
Roscoe, Nelson Groom's Father 2-232
Roscoe, Nelson J.C. Groom 2-232
Rose, Sarah An Bride's Mother 2-135
Rots, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-166
Rouch, Cornelius Bride's Father 2-82
Rouch, Delpha Loy Bride 2-82
Rouch, Martha E. Bride 2-76
Rouch, Sarah Agnes Bride's Mother 2-82
Rouch, Sarah Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-242
Row, Rebecca Groom's Mother 2-255
Rowley, Mattie Bride 2-53
Royer, Mariah Bride's Mother 2-236
Royse, Frances Bride's Mother 2-221
Ruckman, Ella D. Groom's Mother 2-219
Rummel, Dexter E Groom's Father 2-286
Rummel, H.W. Bride's Father 2-222
Rummel, H.W. Bride's Witness 2-222
Rummel, H.W. Groom's Witness 2-222
Rummel, John Earl Groom 2-286
Rummel, Orpha Lee Bride 2-222
Rumsyre, Adam E. Groom 2-160
Rumsyre, David D. Groom's Father 2-160
Runcle, Emma Bride's Mother 2-120
Ruple, Delilah Jane Groom's Mother 2-15
Russell, Bernice Bride 2-12
Russell, Edgar F. Groom's Father 2-125
Russell, Edgar F. Groom's Witness 2-125
Russell, John H. Bride's Father 2-12
Russell, John H. Bride's Witness 2-12
Russell, John H. Groom's Witness 2-12
Russell, John S. Bride's Witness 2-125
Russell, Roy Adams Groom 2-125

Sanders, Julius Groom's Father 2-58
Sanders, Julius Christopher Frederick Groom 2-58
Sauer, Catrherine Groom's Mother 2-183
Sauer, Daisy Mable Bride 2-199
Sauer, Daniel Frederick Bride's Father 2-199
Sauers, Eli Ervin Groom 2-295
Sauers, Simon Groom's Father 2-295
Saurer, Cora Ellen Bride 2-171
Saurer, Simon Bride's Father 2-171
Saylor, Marsha A Bride's Mother 2-286
Schaaf, Aurora Bride's Mother 2-266
Schannep, Clyde Groom 2-129
Schannep, Edgar Groom's Father 2-129
Schinbeckler, Alfred Bride's Witness 2-183
Schinbeckler, Frank Bride's Father 2-118
Schinbeckler, Mary Anna Groom's Mother 2-105
Schinbeckler, Phoebe Anne Bride 2-118
Schmidt, Lewis Christian Bride's Father 2-126
Schmidt, Rosa Lenna Bride 2-126
Schmurr, Catharine Groom's Mother 2-14
Schoeff, Briggitt Groom's Mother 2-20
Schoenauer, John A. Groom's Witness 2-45
Schott, Calvin Sylvester Groom 2-150
Schott, Katy Groom's Mother 2-150
Schrader, Benjamin Bride's Father 2-272
Schrader, Beryle Bride 2-219
Schrader, Charles E. Bride's Witness 2-13
Schrader, Charles E. Groom's Witness 2-13
Schrader, David Bride's Father 2-77
Schrader, David Bride's Witness 2-77
Schrader, David Groom's Witness 2-77
Schrader, Elias Bride's Father 2-13
Schrader, Ezron Bride's Father 2-219
Schrader, Leonard Bride's Witness 2-265
Schrader, Leonard Bride's Witness 2-286
Schrader, Leonard Groom's Witness 2-265
Schrader, Leonard Groom's Witness 2-286
Schrader, Leonard R. Bride's Witness 2-15
Schrader, Leonard R. Bride's Witness 2-79
Schrader, Leonard R. Bride's Witness 2-107
Schrader, Leonard R. Bride's Witness 2-160
Schrader, Leonard R. Groom's Witness 2-15
Schrader, Leonard R. Groom's Witness 2-79
Schrader, Leonard R. Groom's Witness 2-107
Schrader, Leonard R. Groom's Witness 2-160
Schrader, Lewis Bride's Father 2-50
Schrader, Lewis Bride's Witness 2-50
Schrader, Mary Regina Bride 2-50
Schrader, Maud Bride 2-77
Schrader, Mercie A. Bride 2-272
Schrader, Regina Elizabath Bride 2-13
Schrader, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-259
Schroeder, Mary M. Groom's Mother 2-157
