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The Note Books of Nellie Riley Raber

Book 2 — Fayette County Ohio

Transcribed by Donald Gradeless

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Mrs. Raber did not cross her t's so it is nearly impossible to distinguish between
names like "Nellie" and "Nettie". Also some of the Capital "T"'s and "F"s are identical.
Many abbreviates are used.

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Starting on Sheet 1             (Front)

Page Names Date
By Whom Married
1Ellis, Henry
Harper, Charity
Thomas W. Swinney
  Hays, David
Wolf, Theodocia
Henry Thurman
 Hurley, Wm.
Kendle, Lucy
Joel Wood
 Ferrell, Edward
Wright, Mary
Henry Thurman, J.P.
2 Flesher, Henry
Popejoy, Susannah
James Kerr, J.P.
 McGowan, John
Rian, Polly
Joel Wood, J.P.
 Harrod, Samuel
Young, Sally
Joel Wood, J.P.
 Bell, Joseph
Young, Sally
Henry Thurman, J.P.
of Union tp.

Sheet 1           (Front)

Ross Co., O. I certify that on 7th
instant Robert Southerland and
Hannah (Rips or Kips) were Joined
Signed: Samuel Crothers, L.M.
The above bore date 5-3-11

Joseph Harris-(Lews) Stinson
were married within three months past
by me (June 12, 1811) Signed: James Kerr

          Names Date
By Whom Married
 Armon, George
Rosel Elizabeth
Were married by me.
given under my hand
and seal, 10 June 1811
Signed: John Page.
 Popejoy, William
Thompson, Polly
John Popejoy
 Cox, Elias
Ayre, Hannah
Henry Thurman, J.P.
of Union township
 Caylor, Jacob
Snider, Catherine
Henry Thurman, J.P.
 Chenoworth, Thomas
Morgan, Rachel
Ralph Lotsprick
 Fulton, William
Loofbourrow, Eliza
John Page.

Sheet 2             (Front)

          Names Date
By Whom Married
 Barkshire, Tiboria
(Gimes), Jane
Aaron L. Hunt, J.P.
 Moon, David
Ellis Mary
Philip Stout, J.P.
of Green township
 McCoy, Jesse
Sanders, Martha
by Philip Stout, J.P.
 Lews, Thomas
Sowartz, Juliana
George Creamer, J.P.
 McDorman, Riston
Killgore, Elizabeth
George Creamer, J.P.
 Blocker, Matthias
Clark, Sarah
Francis Ayers, J.P.
 Waddle, Robert
Orr, Eleanor
Henry Thurman
 Seman, John
Harrison, Elesabeth
John Popejoy
 McGowan, James
Carder, Saray
John Popejoy
 Thompson, Jacob
Carder, Nancy
John Popejoy

Sheet 2            (Front)   — — —

          Names Date
By Whom Married
 Jackson, Uriah
Allen, Ann
Philip Stout, J.P.
 Day, Addison
Compton, Elizabeth
Henry Thurman
 Hartman, Isaac
Rowe, Jane
Henry Thurman
 Wilkin, William
Windle, Rebecca
Joel Wood, J.P.
 Rowley, Alpheus
Keller, Seley
Joel Wood, J.P.
 Coil, George
Jones, Hannah
John Popejoy
 Miller, Henry
Powers, Sally
John Popejoy
 Farinton?, William
Newby, Elizabeth
Aaron L. Hunt, J.P.
 Bartleson, Peter
Parker, Nancy
Philip Stout, J.P.
 Pancost, Shreves
Myres, Polly
8 -3-1812
John Page, J.P.

Sheet 3           (Front)

          Names Date
By Whom Married
 Coon, Michael
Soward, Abigail
John Page, J.P.
 Stout, William
Vandolah, Mary
John Page, J.P.
 Coon, Adam
Dickinson, Eleanor
John Page, J.P.
 Hannaman, George
Hannaman, Polly
John Popejoy, J.P.
 Monohon, Samuel
Hobough, Caty
John Popejoy
 Barrett, Thomas
Bush, Rachel
George Creamer, J.P.
 McLaughlin, William
Hannaman, Elizabeth
Alexander Rimmins?.
 Feagins, Neddy
Bush, Elizabeth
Francis Ayers, J.P.
 Hopkins, John
Bevington, Mary
John Popejoy, J.P.
 Rittenhouse, Richard
Rowe, Susannah
Philip Stout, J.P.

Sheet 3           (Front)

          Names Date
By Whom Married
 Soward, Daniel
Connelly, Sarah
George Creamer, J.P.
 Love, William
Holloday, Ann
Joel Wood, J.P.
 Rankin, Thomas
Fultz, Barbary
Aaron L. Hunt, Acting J.P.
 Bryan, James
Eyeman, Catherine
Henry Thurman, J.P.
 Patterson, James
Rodgers, Isabella
Henry Thurman, J.P.
 Dell, Joseph
Young, Peggy
Henry Thurman, J.P.
 Romind, Noah
Clavinger, Hannah
John Popejoy, J.P.
 Funk, Jacob
Popejoy, Susannah
John Popejoy, J.P.
 Wick, John
King, Elizabeth
John Popejoy, J.P.

Sheet 4           (Front)
          Names Date
By Whom Married
on record
Buck, John
Hays, Polly
"Married within thirty
days past" No dates
James Kerr.
 Lee, John
Richards, Polly
"Married within thirty
days past" James Kerr
Paper dated 4-20-1813
 Bush, Jacob
Bouhan, Sarah
Jefferson township
Certified under my hand
and seal this 4-13-1813
Signed George Creamer
 Loofborgh, Wade
Pancost, Mary
Given under my hand
and seal this 5-15-1813
Signed: John Pope
 Skiles, James
Smith, Catherine
Given under my hand
and seal this 6-23-1813
Signed: John Pope
 Skidmore, Jeremiah
Lonard, Milly
John Popejoy, J.P.
 Martin, Charles
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Elizabeth
Philip Stout, J.P.
 Winget, Luther
Rude, Phebe
Philip Stout, J.P.
 Hankins, Amos
Clevinger, Polly
John Harrod, J.P.
 Campbell, Runey
Grubb, Winne
John Harrod, J.P.

Sheet 4           (Front)

          Names Date
By Whom Married
64Baker, Jo's
Hankin, Mary
John Harrod, J.P.

Sheet 5:       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio
Will Book #1 (of existing records) Page 1

Associate Justices met in the house of Aaron Johnson in Washington on 23rd September 1823

Deposition of Thomas Burnett, aged 39 — sometime in December, 1819 Michael O. Miller made his last will and testament witness by the deponent, Abraham Bush and Leonard Bush. Recollected that land was left to his son, Daniel Miller, however Daniel was to pay the widow's dower and the other heirs.
Executors names: Robert Burnett, Henry Coil
Signed: Thomas Burnett

Deposition of Abraham Bush, aged 48, and of Jesse Millikin aged 40
Will of Michael Miller, late of Fayette County was destroyed by fire in the late conflagration at the court house. The original book destroyed in which Jesse Miller recorded the will.

Sheet 5         (Front)

#2 — Page 2 — Fayette County, Ohio

Will of Thomas Moon, Fayette County, O.
             Christiana - daughter
             Jane - dau. now a widow
             Margaret Rees - daughter
             Thomas - son
             Jacob } - sons - a tract of
             David }   land in Highland Co., O
             William - son
             John - son
Names as Executor —David- son
Date of Will — 6 October 1824
Signed: Thomas Moon [Seal]
Witnesses of Signing: John How, James Crothers
Proved in open court: 23 February 1828
Jesse Milliken, Clerk

Sheet 6       (Front)

# 3 — Fayette County, Ohio

Will of Michael Blue. Fayette Co., O.

