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Index to Marriage Applications
Book 1 - April 1905 - March 1907

Copyright 1997 Genealogical Society of Whitley County


Abstract of Marriage Applications
Book 1 - April 1905 - March 1907


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Name - Relationship - Book & Page

Adams Bessie Edith Bride 1-100
Adams Bird Bride 1-234
Adams David Henry Bride's Father 1-234
Adams John Groom's Witness 1-43
Adams John Bride's Father 1-100
Adams John Bride's Witness 1-43
Aker Barbara Bride's Mother 1-163
Aker Edward Groom's Witness 1-34
Aker Edward Bride's Witness 1-34
Aker Jacob Groom's Father 1-34
Aker James William Groom 1-34
Aker Jennettie Viola Bride's Mother 1-260
Albert Ellen Hannah Bride's Mother 1-110
Albert Mary Anna Groom's Mother 1-105
Albertson Charles Stuart Groom 1-241
Albertson Chas S Groom's Witness 1-116
Albertson E F Groom's Witness 1-241
Albertson E F Bride's Witness 1-241
Albertson Edw Fremont Groom's Father 1-241
Albertson C S (MD) Bride's Witness 1-116
Albright Flossie Hazel Bride 1-147
Albright Ralph Bride's Witness 1-147
Albright Samuel B Bride's Father 1-147
Alexander Charles W Bride's Witness 1-107
Alexander Chas W Groom's Witness 1-107
Alexander Chas Willis Groom's Father 1-107
Alexander Leon Clyde Groom 1-107
Allbones Sarah Ann Bride's Mother 1-4
Allen Charles Groom's Father 1-253
Allen Chester D Groom's Witness 1-84
Allen Chester D Bride's Witness 1-84
Allen Edward J Groom 1-253
Allen Ethel Bride 1-230
Allen James Bride's Father 1-230
Allen Nathaniel Groom's Father 1-38
Allen O C Groom's Witness 1-175
Allen O C Bride's Witness 1-175
Allen Oliver C Bride's Father 1-175
Allen Wesley Wellington Groom 1-38
Archer Ellison Bride's Father 1-186
Archer Lena B Bride 1-186
Armstrong Sarah J Bride's Mother 1-244
Auer Louise Groom's Mother 1-139
Auer Rebecca Groom's Mother 1-49
Augerbright Austin Groom 1-55
Augsbarger Mary Bride's Mother 1-81
Ault Clarence W Groom 1-210
Ault John W Groom's Father 1-210
Austin Mary Jane Bride's Mother 1-88

Bair Anna B Bride's Witness 1-105
Bair Anna Barbra Bride 1-172
Bair Mary Ann Bride's Mother 1-48
Baker Arena Bride's Mother 1-121
Baker Arena Bride's Mother 1-221
Baker Arion Bride's Father 1-25
Baker Eva Bride's Mother 1-87
Baker Lucinda Groom's Mother 1-29
Baker Moody S Groom's Witness 1-165
Baker Moody S Groom's Witness 1-210
Baker Moody S Bride's Witness 1-210
Baker Sarah Catherine Bride's Mother 1-124
Ball William A Groom's Witness 1-117
Barhydt George W Bride's Father 1-93
Barhydt Minnie Bride 1-93
Barley Sarah Groom's Mother 1-147
Barnes Jesse Ray Groom 1-153
Barnes Luke Groom's Father 1-153
Barnes Phamie Delilah Bride 1-77
Barney William D Bride's Witness 1-101
Barney Wm D Groom's Witness 1-101
Barnhill C D Groom's Witness 1-278
Barnhill C D Bride's Witness 1-278
Barnhill Robert Daniel Bride's Father 1-278
Barnhill Virga Pearl Bride 1-278
Bartholomew Gladys P Bride 1-203
Bartholomew Orlando Groom's Witness 1-203
Bartholomew Orlando Bride's Father 1-203
Bartholomew Orlando Bride's Witness 1-203
Bates Christina Groom's Mother 1-41
Baughman Maggie Bride's Mother 1-263
Bauman Lena Groom's Mother 1-173
Bauman Lenne Bride's Mother 1-139
Bayman Clarsia Groom's Mother 1-3
Beachler Lucinda Bride's Mother 1-256
Beachler Mary Bride's Mother 1-224
Beall Sybilla Groom's Mother 1-121
Beam Henry Bride's Father 1-60
Beam Laura Bride's Witness 1-60
Beam Maude Belle Bride 1-60
Bechtoldt Margaret Groom's Mother 1-141
Beck Henry R Groom's Witness 1-182
Beck Henry R Bride's Father 1-182
Beck Henry R Bride's Witness 1-182
Beck Virginia L Bride 1-182
Beghtel Isaiah Groom's Father 1-110
Beghtel William Orth Groom 1-110
Bell Nellie Enolla Bride 1-107
Bell Ruth Ann Bride's Mother 1-254
Bell William Henry Bride's Father 1-107
Benner Aden U Groom 1-180
Benner Eva Bride's Witness 1-58
Benner Henry Bride's Father 1-183
Benner John B Groom's Father 1-180
Benner Ona Pearl Bride 1-183
Bennett John Bride's Father 1-42
Bennett Lizzie Bride's Mother 1-206
Bennett Sarah Rosettie Bride 1-42
Benton Sarah Jane Bride's Mother 1-155
Bentz Isabell Bride's Mother 1-3
Bentz J F Bride's Father 1-18
Bentz Linnie I Bride 1-18
Bentz Rebecca Bride's Mother 1-175
Berninger Viola Groom's Mother 1-129
Bess? Phoeba Ellen Groom's Mother 1-111
Betzner Fred Groom 1-22
Betzner George Owen Groom 1-C
Betzner John Groom's Father 1-22
Betzner William Henry Groom's Father 1-C
Betzner Wm H Groom's Witness 1-C
Betzner Wm H Bride's Witness 1-C
Bice Thomas Bride's Father 1-286
Biddle Mary Ellen Bride 1-56
Biddlecome Lucy Bride 1-145
Biddlecome William Bride's Father 1-145
Biers Ida E Groom's Mother 1-118
Biers Ida Elen Groom's Mother 1-174
Biggs Nancy Jane Bride's Mother 1-69
Biggs Nancy Jane Bride's Mother 1-283
Bills Horton Herbert Groom 1-72
Bills James P Groom's Witness 1-72
Bills James P Bride's Father 1-250
Bills James P Bride's Witness 1-72
Bills James Parks Groom's Father 1-72
Bills Mabel Fona Bride 1-250
Bills Mary Groom's Witness 1-250
Bills Mary Bride's Witness 1-250
Birchmeier Mary Bride's Mother 1-70
Bissell Elijah S Bride's Father 1-115
Bissell Harriett E Bride 1-115
Blackburn Alice Groom's Mother 1-117
Blain John William Groom 1-226
Blain L R Groom's Father 1-226
Blain Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 1-30
Blain Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 1-168
Blake Elsie May Bride 1-174
Blake John N Bride's Father 1-174
Bloomer Hanna Groom's Mother 1-169
Bolerjack Lewis Shelby Groom 1-10
Bolerjack William Groom's Father 1-10
Bollinger Sarah Bride's Mother 1-184
Bordner Abby Bride's Mother 1-9
Bordner Hettie A Groom's Mother 1-68
Bordner Minerva A. Bride's Mother 1-49
Born Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-12
Bower William Bride's Father 1-264
Bower Zula Bride 1-264
Bowerman Abraham Groom's Father 1-261
Bowerman Charles Allen Groom 1-261
Bowerman Edna Perl Bride 1-153
Bowerman Edson P Bride's Father 1-153
Bowerman Perry L Groom's Witness 1-153
Bowerman Perry L Groom's Witness 1-261
Bowerman Perry L Bride's Witness 1-153
Bowerman Perry L Bride's Witness 1-261
Bowers Edward B Groom's Witness 1-67
Bowers Edward B Bride's Witness 1-67
Bowers George Ave Groom's Father 1-67
Bowers James Elsworth Groom 1-67
Bowlby Delilah Ethel Bride 1-226
Bowlby Frances A Bride 1-14
Bowlby Francis M Groom's Witness 1-14
Bowlby Francis M Bride's Father 1-14
Bowlby Francis M Bride's Witness 1-14
Bowlby John W Bride's Father 1-226
Bowsher Hiram Groom 1-85
Bowsher Thomes Groom's Father 1-85
Boyer Benjamin Lester Groom 1-113
Boyer George Groom's Father 1-113
Boyer Lydia J Bride's Mother 1-150
Boyer Sarah Belle Groom's Mother 1-241
Bozworth Ida Bride's Mother 1-59
Braddock Mary A Bride 1-131
Brahm John Groom's Witness 1-16
Brand Edward J Groom 1-41
Brand John W Groom's Witness 1-231
Brand John W Groom's Witness 1-287
Brand John W. Bride's Witness 1-231
Brand Julius Groom's Father 1-41
Briggs Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-233
Briggs Hazel Rebecca Bride 1-267
Briggs S E Groom's Witness 1-24
Briggs S E Bride's Witness 1-24
Briggs Wm A Bride's Father 1-267
Briner Margaret Cal Groom's Mother 1-119
Brock Charles Westley Groom 1-69
Brock Henry Bride's Father 1-172
Brock J M Bride's Witness 1-69
Brock J W Groom's Witness 1-69
Brock John William Groom's Father 1-69
Brodbeck David Bride's Father 1-20
Brodbeck Ethel M Bride 1-20
Brommer Lena Groom's Mother 1-70
Brothers Anna Lucinda Groom's Mother 1-207
Broughton Samuel M Groom's Witness 1-131
Broughton Samuel M Bride's Witness 1-131
Brower Lydia Catharine Bride 1-113
Brower Martha M Groom's Mother 1-203
Brown Cora J Bride 1-33
Brown David Cloyd Groom's Father 1-272
Brown David McClellan Bride's Father 1-123
Brown Edwin Bride's Father 1-33
Brown Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-249
Brown Esther Bride 1-25
Brown Harry McKee Groom 1-272
Brown Josiphene Groom's Mother 1-168
Brown Laura Bride's Mother 1-157
Brown Mary C Bride's Mother 1-116
Brown Millicent Victoria Bride 1-123
Brown Minnie E Bride's Mother 1-102
Broxon Mary E Groom's Mother 1-211
Brubaker Thomas Clyde Groom 1-135
Brubaker William H Groom's Father 1-135
Bryan Laura E Bride's Mother 1-169
Buchingham Isaac Groom's Witness 1-274
Buchtel Margaret Groom's Mother 1-285
Buchtel Margaret Groom's Witness 1-285
Buck Mary T. Groom's Mother 1-219
Buckingham Isaac Bride's Father 1-274
Buckingham Isaac Bride's Witness 1-274
Buckingham Mary Elizabeth Bride 1-274
Bumgerdner Hazel Maud Bride 1-67
Bumgerdner Moses Melenthchon Bride's Father 1-67
Buntain Alexander Groom's Father 1-219
Buntain William Henry Groom 1-219
Burkett Catharine Groom's Mother 1-195
Burlingame Cyrus Groom's Father 1-63
Burlingame Edward Groom 1-63
Burlingame Evelyn Groom's Mother 1-63
Burns George Ray Groom 1-276
Burns William Abe Groom's Father 1-276
Burnworth Job C Groom's Witness 1-52
Burt Mary Jane Bride's Mother 1-137
Burwell Hannah Cathern Groom's Mother 1-161
Bush Sarah Groom's Mother 1-125
Businger Mary A Bride's Mother 1-172
Butterbaugh Susanah Groom's Mother 1-91

