Index to the
Bulletin of the
Whitley County Historial Society
by Jeanette Brown 2007

129th RegApril 19712-9
A to Z PrintingApril 196411
AB Mosher Coal CoOctober 197917
Abrams, MaryOctober 196310
Accumalation of filthDecember 2005 6
Ackley's, LiveryDecember 19635
Adair, JessieDecember 19664-6photo
Adair, Joseph WOctober 195813
Adair, Joseph WOctober 196310
Adair, Joseph WJune 19693-10
Adair, Joseph WilsonJune 19883-11
Adair, Joseph WilsonDecember 199529-31
Adair, Judge JosephDecember 19665
Adams, AAApril 19732-8
Adams, Andrew AJune 19693-10
Adams, Andrew ASeptember 20047photo
Adams, Andrew AddisonJune 200314
Adams, AndyFebruary 196514
Adams, AndyJune 19793-5
Adams, BirdJune 200218
Adams, C WAugust 19869
Adams, Clarice Vivian (Mink)December 199222author
Adams, HesterOctober 19583
Adams, HesterJune 200111photo
Adams, James DJune 19646
Adams, James DFebruary 19663-7author
Adams, James DApril 196610-14author
Adams, James DJune 19693-10
Adams, James DOctober 19749author
Adams, James DFebruary 198224photo
Adams, James DAugust 198815-27author
Adams, James DFebruary 19894photo
Adams, James DSeptember 200626
Adams, JohnAugust 197111
Adams, John QOctober 19914photo
Adams, John QuincyJune 198825
Adams, Nettie COctober 196310
Adams, Sophie DuPontFebruary 198714photo
Adams, ZillahOctober 19644
AdamsFebruary 198714photo
Adams familyJune 20039
Adams SchoolFebruary 197512, 13, 15photo
Adams SchoolJune 20027
Adams-PondFebruary 19773
Adams-Pond HomesteadDecember 197510-12photo
Adang, CharlesFebruary 19843
Adang, CharlesApril 198911photo
Addis, HeberFebruary 19843
Addis, JohnJune 200615
Adkins Trailer ParkOctober 199324-25
AgricultureJune 198419, 20
AgueOctober 199110-12
Air MailFebruary 198325-27photo
Aker, DavidOctober 19663
Aker, LeeOctober 197111photo
Aker, LeeAugust 19729-12
Aker, LeeJune 198118photo
Aker, Margaret CoyleApril 19871-8photo
Aker, OrellaOctober 196310
Aker, Oscar CFebruary 19843
Aker, SarahOctober 196310
Aker, WashingtonOctober 19903
Aker BridgeMarch 200623
Albaugh, AnitaOctober 198131author
Albert, GladysFebruary 198711photo
Albertson, HonoreDecember 198128photo
Albertson, HonoreApril 19878photo
Albright, OttDecember 200619photo
AlbrightMarch 200213
Ale, MaryFebruary 198714photo
Alexander, AltonDecember 200617photo
Alexander, FredDecember 200617photo
Alexander, Helen McConnellDecember 197810, 11
Alexander, Helen McConnellJune 19796-8author
Alexander, Helen McConnellOctober 197923-25author
Alexander, JohnOctober 19585
Alexander, JohnDecember 196411
Alexander, John HSeptember 20058
Alexander, KniselyOctober 195813
Alexander, PhilSeptember 200326photo
Allan, FrankJune 19722-9
Allbright, S BSeptember 20047
Allen, PhilemanJune 200314
Allen, WesleyAugust 197110photo
Allen, Wesley WDecember 196313
Allen, Wesley WDecember 196314
Allen, WilliamDecember 196313
Allen, WilliamDecember 196314
Allen BrosDecember 196313
Alles, JosephApril 197111
Alles, PaulSeptember 200326photo
Alley TreasuresAugust 19722-8
Allwein, Frank PJune 19873, 13photo
Along the Kenapocomoco (Poem)December 199729
Alsop, Wilson, MrsDecember 19636
Alter, LeonAugust 198816photo
Amber, ROctober 199118photo
American FuneralJune 19741-10
American LegionFebruary 19711-9
American LegionFebruary 19843-15
American Railway Express RobberyMarch 199911-13
Amick, Nancy SSeptember 200426author
Amick, Nancy ScottJune 200410
Ammerman, BlancheMarch 200614
Anders, MarjorieFebruary 19879photo
Anders, PaulMarch 199615photo
Anders, PaulSeptember 200326photo
Anderson, AcieApril 197012photo
Anderson, Arthur 1920February 19698photo