Bequeaths: Mary - Beloved Wide
Refers to land purchase of Solomon and
             Elizabeth Bowers, his wife on May 17, 1820
             Part of survey # 3701 & 3421
Mentions: Elizabeth Lees }
             Mary Campbell }
             Ann Leese }
             Kziah Lambert } — our four daus.
Mentions: William Leese
Bequeaths: Ephraim Herriot - my grandson & son of Elizabeth Leese
             John Blue - my son
             Michael Blue - my son
             Isaac Blue - my son
             Daniel Blue - my son
             Garret Blue - my son
             Uriah Blue - my son
             Ann Lees - my dau. and wife of George Lees
Executors names: Garret & Uriah - sons
Date of Will - 16 February 1826
Signed: Michael [his MB mark] Blue [SEAL}
Wit: Sam'l Dew
             Oliver Kile
             John Sinsabaugh
             P. B. Dodridge
             James Cummins
Proved: May Term 1828, Jesse Milliken Clerk

Sheet 6           (Front)

# 4 — Page 12 — Fayette County, Ohio

Will of Daniel Rotrock, Paint township, Fayette, County
Bequeaths: Benjamin Rotrock
Names Executors: Jacob Rankin, Samuel Allen
Date of Will: 18 March 1828
Signed: Daniel Rotrock [seal]
Wit: John Hill, Morza Allen, Surana Lattimer
Appraised of Personal Property made 6 October 18128
Sale held: 11 October 1818

Sheet 7       (Front)

# 5 — Page 15

Benjamin Mouser, dec. late of Madison township, Fayette County, Ohio
Inventory taken by John Leavell, James Nutt, Andrew Gregory
Sworn to before Edmund Clarridge, J.P. on the 14 March 1838
No sale date given
Report approved by Court of Common Pleas of Fayette County

Sheet 7       (Front)

# 6 — Page 18 of Will Book — Fayette County, Ohio

Estate of William McCafferty, late of Fayette County, Ohio
Inventory taken by Appraiser: Andrew Gregory, John Smith, Otho Williams
Amount of app: $976.17 ¾, Sworn 5 Feb 1828
Amount of Sale: $904.02 ¾
Articles named in Inventory
Buyers at sale named

Page 21
Sale Bill of Sale held 15 February 1828, Estate of William McCafferty
Report md. 26 April 1828 by Jonathan McCafferty, Adm.

Sheet 8       (Front)

7 — Page 23 of Will Book — Fayette County, Ohio

Estate of Rebecca McCoy, deceased.
Adm: Robert R. Willson
App: William A Ustick, Garret M. Blue, Abraham Lambard (Sambard)
App: report dated July 111, 1828
Amt. of sale $114.87

Sheet 8       (Front)

8 — Page 26 — Fayette County, O.

Estate of Jacob Myers, Dec. late of Paint township, Fayette Co.
App. appointed by the Court: James Stewart, John Rankin, John Hays
Adm.: { Christiana (her X Mark) Myers
Adm.: { Samuel Myers
App. report given 21 March A.D. 1829
Signed by James Stewart, John Hays, John Rankin
Sale held 23 March 1829
Amount of sale: $261.55 ½
Taken by widow 189.35 ¼
               Total 550.90 ¾

Sheet 9       (Front)

9 — Page 24 of Will Book — Fayette County, Ohio

Estate of Joseph Runels, late of Fayette County.
Adm: N. F. Jones (Norman F. Jones)
App: Thomas Walker, Thomas Hubart, James Baker
App. Made 7 October 1823 of the property at the home of Lemuel Steel in Union township,
who showed the goods for appraisal
Amount of app. #172.68 ¾
Report made before S. Densey, Acting J.P.
Sale held 18 October 1828
Amt. of sale: 125.41 ¼¢
Claims due estate as reported by Adm. Norman F. Jones, $270.64

Sheet 10       (Front)

11 — Page 32 — Fayette County, Ohio

Estate of Abner Ogden, deceased late of Madison township, Fayette County, O.
Adm: Margaret (her X mark) Ogden
Inventory taken by: Jown Leavell, Andrew, Gregory, Samuel Finney
Report made before Robert Abernathy, J.P.
Amount of inventory — 583.56 ¼
Sale held   14 March 1829
Amount of sale: $304.27 ¾

Sheet 10       (Front)

12 — Page 35 — Fayette County, Ohio

Estate of Nathaniel Jones late of Fayette county, deceased
Adm: Catherine Jones (the widow)
Sale Amounted to $228.03+ Amt. found for distribution to the heirs- $76 and one cent.
February Term 1829 report ordered to be recorded.
Brought before the Court by: Jos. S. Gillespie, James Crother, James B. Webster

Sheet 11       (Front)

13 — Page 36 — Fayette County, Ohio
Estate of Servins (?) or Levin(?) Ross
Adm: Thomas Williams
Amount of Sale:     110.76 ½
Adm. Report: Made 28 Feb A.D. 1829
gave balance in hand of the Adm. 53.21 ¼
Signed: James B. Webster

Sheet 11       (Front)

14 — Page 37

Estate of Joseph McGarraugh, late of Fayette County, deceased
Adm: James B. Webster

Sheet 12       (Front)

15 — Page 40 — Fayette County, Ohio

Will of Stephen Yeoman, Sr. Wayne township

Bequeaths: Abigail - wife
Names as Sole Ex.: Abigail - Wife
Date of Will: 20 February 1826
Signed: Stephen (his X maker) Yeoman
Wit: Aaron Archer, James Adams
Proved: 19 September 1829
Jesse Millikan, Clerk

Sheet 12       (Front)

Page 42 — Fayette county, Ohio

Regarding Estate of Samuel Waddle
Adm.: Norman F. Jones and Robert Waddle
made last report on 19 September 1829

Sheet 13       (Front)

Page 52 — Regarding Estate of Daniel Rotrock

Adm: Samuel Allen and Jacob Rankin
report list of Debtors to Estate

Sheet 13       (Front)

Page 52 — Regarding Estate of John McCormack, deceased.

Adm. William McCormack paid out to Dr. Blackstone $15 "for last sickness" to John Oliver $5 for making coffin for gravestones - $10
No dates given.

Sheet 14       (Front)

Page _ _ — Will of Henry Massie of Louisville, Jefferson County, State of Kentucky

Bequeaths: Helen - Wife
             Thomas Massie,- brother
             Constance Massie - Niece
             Elizabeth Thompson - niece
             Heath Jones Miller - Nephew of Louisville, Ky.
             Nathaniel Massie - son of my deceased brother Nathaniel Massie
             Alexander Scott Bullett, son of William Bullett
             Sally Hawes, - niece.
Names Ex.(sole): wife - to serve giving no security
Date of Will: 6 February 1830
Signed: H. Massie [Seal]
Test: W. C. Galt, N. Bullett, Edw'd Johnson
Ex. appeared 9 march 1830, made oath before *
signed: Worden Pope, C. of Court

Sheet 15       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio — Will Book 1 — Page 44

Will of Daniel Carmean

Benf: Andrew Jackson Cremean and Daniel Cremean, two youngest sons; two sons by testator's first wife (not name); Pearson Carmean, son.

Sheet 16       (Front)

Fayette — Will Book 1 — Page 75

Will of James Davis of Pike Co., Ohio

Benf.: Keziah, wife; James Hays and Margaret Hays, his wife, of Pee Pee Township, Pike county, Ohio; James W. Hays, gr-son (son of James and Margaret Hays); Jacob and Rachel Mace; Thomas Foster; Charles Davis, brother: James, George, Charles, Hannah Higley and Mary McNeil, Mary Corwin, wife of John Corwin.

Sheet 17       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio — Will Book 1 — Page 77

Will of Henry Baughan

Benf.: Sarah Bush; Susannah Bush (hus. Daniel Bush); Richard Baughan; Zachariah Baughan; William H. Baughan; Benjamin F. Baughan; Amie An Yeoman (hus, Enos F. Yeoman); Lucy Galize (has, Adam Galize).
Date written - November 10, 1853.

Notes: Zachariah Baughan names in the will, died 9-27-1873 aged 69-2-20; cause - gravel; native of N. Carolina; died Union township, Fayette Co., O. From death rec. in Fayette Co., O.

Sheet 18       (Front)

Fayette County Ohio — Will Book 1 — Page 217 Will of Benjamin R. Davis

Benf.: Nelson, son; James, son (dec.); John, gr-son (son of James Davis, dec.); Jane Davis, wife; Matilda and Martha, young daughters; Nancy (hus., James O. Sheppard); Mary (hus. Charles Hughes); Sarah I. Johnson(?), (hus. Aaron Johnson); Alice (hus, William Kearney); Francis Maria Limes, gr-dau.; Benjamin Sheppard, gr-son (son of Nancy Sheppard).
Date Written:   Feb. 2, 1862
Prob.       Feb. 24, 1862
Wit.: Henry Stokey
             Richard Hukill

Sheet 19       (Front)

Fayette County Ohio — Wills Book A — Page 220:

I, Marlin Hopkins, now of Fayette County, O.
Beq.: Mary - wife - Personal Property and a farm in Sandusky Co., Ohio.
             John Marlin Hopkins - son, under five years of age.
             Philip Gossard.
             to brothers and sisters
Mentions - Jeremiah - brother
Date Made - 7th December 1836
Signed: Marlin Hopkins [Seal]
Witnesses: Abm Hegler
             Anderson G. Jones
             John Bybee
Proved. March Term 1837 by oaths of AbmHegler and John Bybee
Copied June, 1941.