Cake Minnie W Bride 1-178
Campbell Isaiah Bride's Father 1-152
Campbell Lavina E Bride 1-95
Campbell Sindora Bride 1-152
Canenbley Christian Groom's Father 1-172
Canenbley August Groom 1-172
Cark Mary Maranda Groom's Mother 1-201
Carls Margret Groom's Mother 1-14
Carroll Martha Elanor Bride's Mother 1-272
Carter Elmyra Groom's Mother 1-238
Cartwright Herbert Loid Groom 1-200
Cartwright James M Groom's Father 1-200
Castator Jackson Groom's Father 1-239
Castator Kemual C. Groom 1-239
Catey Hazel Alice Bride 1-109
Caty Allen Bride's Father 1-109
Cave Fred Allen Groom 1-86
Cave George Washington Groom's Father 1-86
Cave Mary A Groom's Witness 1-86
Cave Mary A Bride's Witness 1-86
Celand Emma Bride's Mother 1-275
Chichester Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-25
Christlieb Rueben Groom's Father 1-242
Christlieb Willard Groom 1-242
Clark John F Groom's Father 1-8
Clark Lee Ora Groom 1-8
Clark Mary Groom's Mother 1-166
Clarke Edythe B Bride's Witness 1-195
Clarke Joseph Bride's Father 1-195
Clarke Wilda Lucille Bride 1-195
Clifford Jane Groom's Mother 1-249
Clifford Laura Jane Bride 1-162
Clifford Robert Bride's Father 1-162
Clifford Wm E Groom's Witness 1-162
Clifford Wm E Bride's Witness 1-162
Clouse David E Bride's Father 1-288
Clouse Rilla May Bride 1-288
Clugston Azariah R. Groom's Father 1-90
Clugston David Benjamin Groom's Father 1-213
Clugston H B Groom's Witness 1-90
Clugston H B Bride's Witness 1-90
Clugston Herbert Bayard Groom 1-213
Clugston Lovinia Catherine Groom's Mother 1-26
Clugston W A Groom's Witness 1-40
Clugston W A Groom's Witness 1-240
Clugston W A Bride's Witness 1-174
Clugston W A Bride's Witness 1-240
Clugston W A Groom's Witness 1-213
Clugston W A Bride's Witness 1-213
Clugston W. A. Bride's Witness 1-40
Clugston William Asher Groom 1-90
Cochran J A Groom's Witness 1-129
Cochran J A Bride's Witness 1-129
Cocklin David Bride's Father 1-28
Cocklin David A Groom's Witness 1-28
Cocklin David A Bride's Witness 1-28
Cocklin Sadie Bride 1-28
Coke Frederick Bride's Father 1-178
Comming Merranda Ann Frances Bride's Mother 1-211
Compton Phebe Bride's Mother 1-185
Connell Henretta Groom's Mother 1-61
Connell Henrietta Bride's Mother 1-72
Conner Isaac Roberts Groom's Father 1-211
Conner Virgil Groom 1-211
Conwell George W Groom 1-248
Conwell Levi Groom's Father 1-248
Cook Asa A Bride's Father 1-95
Cook Austin Bennet Bride's Father 1-194
Cook Barbra Bride's Mother 1-235
Cook Ida L Bride 1-194
Coolman SarrahAnna Groom's Mother 1-69
Coon Susan Emily Bride's Mother 1-133
Coppage William Bride's Father 1-219
Cordill Elizabeth Alma Bride 1-86
Cordill James Monroe Groom's Father 1-80
Cordill James Monroe Bride's Father 1-86
Cordill James Wesley Groom 1-80
Cosbey Susanna Bride's Mother 1-265
Coulter Earnest V Bride's Witness 1-27
Coulter Miriam Bride's Mother 1-258
Coverston Mary Groom's Mother 1-231
Coverstone Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 1-287
Cox George W Groom 1-133
Cox John J Groom's Father 1-133
Cox Leah Groom's Mother 1-197
Cox Leah Bride's Mother 1-245
Coyle Leah Bride's Mother 1-104
Crabill Martin D Groom's Father 1-53
Crabill William E Groom 1-53
Cramar James Bride's Father 1-239
Cramar Lura A Bride 1-239
Cramer Leiusetta Bride's Mother 1-120
Cramer Odessie Groom's Witness 1-239
Cramer Odessie Bride's Witness 1-239
Cramotte Marie Sophia Inez Bride 1-280
Cramotte Miles Edward Bride's Father 1-280
Crawford Delilah Groom's Mother 1-198
Creager Harry Thomas Groom 1-23
Creager Iva Anna Bride 1-251
Creager Lydia Anna Groom's Mother 1-107
Creager Michael John Groom's Father 1-23
Creager Samuel Groom's Witness 1-251
Creager Samuel Bride's Father 1-251
Creager Samuel Bride's Witness 1-251
Cripe Mary Alice Groom's Mother 1-189
Crone James Marton Groom's Father 1-40
Crone William Wallace Groom 1-40
Crowel Ebern Groom 1-118
Crowel James B Groom's Father 1-174
Crowel James B Groom's Witness 1-118
Crowel James B Bride's Witness 1-118
Crowel Verlin Groom 1-174
Crowell James B Groom's Father 1-118
Crowl Hannah Margaret Groom's Mother 1-114
Cullers Mary Jane Bride's Mother 1-194
Cullimore Ada B Bride 1-17
Cullimore Daniel J Bride's Father 1-17
Culver Alice Groom's Mother 1-88
Cummins Martha Bride's Mother 1-219
Cunningham Adam P Groom's Father 1-178
Cunningham Ellen J. Groom's Mother 1-276
Cunningham William H Groom 1-178
Cusick Emma M Bride 1-144
Cusick Frank Groom's Witness 1-144
Cusick Frank Bride's Witness 1-144
Cusick Frank W Bride's Father 1-144

Dailey Ida A Bride's Mother 1-93
Davis Bertha E Bride 1-176
Davis Hiram Bride's Father 1-176
Davis Mary Bride's Mother 1-271
Davis Mary Adeline Bride's Mother 1-291
Davis Mrs H E Groom's Witness 1-176
Davis Mrs H E Bride's Witness 1-176
Davis Ora Groom's Mother 1-44
Davis Peter R Groom 1-286
Davis Samuel Groom's Father 1-286
Deahof Marry Metilda Groom's Mother 1-200
Deal Fred R Groom's Father 1-117
Deal Fred W. Groom's Witness 1-147
Deal Fred Wise Groom 1-117
Deardorf Elzina Bride's Mother 1-52
Deardorff Lois Bride 1-272
Deardorff Octavius Decatur Bride's Father 1-272
Deck Charles R Groom's Father 1-260
Deck Claude F. Groom 1-260
Deck Olive Jennie Groom's Mother 1-260
Decker David Leander Groom 1-105
Decker Henry W Groom's Father 1-105
Decker Mary A Groom's Witness 1-105
Demmick Clary Groom's Mother 1-167
Demoney Elmer W Groom's Witness 1-87
Demoney Elmer William Groom's Father 1-87
Demoney Jesse Allen Groom 1-87
Dennig George Seymour Bride's Father 1-199
Denny Maggie J. Bride's Mother 1-24
DePew Binda I Bride's Mother 1-118
Devault Charles L Groom's Witness 1-193
Dickey Anna Eliza Bride's Mother 1-107
Didrick Charles George Groom 1-66
Didrick John Jacob Groom's Father 1-66
Diffendarfer Mary Groom's Mother 1-132
Dillon Katherine Bride's Mother 1-290
Dimmick Clarissa Bride's Mother 1-74
Dimmick Edna Pearl Bride 1-241
Dimmick Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-149
Dimmick John Wilson Bride's Father 1-136
Dimmick Lewis Bride's Father 1-241
Dimmick Millie Linn Bride 1-136
Disher Charles Luther Groom 1-290
Disher Peter Thomas Groom's Father 1-290
Ditteon Daniel Groom's Father 1-227
Ditteon Daniel Groom's Witness 1-227
Ditteon George Groom 1-227
Dockson Orthalinda Groom's Mother 1-A
Donley Ellen Bride's Mother 1-292
Dowell Nina May Bride 1-169
Dowell Warren Groom's Witness 1-169
Dowell Warren Bride's Father 1-169
Dowell Warren Bride's Witness 1-169
Drabenstot Mary Bride's Mother 1-191
Drake Frank Groom's Father 1-171
Drake Rudolph R Groom 1-171
Driesbach Clyde Floyd Groom 1-75
Driesbach William Levi Groom's Father 1-75
Duglay Leota Olga Bride 1-132
Duglay Lorain Watson Bride's Father 1-132
Dunlap Margeret Groom's Mother 1-57

Earleywine Laura Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-60
Earnhart Nelson Groom's Father 1-97
Earnhart Willis A Groom 1-97
Eaton Laura Groom's Mother 1-10
Eberhard Cathrine Groom's Mother 1-95
Eberhard Etta B Bride 1-261
Eberhard George Bride's Father 1-261
Eberhart Christian Groom's Father 1-20
Eberhart Christian Groom's Witness 1-20
Eberhart Christian Bride's Witness 1-20
Eberhart Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-158
Eberhart Elmer R Groom 1-20
Ebersole Mattie Groom's Mother 1-96
Ecker Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-101
Eger Florence Groom's Witness 1-71
Eger Florence Bride's Witness 1-71
Eger Lena Bride's Mother 1-103
Egolf Anna Bride's Mother 1-238
Egolf Harvey V Groom 1-225
Egolf Jeremiah Groom's Father 1-225
Egolf Lydia E Groom's Mother 1-31
Egolf Zilph Groom's Mother 1-127
Eisaman Josiah Bride's Father 1-271
Eisaman Mabel Eva Bride 1-271
Eker Joseph Bride's Father 1-70
Eker Rosa E Bride 1-70
Elder Jacob Bride's Father 1-104
Eldrige Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-125
Elliott Alice Groom's Mother 1-46
Elliott Carrie Belle Groom's Mother 1-222
Elliott James Garfield Groom 1-46
Elliott Martha Groom's Mother 1-72
Elliott Martha Bride's Mother 1-250
Elliott Murl Groom 1-145
Elliott Orlando B. Groom's Father 1-222
Elliott William Raymond Groom 1-222
Elliott William Walker Groom's Father 1-46
Elliott William Walker Groom's Father 1-145
Ellsworth Ed Bride's Father 1-34
Ellsworth Rachel Bride 1-34
Emery Mary Groom's Mother 1-102
English John Wesley Groom's Father 1-161
English Philamon Allen Groom 1-161
Erdmann August E Bride's Father 1-90
Erdmann Minnie Louise Bride 1-90
Ernst Elizabeth Margaret Bride's Mother 1-8
Ernstein Bettie Bride's Mother 1-236
Eslinger Ida E Groom's Mother 1-35
Essig David Bride's Father 1-189
Essig Florence M Groom's Witness 1-189
Essig Florence M Bride's Witness 1-189
Essig Harriet Groom's Mother 1-22
Essig Sovina Jane Groom's Mother 1-C
Essig Zeltia Bride 1-189
Esther Catherine Groom's Mother 1-265
Eubank Henry Groom's Witness 1-181
Eubank Henry Bride's Witness 1-181
Eubank Henry J Groom's Father 1-181
Eubank Oren Emmett Groom 1-181
Evans Daniel M Groom's Father 1-6
Evans Daniel M Groom's Witness 1-6
Evans Fred C Groom's Witness 1-126
Evans Fred C Bride's Witness 1-126
Evans John U Groom 1-6
Evans Mary Bride's Mother 1-147

Fager Lucy A Bride's Mother 1-259
Fairchild Cora Elma Bride 1-47
Fairchild Solomon Moses Bride's Father 1-47
Farmer Mary Ann Groom's Mother 1-110
Feigley John Bride's Father 1-265
Feigley Judith Myrtle Bride 1-265
Fenner Salina Groom's Mother 1-269
Ferrey Mary E Bride's Mother 1-192
Fetro Herman Elson Groom 1-58
Fetro Jacob C Groom's Father 1-58
Fischer Mary Groom's Mother 1-160
Fisher Charles Mike Groom 1-127
Fisher Cornelius Bride's Father 1-218
Fisher David E Groom's Witness 1-225
Fisher David E Bride's Father 1-225
Fisher David E Bride's Witness 1-225
Fisher Emaline Bride's Mother 1-215
Fisher George W Groom's Witness 1-127
Fisher George W Bride's Witness 1-127
Fisher George William Groom's Father 1-127
Fisher Jacob Frederic Bride's Father 1-110
Fisher James Pearston Groom 1-274
Fisher Mary Ellen Bride 1-110
Fisher Myrtle Pearl Bride 1-225
Fisher Stella Bride 1-218
Fisher William Groom's Father 1-274
Flagg Laura Bride's Mother 1-199
Fletcher Elom Groom's Father 1-134
Fletcher J N Groom's Witness 1-134
Fletcher J N Bride's Witness 1-134
Fletcher James Madison Groom 1-134
Fogle Annvilla Groom's Mother 1-155
Forate Mary Groom's Mother 1-32
Force Eliza Groom's Mother 1-38
Fosler Emma Groom's Witness 1-75
Fosler Emma Bride's Witness 1-75
Fosler George Harrison Bride's Father 1-75
Fosler Georgia Dale Bride 1-75
Foster Hiram L Groom's Witness 1-A
Foster Hiram L Bride's Witness 1-A
Foster Hiram Lamon Groom's Father 1-A
Foster Lenard Lee Groom 1-A
Foster Millard Valorous Groom 1-114
Foster Noah Groom's Father 1-114
Foust Minnie Belle Bride 1-204
Foust William H Bride's Father 1-204
Fowler Edna Bride's Mother 1-141
Fox Audra Groom's Witness 1-17
Fox Audra Bride's Witness 1-17
Fox Audra Etruelah Bride 1-89
Fox Edna G Bride 1-36
Fox Fred Groom 1-116
Fox John Groom's Father 1-17
Fox John Bride's Father 1-36
Fox John Bride's Father 1-89
Fox Samuel Roscoe Groom 1-17
Fox William B Groom's Father 1-116
France Ghale Furgerson Groom 1-137
France Jacob Andrew Groom's Father 1-137
France Jennie B Bride's Mother 1-17
Frazier Mary Ann Groom's Mother 1-126
Freeman Jenny Groom's Mother 1-253
Freidecker Lulu Groom's Mother 1-288
Fretters Mary Bride's Mother 1-66
Fryhover Arthur Groom 1-84
Fryhover John Groom's Father 1-84
Fuchsbauer Conrad Bride's Father 1-190
Fulk David W Groom's Father 1-277
Fulk Oscar O Groom 1-277
Fuller Alice D. Bride's Mother 1-91