Schuh, Callie Groom's Mother 2-288
Schultz, Daniel Groom's Father 2-7
Schumacher, Albert Bride's Father 2-79
Schumacher, Naoma A. Bride 2-79
Schuman, Frank Groom's Father 2-288
Schuman, Grover Groom 2-288
Scott, Margaret Groom's Mother 2-195
Scott, Susie E. Bride's Mother 2-75
Scovill, Ancil M. Groom 2-191
Scovill, Catherin Bride's Mother 2-138
Scovill, Milo Groom's Father 2-191
Searfoss, Frances Bride 2-229
Searfoss, Henry Bride's Father 2-229
Searfoss, Henry Bride's Witness 2-229
Searfoss, Henry Groom's Witness 2-229
Sell, Arthur Groom 2-161
Sell, Bertha May Bride 2-3
Sell, Sherman Groom 2-227
Sell, Solomon Groom's Father 2-227
Sell, William Bride's Father 2-3
Sell, William Groom's Father 2-161
Sensenbaugh, Polena Mae Bride 2-220
Sensenbaugh, Simon P. Bride's Father 2-220
Sever, Ernest Bride's Witness 2-287
Sever, Ernest Groom's Witness 2-287
Sever, Ethel May Bride 2-287
Sever, George R Bride's Father 2-287
Sevits, Charles Henry Groom's Father 2-41
Sevits, Emma Ellen Groom's Mother 2-41
Sevits, Russell Ervin Groom 2-41
Seymore, Lizzie A. Bride's Mother 2-222
Shannon, Alice May Bride 2-195
Sharp, Mary Elizabeth Bride 2-80
Sharp, W. Worden Groom's Witness 2-80
Sharp, Walter Worden Bride's Father 2-80
Sharp, Walter Worden Bride's Witness 2-80
Shaw, Ida J. Bride 2-234
Shaw, James H. Bride's Father 2-8
Shaw, James H. Bride's Father 2-234
Shaw, Jennie Groom's Mother 2-286
Shaw, John W. Bride's Witness 2-249
Shaw, John W. Groom's Witness 2-249
Shaw, May Alida Bride 2-8
Shaw, Nancy Groom's Mother 2-249
Shaw, Ruthetta Groom's Mother 2-294
Shearer, James Groom's Father 2-175
Shearer, Louisa Groom's Mother 2-184
Shearer, Riley Groom 2-175
Shepard, Minnie Louisa Groom's Mother 2-1
Sherwood, Jennie V. Groom's Mother 2-276
Sherwood, John D. Groom's Father 2-276
Sherwood, Justin J. Groom 2-276
Shideler, Lyda Matilda Groom's Mother 2-44
Shifferly, Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-33
Shinbeckler, Leah Bride's Mother 2-223
Shinbeckler, Mary Anna Groom's Mother 2-190
Shinbeckler, Susan Bride's Mother 2-180
Shinneman, D. L. Groom's Witness 2-135
Shippler, Abba Bride's Mother 2-59
Shock, Lucy Groom's Mother 2-283
Shoda, Henry Bride's Witness 2-2
Shoda, Henry Groom's Father 2-2
Shoda, Henry Groom's Witness 2-2
Shoda, Leroy Daniel Groom 2-2
Shoemaker, Charles F. Groom 2-166
Shoemaker, Jesse Groom's Father 2-166
Shoenauer, Alma L. Bride 2-45
Shoenauer, John A. Bride's Father 2-45
Shoenauer, John A. Bride's Witness 2-45
Shook, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-164
Shorb, Audrey Odella Bride's Mother 2-89
Short, Grover C Groom 2-18
Short, Henry C. Groom's Father 2-18
Show, Mandy Jane Bride's Mother 2-144
Shriner, John M. Groom 2-188
Shriner, Lucinda Jane Groom's Mother 2-50
Shriner, Mary Groom's Mother 2-63
Shriner, Peter Groom's Father 2-188
Shriner, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-148
Shroyer, Sarah E. Bride's Mother 2-161
Shuler, Alice L. Bride 2-237
Shultz, Mary Groom's Mother 2-66
Shultz, Polly Ann Bride's Mother 2-25
Shultz, Stephen Isaac Groom 2-7
Sickafoose, Andrew J. Bride's Father 2-169
Sickafoose, Iva Adline Bride 2-169
Sickafoose, Mary Groom's Mother 2-182
Sickafoose, Mary Ellen Bride's Witness 2-169