Sheet 20       (Front)

Book A — Page 144 — Fayette County, Ohio

Will of Mathew Hopkins

             In the name of God, Amen. I, Mathew Hopkins, viewing this mortal Life as uncertain and being weak in body but still having my right mind tanks be to God for his mercies, do make may last will and testament in words as follows (to wit).
             First, after my death, I wish my body to be entered in plain but descent manner and my Funeral expenses to be paid out of the effects of my personal property or effects.
             Secondly, I wish all my just and lawful debts to be paid and then the ballance goods and real estate I wish disposed in the following manner (to wit). I bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary all such ballance of my personal property goods and monies whatever as may remain and be over and above mentions.
             Thirdly, I bequeath unto my beloved wife the house and lot we now reside in, it being half

Sheet 20       (Front)

of in lot #26, in lot Number 25 in Washington during her lifetime and forthly I bequeath unto my beloved wife the use and profits of out lots No 10 and the use and profits of half of out lot No 398, half of out lot No 38 now occupied and in possession of myself all lying in the Town of Washington, Fayette County while she continued to be my widow in case it should so turn out that my beloved wife should have a living child to me after my decease then in that case bequeath unto such child all my real Estate here or else where at her decease or when she ceases to be my widow as above specified but in case my beloved wife should have no heir to me I then after, she, my beloved wife has used the aforesaid real Estate as above described and designated bequeath said (illegible) 25 and half of in lot Number 26 and out lot No 10 and two halfs of out lots No 37 and 38 lying in Washington aforesaid unto a child born of Susan Blackmore reported to belong to me (that is in case said child shall be legally proven to be my son and Heir provided said

Sheet 21       (Front)

Continued: Will of Mathew Hopkins:

child shall live to be twentyone years of age but in case said child shall not live to be twentyone years of age and after the decease of my beloved wife then in that case I bequeath all the real Estate as above described unto my Brothers and sisters or to their children in case they are decease.
             Fifth, I bequeath unto Mathew Jamison, my sister's son all that tract of land being or lying in the state or territory of Arkansas, it being 160 acres of land the North West quarter of section 26 of township S in range 4 East it being Philips county in said territory, the same peace bought of Joseph Sweet for which I have a deed bearing date march 7, 1822.
             Lastly, I do Lastly appoint, Mary, my beloved wife to be by executrix to carry into effect my wishes as before mentioned in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 25th day of July 1833
Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of us to be his last will and testament for the purpose as above mentioned.

Sheet 21       (Front)

             Benjamin Henton
             Jacob Jamison
Signed: Matthew Hopkins [Seal]

September Term of the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas

Matthew Hopkin's widow and executrix of Matthew Hopkins dec'd on motion to prove will of the said deceased. Benjamin Henton one of the subscribing witnesses to said will states and says he was called upon by the said decedant Matthew Hopkins in his last sickness to attest the paper purporting to be his last will and testament now produced here in Court, that decedant was of sound mind and memory at that time that he published said paper to be his last will and testament and that he did sign and seal it voluntarily, and that witness did subscribe to the same as a witness in the presence of said decedant and at his decedants request
             Signed Benjamin Henton
proved in open Court September 7, 1833. Test. Jesse Millikan, Clerk

Sheet 22       (Front)

Will of Mathew Hopkins - continued:

Jacob Jamison who is another of the subscribing witnesses to the said last will and testament of the said Matthew Hopkins, deceased being duly sworn in open Court does state and say that the said deceased called on and requested witness to attest the said will as the last will and testament of the said Matthew Hopkins that witness did test and subscribe as witness said will in the presence of said Decedant that decedant was at that time of sound mind and memory and did declare the said will to be his last will and testament and that he said decedant signed and sealed the same voluntarily.
             Signed: Jacob Jamison
Sworn to and subscribed in open Court this 7th day of September A.D. 1833.
Test: Jesse Millikan, Cl'k
Copied June 1941 by N.M.R.

Sheet 23       (Front)

Book A — Page 281 — Wills of Fayette County, Ohio

Will of John Hopkins of Hill and Dale, in county of Frederick, Virginia
             Lucy Lyons - daughter
             Portia Lee - Dau.
             Hanna Philyss Ludwell
             Mary Anna - Dau.
             Hariet Lee Hopkins - Dau.
             Cornelia Hopkins - wife
             Portia Hodgson
             my four infant children
Signed: J. W. Hopkins [Seal]
Date of Will: 10 December 1822
Produced in court 7th November 1828
Washington Court House, O.
copied June, 1941 by N.M.R.

Sheet 24       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio — Will Book A — Page 299

James N. Davis
filed Jan. 16, 1829
Ex. - Benjamin R. Davis
(Will not located, N.M.R.)

Sheet 25       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio — Will Book A — Page 341

Will of John Smith
Beq.: six eldest children
             Sally Henderson
             Joel Smith
             Francis Smith - son
             Susan McDonald
             Polly (Reveae?)        6 youngest
             Eady Rowe               children
             Nancy Corson
             William Smith
Sole Ex. named: William S. Cockerill
Dated: 3 March 1837
Signed: John (his X mark) Smith
Wit: Jasper Tracy
             John Brakefield
             William S. Cockerill
Proved: 24 June 1837
Elam Henton, Clerk

Sheets 26-27 (Front & Back)

Old Pisgah Cemetery
Ross Co. Ohio

Visited June 1941

Wife of Joseph Bryan
Died Jan. 26, 1857
aged 67 years
9 months
Erskin F.
son of
Joseph & Charity
Sept. 22, 1854
Aged 9 m. 16 da.
Daughter of
Jos & M.
Oct. 25, 1814
in the 10th year
of her age
daughter of
Jos & M
1833 in the
6 yr of
her age
son of Jos &
M. Bryan
June 1835
in the 10 yr
of his age
William H.
Son of Francis & Jane Harper
Died Dec. 24, 1836
Aged 20 mo
& 20 ds.
Sacred to the memory
of Williminia
Wife of ----- -----

(See Ohio Tombstones pp. 68)

Elizabeth Grady
May 15, 1816
in the 50th year
of her age
Sons of
James & Prudence Harper
Died Feb 8, 1846
7 mo
1 d
In memory of Robert Harper
who Departed This
Life Oct. 8th A.D. 1843
Aged 67 years 7 mo
& 8 Days
(O. Tombstones has 5 days)

Wife of
Rob. Harper
Died Mar. 29, 1861
73 yrs 6 mo 8 da
(O. Tombstones has 3 days.)

In Memory of Alexander Harper
who departed this life February 19, 1843
in the 76th year of
his age
(O. Tombstones has 75th y.)

In Memory of
Wife of
Alexander Harper
who departed this life
April 26, 1823
Aged 47 years &
20 days
William son of Thomas &
Margaret McCoy
died Jan 22, 1833
aged 5 years & 5
Robert Coyner
Wife of Francis Harper
Died Nov. 14, 1854
Aged 42 yrs.
10 mo 22 d
William Preston
Son of
J. & C Bryan
Aug. 25, 1859
Aged 16 years 4 mos. 19 ds.
(O. tombstones has 15 y.)

Sheet 28       (Front)


Sheet 28       (Front)

Davis, Benjamin, native of Virginia, came to Ohio in 1800 and settled Deer Creek Township, then on Darby Creek in Muhlenberg Township later to White Co., Indiana where died aged 90 years.
See p. 277, Biogr. & Pioneer Record.
His Children: John Davis born 8-22-1807 in Deer Creek Township, married Elizabeth Crabb a native of Ross Co., Ohio, in 1810; died 1882; had 16 children, 10 reached maturity; wife died 4-8.
His children were: Martha, dec; William, born 11-14-1836; Joseph; Isaac, dec.; David; Thomas; Fletcher, dec.; Mary A.; Amanda; and Millard.
Of these William Davis married 11-22-1857, Rebecca A. McQuire who died 4-28-1881.