Gaerte Elma Bride 1-48
Gaerte Lloyd Groom's Witness 1-44
Gaerte Lloyd Bride's Witness 1-44
Gaerte Ozias J Bride's Father 1-48
Gandy Frank J Groom's Witness 1-275
Gandy Frank J Bride's Witness 1-275
Gandy John Preston Groom's Father 1-275
Gandy Odessa Eleanore Bride 1-275
Gandy Oscar Bride's Father 1-275
Gandy William B (Jr.) Groom 1-275
Gangwer Henry Charles Bride's Father 1-243
Gangwer Mabel Louise Bride 1-243
Gardner Cora Bride 1-268
Gardner Emeletta Bride's Mother 1-229
Gardner Flora B Bride 1-1
Garrison Amos CC Groom 1-238
Garrison Anna Myrtle Bride 1-163
Garrison Jas Groom's Father 1-238
Garrison Peter Bride's Father 1-163
Gates Benton E Bride's Witness 1-207
Geiger David Groom's Witness 1-35
Geiger Jacob Groom's Father 1-245
Geiger John B Groom 1-245
Geisler George Adam Groom 1-141
Geisler Rosa Dortha Groom's Mother 1-78
Geisler William Groom's Father 1-141
Geist Bertha Birdilla Bride 1-111
Geist Oswel Bride's Father 1-111
Gerono Christina Groom's Witness 1-47
Gerono Christina Bride's Witness 1-47
Gillam Daniel R Groom's Witness 1-119
Gillam Daniel R Bride's Witness 1-119
Gillam Daniel Robert Bride's Father 1-119
Gillam Goldie May Bride 1-119
Gillespie Arthur Bride's Father 1-57
Gillespie Florence Bride 1-57
Gilliland Bertha R Bride 1-41
Gilliland L Bride's Witness 1-41
Gilliland L Groom's Witness 1-41
Gilliland Lenox Bride's Father 1-41
Ginder John Ervin Groom 1-92
Ginder Peter Groom's Father 1-92
Glass F M Bride's Witness 1-266
Glass Francis Marion Bride's Father 1-266
Glass Mayme Ethel Bride 1-266
Glassley Ray H Groom's Witness 1-109
Glassley Ray H Bride's Witness 1-109
Glick Emmanuel Washington Groom's Father 1-119
Glick Howard Clifton Groom 1-119
Gnaga Elmira Groom's Mother 1-267
Goble Amos Monroe Groom 1-60
Goble Samuel B Groom's Witness 1-60
Goble Samuel Bright Groom's Father 1-60
Goodher Lidy E Bride's Mother 1-246
Goodrich Fletcher Bride's Father 1-A
Goodrich Mary Leotia Bride 1-A
Goodrich Silas Bride's Father 1-130
Goodrich Una Aileen Bride 1-130
Goodyear Susanna Groom's Mother 1-218
Grace Dinah Clemen Bride's Mother 1-42
Gradeless Elmer Groom 1-270
Gradeless Zenos Groom's Father 1-270
Gradles Cintha Groom's Mother 1-93
Grant Elmer LaRue Groom 1-228
Grant Judson Daniel Groom's Father 1-228
Grant Otto E Groom's Witness 1-228
Grant Otto E Bride's Witness 1-160
Grant Otto E Bride's Witness 1-228
Graves Cora G Bride 1-84
Graves George Groom's Father 1-284
Graves George Bride's Father 1-84
Graves John Logan Groom 1-284
Grawcock Lillie Bride 1-122
Green Hester A Groom's Mother 1-122
Green Sarah Ann Bride's Mother 1-25
Gregory Andrew Wysong Groom 1-140
Gregory Charles Franklin Groom's Father 1-140
Grimes Jesse Beeson Groom's Father 1-265
Grimes John Sherman Groom 1-265
Grimm David Franklin Groom 1-98
Grimm Henry A Groom's Father 1-98
Grindle Sarah J Bride's Mother 1-226
Groves Sarah Ellen Groom's Mother 1-34
Growcock Charles Groom's Father 1-247
Growcock Hannah Groom's Witness 1-247
Growcock Hannah Bride's Witness 1-247
Growcock James Tilden Groom 1-247
Gruesbeck Eliza Groom's Mother 1-84
Guest Harrit Groom's Mother 1-51
Gutcher Mary Ann Groom's Mother 1-134
Gutscher Susannah Bride's Mother 1-113

Haas Celesta Rosella Groom's Witness 1-161
Haas Celesta Rosella Bride's Witness 1-161
Haas Durst Bride's Father 1-161
Haas Lydia Arvilla Bride 1-161
Haines Benjamin Franklin Groom's Father 1-187
Haines Emma Jane Bride's Mother 1-40
Haines Odessie Bride's Mother 1-239
Haines Wilson David Groom 1-187
Halderman Jacob Bride's Father 1-149
Hale Mary L Groom's Mother 1-6
Haley Almira Groom's Mother 1-191
Halk Emaline Groom's Mother 1-266
Hall Eva Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-126
Hall Eva Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-213
Hall Eva Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-237
Hall Mary J Bride's Mother 1-14
Hallauer Arnold A Groom's Witness 1-172
Hallauer Arnold A Bride's Witness 1-172
Hamlin Christina Bride's Mother 1-210
Haneline Sidney J Groom's Mother 1-99
Hanes Geo L Groom's Witness 1-256
Hanes George L Bride's Witness 1-256
Hanley Martin Groom's Father 1-220
Hanley Walter P Groom 1-220
Hannah Mary Etta Groom's Mother 1-47
Hapner Frances E Groom's Witness 1-135
Hapner Frances E Bride's Witness 1-135
Hapner J M Bride's Father 1-135
Harlan Fordis H Groom 1-122
Harlan James Groom's Father 1-122
Harlan Samuel F Groom's Witness 1-122
Harlan Samuel F Bride's Witness 1-122
Harrison Geo F Groom's Witness 1-190
Harrison Geo F Bride's Witness 1-132
Harrison Geo F Bride's Witness 1-218
Harrison Geo J Groom's Witness 1-132
Harrison George F Groom's Witness 1-218
Harrison James M Groom's Witness 1-281
Harrison James M Bride's Witness 1-281
Harrison Jos R Groom's Witness 1-163
Harrison Jos R Bride's Witness 1-163
Harrison Jos R Bride's Witness 1-287
Harshbarger Benjamin Groom's Father 1-244
Harshbarger Daniel E Bride's Father 1-118
Harshbarger Grace Leola Bride 1-125
Harshbarger Hiram C Groom 1-244
Harshbarger Lavina Bride's Mother 1-142
Harshbarger Lovina Bride's Mother 1-140
Harshbarger Mabel E Bride 1-118
Harshbarger Mary Ann Groom's Mother 1-73
Harshbarger Sylvester Bride's Father 1-125
Harshbarger Vina Groom's Mother 1-52
Hart David Baker Groom's Father 1-76
Hart David N Bride's Father 1-16
Hart David N Bride's Father 1-38
Hart Emma Bride's Mother 1-264
Hart Lorenzo D Bride's Father 1-56
Hart Ruth Bride 1-16
Hart Samuel Groom 1-76
Hart Susan Bride's Mother 1-186
Harter Benjamin Bride's Father 1-53
Harter Lenora C. Bride 1-53
Harter Rosa Ray Bride's Mother 1-197
Hartley Jacob Groom's Father 1-252
Hartley James Aubrey Groom 1-252
Hartzell Louretta Dane Bride's Mother 1-32
Hass Abram Groom's Father 1-131
Hass Benjamin F Groom 1-131
Hass Lydia Groom's Mother 1-279
Hass Lydia Jane Groom's Mother 1-13
Hasty Anderson Lincoln Bride's Father 1-59
Hasty Thomas T S Groom's Father 1-243
Hasty Thomas T S Groom's Witness 1-243
Hasty Thomas T S Bride's Witness 1-243
Hasty Virginia Bride 1-59
Hasty William Frederick Groom 1-243
Hatcher Amanda Minerva Bride's Mother 1-26
Hathaway John Groom's Witness 1-232
Hathaway John Bride's Witness 1-232
Hathaway Thomas Groom's Father 1-232
Hathaway Thomas Benton Groom 1-232
Hatten Edward Groom's Father 1-195
Hatten Edward Lawrence Groom 1-195
Hawk Anna Bride's Witness 1-52
Hawk Fianna Groom's Mother 1-261
Hawk Frances Ann Groom's Mother 1-83
Hawk Leonard Y. Groom's Witness 1-91
Hawk Leonard Y. Bride's Father 1-91
Hawk Leonard Y. Bride's Witness 1-91
Hawk Lillie Floy Bride 1-91
Hawk Nellie Y Bride 1-52
Hawk Otis Bride's Father 1-52
Hawn Christian Groom's Father 1-224
Hawn Christian Groom's Witness 1-224
Hawn Christian Bride's Witness 1-224
Hawn Lieuvern Groom 1-224
Hawn Marion L Bride's Father 1-3
Hawn Marion L Bride's Witness 1-3
Hawn Susie Bride 1-3
Haws Daniel Webster Davis Bride's Father 1-227
Haws Sadie Bride 1-227
Hayden Daniel Christa Groom's Father 1-54
Hayden Henry Ambrose Groom 1-54
Hayes Iona Dora Groom's Mother 1-100
Haynes Jennie Groom's Mother 1-230
Haynes Rachel Ann Bride's Mother 1-268
Hayward Ann Groom's Mother 1-7
Hearld George Washington Bride's Father 1-44
Hearld Macy Bride 1-44
Heinley Elmer M Groom 1-278
Heinley Hattie Elizabeth Bride 1-181
Heinley William M Groom's Father 1-278
Heinley William M Bride's Father 1-181
Heintzelman Jacob Albert Groom 1-266
Heintzelman Josiah Groom's Father 1-266
Helfrich Eliza Alice Bride 1-50
Helfrich Jacob Groom's Father 1-199
Helfrich Jacob Groom's Witness 1-199
Helfrich Jacob Bride's Witness 1-199
Helfrich John Groom 1-199
Helfrich William F Groom's Witness 1-143
Helfrich William J Bride's Witness 1-143
Helmuth Mary Frances Bride 1-232
Helsper Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-214
Helspert Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-215
Henry Mary Bride's Mother 1-28
Henry Sarah Ellen Groom's Mother 1-58
Herendeen Henry Ancin Groom 1-291
Herendeen James Ancin Groom's Father 1-291
Herran Leta Letitia Bride 1-31
Herran Russell A Bride's Witness 1-31
Herran Russell Armstrong Bride's Father 1-31
Herrick Chlone Bride 1-257
Herrick George Groom's Witness 1-257
Herrick George Bride's Father 1-257
Herrick George Bride's Witness 1-257
Herrick George H. Groom's Witness 1-114
Herrick George H. Bride's Witness 1-114
Herrick George Hanville Bride's Father 1-114
Herrick Irene Mae Bride 1-114
Herron Fannie Bride's Mother 1-216
Herron Fanny Groom's Mother 1-48
Hertsel Glancy O Groom 1-214
Hertsel Glancy O Bride's Witness 1-215
Hertsel Glancy O. Groom's Witness 1-215
Hertsel Otis Groom's Witness 1-200
Hertsel Otis S. Groom's Father 1-214
Hertsell Otis Bride's Witness 1-200
Hertsell Otis Samuel Bride's Father 1-200
Hertsell Rosa Mae Bride 1-200
Hess John E Bride's Witness 1-38
Hess Sarah Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-251
Hildebrand Geo W Bride's Witness 1-177
Hildebrand George W Groom's Father 1-177
Hildebrand George W Groom's Witness 1-177
Hildebrand Harry Allen Groom 1-177
Hildebrand Thomas L Groom's Witness 1-26
Hildebrand Thomas L Groom's Witness 1-233
Hildebrand Thomas L Groom's Witness 1-237
Hildebrand Thomas L Bride's Witness 1-26
Hildebrand Thomas L Bride's Witness 1-100
Hildebrand Thomas L Bride's Witness 1-237
Hildebrand Thomas L. Bride's Witness 1-233
Hildebrand Thos L Groom's Witness 1-100
Hilderbrand Mary Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-240
Hill Mary Ellen Bride 1-291
Hill Peter Groom's Witness 1-291
Hill Peter Bride's Father 1-291
Hill Peter Bride's Witness 1-291
Hill Susan Groom's Mother 1-171
Hillman Sarah Bride's Mother 1-286
Hiner Minervia Bride's Mother 1-167
Hipp Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-117
Hippensteel Mary Jane Groom's Mother 1-67
Hite Samantha Bride's Mother 1-146
Hiveley Armanda J Bride's Mother 1-19
Hively Amanda Groom's Mother 1-59
Hively Francis E Groom's Witness 1-13
Hively Francis E Bride's Father 1-13
Hively Francis E Bride's Witness 1-13
Hively Lovina Groom's Mother 1-130
Hively Maggie Bride 1-13
Hively Mary Esther Bride 1-69
Hively May Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-208
Hively Myrtle Vonlie Bride 1-83
Hively Noah Bride's Witness 1-83
Hively Noah Webster Bride's Father 1-83
Hively Samuel Bride's Father 1-283
Hively Samuel E Bride's Father 1-69
Hively Sarah Anna Bride's Mother 1-227
Hively Tessie Bride 1-283
Hoffman Adam Groom's Father 1-77
Hoffman John Adam Groom 1-77
Holben Mary Groom's Mother 1-255
Holderbaum Catherine Groom's Mother 1-50
Holderbaum Cornelius Nick Groom 1-50
Holderbaum George Washington Groom's Father 1-50
Holicross Pheba May Groom's Mother 1-268
Hollabaugh Louisa E Groom's Mother 1-258
Holler Chloe May Bride 1-74
Holler Lewis H Groom's Witness 1-74
Holler Lewis H Bride's Witness 1-74
Holler Lewis Henry Groom's Father 1-167
Holler Lewis Henry Bride's Father 1-74
Holler Nora B Bride's Mother 1-63
Holler Philip Bride's Father 1-63
Holler Velma Bride 1-63
Holler Virdie Girtrude Groom 1-167
Hollett John Alexander Bride's Father 1-279
Hollett Orpha Dean Bride 1-279
Holt Laura Groom's Mother 1-124
Holycross Daniel Groom's Father 1-150
Holycross Edward Leroy Groom 1-150
Holycross Nancy Adline Bride's Mother 1-77
Hood F A Groom's Witness 1-27
Hooper Emma Bertha Bride's Mother 1-100
Hopkins Mary Hudson Bride's Mother 1-232
Hovarter Isaiah Bride's Father 1-138
Hovarter Mae Coral Bride 1-138
Howell David Wm Groom 1-162
Howell Heaton H Groom's Father 1-162
Howenstein Barbara Bride's Mother 1-57
Huff Margaret Groom's Mother 1-242
Huffman Henry Groom's Father 1-102
Huffman Lorreta Groom's Mother 1-97
Huffman Warren Orville Groom 1-102
Hughes Charity Groom's Mother 1-76
Hughes Virginia Bride 1-165
Hughes Wm M Bride's Witness 1-165
Hughes Wm. Merritte Bride's Father 1-165
Hull Bertha Edna Bride 1-76
Hull Eli Bride's Father 1-76
Hull Franklin Bride's Father 1-148
Hull Jesse Richard Groom's Father 1-27
Hull Laura Belle Bride 1-148
Hull Leretta Groom's Witness 1-148
Hull Leretta Bride's Witness 1-148
Hull Milton Edward Groom 1-27
Humbarger Caroline Bride's Mother 1-240
Humbarger Hugo Canova Groom 1-130
Humbarger William Groom's Father 1-130
Humes Ethel Bride 1-129
Humes Thomas Bride's Father 1-129
Hummel Frederick Bride's Father 1-99
Hummel Grace Bride 1-99
Hummell Fred Bride's Witness 1-99
Hummell Frederic Groom's Witness 1-99
Humphreys Lemuel C Bride's Father 1-263
Humphreys Maggie Bride's Witness 1-263
Humphreys Naoma Ruth Bride 1-263
Humpsher Mary Groom's Mother 1-245
Hunter Jane Groom's Mother 1-246
Huston Victora Bride's Mother 1-279
Hyer Nancy Caroline Groom's Mother 1-252
Hyre Carrie Belle Bride 1-40
Hyre David Groom's Father 1-230
Hyre Eugene Groom 1-230
Hyre Mary Anna Groom's Mother 1-120
Hyre Virgil Bride's Father 1-40