Sickafoose, Mary Ellen Groom's Witness 2-169
Simcoe, David Bride's Witness 2-29
Simcoe, David Groom's Witness 2-29
Simcoe, David Franklin Bride's Father 2-29
Simcoe, Grace Belle Bride 2-29
Simmons, Emma Grace Bride 2-99
Simmons, Isaac Bride's Father 2-99
Simon, B.W. Groom's Father 2-193
Simon, Ralph Groom 2-193
Sims, Rachel Groom's Mother 2-265
Sims, Zelma Anna Groom's Mother 2-47
Sines, Mary F. Bride's Mother 2-253
Slagle, George W. Groom's Father 2-218
Slagle, Lu Bride's Witness 2-155
Slagle, Lu Groom's Witness 2-155
Slagle, William W. Groom 2-218
Slessman, Estella Bride 2-129
Slessman, Sherman Bride's Father 2-129
Sloop, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-74
Slusser, Mary E. Bride's Mother 2-169
Slusser, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-69
Smethers, Carrol B. Bride 2-9
Smethers, Daniel Bride's Father 2-9
Smith, Ada Francis Bride 2-148
Smith, Albert J. Bride's Father 2-148
Smith, Barbara Groom's Mother 2-250
Smith, Catharine Groom's Mother 2-149
Smith, David Groom's Father 2-255
Smith, Dora Belle Bride 2-90
Smith, Edward Bride's Father 2-43
Smith, Eli Bride's Father 2-258
Smith, Eli Bride's Witness 2-165
Smith, Eli Groom's Father 2-165
Smith, Eli Groom's Witness 2-165
Smith, Ethel Marie Bride 2-102
Smith, Florence Estella Bride 2-158
Smith, Frances Bride 2-258
Smith, Francis Marion Bride's Father 2-297
Smith, Frank Groom's Father 2-107
Smith, Frank Melvin Groom 2-185
Smith, Franklin Groom 2-195
Smith, Fred L. Bride's Witness 2-205
Smith, Fred L. Groom's Witness 2-205
Smith, George Groom 2-255
Smith, Grover Groom 2-165
Smith, Henry Groom's Father 2-13
Smith, Henry Groom's Father 2-185
Smith, Henry Groom's Father 2-187
Smith, Hortense M. Bride 2-43
Smith, Jacob Groom's Father 2-30
Smith, James Edgar Groom 2-199
Smith, James Wesley Groom's Father 2-199
Smith, John Groom's Father 2-195
Smith, John Lincoln Groom 2-30
Smith, Joseph Bride's Father 2-90
Smith, Josiah J. Bride's Witness 2-158
Smith, Josiah J. Groom's Witness 2-158
Smith, Mary Bride's Mother 2-97
Smith, Mary Groom's Mother 2-13
Smith, Mary Cathrine Groom's Mother 2-185
Smith, Mary E. Bride's Mother 2-17
Smith, Mary E. Bride's Mother 2-245
Smith, Mary L Bride 2-297
Smith, Rueben Wendell Bride's Father 2-102
Smith, Sadie E. Bride's Witness 2-30
Smith, Sadie E. Groom's Witness 2-30
Smith, Samuel Bride's Father 2-158
Smith, Samuel Groom's Father 2-222
Smith, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-158
Smith, Theodore Groom 2-222
Smith, William Edward Groom 2-13
Smith, Winfield Oda Groom 2-107
Smith, Winfield S. Groom 2-187
Smyth, Myrtle Bride's Mother 2-140
Snodgrass, Delia J. Bride 2-16
Snodgrass, William Bride's Father 2-16
Snyder, August Groom's Father 2-114
Snyder, Charles Elmer Groom 2-114
Snyder, Clarence William Groom 2-72
Snyder, Florence Bride's Mother 2-189
Snyder, Hariet Groom's Mother 2-91
Snyder, Iley L Bride 2-17
Snyder, Isaac Groom's Father 2-65
Snyder, James S. Bride's Father 2-17
Snyder, John Henry Bride's Father 2-68
Snyder, Maria Elizabeth Bride's Mother 2-122
Snyder, Mary Aberdeen Bride 2-68
Snyder, Moses Groom 2-119
Snyder, Ollie Groom 2-65
Snyder, Solomon Groom's Father 2-119
Snyder, William Groom's Father 2-72