Sheet 29       (Front)

Rev. James K. Morris, born 1817 in Fayette County, O. married Phoebe Horney native of Ohio. He taught school 14 years after marriage & for 40 years was a local minister, M.E. Church. Had 12 children: James M. Morris was born 9-14-1847; engaged in mercantile business in Lilly chapel, O.; married a dau of Thomas Cullumber, old settler of Fairfield Township. She was Margaret J. Cullumber b. 6-25-1849 in Fairfield Tp., the 5th of 8 children, Susan Lilly, born in Virginia, was the wife of Thomas Cullumber. She died Fairfield Tp. in 1870.
Joseph and Phebe (Van Vaeter)
Melvin had John who married Sarah Inger.

Sheet 30       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Notes: George Creamer from Germany where born 1746; married Barbara Clover in 1774. Came to American, located in Pa. thence to Va. thence to Fayette Co., O.

             Jonathan Shepherd born in Hardy Co., Va. 1787. to Ross Co., O. age of 15. To Marion Tp. Fayette Co., O. in 1810 where lived until his death in April 1862 aged 72. Bought 300 acres in Survey #607 (Quarles) in 1815. An original member of Salem M.E. Church.

A George Creamer from Berkeley Co., Va. had four sons:              Michael              Joseph m. Margaret Miller              David       Elizabeth Smith              George

A George Creamer m. Elizabeth Barney from Rockingham Co., Va., to Fayette Co., O. in 1816.

Sheet 30       (Front)


From Biographical History of Miami, Howard, Cass Counties in Indiana. Published by Lewis, 1898 in Chicago.

Vol. 2, page 1062, Clay Township, Miami County

The Baughns came from North Carolina stock, Scotch ancestry, Henry Baughn went from N. Car. to Culpeper Co., Va.; had married Elizabeth Wall in N.C.. Had seven children; Benj. F., William H., Zachariah, Richard, Susan, Lucy and Amy. Henry was early in Fayette Co., Ohio, died aged about 80 years.             Benjamin Bond born 1806 in N.C., married Malinda a daughter of George and Mary (Negley) Miller in Fayette Co., Ohio. In 1857 went to Miami County, Ind. and in 1876 to Atcheson, Kansas. Had George, Henry, Jasper, Elizabeth, Minerva, Martha, Ella and Arville.             Jasper Bond b. 18 May 1842 in Fayette Co., Ohio, married Eliza McCammon, daughter of Archibald and Elizabeth (Smith) McCammon. She was born in Putnam Co., Ind. Had ch: John, Thomas, Charles, Rosie and Ella

Sheet 31       (Front)

Notes on Fayette County

Hopkins, Jeremiah (son of Moses) wife, Nancy Claypool Hopkins. Moses Hopkins, son of Edward who will was proved in Allegheny Co., Pa. Jeremiah Hopkins died 5-3-1874 and was buried in Fayette Co., O. just outside the town of Washington, C.H.. Father of 13 children, 11 reached maturity:

  • Mary Jane married Cyrus Hegler
  • Sarah married Julius Bicknell
  • Washington Hopkins, Mt. Vernon, Mo. then Eldorado Springs, Mo.
  • David Hopkins Wash. C.H. O.
  • Elijah Hopkins, Hot Springs, Ark.
  • Nancy married Joseph Beatty, Wash. C.H., O.
  • Phoebe married Albert C. Peterson, Frankfort, O.
  • Harriet Ann married George Hamilton lived Florida
  • Scott, died After service, Civil War. Orange
  • Josiah b 10-7-1831, d 4-14-1914
  • Two children died young.

Hopkins, Matthew, brother of Moses Hopkins, born 6-6-1796 in Washington Co., Pa.; married Sarah Harper (born 1797 in Maryland) on 2-28-1819. Sarah died 9-16-1827. Matthew married 2nd, 4-3-1828. Rebecca Hopkins, dau. of Matthew, married Adam Day and lived in [continued on back]:

Sheet 32       (Front)

or near Hillsboro, Highland Co., O., had seven children, two of which number died in the Union Army. William Hopkins, son of Matthew.

Notes from Putnam's Fayette Co., O.
Peter Eyman early in Wayne Township, had Jacob and Samuel

Richard Sticky had children: David, Abraham, Jacob, Jack, James, William, John.

Davis, Benjamin, a native of S.C. moved to N. Car. then to Highland Co., O.; was a drum major in Rev. & served also in War, 1812; settled Griffiths Survey $738, Wayne Township, Fayette County. He died in 1837.
Jacob, son of Benjamin Davis, came to Ohio with his father married Ellen ----- who was born 1807 in Virginia; had children:
             Jacob A. Davis drowned in Ohio River at Scott's Landing during Morgan's Raid. Co. E. 1st Reg. Fayette Co. Militia.
[Continued . . .]

Sheet 33       (Front)

[continued from Sheet 32]:
             ----- Davis, married Abner Dixon and lives on the old home farm on Main Paint Creek.
It has been said that Benjamin Davis built the first horse mill in the county. Was owner of a book printed in 1779 for which he paid $45 in 1781. Wrote in it as follows:
Don't steal this book for fear of shame.
For above there is the owner's name.
List of Benjamin Davis's children:
             John, a farmer and tanner
             Hiram Davis, a farmer, father of 13 children; 5 sons served Civil War
             Joel, a farmer
             Zerubable Davis, Dec.
             Ester Davis
             Sarah, deceased
             Polly, deceased
             Benjamin, Jr.

Sheet 33       (Front)

Davis, Daniel came to Fayette Co. O. from Virginia, in 1818 and settled in Wayne Township. Sons who came with him:              G. W. Davis, farmer, miller, carpenter, blacksmith occupies the homestead. Children:
                         Lieut.. James M. 114 O.V.I.
                         Henry C.
                         Scott H.
             Thomas Davis, deceased
             Joseph Davis, died Civil War, Cav.
             Robert Davis, a Shoemaker in Rockville.
             Polly married Daniel Figgins

Sheet 34       (Front)

Hays, William, came to Paint Township Fayette Co., O. from Kentucky in 1803, locating on Big Walnut but in 1805 to (new Purchase?). Had children:
             David Hays         } Privates, Capt. McElwanes Militia under
             William                 } Col. Harper and Helped build a
             John                      } fort at Sandusky.
             James Hays, Jr.
of these William Hays married Jane Lynn in 1818 and had: Morgan, James H., Edmond, William L., Julia, Letitia and Mary. The graves of Morgan, Edmond, William S. and Mary may be found in Bloomingsburg, O (cemetery)

Sheet 34       (Front)

Henry and Chrisley Core were sons of John Core, who moved from Ross to Fayette Co., O. & settled in Marion Township. Henry was a Serg. Major in Col. McDonald's staff (married Col. John McDonald's Daughter)
Henry Core's sister married Benjamin Glaze. Chrisley Core married Catherine Glaze (Glaize)
Catherine Core married David Turnipseed who came from Virginia and settled on Compton Creek. Their children were: Solomon, William, John, Eliza, Mary, all moved west.

Sheet 35       (Front)

Charity, daughter of Moses Hopkins, married in 1830,
John Kule, born 9-15-1808 son of John and Mary (Eyler) Kule;
had eleven children.

Phoebe Hopkins, daughter of Moses, married 1833, Jacob Eyman (born 1798, 8-30-1879 died.
He was born in Virginia, son of Peter and Hannah (Whetstone) Eyeman). Phoebe had children.
             (a) Melinda Eyman married Ananias Ware, son of Jacob and Eliza McDonald Ware, on 9-16-1858.
                     Her seven children:
                                           Ida F.,
                                           Charles A.,
                                            W. A.,
                                            Frank S.,
                                            Ella and
                                           _____ Ware.
                                           Ananias Ware was born in 1836.
             (b) Jesse Eyman was in Morgan's Raid.
             (c) Peter, died young
             (d) Allen Eyman

Look Eggleston's Survey, Marion Township, for cem. where Salem Chapel stood. Burials here began in 1818. This was on Deer Creek Circuit until 1833.

Sheet 35       (Front)

Stout, Sarah Jane
daughter of Jeremiah and Caroline (Sitler) Stout, married 1865, George W. Valentine, born 10-6-1844. She was a native of Wash. Tp., Pickaway Co., O. Her parents were from Pa., married in Ohio and had 10 children.