Ihrig Benjamin F Groom's Father 1-282
Ihrig Clarence W Groom 1-282
Isreal Aaron Bride's Father 1-236
Isreal Nannette E Bride 1-236

Jackson Ida May Groom's Mother 1-123
Jackson Silas A Groom 1-191
Jackson Silas W Groom's Father 1-191
Jackson Silas W Groom's Witness 1-191
Jackson Silas W Bride's Witness 1-191
Jagger Charlie L Groom 1-198
Jagger Dorsey Groom's Father 1-198
Jeffries Mary A Bride 1-190
Jeffries Prissilla Groom's Mother 1-40
Jellison Clarrisa Bride's Mother 1-58
Jellison Irene Groom's Mother 1-135
Jenings Sarah Groom's Mother 1-98
Jenkins Irvin Groom's Father 1-255
Jenkins Isaac Wilmer Groom 1-255
Jenkins Mary Etta Bride's Mother 1-67
Jetmore Joseph Bride's Father 1-242
Jetmore Joseph Bride's Witness 1-242
Jetmore Joseph Groom's Witness 1-242
Jetmore Laila Bride 1-242
Johnson Daniel Bride's Father 1-193
Johnson Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-53
Johnson Elva Aldora Bride 1-193
Johnson Emerillas Groom's Witness 1-81
Johnson Emerillas Bride's Witness 1-81
Johnson James Bride's Father 1-269
Johnson James Finley Groom's Father 1-81
Johnson James Wesley Groom 1-81
Johnson Lucretia Annie Bride's Mother 1-132
Johnson Maggie Bride 1-269
Johnston Effie L Bride 1-12
Johnston Gilberta Bride 1-246
Johnston Isaiah W Bride's Father 1-12
Johnston John W Bride's Father 1-246
Johnston Lidy Groom's Witness 1-246
Johnston Lidy Bride's Witness 1-246
Jones Charles W Groom's Witness 1-266
Jones Cornelius L. Groom 1-91
Jones Daniel W. Groom's Father 1-91
Jones David S Groom's Witness 1-54
Jones David S Bride's Witness 1-54
Jones Edna C Bride's Mother 1-276
Jones Edna Carolina Bride's Mother 1-82
Jones Marry E. Groom's Mother 1-53
Jones Martha Groom's Mother 1-256
Jones P S Groom's Witness 1-187
Jordan Ellen Groom's Mother 1-280
Judd Christ Groom's Father 1-52
Judd Christ Bride's Father 1-140
Judd Christopher Bride's Father 1-142
Judd Elmer Watson Groom 1-52
Judd Lavina Groom's Witness 1-140
Judd Lavina Groom's Witness 1-142
Judd Lavina Bride's Witness 1-140
Judd Lavina Bride's Witness 1-142
Judd Loda Fern Bride 1-142
Judd Ruha Zona Bride 1-140

Kantner Benjamin Groom's Father 1-176
Kantner Gilbert H Groom 1-176
Kaufman J S Groom's Father 1-148
Kaufman John Walter Groom 1-148
Kaufman Sina Sarreta Bride's Mother 1-39
Keel Abraham Groom's Father 1-56
Keel Absalom Groom's Father 1-182
Keel Leroy Sylvestor Groom 1-182
Keel Zachariah Groom 1-56
Keener Mary A Groom's Mother 1-20
Keeney H F Groom's Witness 1-178
Keeney H F Bride's Witness 1-178
Keifer Jacob Groom's Witness 1-77
Keifer Jacob Bride's Witness 1-77
Keiser Amelia Bride 1-65
Keiser Benjamin Groom's Father 1-235
Keiser Charles Groom's Witness 1-96
Keiser Charles Bride's Witness 1-96
Keiser Charles E Groom 1-229
Keiser Conrad Groom's Father 1-179
Keiser Della May Bride 1-235
Keiser Henry Groom 1-235
Keiser Henry Bride's Father 1-65
Keiser Hiram Groom's Father 1-229
Keiser Hiram Bride's Father 1-96
Keiser Jennie Bride 1-96
Keiser John H Groom's Witness 1-57
Keiser John H Groom's Witness 1-115
Keiser John H Groom's Witness 1-229
Keiser John H Bride's Witness 1-57
Keiser John H Bride's Witness 1-229
Keiser John H. Bride's Witness 1-115
Keiser Laura E Bride's Witness 1-35
Keiser Lewis Bride's Father 1-35
Keiser Marry Groom's Mother 1-229
Keiser Pearl Ethel Bride 1-35
Keiser William H Groom 1-179
Keister Maud Bride 1-30
Keller Harley Nelson Groom 1-2
Keller Lewis H Groom's Witness 1-2
Keller Lewis H Bride's Witness 1-2
Keller Lewis Henry Groom's Father 1-2
Keller Margaret Bride's Mother 1-33
Kelley Arthur Edgar Groom 1-88
Kelley Thomas Groom's Father 1-88
Kemery Alexander Groom's Father 1-285
Kemery John Wm. Groom 1-285
Kemp Frances H Bride's Mother 1-174
Kempf Francis Bride's Father 1-256
Kempf Phebe Bride 1-256
Kemrey Miranda Amanada Groom's Mother 1-154
Kenner Andrew Groom's Father 1-250
Kenner Andrew Groom's Father 1-257
Kenner Frank Groom's Witness 1-230
Kenner Frank Bride's Witness 1-230
Kenner George LeRoy Groom 1-257
Kenner Jane Groom's Mother 1-250
Kenner John Cleronce Groom 1-250
Keppler Bessie G Bride 1-229
Keppler John F Bride's Father 1-229
Kercher Mary E Groom's Mother 1-45
Kessie Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-178
Ketrow Amanda Bride's Mother 1-171
Kichler Peter Bride's Father 1-122
Kiester Ambrose Bride's Father 1-30
Kiester Ambrose Bride's Father 1-168
Kiester Ella Mae Bride 1-168
King Allen Groom 1-104
King Charles E Groom's Father 1-104
King Matilda Bride's Mother 1-83
King Melvina Bride's Mother 1-247
Kinmont Lucy Bride's Mother 1-16
Kinmont Lucy Bride's Mother 1-38
Kissinger Eleanor Frances Bride 1-29
Kissinger Elias Elijah Bride's Father 1-29
Kissinger Mattie Bride's Witness 1-29
Kissinger William H Bride's Witness 1-187
Kistler Aaron Groom 1-143
Kistler Jacob Groom's Father 1-143
Kitt Homer LeMar Groom 1-164
Kitt Obediah Groom's Father 1-164
Klackar Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-172
Klinehance Melvina Groom's Mother 1-263
Knape Rebecca Groom's Mother 1-286
Kneller Catharine Bride's Mother 1-281
Kneller Catherine Bride's Mother 1-85
Kneller Charles Franklin Groom 1-49
Kneller Dan Groom's Witness 1-103
Kneller Dan Bride's Father 1-103
Kneller Dan Bride's Witness 1-103
Kneller Frank Groom 1-9
kneller George Groom's Father 1-49
Kneller John Groom's Father 1-9
Kneller Maud May Bride 1-103
Knepple Blen Groom 1-183
Knepple John Charles Groom's Father 1-183
Knight LaVina Bride's Mother 1-230
Knight Sarah Groom's Mother 1-194
Knisely Jacob Groom's Witness 1-36
Knisely Jacob Bride's Witness 1-36
Knisely Walter A Groom 1-36
Knisley Jacob Groom's Father 1-36
Knoblack Louisa Bride's Mother 1-43
Kopp Amanda Bride's Mother 1-41
Kortright Chas M Groom's Witness 1-80
Kortright Eugenie Loreta Bride's Mother 1-86
Kortright Eugine Loretta Groom's Mother 1-80
Kortwright Chas M Bride's Witness 1-80
Kourt Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-278
Kourt Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-181
Kraus Saml Bride's Witness 1-236
Kraus Sammuel Groom's Witness 1-236
Kreamer Henry Groom's Father 1-184
Kreamer Jacob Wesley Groom 1-184
Kreider Isaiah B Groom 1-209
Kreider John Groom's Witness 1-209
Kreider John Bride's Witness 1-209
Kreider John Groom's Father 1-209
Kreider John E Groom 1-96
Kreider John H Groom's Father 1-96
Krewson Adam K Bride's Witness 1-170
Krewson Adam K. Groom's Witness 1-170
Krewson Adam Keller Bride's Father 1-170
Krewson Martha Elnora Bride 1-170
Krider Olla Rose Bride 1-106
Krider William Bride's Father 1-106
Kull David Henry Groom 1-186
Kull George Groom's Father 1-186
Kull Jennie Groom's Mother 1-186
Kunberger Gottlieb Groom's Witness 1-173
Kunberger Gottlieb Bride's Father 1-173
Kunberger Gottlieb Bride's Witness 1-173
Kunberger Lulu F Bride 1-173
Kyle Nora Bride 1-104
Kyler Arthur Frederick Groom 1-223
Kyler Mary C Groom's Witness 1-223
Kyler Melvin Drowd Groom's Father 1-223