Anderson, Betty JJune 199616-20author
Anderson, BobJune 19866photo
Anderson, CaleApril 197012photo
Anderson, CarlApril 198619
Anderson, CarlAugust 198816photo
Anderson, ClaraJune 200218
Anderson, ClarenceAugust 19869
Anderson, Clarence EDecember 197812, 13author
Anderson, ClydeJune 200218
Anderson, EarlAugust 198119
Anderson, Earl 1920February 19698photo
Anderson, EldonJune 200627
Anderson, EmoryJune 198126photo
Anderson, FrankDecember 200619photo
Anderson, HaroldApril 19694photo
Anderson, JohnJune 197312-14
Anderson, JohnJune 19732-7
Anderson, JohnSeptember 200326photo
Anderson, KeithOctober 19648
Anderson, M FOctober 196310
Anderson, MarkSeptember 200326photo
Anderson, MrsSeptember 200424
Anderson, Mrs TillieMarch 200524
Anderson, Raymond 1912February 19696photo
Anderson, RubyMarch 199618photo
Andrews & TyreeMarch 200528
Anspaugh, C CJune 200310
Anspaugh, JackMarch 200619, 20photo
Anspaugh, MalindaSeptember 20057
AnspaughSeptember 20059
Antartic Snow MonsterOctober 198127, 28photo
Anthes, BOctober 199118photo
Anthes, BobJune 19866photo
Anthes, PhillipDecember 196310
Anthes, PhillipOctober 197213-15photo
Apfelbaum, MosesFebruary 19808
Apfelbaum, RollandDecember 200017photo
Apfelbaum, SamuelFebruary 19808
Appelton FarmMarch 200622
Applegate, RichardJune 199916
Appleseed, JohnnySeptember 199611
AppliancesJune 199716-17
Archer, BerthaJune 198623
Archer, JoeSeptember 200221-25poetry-author
Archer, JosiahFebruary 19737-9
Archer, MarkOctober 197111photo
Archer, MarkJune 198118photo
Archibald, Gary MichaelJune 19711
ArchitectureJune 197922
Armel, ImoAugust 198724photo
Armey, NormanAugust 19749photo
ArmisticeDecember 199012-14
Armold, CharlesDecember 19647
Armold, Fred 1912February 19696photo
Armold, John 1912February 19696photo
Armold, John 1922February 19697photo
Armold, MerleFebruary 19874photo
Armold, Pauline 1922February 19697photo
ArmoryOctober 198114
Army Song BookJune 199314-16
Arnold, AnnaJune 200218
Arnold, Clyde DelanoJune 200218
Arnold, ElmerJune 200218, 19
Arnold, EvaJune 200218
Arnold, FamilySeptember 200227
Arnold, FlossieJune 200218, 19
Arnold, GeorgeFebruary 198721
Arnold, JohnApril 197012photo
Arnold, John 1920February 19698photo
Arnold, WApril 19646
Arnston, CarlAugust 198816photo
Arsmith, MalindaOctober 196310
AtoZ PrintingAugust 19805
AtoZ PrintingJune 198310
Auer, CarlJune 200211photo
Auer, DelmarAugust 198521-23author
Auer, JoeJune 200211photo
Auer, Lulu HessDecember 198418photo
Auers, MalvinaDecember 196313
Auers, MalvinaDecember 196314
Auker, HenryApril 198522photo
Auker, JakeDecember 200619photo
Aumick, MinnieDecember 200130
Aunsbaugh, ClaudeDecember 198419photo
Aunt Jemina AppearsMarch 199917
Austin, Dr Stephen SJune 200526
Austin, HarryJune 200312
Austin, Mary JaneJune 200410
Austin, PerryAugust 197713, 14
Austin, S G, DrJune 199322
Austin, S S, DrFebruary 19644
Austin, Stephen SOctober 197820photo
Austin, WillisDecember 200426
Austin (House), Stephen ShermanDecember 20037-13photos
Austin HouseAugust 198027photo
Austin, M DDecember 200426
Austin, MD, Stephen SJune 200411
Auto AccidentOctober 199328
Auto License 1stMarch 200521
Autos & OwnersAugust 19674-6
Aviation & Old SettlersAugust 19677-12photo
Ayres, Maggie, MrsOctober 196310

Baby GravesOctober 19723-5
Bachelor ClubOctober 197111photo
Bachelor ClubJune 198118-20photo
BachelorsApril 198721-23
Bahm, Edward WJune 198615
Bailey, JoeJune 197911
Bailey, JoeJune 19866photo
Bailey, LeonardAugust 19749photo
Bailey, LloydJune 19693-10
Bailey, RalphOctober 19915photo
Bailey SchoolOctober 195811
Bailey SchoolJune 20027