Vanschoyek, David,
native of Franklin Co., O. where his parents were pioneers. He married Esther Bailey & had Rosa born 4-30-1836, married 12-10-1867, Robert Milliken. the Millikens lived six miles south of Plain City. Rosa died there 1-28-1884; children:
             Cora Milliken born 12-17-1868
             Della Milliken b. 9-17-1870

Hopkins, Levi, son of Matthew and _____ Harper Hopkins, lived near Madison Mills, O..
His children:
Silah, dec.;
John E.;
H. S., dec.;
John E. Hopkins, b 6-25-1862 near Linden, Ross Co., O. married Sarah Jane Taylor in 1883.
Had children:
             Clem Hopkins m Eliza Cook & had Frank E. and Margaret
             Morris B. Hopkins
             Ruth Ann Hopkins
Ref. Allen's Fayette Co. O. pub. by Bowen Co., 1914.

Sheet 36 (Front & Back)

Fayette County Ohio Smith's
Listed General Index of Adm. Wills.

Smith Book Page(s)
Smith, Armilda P.2244-245
Smith, Abraham M.2258-259
Smith, Anna321
Smith, Almira Bell8176
Smith, Anna8274
Smith, Abba A.10166
Smith, Bell Pleasant8585
Smith, Cornelius817
Smith, EnochC (Will)395
Smith, Evan2178
Smith, Edward2331
Smith, Elisha2371
Smith, Emma A.6403
Smith, Harry B.5293
Smith, Isaac3500
Smith, Isaac P.8133
Smith, Jane1191
Smith, John2302
Smith, John6346
Smith, Jess W.81
Smith, Laura E.6255
Smith, MathiasA78-80
Smith, Margaret1123
Smith, Mary C.2542
Smith, Melda E.2566
Smith, Malinda391
Smith, Martha E.9266
Smith, Malissa11145
Smith, Nancy2430
Smith, Noah H.7167
Smith, Samuel S.2180
Smith, Stephen2282
Smith, S. W.395
Smith, Sarah E.#9746 
Smith, William56
Smith, William L.6475

A Margaret Smith lived Fayette County in 1837,
a widow of Washington Township.
Her father, Jacob Castlemon.
She had sisters in Pitt Township, Allegheny Co., Pa:
             Susanna, wife of John Ross
             Mary, wife of Joseph Little
             Rachel, wife of David Ekin

Sheet 37       (Front)

Fayette County Ohio
Index of Wills & Administrations.
Jones, Stout, Horney, Hopkins

Name on Will Book Page(s)
Jones, David M., et alB373
Jones, Ellen7180
Jones, Humphrey6487
Jones, Jonathan Jr.B40
Jones, Jonathan Sen.B47
Jones, Matthew1273
Jones, NathanielA35
Jones, Norman F.A285
Jones, N. F.B20
Jones, Olave3470
Jones, Robert W.10537
Jones, Willis6495
Jones, Spencer1056
Stout, Peter242
Horney, Daniel1299
Hopkins, JohnA281
Hopkins, Jeremiah2113
Hopkins, MatthewA144
Hopkins, MarlinA220, 370

Sheet 38       (Front)

Book B Page 40

Estate of Jonathan Jones, Jr. App. made report on 10 October 1839 before John DeWitt, J.P.
Public Sale held 29 October 1839

Sheet 39       (Front)

Fayette County , Ohio

Deed Book C       Page 607
Grantee:     George Pence of Fayette Co., O.
Grantor:     Peter Windle, Sr. and Rachel, his wife of Fayette County, Ohio
Acres:     100 in Survey # 1379
Consideration:   one hundred centers
Dated:     27 May 1819
Recorded:   20 May 1823

Signed:     Peter Windle, Rachel (her X mark) Windle

Wit:     George Benson, James Kilpatrick

Beginning at a walnut and two hickories and elm corner to Philip Faints Survey thence North 80 poles to a stake in a perari on said Faints line then West 200¼ poles to three elms on the line of original survey, thence South º 14' East 80 poles to two maples and elm on said line, thence East 199¾ poles to beginning containing 100 acres more or less, Part of Survey # 1379 made in the name of John Spotswood on waters of Sugar Creek

Sheet 39       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book H, page 456
Grantor:     George Pence
Grantee:     John Parrett
100 acres part of Survey # 1379
Consideration:     $ 1000
Date of Deed:     16 April 1836
Received and Recorded:     27 June 1836
Signed:     George (his X mark) Pence,   Sally (her X mark) Pence
Wit:   James Stewart, David Creamer
Description same as on reverse side of this page.

Sally Pence appeared before David Creamer, J.P., etc.

# 1379 traversed by Sugar Creek and Lancaster Pike
[The following Paragraph has an X through it. DEG]
The Pence farm in northwest part of survey?

The Jeffersonville Pike crosses n w corner of the
farm where in 1875 a house stood.
Was then owned by the W. J. Parrett heirs.
Prob. where Fultz farm was

Sheet 40       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Original Survey # 6177 on Waters of North Fork
of Paint Creek in name of Peter Manifold,
containing 1,333 and 1/3 acres.

Beginning at four whiteoaks
Northwesterly corner to James Thompsons Survey # 4122 running with his line
North 83 degrees East 420 poles crossing several small branches to a stake and two whiteoaks northeast corner to said Thompson's survey and corner to William George's surveys # 1488, and 4123, thence with Georges line
North 43 degrees East 465 poles crossing several small branches to a stake Northwesterly corner to said Georges survey thence
West 452 poles passing the southeast corner of Charles Erskine's survey #890 and with his line to two whiteoaks and a hickory thence
South 578 poles crossing a branch to the beginning.

Carried the chains:   Alexander (Gi---), James Harper

Marker - John McDonald

District Surveyor - D. McArthur

Date - 2 December 1808             20 December 1808

[MAP that I cannot reproduce here. DEG]

Sheets 40       (Front) & 41       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Original Survey Book
George Handy and Joseph Hiles, 725 acres

            Beginning at two large white oaks cross long at the root and a hickory North West corner to Latham Stauntons survey # 6936 and north west corner to Duncan McArthurs # 7904 thence with line of McArthurs survey west 180 poles to a cherrytree northwest corner to said survey thence with another line thereof South 10 degrees West 184 poles crossing Whetstone run to a stake southwest corner to McArthurs said survey in line of represent---? of Matthew Arbuckles survey # 3899 thence with the line of said survey north 80 degrees West 50 poles to two hickories and three small buroaks southeast corner to Wm. Robinson's # 7252 thence with the line of Robinsons said survey North 192 poles to two buroaks and hickory thence east 62 poles crossing Whetstone run at 38 poles to four elms from one root an a Redoak thence
             North 50 degrees West 80 poles crossing the run at 38 poles to a whiteoak thence
             North 16 degrees West 117 poles crossing run at 26 poles to three small Bur Oaks and two small Jack oaks north corner to Robinsons said survey thence with the west line thereof
             South 30 degrees West 135 poles crossing the run at 42 poles to two Buroaks from one root easterly corner to said Robinson's survey # 6452 thence with a line of said survey
             North 60 degrees West 120 poles to Elm on the south side of a wet prairie corner to Robinson's said survey thence with another line thereof             North 5 degrees East 86 poles to two dead hickories
             South 84 degrees West 18 poles from the cabin in which John Dixon now resides and corner to Robinson's said survey thence with another line thereof connecting it corner
             North 55 degrees West 275 poles to three hickories northerly corner to said survey and corner and said McArthurs survey # 5681 and # 8197 thence with the line of last mentioned survey
             North 5 degrees West 99 poles to three hickories and whiteoak in the line of Richard Archers survey # 602, thence with his line and the line of Wm. Prices survey # 604
             South 60 degrees East 723 poles to a stake where three white oaks ought to stand southerly corner to Prices said survey and corner to Augustine Davis survey # 2559 thence with Davis back line
             South 79 degrees East 280 poles to three whiteoaks (one dead) lower back corner to Davis' said survey and most westerly corner to George Ryan's survey # 8778 thence with Ryan's said survey
             South 4 degrees West 54 poles to three white oaks, one forked and a hickory corner to Ryans said survey and northeast corner to Stauntons survey thence in line of said survey
             West 225 poles to beginning.
Carried Chains: William Chaffee, John Dixon
Marker - Abraham Whetstone
District Surveyor - Duncan McArthur
Date - 27 June 1817             16 September 1817

[MAP that I cannot reproduce here. DEG]

Sheet 41       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio
Original Survey Book
Survey # 3702

             Containing 545 acres in the name of George Matthews on a branch of Paint Creek,

             Beginning at three Elms and a Hickory sowesterly corner to Wm. Evans Survey # 3421 and running West 12 poles to two white oaks thence North 23º West 580 poles to seven White Oaks southwest corner to said Matthews Survey # 3701 thence with his lower line East 318 poles crossing a branch at 244 poles to a stake in a prairie Northwest corner to William Evans Survey # 3768 thence with his line of said Evans Survey # 3421 58º West 540 poles crossing the branch to the beginning.