La Rue James E Groom's Witness 1-206
La Rue Minnie Belle Bride 1-206
Lahr Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-173
Laird George W Groom's Witness 1-12
Laird George W Bride's Witness 1-12
Lancaster Charles E Groom's Witness 1-219
Lancaster Charles E Groom's Witness 1-272
Lancaster Charles E Bride's Witness 1-133
Lancaster Charles E Bride's Witness 1-272
Lancaster Chas E Groom's Witness 1-53
Lancaster Chas E Groom's Witness 1-277
Lancaster Chas E Bride's Witness 1-53
Lancaster Chas E Bride's Witness 1-219
Lancaster Chas E Groom's Witness 1-195
Lancaster Chas E. Groom's Witness 1-133
Lancaster Gwyn F Groom 1-263
Lancaster Lillian Bride's Witness 1-196
Lancaster William E Groom's Father 1-263
Lancaster Wm E Groom's Witness 1-263
Landon Magdalena Bride's Witness 1-15
Langhor Frank A Groom's Witness 1-78
Langhor Frank Andrew Groom's Father 1-78
Langohr Frank A Bride's Witness 1-78
Langohr William Edward Groom 1-78
LaRue James E Bride's Father 1-206
LaRue James E Bride's Witness 1-206
Laverning Anna Groom's Mother 1-204
Lawrence Effie Evelyn Bride 1-87
Lawrence Milo Bride's Father 1-87
Leaman Anna J Bride's Mother 1-225
Leaman Ella Bride's Witness 1-48
Leaman L R Groom's Witness 1-48
Ledderer Emma C Bride's Mother 1-68
Lee Emma E Groom's Mother 1-162
Lee Mabel Glenn Bride 1-151
Lee William C Bride's Father 1-151
Leech Sarah F Bride's Mother 1-27
Leech Sarah Frances Groom's Mother 1-138
Lefever Price Groom's Witness 1-252
Lefever Price Bride's Witness 1-252
Lehman James Groom's Witness 1-110
Lehman James Bride's Witness 1-110
Lehman Sarah Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-60
Leininger John C Groom's Father 1-240
Leininger John T Groom 1-240
Leininger John T Groom's Witness 1-76
Leininger John T Groom's Witness 1-124
Leininger John T Bride's Witness 1-76
Leininger John T Bride's Witness 1-124
Leitch Daniel A Groom's Father 1-132
Leitch James H Groom 1-132
Leslie Mary Jane Bride's Mother 1-193
Lilly Amanda Bride's Mother 1-189
Lincoln Stella Bride's Mother 1-267
Linvell David G Bride's Witness 1-79
Linvill Cleveland H Groom 1-138
Linvill Cornelius Groom's Father 1-138
Linvill Daisy Mabel Bride 1-79
Linvill Daisy May Bride 1-27
Linvill David G Groom's Witness 1-79
Linvill David Goff Groom's Father 1-193
Linvill David Goff Bride's Father 1-79
Linvill George W Groom's Witness 1-138
Linvill George W Bride's Witness 1-138
Linvill Walter Hayes Groom 1-193
Linville Cornelius Bride's Father 1-27
Lippincott A J Bride's Witness 1-193
Lippincott Andrew J Groom's Witness 1-5
Lippincott Andrew J Bride's Witness 1-5
Lippincott Andrew Jackson Groom's Father 1-5
Lippincott Erven Groom 1-5
Lipps Hulda Ann Bride's Mother 1-54
Little Perry Groom 1-47
Little William Groom's Father 1-47
Lock Lucina Bride's Mother 1-288
Loe Barbara A Bride 1-289
Loe Charles Groom's Witness 1-268
Loe Charles Bride's Witness 1-268
Loe Charles Ephriam Groom 1-217
Loe David Elihu Groom's Father 1-217
Loe Ida Ressler Bride's Mother 1-289
Loe Joseph Esie Groom's Father 1-268
Loe Mary Elizabeth Bride 1-22
Loe Ruben Bride's Father 1-289
Loe Rueben Groom's Witness 1-22
Loe Rueben Bride's Father 1-22
Loe Rueben Bride's Witness 1-22
Loe Willaim Harvey Groom 1-268
Londt Althea Cecil Bride 1-223
Londt George Bride's Father 1-223
Londt Mrs.Laura Bride's Witness 1-223
Long Abraham P Groom's Witness 1-32
Long Abraham Peter Bride's Father 1-32
Long Abrahham P. Bride's Witness 1-32
Long Anna Eliza Bride 1-32
Long Emily E Groom's Witness 1-25
Long Emily E Bride's Witness 1-25
Long Jennie Bride 1-155
Long John W Groom 1-25
Long Margret Cathren Bride's Mother 1-134
Long Mary Bell Bride's Mother 1-145
Long Mary J Groom's Mother 1-221
Long Maude Bride 1-82
Long Otis Bride's Father 1-155
Long Otis M Groom's Witness 1-226
Long Otis M Bride's Witness 1-226
Long Pearl Bride 1-276
Long Thomas B Groom's Father 1-25
Long William C Bride's Father 1-276
Long Wm C Bride's Father 1-82
Loutzenhizer Laura Bride's Mother 1-223
Loutzenhizer Nettie Bride's Mother 1-284
Loveland George Groom 1-251
Loveland Lucius Clayton Groom's Father 1-251
Lower Alice Beatrice Bride 1-112
Lower Blanche Marie Bride 1-11
Lower Conrad J Groom's Witness 1-282
Lower Conrad JJ Bride's Father 1-282
Lower Conrad JJ Bride's Witness 1-282
Lower John B Groom's Father 1-159
Lower John Beaver Bride's Father 1-11
Lower John Beaver Bride's Father 1-112
Lower Joseph Groom 1-159
Lower Marie E Bride 1-282
Lowman Harry Evertt Groom's Father 1-212
Lowman Laura Groom's Witness 1-212
Lowman Laura Bride's Witness 1-212
Lowman Walter DeWitt Groom 1-212
Lucia Lydia Ann Bride 1-285
Lucia W J Bride's Witness 1-285
Lucia William Bride's Father 1-285
Lucke Dora Bride 1-139
Lucke Hannah Bride's Mother 1-179
Lucke Henry J Groom 1-173
Lucke Martin Groom's Father 1-173
Lucke Martin Groom's Witness 1-139
Lucke Martin Bride's Father 1-139
Lucke Martin Bride's Witness 1-139
Luckenbill Lewis A Groom's Witness 1-258
Luckenbill Rev. Lewis A Bride's Witness 1-258
Luckey Lizzie Groom's Mother 1-9
Luecke Minnie Bride's Mother 1-90
Lung Reuben Thomas Groom 1-42
Lung William Bride's Witness 1-42
Lung William H Groom's Witness 1-42
Lung William Henry Groom's Father 1-42

Maddox Lucinda Wraight Bride's Mother 1-23
Maggart Hannah Groom's Mother 1-247
Magley Frederick Groom's Father 1-152
Magley Frederick Groom's Witness 1-152
Magley Frederick Bride's Witness 1-152
Magley William E Groom's Witness 1-157
Magley William E Bride's Witness 1-157
Magley William Elmer Groom 1-152
Malone Andrew Groom's Father 1-168
Malone Clarence Groom's Witness 1-30
Malone Clarence Bride's Witness 1-30
Malone Clarence E Groom 1-168
Maloney Chas D. Bride's Witness 1-273
Maloney Maude E Bride 1-273
Malott Joseph Orlando Bride's Father 1-160
Malott Laura Bride 1-160
Mann Melinda Groom's Mother 1-232
Mansdorfer Henry Bride's Witness 1-249
Mansdorfer Henry Groom's Witness 1-249
Marchand Charles F Groom's Father 1-149
Marchand Charles F Groom's Witness 1-149
Marchand Samuel B Groom 1-149
Maring Martha A Groom's Mother 1-282
Maring Mayolo Bride 1-94
Maring Richard H Groom's Witness 1-94
Maring Richard H Bride's Father 1-94
Maring Richard H Bride's Witness 1-94
Marker Charles John Groom 1-35
Marker Philip H Groom's Father 1-35
Markle Mary Bride's Mother 1-62
Markley S N Groom's Witness 1-130
Markley S N Bride's Witness 1-130
Marrs Eliza Ann Bride's Mother 1-128
Martin Sarah Martha Bride's Mother 1-196
Maston M H Groom's Witness 1-92
Maston M H Bride's Witness 1-92
Maston Marion Hamilton Bride's Father 1-92
Maston Neva Bride 1-92
Mathias Fany Bride's Mother 1-B
Mayer Louis Groom 1-236
Mayer Theo Groom's Father 1-236
McBride Rebaca Groom's Mother 1-62
McClintock Bessie Mae Bride 1-105
McClintock James Bride's Father 1-105
McCloud Nellie Gertrude Bride's Mother 1-108
McCloughan Artencha Groom's Mother 1-188
McClure Margaret Jane Bride's Mother 1-270
McConnel George F Groom 1-258
McConnel William J Groom's Father 1-258
McCoy Arvada A Groom's Witness 1-217
McCoy Arvada A Bride's Witness 1-217
McCoy David Henry Groom 1-101
McCoy John Silas Groom's Father 1-101
McCullough Martha Frances Bride's Mother 1-170
McDougall Walter Groom's Witness 1-171
McDougall Walter Bride's Witness 1-171
McElwain Rhoda M Groom's Mother 1-210
McEnderfer Julian Bride's Mother 1-187
McGuier Marybell Bride's Mother 1-34
McKee Sarah Groom's Mother 1-272
McKinney Dan Andrew Bride's Father 1-270
McKinney Dan Andrew Bride's Witness 1-270
McKinney Don Andrew Groom's Witness 1-270
McKinney Emily Ruth Bride 1-270
McKown Mary Ann Bride's Mother 1-A
McLain Anna Rozella Bride 1-287
McLain Hugh Groom's Father 1-231
McLain Hugh Stuart Bride's Father 1-287
McLain Joseph C Groom 1-231
McLallen Henry Groom's Father 1-26
McLallen Margaret Ann Groom's Mother 1-213
McLallen Walter Field Groom 1-26
McMannen William Bride's Father 1-50
McNabb Jacob W Groom's Witness 1-234
McNabb John W Bride's Witness 1-234
McWhorter J M Bride's Father 1-210
McWhorter Minnie Mae Bride 1-210
Meeks Minerva Bride's Mother 1-228
Meinika William (Jr.) Groom 1-1
Meinika Sr William Groom's Father 1-1
Meinika Sr William Groom's Witness 1-1
Meiser L M Groom's Witness 1-160
Meitzler Frank Groom's Witness 1-37
Meitzler Frank Bride's Witness 1-37
Merriman Emerilla Groom's Mother 1-81
Merriman J E Groom's Witness 1-205
Merriman J E Bride's Witness 1-205
Merriman John E Bride's Father 1-205
Merriman Mae Bride 1-205
Metzger Dora N Bride 1-231
Metzger Nathaniel Bride's Father 1-231
Metzger Sarah Bride's Mother 1-274
Metzler Mary Bride's Mother 1-282
Meyer Edward H Groom 1-21
Meyer Joseph Groom's Father 1-21
Meyer Joseph Groom's Witness 1-21
Meyer Joseph Bride's Witness 1-21
Meyers Martha Jane Groom's Mother 1-193
Michael Lena Bride's Mother 1-76
Miller Almira Bride's Mother 1-1
Miller Amanda E Bride 1-179
Miller Anna Maria Eva Groom's Mother 1-56
Miller Bertha Elizabeth Bride 1-212
Miller Carline Sophia Bride's Mother 1-71
Miller Charles Henry Groom 1-16
Miller Earl Groom 1-189
Miller Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-92
Miller Elizabeth M Groom's Mother 1-116
Miller Emery Logan Groom 1-203
Miller Frances Groom's Witness 1-15
Miller George R Groom 1-11
Miller George Washington Groom's Father 1-120
Miller Harry William Groom 1-151
Miller Henry W Groom's Father 1-16
Miller Iva Elizabeth Bride 1-80
Miller John C Groom's Witness 1-45
Miller John C Groom's Witness 1-151
Miller John C Bride's Witness 1-45
Miller John C Bride's Witness 1-151
Miller John Christ Groom's Father 1-151
Miller John L Groom's Witness 1-179
Miller John L Bride's Father 1-179
Miller John L. Bride's Witness 1-179
Miller Marion S Groom's Father 1-203
Miller Melvin Monroe Groom 1-120
Miller Nathinal E Groom's Father 1-189
Miller Noah E Bride's Father 1-80
Miller Rosa Groom's Mother 1-175
Miller Sarrah Groom's Mother 1-43
Miller Susanna A Groom's Mother 1-274
Miller Thomas A Groom's Father 1-11
Miller Thomas Amos Bride's Father 1-212
Miller Walling Groom's Father 1-51
Miller Wilbert Walling Groom 1-51
Miller Wm D Groom's Witness 1-264
Miller Wm D Bride's Witness 1-264
Mills Elizabeth D Groom's Mother 1-8
Mills Mary Bride's Mother 1-151
Miner Addie Ruth Bride's Mother 1-130
Miner Carl Chancy Groom 1-73
Miner Emma Bride's Mother 1-176
Miner William Groom's Father 1-73
Mock Abagail Groom's Mother 1-113
Molaney Charles D Bride's Father 1-273
Moloney Chas D Groom's Witness 1-273
Monroe Annie Hart Bride 1-38
Montovon Lou Groom's Mother 1-39
Montz Clyde Franklin Groom 1-65
Montz John Joseph Groom's Father 1-65
Montz Sarah A Groom's Witness 1-65
Montz Sarah A Bride's Witness 1-65
Moore Katie Marie Bride 1-81
Moore Margaet L Groom's Mother 1-178
More Charles Bride's Father 1-81
Morell Ollie Groom's Mother 1-109
Morrisey Alice Bride 1-85
Morrow Margrate Groom's Mother 1-4
Mosher Alonzo Groom's Father 1-175
Mosher Aurelia Elisibeth Groom's Mother 1-224
Mosher Emery I Groom 1-175
Mosher Erma Roy Groom 1-154
Mosher Frances Bride's Mother 1-89
Mosher Frances S Groom's Mother 1-17
Mosher Frances S Bride's Mother 1-36
Mosher Hiram L Groom's Father 1-271
Mosher Hiram L Groom's Witness 1-271
Mosher Hiram L Bride's Witness 1-271
Mosher Hugh Madison Groom 1-271
Mosher James Truman Groom's Father 1-154
Mossman James Albert Bride's Father 1-233
Mossman Jenny Groom's Mother 1-287
Mossman Nellie Frances Bride 1-233
Mott Susanna Bride's Mother 1-13
Mowery Catherine Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-228
Mowrey John Bride's Father 1-207
Mowrey Ruth Bride 1-207
Moyer John Bride's Father 1-1
Moyer John Bride's Witness 1-1
Muffly Christeena Bride's Mother 1-44
Mumma Peter S. Groom 1-206
Mumma William James Groom's Father 1-206
Murbach Jacob Groom's Witness 1-66
Murbach Jacob Bride's Father 1-66
Murbach Jacob Bride's Witness 1-66
Murbach Martha Jamie Bride 1-66
Murphy Leoti S Bride 1-24
Myers Clemma Mabelle Bride 1-124
Myers David Bride's Father 1-124
Myers Emma Josette Bride's Mother 1-75
Myers Frank L Groom's Witness 1-46
Myers Frank L Bride's Witness 1-46
Myers Martha Jane Bride's Mother 1-79
Myers Mary E Bride's Mother 1-20
Myers Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 1-164
Myers Ursula J Groom's Mother 1-220

Neible Barbra Bride's Mother 1-261
Ness Charles Bride's Father 1-21
Ness Rosy C Bride 1-21
Ney Netie Groom's Mother 1-236
Nichols George C Groom 1-3
Nichols Pearl May Bride 1-175
Nichols Thomas Groom's Father 1-3
Nichols Thomas Groom's Witness 1-3
Nickey Lan H Groom 1-287
Nickey Mary Bride's Mother 1-231
Nickey Sarah Ann Catherine Bride's Mother 1-106
Nickey William S Groom's Father 1-287
Nix Aloysius Groom 1-70
Nix Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-21
Nix Peter Groom's Father 1-70
Nix Peter Groom's Witness 1-70
Nix Peter Bride's Witness 1-70
Noble Cicero Groom's Father 1-166
Noble Pheobe Groom's Mother 1-153
Noble William E Groom 1-166
Nolt Leah Bride's Mother 1-73
Norris Joseph A Groom's Witness 1-192
Norris Joseph A Bride's Father 1-192
Norris Joseph A Bride's Witness 1-192
Norris Mabel I Bride 1-192
Norris Sarah Groom's Mother 1-104
North A C Bride's Father 1-215
North Daisy Ethel Bride 1-215
Northam Alonzo D. Groom's Father 1-237
Northam Frank M Groom 1-237
Norton James Groom's Father 1-280
Norton William Jordan Groom 1-280
Nott Richard T Groom's Witness 1-93
Nott Richard T Bride's Witness 1-93
Nulf Nancy E Bride's Mother 1-C