Solt, C.E. Bride's Witness 2-120
Solt, Charles E. Bride's Father 2-120
Solt, Hulda Bride 2-120
Souder, Floyd Groom 2-209
Souder, Frank Groom's Father 2-17
Souder, Franklin P. Bride's Father 2-85
Souder, Harry Groom 2-17
Souder, Inez Dale Bride 2-85
Souder, James M. Bride's Witness 2-209
Souder, James M. Groom's Father 2-209
Souder, James M. Groom's Witness 2-209
Souder, Joseph Bride's Father 2-104
Souder, Margaret Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-31
Souders, Charles Bride's Witness 2-264
Souders, Charles Groom's Witness 2-264
Souders, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-120
Souers, Anna Groom's Mother 2-111
Sourman, Lucey Ann Bride 2-191
Sparks, Edward J. Bride's Father 2-137
Sparks, Maude Bride 2-137
Spates, Margaret Groom's Mother 2-81
Spaulding, Homer Robert Groom 2-96
Spaulding, William Stanley Groom's Father 2-96
Speicher, Amos Emanuel Groom 2-99
Speicher, Daniel D. Groom's Father 2-99
Spielman, Florinda Groom's Mother 2-189
Spitler, Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 2-257
Spohnhauer, Mary Bride's Mother 2-267
Spradling, India Bride's Mother 2-74
Sprinkle, Louisa E. Bride's Mother 2-220
Spurr, Margaret E. Groom's Mother 2-76
Sroufe, Angeline Bride's Mother 2-204
Stack, Maurice W. Groom 2-152
Stack, William Groom's Father 2-152
Staley, Catharine Groom's Mother 2-57
Staley, George O . Bride's Witness 2-189
Staley, George O. Groom's Witness 2-189
Stallsmith, Daniel W. Bride's Father 2-159
Stallsmith, Jennie V. Bride 2-159
Stallsmith, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-107
Stallsmith, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-229
Steele, Harriett Bride's Mother 2-214
Steiner, Joseph Bride's Father 2-14
Steiner, Josephine Bride 2-14
Stemen, B. F. Groom's Father 2-282
Stemen, Harry L. Groom 2-282
Sterling, Georgana Beryl Bride 2-145
Sterling, George Wm. Bride's Father 2-145
Sterling, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-105
Sterling, Sarah Bride's Mother 2-108
Sterner, Eliza Ann Bride's Mother 2-47
Stetzel, Loiree Bride's Mother 2-210
Stevens, Marget Nelson Bride's Mother 2-52
Steward, Mary Ann Groom's Mother 2-101
Stewart, Elijah Bride's Father 2-201
Stewart, Margaret Groom's Mother 2-158
Stewart, Verna Bride 2-201
Stickler, Margaret Bride's Mother 2-88
Stockert, Susanna Bride's Mother 2-68
Stoner, Eliza I. Groom's Mother 2-266
Stoner, Eliza Irena Groom's Mother 2-4
Stoner, Eliza Irene Bride's Mother 2-168
Stoner, Ida Bride's Mother 2-129
Stoner, Maria Groom's Mother 2-107
Stough, Edwin C. Bride's Witness 2-105
Stough, Edwin C. Groom's Witness 2-105
Strauss, Wm. C. Bride's Witness 2-87
Strauss, Wm. C. Groom's Witness 2-87
Strouse, M. Bride's Witness 2-118
Strouse, M. Groom's Witness 2-118
Stuver, Jacob Groom's Father 2-162
Stuver, John F. Groom 2-162
Sutherly, Manford Olin Bride's Witness 2-22
Sutherly, Manford Olin Groom's Witness 2-22
Swartz, Ethel Evelyn Bride 2-253
Swartz, Francis M. Groom's Father 2-265
Swartz, George L. Bride's Father 2-253
Swartz, George L. Bride's Witness 2-253
Swartz, George L. Groom's Witness 2-253
Swartz, Harry L. Groom 2-265
Swigart, J. A. Groom's Witness 2-143
Swigart, J. A. Bride's Witness 2-143
Swigart, John Archer Bride's Father 2-143