[Map I cannot reproduce here. DEG}

Sheet 42       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Original Surveys # 8196 and 8639 in name of Duncan McArthur, containing 216 acres.
136 acres on warrant # 5551
  80 acres on warrant # 5718
On waters North Fork of Paint Creek

             Beginning at a white oak and elm southeast corner to Charles Erskine's survey # 890 thence
             East 330 poles to a Bur oak and Jack oak Southeast corner to Wm. Robinsons # 6452 thence with his line
             North 39 degrees West 126 poles (crossing state road from Chillicothe to Xenia at 106 poles to three elms in line of Robert Means survey # 5882 thence with said line
             West 85 poles to dead white oak and Black Oak in Joseph Bryan's field, southwest corner to Means said survey thence with another line thereof
             North 39 degrees West 137 poles to hickory and black oak in line of said McArthur's survey # 5881 and 8197 thence with said line
             South 40 degrees West 88 poles crossing the road to stake and two hickories southwest corner to McArthurs said survey in line of Erskines said survey thence with said line
             South 7½ degrees West 138 poles to beginning

Chain carriers: Adam Kious, Isaac Herring
Marker: John Bryan
District Surveyor - Duncan McArthur
Date - June 10, 1816             June 25, 1816

[Map I cannot reproduce here. DEG

Sheet 42       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio
Original Surveys

Survey # 1110 made for Robert Means on Military Warrant #5358
Located on the water of North Fork of Paint Creek.

             Beginning at two hickories and Buroak southerly corner to Duncan McArthurs entry # 5881 in the east line of Charles Erskines survey # 890 thence
             South 39 Degrees East 170 poles to a Buroak and Blackoak thence
             East 100 poles to three black oaks thence
             North 35 degrees West 250 poles to stake in the line of McArthurs said entry thence with said line
             South 40 degrees West 94 poles to beginning.

Chain carriers: Adam Kious, Adam Davis
Marker - John McDonald
D.S. - Duncan McArthur
Dates - January 7, 1808 to
             September 16, 1817

Sheet 43       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio
Original Survey Book

[1/2 down the page]:
Chain carriers: Benj. Massie, Joseph Wade
Marker, George Edgerton
D.S. Nathaniel Massie
Made April 27, 1795
Rec. May 12, 1795

[Square drawn at bottom of page containing:]
# 602
Richard Archer
1000 acres

Sheet 44       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio
Original Survey Book - Page 70

230 acres on two warrants surveyed for Duncan McArthur.
Warrants # 3821 and 5162 and 30 acres on part of Warrant # 5551,
an Indian Camp on a branch of the North Fork of Paint Creek:

             Beginning at three white oaks westerly corner to an entry # 602 made in the name of William Hendricks now entered and surveyed in the name of Richard Archer in the line of William Mosely's survey # 633 then with the line of Archers said survey
             South 60 degrees East 75 poles crossing the branch at 45 poles to two hickories and two white oaks, thence
             South 5 degrees West 80 poles to three hickories thence
             South 35 degrees East 24 poles to a Hickory, Elm and two Bur oaks thence
             South 40 degrees West 230 poles to a stake in the east line of Charles Erskines survey #890 thence with his line
             North 200 poles crossing the branch at 176 poles to three Black Oaks northeast corner to said Erskines survey thence with north line thereof
             West 140 poles to two white oaks and hickory thence
             North 40 degrees West 134 poles crossing a small branch at 16 poles to two hickories and whit oak in line of said Mosely's survey, thence with said line
             South 60 degrees East 100 poles to a white oak southerly corner to Mosely thence with another of his lines 
           North 30 degrees East 84 poles to beginning

Carried chains: Thomas McDonald, Christopher Popejoy
Marker - Adam Kious
D.S. - Duncan McArthur
Date - 15 December 1814             16 January 1815

[Map that I cannot reproduce here. DEG]

Sheet 44       (Front)

Fayette County Ohio
Original Survey Book - Page 77

Surveys # 6054 and # 6186 in names of Wm. Robinson and a representative of Wm. Sanford, Approximately 200 acres on a part of two military warrants, viz 100 acres on # 5400 (Sanford) and 10 acres on # 5573 (Robinson) lying on the waters of the East Fork and the North Fork of Paint Creek.
             Beginning at two white oaks and a black oak easterly corner to Thomas Worthington # 3703 running East 170 poles to a stake in a prairie thence North 52 degrees West 320 poles to three Buroaks thence West 170 poles to three Buroaks in the line of said Worthington Survey, thence with his line South 53 degrees East 320 poles to the beginning.

Chain carriers: James Stewart, John Funk
Marker, William Robinson
Dis. Surveyor, Nathaniel Massie
Date, Dec. 9, 1811
Rec. Dec. 21, 1811
[Map that I cannot reproduce that contains:}

# 6054 and # 6186
200 acres

Sheet 45       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio
Book or Original Surveys - Page 82

Survey # 6452 containing 593 and 1/3 acres on two Military Warrants, # 5622 and 5629 and 193 1/3 acres on part of # 5573--on the waters of the North Fork of Paint Creek.
             Beginning at three hickories south 5 West 80 poles from two white oaks and two hickories in the line of Richard Archers Survey # 602, the said Hickories and White oaks are south 60 East 75 poles from the most southwesterly corner of said Archers Survey running South 40 West 142 poles to two hickories thence South 39 East 360 poles to a Bur oak and Jack oak in an oldline thence East 200 poles to two hickories and a Bur Oak and old corner thence North 30 East 110 poles to two Bur oaks from one root thence North 60 West 120 poles to an Elm, in the edge of a Prairie thence North 5 East 80 poles to two Hickories thence North 60 West 337 poles to the beginning.
Chain Carriers: William Hill, James Powner
Marker, William Robinson
Nath'l Massie, D.S.
April 22, 1811
May 16, 1811

[Map that I cannot reproduce here. DEG]

Sheet 45       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio
Original Survey

# 3703 containing 1200 acres in name of Worthington situated on the waters of Paint Creek,
      Beginning at two white oaks, a Black oak and Hickory northerly Corner to George Matthews Survey # 370, running with his line South 70 degrees West 500 poles, crossing a branch to a stake, thence North 52 degrees West 458 poles to three Black oaks from one root thence North 70 degrees East 500 poles crossing the branch at 320 poles to three White oaks thence South 52 degrees East 458 poles to place of beginning.
Chain carriers: Zadock -----, Charles Potter
Marker, Jesse Spencer
D.S. Duncan McArthur
Made Sept. 30, 1799
Recorded, October 19, 1799

[Diamond Shaped Map that I cannot reproduce there, that contains:]
# 3703
Thomas Worthington
1200 Acres

Sheet 46       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book B         80 acres       $80

Grantor - Wm. Robinson

Grantee - Henry Miller


Location - Survey 6054

             Beginning at a black oak, two white oaks and a hickory eastwardly corner to Thomas Worthington Survey # 3702 thence East 105 poles to three Barren oaks thence north 38 degrees East 40 poles to four black oaks three from one root and Three barren oaks Thence north 52 degrees West 102 poles to a stake thence South 38 West 114 poles to two hickories thence South 52 East 18 poles to beginning containing 50 acres.

Date January 15, 1818

Survey # 6054 patented to Wm. Robinson.

Sheet 47       (Front)

Deeds Fayette County Ohio

Page # 6 Book "B"

Grantee - Samuel Smith of Fayette Co., Ohio
Grantor - Richard Quarles of Richmond, Va. thr. his attorney (Cadwallader Wallace of Chillicothe, Ohio
Consideration : $ 200
Date of Deed : 22 January 1816
Recorded : 1 June 1816

On Waters of Paint Creek
             Begin at two hickories and a black walnut northerly corner to Robert Quarles Survey # 673, thence with the east line South 37 degrees East 160 poles, thence South 48 degrees West 100 poles to four small dogwoods and a small black walnut, thence North 37 degrees West 163 poles to a large whiteoak and three dogwoods in the upper line of said Survey # 673, thence with the same North 53 degrees East 103 poles to beginning containing 100 acres more or less
Wit: Wm. Creighton, Ebenezer Tuttle
             signed: Robert Quarles by
             his attorney in fact
             Cadwallader Wallace

Sheet 48       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book D. Page 221

Grantees - John and Joshua Robinson

Grantors - Sally Robinson and James Stewart, ex. of the William Robinson estate.