Oaks Anna Bride's Mother 1-269
Oberkiser Phillip Bride's Father 1-78
Oberkiser Rosa Emma Bride 1-78
Ogle David Bride's Father 1-146
Ogle Sarah Estella Bride 1-146
Olinger Judy Groom's Mother 1-289
Oliver James S Groom's Father 1-147
Oliver Robert H Groom 1-147
Orcutt Arlo Floyd Groom 1-279
Orcutt Frank Forest Groom 1-13
Orcutt Jerome Groom's Father 1-279
Orcutt Jerome C Groom's Father 1-13
Oser Ella Cecelia Bride 1-249
Oser John Bride's Father 1-249
Ott Diller Howard Groom's Father 1-74
Ott Harry Claton Groom 1-74
Ott Sarah Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-101
Owen Lorretta Groom's Mother 1-291
Owen Syrrah Anie Groom's Mother 1-234

Page Charles Groom's Father 1-57
Page Frank Groom 1-57
Page John S Bride's Father 1-24
Palmer Carl Groom 1-221
Palmer Elmer E Groom's Witness 1-221
Palmer Elmer E Bride's Witness 1-221
Palmer Joseph S Groom's Father 1-221
Parish Orpha A Bride 1-15
Parish Orpha A Bride's Witness 1-16
Parish Samuel Bride's Father 1-15
Patten Marthy Alice Groom's Mother 1-37
Patterson Ethel Bride 1-143
Patterson James Pressley Bride's Father 1-143
Patterson W A Groom's Witness 1-38
Paugh Eva Bride's Mother 1-188
Paulus Grover Cleveland Groom 1-204
Paulus Jacob Groom's Father 1-204
Paulus Jacob Groom's Witness 1-204
Paulus Jacob Bride's Witness 1-204
Pence David M Bride's Father 1-258
Pence Ella Phebe Bride's Mother 1-266
Pence George Roy Groom 1-158
Pence Henry G Groom's Witness 1-235
Pence Henry G Bride's Witness 1-235
Pence Jesse K Groom's Father 1-158
Pence Jesse K Groom's Witness 1-158
Pence Jesse K Bride's Witness 1-158
Pence Lilah Mae Bride 1-258
Pence Mary Seretta Bride's Mother 1-78
Pence Susan Bride's Mother 1-262
Perkins Betsy Elmira Bride's Mother 1-95
Perry Houston Groom's Father 1-37
Perry John David Jackson Groom 1-37
Perry Rebeca I Groom's Mother 1-156
Perry Rebeca J Bride's Mother 1-154
Pettit Benjamin Franklin Groom 1-185
Pettit John Groom's Father 1-185
Philips Rebecca Groom's Mother 1-143
Phillips Alice O Groom's Witness 1-202
Phillips Alice O Bride's Witness 1-202
Phillips Allie Bell Bride 1-134
Phillips Audrey Bride 1-245
Phillips Eli Bride's Father 1-134
Phillips Jesse Groom's Father 1-197
Phillips Jesse Groom's Witness 1-197
Phillips Jesse Groom's Witness 1-245
Phillips Jesse Bride's Father 1-245
Phillips Jesse Bride's Witness 1-245
Phillips Simon J Groom 1-197
Pidgeon Chester Charles Groom 1-202
Pidgeon Sidney S Groom's Father 1-202
Piper Charles E Groom's Father 1-129
Piper Ray Groom 1-129
Pittsinger Susan Jane Groom's Mother 1-233
Plattner Levi E Groom's Father 1-262
Plattner Levi E Groom's Witness 1-262
Plattner Levi E Bride's Witness 1-262
Plattner Vernon E Groom 1-262
Plough Lydia Kathrine Groom's Mother 1-5
Plummber David L Groom's Father 1-289
Plummer Anna Bride's Mother 1-242
Plummer Charles E Groom 1-289
Pollock Lavina Bride's Mother 1-152
Pond Frank Alden Groom's Father 1-234
Pond Hoyt Alden Groom 1-234
Pontzius John L Groom 1-12
Pontzius Solomon S Groom's Father 1-12
Pook Charles Groom's Father 1-139
Pook Louis Groom 1-139
Porch FrancisMarion Bride's Father 1-26
Porch Helen Marie Bride 1-26
Powell Mary Ann Bride's Mother 1-56
Pressler Cameron E Groom 1-14
Pressler Daniel Groom's Father 1-14
Pressler Elmira Bride's Mother 1-45
Pressler Mable Bride 1-45
Price Mime Bride's Mother 1-180
Pugh Ervin Bride's Father 1-133
Pugh Myrtle Irene Bride 1-133

Quick Rebecka J Groom's Mother 1-177
Quinn Daniel Lewis Groom 1-142
Quinn James Groom's Father 1-142

Raber Jennie R Bride 1-220
Raber Mary H Groom's Mother 1-206
Raber Maude Ethel Bride 1-10
Raber R F Groom's Witness 1-174
Raber R F Bride's Witness 1-87
Raber R J Groom's Witness 1-220
Raber R. F. Bride's Witness 1-220
Raber S D Groom's Witness 1-10
Raber Samuel D Bride's Father 1-10
Raber Samuel D Bride's Witness 1-10
Raber Sr Samuel Bride's Father 1-220
Racine Lillian Adelia Bride's Mother 1-243
Ragen Sarah Groom's Mother 1-277
Ralston Maria Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-109
Ramp Laura Francis Groom's Mother 1-212
Ramsey B Fern Bride 1-198
Ramsey Lovina Groom's Mother 1-216
Ramsey William Bride's Father 1-198
Ramsey Wm Bride's Witness 1-198
Ramsey Wm. Groom's Witness 1-198
Rapp Chas C Groom's Father 1-43
Rapp Florence F. Bride 1-116
Rapp George Alfrord Groom 1-43
Rapp L L Bride's Father 1-116
Rasor Malinda Groom's Mother 1-137
Ray Florence Alta Bride 1-197
Ray Francis Marion Bride's Father 1-197
Ray Francis Marion Bride's Witness 1-197
Ray John Groom's Father 1-256
Ray Loman Groom 1-256
Rayl Elizabeth A Groom's Mother 1-248
Redman Joseph Bride's Father 1-85
Redman Joseph Bride's Father 1-281
Reed Mary Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-158
Reed Mary Elizabeth Bride 1-199
Reeg Geroge Henry Bride's Father 1-209
Reeg Nettie Luella Bride 1-209
Reeg Sarah Ann Groom's Mother 1-65
Reese Charles W Bride's Father 1-131
Reese Ralph Groom's Witness 1-146
Reese Ralph Bride's Witness 1-146
Reid Edna W Bride 1-219
Reiff Ed Groom's Father 1-160
Reiff William Prosper Groom 1-160
Ressler Ida C Bride's Mother 1-22
Rhoads Albert Groom 1-155
Rhoads John Groom's Father 1-155
Rhoads John Groom's Witness 1-155
Rhoads John Bride's Witness 1-155
Rhodes Nancy Groom's Mother 1-281
Rice Emma Groom's Mother 1-28
Richards Alice Groom's Mother 1-254
Richards Alvin LaFayette Groom 1-207
Richards John D Groom's Father 1-207
Ridenour June Groom's Mother 1-106
Rindfusz Catherine Groom's Mother 1-199
Rittenhouse Belva Barbara Bride 1-217
Rittenhouse George Washington Bride's Father 1-217
Ritter James M Bride's Father 1-262
Ritter Pearl E Bride 1-262
Roadarmel Martha A Bride's Mother 1-29
Roath Marry Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-71
Roberson David A (Jr.) Groom's Witness 1-269
Roberts Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-54
Roberts Mary E Groom's Mother 1-133
Roberts Normanda Groom's Mother 1-11
Roberts Normanda Bride's Mother 1-212
Robinson Jr David A Bride's Witness 1-269
Rockey David S Groom's Father 1-218
Rockey David S Bride's Father 1-113
Rockey L M Groom's Witness 1-113
Rockey L M Bride's Witness 1-113
Rockey Lewis Marion Groom 1-218
Roe Franklin C Groom 1-19
Roe Josephus Groom's Father 1-19
Romick Chancy Ulmer Groom 1-249
Romick John Groom's Father 1-249
Ross Harriet A Bride's Mother 1-115
Rostarfer Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-220
Rowland Etta Elizabeth Bride 1-277
Rowland Samuel H Bride's Father 1-277
Rowland Samuel H Bride's Witness 1-277
Royal Priscilla Anna Bride's Mother 1-46
Royce Frances E Bride's Mother 1-135
Royer Lavina Bride's Mother 1-277
Ruby Leretta Bride's Mother 1-148
Ruddy Bridget Ellen Bride's Mother 1-280
Rummel Anna Cora Bride 1-177
Rummel Hugh Wells Bride's Father 1-177
Rumsyre Mary Groom's Mother 1-89
Rumsyre Mary A Groom's Mother 1-115
Rush Edward F Groom's Witness 1-104
Rush Edward F Bride's Witness 1-104
Russell Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-239