Swigart, Minnie Mae Bride 2-143
Swihart, Charles Bride's Witness 2-67
Swihart, Charles Groom's Witness 2-67
Swihart, Chas. Bride's Witness 2-7
Swihart, Chas. Groom's Witness 2-7

Tantlinger, D.H. Bride's Witness 2-36
Tantlinger, D.H. Groom's Witness 2-36
Tapy, George H. Bride's Witness 2-74
Tapy, George H. Groom's Witness 2-74
Tayler, Missouri Bride's Mother 2-35
Taylor, Andrew Bride's Father 2-114
Taylor, Burtney Bride's Father 2-192
Taylor, Ellenora Bride 2-114
Taylor, Freeda G. Bride 2-192
Taylor, Lucy J. Bride's Mother 2-110
Taylor, Lucy J. Groom's Mother 2-45
Terman, Charles Bride's Father 2-212
Terman, Charles Bride's Witness 2-212
Terman, Charles Groom's Witness 2-212
Terman, Hazel Bride 2-212
Thomas, Emanuel Groom 2-279
Thomas, John Groom's Father 2-279
Thomas, William Groom's Father 2-150
Thompson, Myrtle Marie Bride 2-190
Thompson, Warren Bride's Father 2-190
Thrasher, Lillie Bride 2-98
Tillman, D.E. Bride's Witness 2-52
Tillman, D.E. Groom's Witness 2-52
Tinkham, Hannah Groom's Mother 2-68
Todd, Hannah J. Groom's Mother 2-38
Toimond, Abiek Bride's Mother 2-53
Toomey, Grace Bride 2-73
Toomey, Michael Bride's Father 2-73
Torbet, O.S. Bride's Witness 2-186
Torbet, O.S. Groom's Witness 2-186
Traster, Celesta Bride's Mother 2-156
Traster, Mary Bride's Mother 2-190
Trembley, Samuel F. Bride's Witness 2-147
Trembley, Samuel F. Bride's Witness 2-154
Trembley, Samuel F. Groom's Witness 2-147
Trembley, Samuel F. Groom's Witness 2-154
Trembley, Samuel F. Groom's Witness 2-200
Trembly, S. F. Bride's Witness 2-145
Trembly, S. F. Groom's Witness 2-145
Trembly, Samuel F. Bride's Witness 2-200
Trout, H.T. Bride's Witness 2-271
Trout, H.T. Groom's Witness 2-271
Trueman, Martha Bride's Mother 2-9
Truitt, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-205
Truman, Nelson Bride's Witness 2-119
Truman, Nelson Groom's Witness 2-119
Trumbly, Samuel F. Bride's Witness 2-65
Trumbly, Samuel F. Groom's Witness 2-65
Trumbo, Bertha Bride 2-28
Trumbull, Frances Bride's Mother 2-16
Tschantz, Christopher Groom's Father 2-183
Tschantz, Leman E. Groom 2-183
Tulmer, Sarah Jane Bride's Mother 2-29
Turnbull, Mary E. Bride's Mother 2-38

Ulrey, Euston E. Groom 2-136
Ulrey, Joseph Groom's Father 2-136
Ummel, Augusta Bride's Mother 2-83

Van Glarcom, Lillie Groom's Mother 2-284
Van Houten, Luella Bride's Mother 2-121
Van Tilbury, Frank Loraine Bride's Father 2-185
Van Tilbury, Lena Loraine Bride 2-185
Vance, Catherine Groom's Mother 2-159
Vance, Edward J. Groom 2-184
Vance, Henry E Bride's Witness 2-292
Vance, Henry E Groom's Witness 2-292
Vance, Ida L Bride 2-292
Vance, Lydia A Bride's Mother 2-292
Vance, Martin A Bride's Father 2-292
Vance, Thomas Groom's Father 2-184
Vanderford, Andrew Groom 2-68
Vanderford, Jesse R. Groom's Father 2-68
Vanderford, Ray Bride's Witness 2-219
Vanderford, Ray Groom's Witness 2-219
Vaughn, Alva Groom 2-167
Vaughn, Charles Groom's Father 2-167
Vaughn, Roy Groom 2-251
Vaughn, Warren Groom's Father 2-251
Venator, Nicholas Bride's Father 2-147
Vincent, Victor Bride's Witness 2-122
Vincent, Victor Groom's Witness 2-122
Vogeli, Anna Groom's Mother 2-48
Vogeli, Norman C. Groom 2-48
Vogeli, Peter Groom's Father 2-48

Wagner, Julia Bride's Mother 2-205