Dated - Dec. 3, 1824

83 acres in Survey 6452 for $50

        Beginning at 5 buroaks from one root on a road thence S 43 E 165 to (2 buroaks and Elm corner) to a peace of the same survey sold to William Gradeless and Kirkendall then with Kirkendolls line N 18 E 110 poles to a stake in the original line, thence north 55 W 124 poles to three hickories one down then south 39 d. 15 m. 77 poles to the beginning containing 83 acres more or less being part of survey #6452 patented to Wm. Robinson by the President of the United States date April 11, 1815.

Witnesses of the signing: Comfort Robinson, Joseph S. Gillispie

Signed - James Stewart ex., Sally Robinson

Sheet 49       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Book D. Page 226
             Henry and John Arnold were bound to Addison Day on December 4, 1824. They were sons of Frederick Arnold, dec. late of Fayette County and Margaret Birk now of Ross county, late Margaret Arnold wife of Frederick Arnold. Bound with the consent of their mother. Henry was aged 10 years, 2 months and 15 days; John aged 6 years 1 month and 23 days. Henry must serve 10 years and 8 months. John must serve 14 years and 11 months. They were to have at the end of the terms two suits of common wearing apparel, one new Bible, one horse, saddle and bridle each.

Sheet 50       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book D, Page 455

Grantee - William Bryant
Grantors -
Date- November 12, 1829 (or 1825 ? )
Consideration - $88
             Beginning at a buroak and jack oak in the line of the tract of land on which Will Hill now lies North then with his line E 112 poles to three small Jackoaks and a hickory corner to Miller's tract thence with their line N 31.30 W 129 poles to two black oaks corner to piece of which James Riley now lines, thence with Rileys line S 23 W 124 poles to the beginning containing 44 acres, part of survey # 6452

Witnesses: Comfort Robinson, Joseph S. Gillispie

Sheet 50       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book "F"         page 96

Grantor - William Bryant

Grantee - Abraham Hagler

Location - Survey # 6452



             Beginning at a buroak and jack oak in line of tract on which William Hill now lives thence with his line East 112 poles to three small jackoaks and a hickory corner to Miller tract thence with their line North 31.30 degrees West 129 poles to two black oaks corner to James Riley tract thence with his line South 23 degrees West 124 poles to beginning containing 44 acres

Sheet 51       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book E.   Page 505
Survey 6452
Date - January 25, 1826

Grantee -  Nathaniel Gradeless

Grantors - Robert Dickson             Hannah Dickson

                   Daniel Miller                  Rachel Miller

                   Sewelin Christy             Nancy Christy

                   Robert Miller                  Nancy Miller

                   John Miller

                   William Miller

Consideration - $156

Beginning at an elm and Jackoak corner to Jacob Cremeen thence 60 W 60 poles to an Elm thence 375 W 76 to a stake and blackoak in the line of James Reileys land thence with his lien and William Bryans line S 31.30 E 130 poles to two Elms in said Bryans line corner to said Jacob Cremeen thence with Cremeens line N 30 E 116 poles to beginning containing 51 acres 89 poles.

Witness - Samuel Yeoman             Gilbert Yeoman

Sheet 51       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book I (i)       Page 248

Grantee - Nathaniel Gradeless

Grantor - Robert Miller

Consideration - $250

Date of Deed - 28 December 1835

Recorded -
             Beginning at two white oaks and hickory, northwest corner to Peter Maniford's survey # 6117 thence with the line thereof West 206¼ poles to a stake, thence South 97 poles to a stake in John Bybee line, thence West with said Bybees line 206¼ poles to a stake in the original line thence with said line North 97 poles to beginning containing 125 acres.

Sheet 52       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book F         Page 269

Grantors - Robert and Nancy Miller

Grantee - Abraham Hegler


             Beginning at the elm and Jackoak corner to Jacob Carmean thence North 60 degrees west 60 poles to an Elm, thence South 75 degrees West 76 poles to a stake and black oak in the line of James Rileys land then with his line and William Bryans line South 31.30 degrees East 130 poles to two elms in said Bryans line corner to Jacob Carmeans land thence with a line thereof North 30 degrees West 116 poles to beginning containing 51 acres 68 poles.

signed - Robert Miller, Nancy Miller


Dated - 26 October 1830


Sheet 53       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book F, Page 181

Grantor - Alice Compton
Grantee - George Compton
Consideration $250 and a reserve of life estate.
Location - Survey # 602
150 acres
Date - 20 November 1830

             Beginning at a hickory the Westerly corner of Watt's survey running thence S 30 W 14.9 poles to a stake in the edge of a Prairie near a small drain thence S 60 d. W 150.9 poles crossing branch at 28 poles and at 74 poles and a small creek at the 118 poles and at 146 poles to a Walnut, white oak and buroak at the foot of a hill thence N 30 d. E 154.0 poles crossing the North fork of Paint to a stake in Watt's line thence with said line in the North Fork of Paint to the beginning

Signed - Alice (s) Compton

Witnesses - S. Demsey, Isaac Bonner

- - - - -
From Stephen and Richard Archer, by deed held in common, George and Alice Compton had bought land.
Date 22 Sept. 1818. Alice for $100 sold her undivided ½ to George on 10 August 1827.

Signed - Allice Compton

Witnesses - John Dewitt, Reuben Rowe

Sheet 53       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book F. Page 89
115 acres in Survey 633 for $145

Grantee - George Compton
Grantor - Allen Latham of Chillicothe, O.

             Beginning at a Hickory corner to the original survey thence with the original line S 30 d. W 185 poles to two Barron Oaks and small Jack Oak in Benjamin Davis line, thence N 30 E 185 poles to three small jack oaks in the original line thence S 60 d. E 100 poles to beginning containing 115 acres, Part of Survey # 633 in the name of Wm. Moseley.

Signed - Allan Latham, Marial W. Latham

Witnesses - James Miller, Benjamin R. Davis

Sheet 54       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book F           Page 465

Grantor - Moses Hopkins

Grantee - Jeremiah Hopkins

Consideration - $50

Location - Survey # 6453

             Beginning at two elms, a corner to land sold by Robert Miller and wife to Abraham Hegler thence South 18 degrees West 100 poles to hickory, elm and buroak, thence North 60 degrees West 83 poles to two buroaks and elm, thence North 18 degrees East 100 poles to a small buroak and jack oak bush, thence South 60 degrees East 83 poles to the beginning containing 50 acres part of Survey # 6452

Signed - Moses Hopkins, Sarah Hopkins

Witnesses - John Kuhl, Thomas Shannon

Date - 6 February 1831

Recorded -

Sheet 55       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book H           Page 363

Grantors - Hannah Dickson et al of Fayette Co., O.

Grantee - Robert Miller of Fayette County, Ohio

Consideration - $250


             Beginning at an Elm thence North 3 degrees East 94 poles to two Hickories stumps which is a common corner to Duncan McArthurs land thence with McArthurs line North 55 degrees West 86 poles to three small jack oaks thence South 20 degrees West 110 poles with Hopkins line to a white oak and elm thence South 13 degrees East 70 poles to a Jack oak and Stake thence North 75 degrees East 76 poles to place of beginning containing 55 acres in Survey entry 6452
Signed by Robert Dickson and Hannah, his wife
             Sewellen Christy and Elizabeth, his wife
             David Miller and Rachel, his wife
             John, William and Samuel Miller
             Robert Miller
Witnesses: Sam'l Yeoman
             Albert Yeoman            
             Stephen Yeoman, Jr.            
             Peter Wagner
Date: 2 December , 1826

Sheet 56       (Front)

Book I Page 5
Samuel Smith - Grantor of Fayette Co.
{ Greenup Campbell - Grantee
{ Hugh Campbell - Grantee
consideration $ 850 for 103¾ acres in # 673
Date of Deed: March 20, 1834
Recorded :August 6, 1836 by Stephen Yeoman.
Witnesses: Stephen Yeoman, Abed Yeoman