Sadler Cora Maria Bride 1-B
Sadler Eugene Bride's Father 1-B
Saltvgaber Clare Jane Groom's Mother 1-74
Sanders Jane Groom's Mother 1-264
Sapp Rachel Ann Groom's Mother 1-75
Sappington Clara Bride's Mother 1-153
Sauers Daniel Bride's Father 1-224
Sauers Ida May Bride 1-224
Sauers John Groom's Father 1-216
Sauers Sarah Groom's Mother 1-94
Sauers Simon Groom 1-216
Saunders Sarah Jane Groom's Mother 1-66
Sawyer William Bride's Father 1-141
Schaper Emil Theodor Groom 1-64
Schaper Katherine Fredericke Bride 1-253
Schaper William Henry Groom's Father 1-64
Schaper William Henry Bride's Father 1-253
Schee Lenora Bride's Mother 1-129
Schilling John Bride's Witness 1-156
Schinbeckler Franklin Groom's Father 1-125
Schinbeckler Joseph E Groom 1-125
Schinbeckler August Bride's Witness 1-284
Schmaling Anna Groom's Mother 1-131
Schnetzler Emma Louretta Bride 1-37
Schnetzler Martin Bride's Father 1-37
Schoenauer Frederick Groom's Witness 1-55
Schoenauer Mary Lucinda Groom's Mother 1-243
Schorr Magdalena Bride's Mother 1-190
Schrader Alma Bride 1-292
Schrader Arthur F Groom's Witness 1-188
Schrader Arthur F Bride's Witness 1-188
Schrader David Bride's Father 1-292
Schrader Elias Bride's Father 1-188
Schrader Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-207
Schrader Elmer Franklin Groom 1-68
Schrader Elsie Mable Bride 1-188
Schrader Fanny Groom's Mother 1-262
Schrader Jacob Groom's Father 1-89
Schrader Jacob Groom's Father 1-115
Schrader Jacob S Groom's Father 1-68
Schrader Jacob S Groom's Witness 1-68
Schrader Jacob S Bride's Witness 1-68
Schrader L R Groom's Witness 1-290
Schrader L R Bride's Witness 1-290
Schrader Laura Naomie Bride 1-73
Schrader Leonard R Groom's Witness 1-9
Schrader Leonard R Groom's Witness 1-11
Schrader Leonard R Groom's Witness 1-112
Schrader Leonard R Groom's Witness 1-159
Schrader Leonard R Groom's Witness 1-288
Schrader Leonard R Groom's Witness 1-292
Schrader Leonard R Bride's Witness 1-9
Schrader Leonard R Bride's Witness 1-11
Schrader Leonard R Bride's Witness 1-89
Schrader Leonard R Bride's Witness 1-112
Schrader Leonard R Bride's Witness 1-159
Schrader Leonard R Bride's Witness 1-288
Schrader Leonard R Bride's Witness 1-292
Schrader Leonard R. Groom's Witness 1-89
Schrader Leonard R. Bride's Witness 1-49
Schrader Leonard Rush Groom 1-115
Schrader Lewis Groom's Witness 1-73
Schrader Lewis Bride's Father 1-73
Schrader Lewis Bride's Witness 1-73
Schrader Loren R Groom 1-89
Schrader Mary Groom's Mother 1-112
Schrader Mary Bride's Mother 1-96
Schrader Mary Bride's Mother 1-159
Schrader Pearl Ozella Bride 1-55
Schrader Wilson Bride's Father 1-55
Schroeder Francis M Groom 1-192
Schroeder James M Groom's Father 1-192
Schuh Alice Groom's Mother 1-145
Schuh Julia A Groom's Mother 1-159
Schuh Julia Ann Bride's Mother 1-11
Schuh Julia Ann Bride's Mother 1-112
Schumacher Charles George John Groom 1-B
Schumacher John Groom's Father 1-B
Schumaker Edmund Groom's Father 1-112
Schumaker J. Melvin Groom 1-112
Schuman Estella A Bride 1-61
Schuman John H Bride's Father 1-61
Schwab Elizabeth Ellen Bride's Mother 1-278
Scoby Hiram F Bride's Father 1-77
Scott Ada Zilla Bride 1-185
Scott Alonza B Groom's Witness 1-265
Scott Alonzo B Bride's Witness 1-265
Scott Bertha Imogene Bride 1-88
Scott Day Groom's Witness 1-185
Scott Day Bride's Witness 1-185
Scott James William C. Bride's Father 1-88
Scott Nancy Bride's Mother 1-61
Scott Robert Bride's Witness 1-128
Scott Robert R Groom's Witness 1-128
Scott Robert Ray Groom's Father 1-128
Scott Susan Bride's Mother 1-12
Scott Theron Marvin Groom 1-128
Scott Thomas Franklin Bride's Father 1-185
Secrist Ida May Bride 1-184
Secrist Joseph Groom's Witness 1-184
Secrist Joseph Bride's Father 1-184
Secrist Joseph Bride's Witness 1-184
Secrist Simon Groom's Father 1-33
Secrist Walter D Groom 1-33
Seivers Bessie Margaret Bride 1-49
Seivers Henry Bride's Father 1-49
Sell Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-235
Sell Henry Groom's Father 1-144
Sell Jesse F Groom 1-144
Sell Mary Groom's Mother 1-144
Sells Jacob Groom's Father 1-62
Sells John Groom 1-62
Sengle Lucinda Groom's Mother 1-182
Senour Martha Jane Groom's Mother 1-290
Sensenbagh Lydia Augusta Bride 1-51
Sensenbagh Simon Peter Bride's Father 1-51
Seymour Elizabeth Abigail Bride's Mother 1-177
Shafer Anna May Bride 1-281
Shafer Mary Anie Groom's Mother 1-77
Shaffer John Bride's Witness 1-227
Shaffner Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-127
Shank Margaret Groom's Mother 1-176
Shanks Hattie E Bride's Mother 1-138
Shawgo Olive D Groom's Mother 1-273
Sheckler Florence Clarissa Bride 1-4
Sheckler George Bride's Father 1-4
Sheckler George Bride's Witness 1-4
Shedell Goldie Mable Bride 1-127
Shedell Oliver Bride's Father 1-127
Sherer Lydia Ann Bride 1-62
Sherow Eliza J Bride's Mother 1-218
Sherrick Annie Bride's Mother 1-64
Sherrold Eliza Jane Groom's Mother 1-190
Shide Minnie Bride's Mother 1-122
Shifferly Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-161
Shilling Bessie May Bride 1-156
Shilling David Groom 1-24
Shilling David Groom's Father 1-24
Shilling John Bride's Father 1-156
Shinbeckler Hersa Dell Bride 1-284
Shinbeckler August Groom's Witness 1-284
Shinbeckler August Bride's Father 1-284
Shinbecktle Leah Bride's Mother 1-195
Shinneman Valona Bride's Mother 1-94
Shock Federick Bride's Father 1-187
Shock Iva Pearl Bride 1-187
Shoda Clyde Emanuel Groom 1-156
Shoda Henry Groom's Father 1-156
Shoda Henry Groom's Witness 1-156
Shoda Henry Bride's Father 1-154
Shoda Minerva Mary Bride 1-154
Shoda Rebeca J Groom's Witness 1-154
Shoda Rebeca J Bride's Witness 1-154
Shoemaker Edmon Bride's Father 1-159
Shoemaker Elsie A. Bride 1-159
Shoemaker Orpha May Bride 1-102
Shoemaker Reuben Groom's Witness 1-102
Shoemaker Reuben Bride's Father 1-102
Shoemaker Reuben Bride's Witness 1-102
Shook Alta Bride 1-208
Shook Amanda Groom's Mother 1-227
Shook George Valentine Bride's Father 1-208
Shook Sarrah Ann Groom's Mother 1-271
Shorb Mayme Annie Bride 1-71
Shorb Nathaniel George Bride's Father 1-71
Showalter Sevilla Groom's Mother 1-36
Shrack Daniel Clark Bride's Father 1-5
Shrack Kate Opal Bride 1-5
Shrader Leonard R Groom's Witness 1-49
Shriver John Groom's Father 1-146
Shriver Leviathan Groom 1-146
Shroll Margurette Jane Groom's Mother 1-251
Shroyer Hariet Bride's Mother 1-252
Shull Susie C Bride's Mother 1-182
Sickafoose Andraew J Bride's Father 1-7
Sickafoose Catharine A Groom's Witness 1-196
Sickafoose David J Groom's Father 1-32
Sickafoose Ellen Groom's Witness 1-7
Sickafoose Ellen Bride's Mother 1-255
Sickafoose Ellen Bride's Witness 1-7
Sickafoose Mary M Bride's Mother 1-205
Sickafoose Ollie Bride 1-7
Sickafoose Rebecca Ellen Groom's Mother 1-196
Sickafoose Thomas Edmon Groom 1-32
Sievers Nancy Groom's Mother 1-103
Simmer Rose Bride 1-141
Sims Zelma A Bride's Mother 1-144
Sinks Nancie Bride's Mother 1-204
Sisk Jack Groom's Father 1-246
Sisk Merl Groom 1-246
Slagle Belle Bride's Mother 1-222
Slagle Neva Bride 1-222
Slagle William W Bride's Father 1-222
Slagle William W Bride's Witness 1-222
Slagle William W. Groom's Witness 1-222
Slauson Ann Groom's Mother 1-142
Sloan John Groom's Witness 1-280
Sloan John Bride's Witness 1-280
Slusser Calvin Elmer Groom 1-201
Slusser Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 1-7
Slusser Peter Groom's Father 1-201
Smale Mary Alice Groom's Mother 1-86
Smalley Albert Frank Groom 1-44
Smalley Ira Groom's Father 1-44
Smalley Letty Groom's Mother 1-85
Smaltz Sarah Ann Bride's Mother 1-47
Smith Ada Emma Groom's Mother 1-183
Smith Albert H Groom's Witness 1-255
Smith Albert H Bride's Father 1-255
Smith Albert H Bride's Witness 1-255
Smith Albert Henry Groom's Father 1-196
Smith Almira Groom's Witness 1-186
Smith Almira Bride's Witness 1-186
Smith Archie Clyde Groom 1-233
Smith C. N. Groom's Witness 1-106
Smith C. N. Bride's Witness 1-106
Smith Catherine Bride's Mother 1-105
Smith Charles Monroe Groom 1-196
Smith Dessie Bell Bride 1-68
Smith Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-87
Smith Emma L Bride 1-255
Smith George Franklin Groom 1-273
Smith Harriet K Bride's Mother 1-10
Smith Henry B Bride's Father 1-68
Smith Henry Strong Groom's Father 1-233
Smith Ida Groom's Witness 1-8
Smith Ida Bride's Witness 1-8
Smith Jane Groom's Mother 1-257
Smith Jerrymiah Groom's Father 1-15
Smith John Bride's Father 1-45
Smith Lewis W Groom 1-103
Smith Manuel Groom 1-48
Smith Mary Rose Bride 1-202
Smith Melvina Catharine Bride's Mother 1-119
Smith Moses Groom's Father 1-273
Smith Myrtle N Bride 1-211
Smith Orpha Bride 1-216
Smith Peter J Groom's Witness 1-211
Smith Peter J Bride's Father 1-211
Smith Peter J Bride's Witness 1-211
Smith Robert Groom's Father 1-48
Smith Robert Groom's Witness 1-216
Smith Robert Bride's Father 1-216
Smith Robert Bride's Witness 1-216
Smith Samuel Groom's Father 1-169
Smith Samuel Asher Groom 1-15
Smith Sary Groom's Mother 1-165
Smith William Groom 1-169
Smith William H Groom's Father 1-103
Smith Winfield Scott Bride's Father 1-202
Snell Charles Clarence Groom 1-83
Snell Hiram S Bride's Father 1-290
Snell Milton M Groom's Witness 1-83
Snell Milton Michael Groom's Father 1-83
Snell Minnie Leah Bride 1-290
Snetzler W E Groom's Witness 1-B
Snetzler W E Bride's Witness 1-B
Snodgrass Lottie V Bride 1-97
Snodgrass R A Bride's Witness 1-97
Snodgrass R A Groom's Witness 1-97
Snodgrass Raymond Arlon Groom 1-82
Snodgrass William Groom's Father 1-82
Snodgrass William Bride's Father 1-97
Snook Hannah C Bride's Mother 1-162
Snow James L Bride's Father 1-232
Snyder Barbara Groom's Mother 1-185
Snyder Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-1
Snyder Florence Groom's Mother 1-148
Snyder Henry Groom's Father 1-4
Snyder John P Groom's Witness 1-4
Snyder Roy Vearn Groom 1-123
Snyder William Groom's Father 1-123
Snyder William H. Groom 1-4
Souder Elizabeth M Groom's Mother 1-150
Souder Margaret Groom's Mother 1-259
Souder Margarett Bride's Mother 1-6
Sours Isaac Groom's Father 1-7
Sours Nahum Groom 1-7
Spacy Henry Groom's Father 1-28
Spacy Willard Groom 1-28
Spann George Groom's Father 1-157
Spann Jesse Lenard Groom 1-157
Sparks Lillian Bride's Mother 1-31
Sparrow Mary A Groom's Mother 1-19
Spear Mary Jane Groom's Mother 1-16
Spitler Lelah Odessa Bride 1-157
Spitler William Henry Bride's Father 1-157
Sprinkle Louisa Elnora Bride's Mother 1-51
Sriner Mary Ellen Bride's Mother 1-80
Stahl Salome A Groom's Mother 1-164
Stall Margret Groom's Mother 1-187
Stallsmith D W Groom's Witness 1-167
Stallsmith D W Bride's Witness 1-167
Stallsmith Daniel W Bride's Father 1-167
Stallsmith Emma Bride's Witness 1-55
Stallsmith Ermma Bride's Mother 1-55
Stallsmith Mae Bride 1-167
Steele Adam T Groom's Witness 1-95
Steele Adam T Bride's Witness 1-95
Steele Lydia Maria Bride 1-244
Steele Z P Bride's Witness 1-244
Steele Z. P. Groom's Witness 1-244
Steele Zebulon Bride's Father 1-244
Steinbrenner Rose Groom's Mother 1-B
Sterling Mary Ann Bride's Mother 1-202
Sterner Ann Mariah Bride's Mother 1-50
Stewart Rose Bride's Mother 1-92
Stewart Sarah Ellen Bride's Mother 1-15
Stickler C D Groom's Witness 1-31
Stickler Charles D Groom's Father 1-31
Stickler David Bride's Father 1-247
Stickler Henry Otto Groom 1-31
Stickler Lulu Ella Bride 1-247
Stickler Mary Groom's Mother 1-184
Stickley Mattie Bride's Mother 1-234
Stingle John David Bride's Father 1-46
Stingle Ora Anna Bride 1-46
Stiver Samantha Bride's Mother 1-241
Stoner Eliza Irena Bride's Mother 1-209
Stoner Jacob N Groom's Father 1-99
Stoner Minervia Groom's Mother 1-2
Stoner Norman Groom 1-99
Strasser Jacob Groom's Witness 1-141
Strasser Jacob Bride's Witness 1-141
Strasser Jacob Groom 1-45
Strasser Joseph Groom's Father 1-45
Strauss Henry Groom's Father 1-30
Strauss Henry Bride's Witness 1-190
Strauss William C Bride's Witness 1-33
Strauss William Charles Groom 1-30
Strauss Wm C Groom's Witness 1-168
Strauss Wm C Bride's Witness 1-168
Strauss Wm. C. Groom's Witness 1-33
Strong Indiana Groom's Mother 1-18
Strouse Lydia Anna Groom's Mother 1-163
Strunk Alice Groom's Mother 1-208
Stultz Minerva Bride's Mother 1-156
Stumpff Everett L Groom 1-18
Stumpff Joseph Groom's Father 1-18
Stumpff Joseph Groom's Witness 1-18
Stumpff Joseph Bride's Witness 1-18
Sullivan Emery Groom 1-264
Sullivan Neal Groom's Father 1-264
Summers Joseph Groom's Father 1-288
Summers William E Groom 1-288
Sumney Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-152
Surfus Alice Bride's Mother 1-257
Surfus Alice Jane Bride's Mother 1-114
Swaim Charlottie Groom's Mother 1-181
Swan Demma Bride 1-254
Swan Elisha Bride's Father 1-254
Swank Dayton Bride's Father 1-158
Swank Iva Bride 1-158
Swigart Emma Bride's Mother 1-198
Swihart Charles Groom's Witness 1-82
Swihart Charles Groom's Witness 1-88
Swihart Charles Groom's Witness 1-123
Swihart Charles Groom's Witness 1-276
Swihart Charles Bride's Witness 1-88
Swihart Charles Bride's Witness 1-121
Swihart Charles Bride's Witness 1-123
Swihart Charles Bride's Witness 1-276
Swihart Chas Groom's Witness 1-125
Swihart Chas Groom's Witness 1-253
Swihart Chas Groom's Witness 1-279
Swihart Chas Bride's Witness 1-82
Swihart Chas Bride's Witness 1-125
Swihart Chas Bride's Witness 1-279
Swihart Chas Groom's Witness 1-121
Swineheart Clarence E Groom 1-292
Swineheart Daniel Groom's Father 1-292
Swing Benjamin M Groom's Witness 1-111
Swing Benjamin M Bride's Witness 1-111
Swing Benjamin Monroe Groom's Father 1-111
Swing Thomas Major Groom 1-111
Switzer Izora Groom's Mother 1-226