Wagner, Lee Roy Groom 2-78
Wagner, Peter Groom's Father 2-78
Wagoner, Charlotte Bride's Mother 2-98
Wagoner, William Bride's Father 2-250
Wahl, Eurban Lenord Groom 2-155
Wahl, Louis Wilhelm Groom's Father 2-155
Waite, Edward Groom's Father 2-168
Waite, George J. Groom 2-168
Walker, Alice M. Bride 2-246
Walker, Anna Mary Bride 2-153
Walker, Bertha V. Bride 2-265
Walker, John V. Groom 2-249
Walker, Mary Groom's Mother 2-213
Walker, Nier Bride's Mother 2-187
Walker, William Bride's Father 2-153
Walker, William Bride's Father 2-246
Walker, William Bride's Father 2-265
Walker, William Groom's Father 2-249
Walter, Caroline Groom's Mother 2-155
Walter, Fred Groom's Father 2-190
Walter, Frederick Groom's Father 2-105
Walter, George Ervin Groom 2-190
Walter, Otto Groom 2-105
Walters, Sarah Groom's Mother 2-279
Warner, Effie Mae Bride 2-196
Warner, Harmon Bride's Father 2-196
Warner, Susan Bride's Mother 2-99
Warnick, Isiah Bride's Father 2-230
Warnick, Lawrence Bride's Witness 2-230
Warnick, Lawrence Groom's Witness 2-230
Warnick, Lulu Bride 2-230
Warren, Ioni I. Bride's Witness 2-276
Warren, Ioni I. Groom's Witness 2-276
Waterfall, Ella Bride's Mother 2-181
Watson, Jacob Burtney Groom 2-45
Watson, Jeanette Maude Bride 2-110
Watson, Mary Jane Bride's Mother 2-213
Watson, Thomas D. Bride's Father 2-110
Watson, Thomas D. Bride's Witness 2-110
Watson, Thomas D. Groom's Witness 2-110
Watson, Thos. D. Groom's Father 2-45
Waugh, Charley Lee Groom 2-121
Waugh, Harper K. Groom 2-206
Waugh, James A. Groom's Father 2-206
Waugh, Joseph Groom's Father 2-121
Waugh, Joseph Groom's Witness 2-121
Weaver, Catherine Groom's Mother 2-291
Weber, Ruth Christine Bride 2-132
Weber, William Bride's Father 2-132
Webster, Susan Bride's Mother 2-166
Weeks, George Thompson Groom 2-57
Weeks, George Washington Groom's Father 2-57
Weeks, Ida M Groom's Mother 2-292
Welch, Edward Bride's Father 2-7
Welch, Nella Bride 2-7
Welker, Julia Ann Groom's Mother 2-113
Wells, Charles W. Groom 2-179
Wells, Mary Groom's Mother 2-134
Wells, Sarah Ellen Bride's Mother 2-42
Wells, William H. Groom's Father 2-179
Wells, William H. Groom's Witness 2-179
Welsch, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-99
Welsheimer, Lee Groom 2-219
Welsheimer, P.H. Groom's Father 2-219
Welshimer, Della Bride's Mother 2-60
Wertenberger, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-24
White, Cody Carlond Groom 2-59
White, Drury Vincent Bride's Father 2-55
White, Minerva Groom's Mother 2-59
White, Nora E. Bride's Mother 2-198
White, Pearl Bride 2-55
Whiteleather, Sarah Amin Bride's Mother 2-178
Whitman, Catharine Groom's Mother 2-267
Whitmyer, Benjamine Groom's Father 2-203
Whitmyer, Frank Groom 2-203
Wilcox, Clinton Bride's Witness 2-138
Wilcox, Clinton Bride's Witness 2-187
Wilcox, Clinton Groom's Witness 2-138
Wilcox, Clinton Groom's Witness 2-148
Wilcox, Clinton Groom's Witness 2-187
Wilcox, Clinton Bride's Witness 2-148
Wilhelm, Clyde Groom 2-140
Wilhelm, Hiram Groom's Father 2-140
Wilkerson, Lyman S. Groom's Father 2-253
Wilkerson, Valdo Santford Groom 2-253
Williams, Harry Markley Groom 2-208
Williams, John Robert Groom's Father 2-208
Williams, Margaret Bride's Mother 2-276
Williams, Mina E. Bride's Mother 2-133