Signed: Samuel (his X mark) Smith, Rebecca (her X mark) Smith

Book B page 320
Samuel Smith - Grantor of Fayette County, O.
Edward Smith - Grantee of Fayette County, O.
In Lot # 117 in Washington C.H.
Date : March 13, 1816
Consideration : $ 100
Recorded : 13 April 1818 by Robert McElwain, Clerk
Signed: Samuel Smith, Rebecca (her X mark) Smith
Wit : Jesse Millikan, Nicholas Neely

Sheet 57       (Front)

Grantee : Hugh Roebuck
Grantor : Samuel M. Smith, et al
Book O. Page 169, Deeds of Fayette Co., Ohio
1/8 of 140 A. in Survey # 3703

Sheet 58       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book F           Page 705

Grantor - Jeremiah Hopkins

Grantee - Abraham Heagler

Consideration - - $ 14,000

             Beginning at a stake in center of road, and 36 poles North 25 degrees East from a buroak and jackoak, southwest corner to Wm. Robinson Survey # 6453, thence North 23 degrees East 83 poles to a stake, thence North 29 degrees West 95 poles to a whiteoak, thence North 26 degrees East 109 poles to four small jackoaks corner to Jesse White's land, thence North 55 degrees West 204 poles to a stone corner to J. T. Pugsleys land, thence with his line South 41½ degrees West 152 poles (passing five buroaks marked as a corner at 76 poles) to a buroak and redoak, thence South 38½ degrees East 109 poles to a stone, thence South 47½ degrees West 67 poles to a stake, thence South 65½ degrees East 68½ poles to a stone, thence south 24½ degrees West 28½ poles to a stone, thence South 65½ degrees East 194 poles to the beginning containing 388½ acres. 342½ in Survey 6452
  46 acres in Survey #5882

Signed : Jeremiah Hopkins, Nancy Hopkins

Witnesses : John Smith, Adam F. Day

Date Made

Date Recorded

Sheet 59       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book 1 Page 525

Grantee - Milton Hegler
Grantors - Allen Hegler and wife
        Cyrus Hegler and Mary, his wife
Note: Milton, Allen and Cyrus, sons of Abraham Hegler, dec.

             Beginning at White Oak and Elm the southeast corner of P. W. and J. J. Erskines survey # 12036 (12037) in line of Jacob Eyeman thence with line of said Survey North 7½ East 180 poles to a stake Thence South 65 East 76 poles to a stake corner to lands of Jeremiah Hopkins, deceased Thence North 47½ East 90 poles to a stone corner to Hopkins thence South 38½ degrees West 109 poles to a Buroak and red oak another corner to said Hopkins; thence North 41½ degrees East 152 poles to a stone and another corner to Hopkins; Thence South 55 degrees East 20-4 poles to four Jackoaks corner to Jesse White thence North 30 degrees East 102 poles to a stake corner to Jesse White, known as the Rows corner thence South 60 degrees East 176 poles to a stone in the line of Henry Stuckey and corner to Cyrus Heagler, part of land bequeathed by Abraham Heagler deceased thence South 29 degrees West 335 poles to a stone on the south side of Chillicothe Pike, another corner of said Cyrus Hegler thence South 17 degrees East (?) 97½ poles to stone, another corner of said Cyrus Heagler; thence South 8½ degrees East 80 poles to a stone, another corner of Cyrus Heagler; thence South 50 degrees West 37 poles to a stone on the South bank of Herrod's Creek corner to Cyrus Hegler and Henry Slagle thence Eat 130 degrees West 106 poles to a stake corner to Henry Slagle, thence North 89½ West 251 poles to a stone corner to Henry Slagle and Jacob Eyeman thence north ½ degree East 97½ poles to a stake corner to Jacob Eyeman thence West 157 poles to beginning containing 1126 acres being
             152 acres in Survey 6452
             206 acres in 8196, *8030), 8639
             100 acres in Survey 6117
             342 acres in 6452
               46 acres in Survey 5682
Total of 846 acres in Fayette County and
[continued on back . . ]:

Sheet 59       (Front)

Ross County, Ohio
             170 acres in Surveys 4123, 4128
             160 acres in Surveys 9121, 9142, 9143
Total of 330 acres in Ross.

Description of a second tract:
Situated on the water of North Fork of Paint Creek, being part of Survey # 12037 in names Patrick and John Erskine.
             Beginning at a stone where three Blackoaks formerly stood, northeast corner to said survey thence with the original line west 236 poles near two buroaks. Thence south 196 poles to a stone; thence South 87½ degrees East 84 poles to a stone. Thence South 218 poles to two hickories and a Bur Oak in the southerly line of said survey. Thence with original line East 94 poles to an Elm and buroak original corner, thence North 8 degrees East 416 poles to beginning continuing 425 acres being part of Abraham Heaglers land deceased.

Date of Deed - 10 February 1877.

Sheet 60       (Front)

Fayette County, Ohio

Deed Book 29 Page 610

Grantor - Milton Hegler

Grantee - Dora Shobe

Lot #7

Beginning at Iron Pin Center of C.H. & D.R.R. and in the center of the new county road corner to Orris Hegler Lot of 88.56 acres in the subdivision of these land Hence North 77.35 degrees West 5.58 chains to a joint in the center of said railroad thence on a curve to the right 8.6 chains to a join in the center of said Railroad thence North 60.30 degrees West 44.45 poles to an iron pin in the center of said rail road to Iva B Bakers lot of 80.73 acres in the Sub-division of these land thence North 44.55 degrees East 35.65 chains to corner of J. R. Mills thence South 351.5 degrees East 50.87 chains to a stone in the center of the county road, corner A. T. Vincent, Thence South 33.25 degrees West 22.57 chains to a stake in the north line of right of way of said Rail Road, at an angle to center line of County road, thence South 27.a15 degrees West. .39 chains to beginning containing 164 acres in Wm. Robinsons's Survey # 6452 and 20 acres in D. McArthurs Survey # 5881.

Lot #8

Beginning at an iron pin in the center of the C. H. & D. R. R. and Center of new county road corner of Orris Hegler Lot of 88.56 acres in sub-division of these lands thence South 77.35 degrees East 31.97 chains to an iron pin in the R.R. center and ___? to subdivided portion of these land thence South 27.15 degrees West 14.12 chains to a stone corner to said portion or in the line of Almer Heglers Lot of 150 acres in subdivision of *****

Sheet 61       (Front)

Census 1830, Fayette Co., Ohio     Wayne Tp.

James Riley
             1 female 20-30
Samuel Devaul
             1 male 5-10
             2 males 10-15
             1 male 40-50
             1 females 15-20
             2 females 20-30
             1 female 40-50
Nathaniel Goodless
             1 male 30-40
             1 male 10-15
             1 male 5-10
             2 males under 5
             1 female 5-10
             2 female 10-15
             1 female 30-40
William Goodless
             1 male 10-15
             1 male 40-50
             1 female under 5
             1 female 5-10
             2 females 15-20
             1 female 30-40
Jefferson Township - Census 1830
Peter Windle
             1 male 20-30
             1 female 60-70

Sheet 61       (Front)

Mr. Frank Shobe - pub. book on Shobe, Hire, Hagler, Stookey, Kirkpatricks has recently added a 20 page supplement.

Sheet 62       (Front)


Adam Kious m. Margaret Hidy near 1800.
Had colonial brick house near Eyeman Cemetery.
In 1849 he had these children living:
             Absalom m. Mary Waugh
             George 1814-1888, Madison Co., Ohio
             Cynthia Ann
             Mary m. Milo Waugh

             Five of these went to live near Fowler, Indiana
Tradition: Two Kious brothers came as Hessian soldiers - became captains in American Army.
Adam Kious to Ross co., Ohio in 1793.
Adam Kious died 1 Nov 1849

From Mrs. Paul Fisher
             2415 Benderwirt
             Rockford, Illinois

Sheet 63       (Front)

Census of 1850

Fayette County , Ohio

Taken 27 July by William Smith
Wayne township 403-403

Leonard Bush, 32, Laborer
Malinda 34
Isabil 9
Sarah J. 6
Melissa 4
Rebecca 3
Joseph W. (All born in Ohio)

483-483, Aug 6, William Smith

Jesse White, 37
Elizabeth 30
Adam T. 12
Addison D. 10
Genette A., 8
Mary S. 7
Agatha 4
Martha E. 1 (all born in Ohio)

Jeremiah Hopkins, 45 b. Penna
Nancy 42
Sarah 19
Washington 18
Josiah 17
David 17
Nancy 14
Elijah 12
Harriet A. 7
Grange S. 6
Jeremiah F., 6/12

. . .

To Be Continued . . .


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