Tannehill Ada Alice Bride 1-64
Tannehill Enos West Groom's Father 1-124
Tannehill Harley Groom 1-124
Tannehill Harry E Groom's Witness 1-64
Tannehill Harry E Bride's Witness 1-145
Tannehill Harry E. Groom's Witness 1-145
Tannehill Mrs Harry E Bride's Witness 1-64
Tannehill Sarrah E Groom's Mother 1-15
Tannehill William Bride's Father 1-64
Tantlinger Caroline E Groom's Mother 1-217
Tate Mary F Groom's Mother 1-275
Taylor Missuria Bride's Mother 1-200
Taylor Missouri Groom's Mother 1-214
Teagle Ellen Bride's Mother 1-143
Templeton Margaret Ann Groom's Mother 1-128
Terman Albert Groom's Witness 1-50
Terman Albert Bride's Witness 1-50
Terman Alice Bride's Mother 1-166
Thatcher Sarah Elizabeth Bride's Mother 1-201
Thomas Mary Catheren Groom's Mother 1-23
Thomson Warren Groom's Witness 1-208
Thomson Warren Bride's Witness 1-208
Tinkham Jessie Bride 1-108
Tinkham William Griffith Bride's Father 1-108
Tompson Sophia Groom's Mother 1-90
Tope Edith Gertrude Bride 1-260
Tope George W Groom's Witness 1-260
Tope George W Bride's Witness 1-260
Tope George Washington Bride's Father 1-260
Trachsel Ava Britomarte Bride 1-54
Trachsel John Bride's Father 1-54
Traster Mary Groom's Witness 1-62
Traster Mary Bride's Witness 1-62
Traster Samuel Bride's Father 1-62
Traster SamuelErvin Groom's Father 1-188
Traster Web Groom 1-188
Trembley John Groom's Father 1-126
Trembly Samuel Frazier Groom 1-126
Truman Lodemia Groom's Mother 1-149
Trumbull Ella Bride 1-2
Trumbull Fay Bride 1-128
Trumbull Frances M Bride's Mother 1-97
Trumbull Francis Groom's Mother 1-82
Trumbull Henry W Bride's Father 1-2
Trumbull Moses Monroe Bride's Father 1-128
Tschantz Daniel Groom 1-94
Tschantz Jacob Groom's Father 1-94
Tulley Carl V Groom 1-267
Tulley W C Groom's Father 1-267
Turner Edmond Groom 1-269
Turner Jacob Groom's Father 1-269
Turner Rose Emma Bride's Mother 1-273
Turner Samantha Bride's Mother 1-160

Ummel Augusta Bride's Mother 1-111
Ummel Desta F Bride 1-9
Ummel John Bride's Father 1-9
Updegraff Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-24

Van Orsdall George H. Groom's Witness 1-201
Van Orsdall George Hammond Bride's Father 1-201
Van Orsdall George Hammond Bride's Witness 1-201
Van Orsdall Lorena Evelyn Bride 1-201
Vance Malinda Groom's Mother 1-42
Vandarford Della Bride's Mother 1-2
Vanderman Laura E Bride's Mother 1-35
Vandersaul Coral Bride 1-166
Vandersaul William H Groom's Witness 1-166
Vandersaul William H Bride's Father 1-166
Vandersaul William H Bride's Witness 1-166
VanMeter America Groom's Mother 1-270
VanOrsdall Clara Groom's Mother 1-205
Veazey Allen Henry Groom 1-163
Veazey Henry Reed Groom's Father 1-163

Wable Jacob Bride's Father 1-43
Wable Lulu Elizabeth Bride 1-43
Wagner Bertha M Bride 1-171
Wagner Blanch Bride 1-196
Wagner Franklin Bride's Father 1-196
Wagner Peter Bride's Father 1-171
Wagnor Rebecca Jane Bride's Mother 1-37
Walgamuth Mamie Arvillia Bride 1-58
Walgumuth Wm Henry Harrison Bride's Father 1-58
Walker Bertha May Bride 1-238
Walker Charles A Groom's Witness 1-214
Walker Charles A Bride's Witness 1-214
Walker Charles Alton Groom 1-215
Walker Hannah M Bride 1-214
Walker Margaret Groom's Mother 1-244
Walker Theodore Groom's Witness 1-238
Walker Theodore Bride's Father 1-238
Walker Theodore Bride's Witness 1-238
Walker Willis H Groom's Father 1-215
Walker Willis H Bride's Father 1-214
Wallace Mary Bride's Mother 1-248
Wallace Rebecca Ella Groom's Mother 1-108
Walpole Frances Bride 1-180
Walpole Frank Bride's Father 1-180
Walter David A Bride's Witness 1-117
Waneymacker Catherine Bride's Mother 1-285
Wantz Huldah Groom's Mother 1-209
Wantz Mella Zena Groom's Mother 1-136
Ward John Bride's Father 1-C
Ward Joseph Clayton Groom's Father 1-109
Ward Lulu May Bride 1-C
Ward Reaser Olin Groom 1-109
Warner Arden Groom's Witness 1-58
Warner Mary E Bride's Mother 1-18
Warstler Hazel Marie Bride 1-135
Wasson Margrett Helen Bride's Mother 1-5
Waterfall Carl Groom's Witness 1-207
Waterfall John Wesley Bride's Father 1-240
Waterfall Mabel Bride 1-240
Watson Bertha Mae Bride 1-150
Watson David A Bride's Father 1-150
Watson David A Bride's Witness 1-150
Watson David A Groom's Witness 1-150
Weber Edward A Groom's Witness 1-164
Weber Edward A Bride's Witness 1-164
Weber Jessie Elisabeth Bride 1-164
Weber William Bride's Father 1-164
Webster Estella Bride 1-6
Webster Everett Groom 1-259
Webster George W Bride's Father 1-6
Webster George W Bride's Witness 1-6
Webster George W. Groom's Father 1-259
Webster Susan S Bride's Mother 1-131
Wefel Eliza Bride's Mother 1-253
Wefel Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-64
Weick Caroline Groom's Mother 1-30
Weidner George Groom's Father 1-79
Weidner Irve G Groom 1-79
Weihe Ida Bride's Witness 1-253
Weisweaver Rachael Groom's Mother 1-179
Weldy Artie Althea Bride 1-8
Weldy Seth W Bride's Father 1-8
Wells Chas Groom's Father 1-170
Wells Hiram Ulysses Grant Groom 1-170
Western Myron Jay Groom 1-108
Western Thomas H Groom's Witness 1-108
Western Thomas H. Bride's Witness 1-108
Western Thomas Henry Groom's Father 1-108
Westlake Alice Bride's Mother 1-203
Wetzel Catharine Groom's Mother 1-146
Weybright Charles E Bride's Witness 1-180
Weybright Chas E Groom's Witness 1-63
Weybright Chas E Groom's Witness 1-136
Weybright Chas E Groom's Witness 1-180
Weybright Chas E Groom's Witness 1-183
Weybright Chas E Bride's Witness 1-56
Weybright Chas E Bride's Witness 1-63
Weybright Chas E Bride's Witness 1-136
Weybright Chas E Bride's Witness 1-183
Weybright Chas E. Groom's Witness 1-56
Weybright Keziah Bride's Mother 1-183
Weybright Mary Isabell Bride's Mother 1-136
Whipple Cecil Z Bride 1-98
Whipple George Bride's Father 1-98
Whipple George Bride's Witness 1-98
Whipple George Groom's Witness 1-98
Whisweber Louise Bride's Mother 1-65
White Arvada Arabell Bride's Mother 1-217
White Bertha Letta Bride 1-39
White Carl Van Groom 1-205
White Charles Camby Groom 1-165
White Dale Alden Groom 1-254
White Drury V. Groom's Witness 1-283
White Drury V. Bride's Witness 1-283
White Drury Vincent Groom's Father 1-283
White Enos H Groom's Father 1-205
White Frank L Bride's Father 1-39
White Riley Adison Groom 1-283
White Samuel Alexander Groom's Father 1-165
White Samuel R Groom's Witness 1-254
White Samuel R. Bride's Witness 1-254
White Samuel Riley Groom's Father 1-254
Whiteleather D V Bride's Witness 1-149
Whithers William Bride's Father 1-235
Whitney Alice Olive Groom's Mother 1-202
Whitten Laura Groom's Mother 1-292
Wickliffe Carrie Bride 1-221
Wickliffe George Bride's Father 1-121
Wickliffe George J Bride's Father 1-221
Wickliffe Minnie Bride 1-121
Widup H C Bride's Father 1-228
Widup Pearl L Bride 1-228
Wilcoxson Daniel Bride's Father 1-191
Wilcoxson Rosa E Bride 1-191
Wiles Eva Myrel Bride 1-137
Wiles Willaim D. Groom's Witness 1-137
Wiles William D Bride's Witness 1-137
Wiles William David Bride's Father 1-137
Williams Elizabeth C Groom's Mother 1-192
Williams Jennie Bride 1-248
Williams Jonathan Groom's Witness 1-248
Williams Jonathan Bride's Father 1-248
Williams Jonathan Bride's Witness 1-248
Williamson Gideon Groom 1-136
Williamson Henry Hall Groom's Father 1-136
Willits Edwin Eugene Groom's Father 1-100
Willits Eugene Allen Groom 1-100
Wilson Albert Clement Groom 1-29
Wilson Frances M Groom's Witness 1-259
Wilson Francis M Bride's Father 1-259
Wilson Francis M Bride's Witness 1-259
Wilson George W Groom's Father 1-29
Wilson Jennie Bride 1-259
Wilson Lucinda Groom's Witness 1-29
Windle Cory Groom 1-93
Windle Peter Groom's Father 1-93
Winebrenner Frank Groom 1-121
Winebrenner John Groom's Father 1-121
Winebrenner Sarah Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-237
Wise Charlotte Bride's Mother 1-99
Witham Belinda Emaline Bride 1-286
Witte Lissette Groom's Mother 1-151
Wolf Henry Groom 1-95
Wolf John K Groom's Father 1-95
Wolf William H Groom's Witness 1-286
Wolf William H Bride's Witness 1-286
Wolfangle Fredrick Bride's Father 1-117
Wolfangle Mary Jane Bride 1-117
Wollam Alfred L Groom 1-106
Wollam Samuel Groom's Father 1-106
Woodbeck Amanada J Groom's Mother 1-27
Woodworth A H Groom's Witness 1-85
Woodworth A H Bride's Witness 1-85
Woodworth A H Bride's Witness 1-267
Woodworth A H Groom's Witness 1-267
Workman Amos E Groom 1-61
Workman Blance Bride 1-72
Workman D A Groom's Witness 1-61
Workman D A Bride's Witness 1-61
Workman David A Groom's Father 1-61
Workman David Anderson Bride's Father 1-72
Workman Ida Louise Bride's Mother 1-123
Workman Ira Groom 1-71
Workman Lydia margaret Bride's Mother 1-98
Workman Martin Luther Groom's Father 1-71
Wraight Lucinda Groom's Witness 1-23
Wraight Lucinda Bride's Witness 1-23
Wraight Lydia Groom's Mother 1-284
Wraight Lydia Bride's Mother 1-84
Wraight Nellie Irene Bride 1-23
Wraight Thomas Sydney Bride's Father 1-23
Wright Eliza J Groom's Mother 1-180
Wunderlich Frances Mildred Bride 1-237
Wunderlich Helen Eugenia Bride 1-213
Wunderlich Jos M Bride's Father 1-213
Wunderlich Joseph M Bride's Father 1-126
Wunderlich Joseph M Bride's Father 1-237
Wunderlich Winifred Sin Clair Bride 1-126
Wyatt James Groom's Father 1-281
Wyatt Joseph E Groom 1-281
Wysong Mary Groom's Mother 1-140

Yant Eva Groom's Mother 1-170
Yarger Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-33
Yaste Lizzie Bride's Mother 1-21
Yohe Mary Caterine Groom's Mother 1-223
Yohn Percy Leroy Groom 1-208
Yohn William Groom's Father 1-208
Yontz Avasana Groom's Witness 1-51
Yontz Avasana Bride's Witness 1-51
Yontz Dillon Bride's Father 1-268
Yontz Jane Clementine Bride's Mother 1-165
Young Armanda J Groom's Witness 1-19
Young Armanda J Bride's Witness 1-19
Young Ava Alvedore Groom 1-39
Young Daniel Groom's Father 1-190
Young David Groom's Father 1-39
Young Edward A Groom's Witness 1-289
Young Edward A Bride's Witness 1-289
Young Elizabeth Groom's Mother 1-79
Young Ellen Bride 1-149
Young Estella M Groom's Witness 1-39
Young Estella M Bride's Witness 1-39
Young George B Groom 1-190
Young James I Groom's Father 1-59
Young James I Bride's Father 1-19
Young James Isreal Groom's Witness 1-59
Young James Isreal Bride's Witness 1-59
Young Jesse M. Groom 1-59
Young Lavina H Groom's Mother 1-283
Young Lona G Bride 1-19
Young Sarah Ann Groom's Mother 1-225

Zellers E W Bride's Witness 1-194
Zellers Edward Groom's Father 1-194
Zellers Edward Groom's Witness 1-194
Zellers William H Groom 1-194
Zent Benjamin F Bride's Father 1-252
Zent Lizzie Anna Bride 1-252
Zumbrun Anna Ethal Bride 1-101
Zumbrun Catharine Groom's Mother 1-157
Zumbrun Daniel Bride's Father 1-101
Zumbrun Ed Groom's Witness 1-120
Zumbrun Ed Bride's Witness 1-120
Zumbrun John Henry Bride's Father 1-120
Zumbrun Juda Elizziebeth Bride 1-120


Abstract of Marriage Applications
Book 1 - April 1905 - March 1907


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