Williamson, Mary Bride's Witness 2-23
Williamson, Rollo Bride's Witness 2-129
Williamson, Rollo Groom's Witness 2-129
Wills, Ella Marguarite Bride's Mother 2-199
Wilson, Ella Groom's Mother 2-217
Wilson, Henry Aaron Groom 2-142
Wilson, James Woodward Groom's Father 2-142
Wince, Martha J Bride's Mother 2-297
Windle, Florence Bride 2-240
Windle, Grover Groom 2-133
Windle, Peter Bride's Father 2-240
Windle, Peter Groom's Father 2-133
Wine, Bertha Viola Bride 2-22
Wine, David Bride's Father 2-22
Winebrenner, Bessie D. Bride 2-186
Winebrenner, John Bride's Father 2-186
Winget, Catharine A. Bride 2-188
Wise, Emma R. Bride's Mother 2-19
Wiseweaver, Rachel Bride's Mother 2-175
Witham, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-167
Witham, Frank Bride's Witness 2-167
Witham, Frank Groom's Witness 2-167
Wolf, James Allen Bride's Father 2-25
Wolf, Ocie Viora Bride 2-25
Wolf, Rena Bride's Witness 2-25
Wolf, Susannah Groom's Mother 2-36
Wolfangle, Charles Arthur Groom 2-118
Wolfangle, Frederick Groom's Father 2-118
Wolfe, John Bride's Father 2-188
Woltenbarger, Leah Groom's Mother 2-97
Wonderly, Elizabeth Groom's Mother 2-234
Woods, Elizabeth Bride 2-105
Woods, Rena Bell Bride 2-108
Woods, Samuel Bride's Father 2-105
Woods, Samuel Miles Bride's Father 2-108
Woodworth, A. H. Groom's Witness 2-226
Woodworth, A. H. Bride's Witness 2-226
Woodworth, Albert H. Groom's Witness 2-68
Woodworth, Albert H. Bride's Witness 2-68
Wright, Eliza Ann Bride's Mother 2-124
Wright, Jane Bride's Witness 2-272
Wright, Jane Groom's Witness 2-272
Wright, John A. Groom's Father 2-272
Wright, John H. Groom 2-272
Wynkoop, Augustus A Groom's Father 2-298
Wynkoop, Charles Andrew Groom's Father 2-87
Wynkoop, Charles Grover Groom 2-87
Wynkoop, Edgar L Groom 2-298
Wynkoop, Naomi Ghloe Bride 2-280
Wynkoop, William A. Bride's Father 2-280
Wysong, Mary E. Groom's Mother 2-98

Yagel, Adam Groom's Father 2-213
Yagel, Arthur O. Groom 2-213
Yager, Blanche Emogene Bride 2-208
Yager, S.H. Bride's Witness 2-208
Yager, S.H. Groom's Witness 2-208
Yager, Silas Hubbard Bride's Father 2-208
Yang, Barbrah Bride's Mother 2-70
Yontz, A. Bride's Witness 2-40
Yontz, A. Groom's Witness 2-40
Yontz, Avasana Bride's Witness 2-64
Yontz, Avasana Groom's Witness 2-64
Yontz, Dillon Groom's Father 2-216
Yontz, Maud Bride 2-40
Yontz, Milo Groom 2-216
Yontz, William Bride's Father 2-40
Young, Ava Bride's Witness 2-127
Young, Ava Groom's Witness 2-127
Young, Estella May Bride 2-127
Young, J.H. Groom's Father 2-207
Young, James I. Bride's Father 2-127
Young, Lerton Burdell Groom 2-207
Young, Victoria Alice Bride's Mother 2-145
Yrany, Emma Groom's Mother 2-193
Yunker, Adaline Groom's Mother 2-128

Zabst, Catherine Bride's Mother 2-208
Zeigler, Anna S. Bride 2-236
Zeigler, Etta Lovina Bride 2-32
Zeigler, Jesse Bride's Father 2-32
Zeigler, Jonas Bride's Father 2-236
Zentner, Catherine Groom's Mother 2-174
Zimmer, Sophia Bride's Mother 2-48
Zimmers, Sophia Bride's Mother 2-244
Zumbrun, Grace Leona Bride 2-41
Zumbrun, John Henry Bride's Father 2-41
Zurcher, Elizabath Bride's Mother 2-45

Abstract of Marriage Applications
Book 2 - March 1907 - March 1909

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