Bainbridge, NettieDecember 19664-6photo
Bainbridge, Nettie, DrAugust 198729
Bair, AlvinJune 19706photo
Bair, EdwardJune 19722-9
Bair, Tim 1895April 19694photo
Baker, AaronJune 19866photo
Baker, Bernice 1909April 19697photo
Baker, ClarenceJune 198722photo
Baker, ClarenceMarch 200615
Baker, EdAugust 19729-12
Baker, EdJune 197613
Baker, EdithJune 198615
Baker, EdwardDecember 197412
Baker, FredOctober 197111photo
Baker, FredJune 198118photo
Baker, FredFebruary 198224photo
Baker, FredFebruary 198225photo
Baker, FredDecember 198325
Baker, FredApril 19878photo
Baker, GraceFebruary 197925photo
Baker, Grover WJune 19646
Baker, H EAugust 19767, 8author
Baker, H E, Mr & MrsJune 197611photo
Baker, H EdFebruary 196510
Baker, HelenDecember 200617photo
Baker, JerryMarch 200621
Baker, John S, MrsAugust 197619photo
Baker, John WAugust 19649
Baker, John WDecember 19742-5
Baker, John WJune 200416author
Baker, John WSeptember 20049
Baker, John W, HonApril 19811-6photo
Baker, John WesleyOctober 19849
Baker, JosephSeptember 20025
Baker, Joseph MFebruary 198719
Baker, KateAugust 19729-12
Baker, KateDecember 198128photo
Baker, KateApril 198416photo
Baker, Leman SAugust 198414photo
Baker, PhyllisMarch 200619
Baker, ScottAugust 197012
Baker, VeraOctober 196510
Baker, Vera April 19878photo
Baker, ZachariahFebruary 19773
Baker ParkFebruary 197914, 15
Baker ParkApril 19816
Ball, AlmaAugust 19729-12
Ball, FrankOctober 197111photo
Ball, FrankJune 198118photo
Ball, FrankFebruary 198225photo
Ball, FrankApril 198416photo
Ball, RexDecember 200017photo
Ball, WilliamAugust 19729-12
Banana RowApril 19723-6photos
Band ConcertsAugust 198524, 25
Band MusicApril 199219
Band, Laud CornetOctober 19704photo
BandsAugust 19732-5
Bank RobberyDecember 19878, 30
Banks, Charles RApril 19732-8
Banks & Glassley DrygoodsApril 198522photo
Banning, MarieAugust 198724photo
Barber, E LJune 200628
Barber, Edwin LFebruary 198823photo
Barber, Edwin LuskOctober 198410-13photo
Barber, Edwin LuskJune 19951-11photo
Barber, Mary JOctober 196310
Barber FamilyFebruary 19747-11
Barber ShopApril 19723-6
Barbers/PeabodyAugust 198124
Barbers/South WhitleyAugust 198119
BarbershopsOctober 199329
Barbershops/LarwillAugust 198121
Bardonner, MyrtleJune 198813photo
Bardonner, Myrtle I (Yeager)December 199213-16author
Barger, TriciaJune 198818photo
Barn RaisingDecember 19748-10photo
Barn RaisingFebruary 19788-13
Barnes, BarbaraJune 20056-7photo
Barnes, CharlesApril 197710photo
Barnes, Charles K, DrAugust 198328, 29
Barnes, LukeMarch 200623
Barnes, MarySeptember 200430photo
Barnes, OcieMarch 199613
Barnes, RoyMarch 200616photo
Barnes, WalterSeptember 200430photo
Barnes, ZachariahMarch 200623
Barnes, Zella MossmanAugust 197310-14
Barney, DelJune 19722-9
Barney, E ADecember 19657
Barney, Everett WillingtonFebruary 19737-9
Barney, RuthDecember 197612photo
Barnhart, W COctober 19586, 13
Barnhart, W CApril 19648
Barnhill, VaethOctober 19846photo
BarnraisingDecember 200619photo
Barns, DanDecember 200425
Barnum, LeonardFebruary 198710photo
Barringer, JohnApril 198815photo
Barsh, EarlOctober 197111photo
Barsh, EarlJune 198118photo
BaseballOctober 198317-20
BaseballFebruary 198423-25
BaseballJune 19993-5
Baseball 1867March 20049, 10
Baseball- Little LeagueMarch 200622-25
Bash Hill SchoolDecember 197821
Bash Hill SchoolJune 20027
BasketballJune 19757-9photo
Basketball June 198718-23
Basketball 1912June 200115-16
Basketball-GirlsDecember 198129
Bates, ArthurMarch 200629photo
Bates, BenDecember 200619photo
Battle of Fallen TimbersFebruary 196711photo
Baublet, Ludy SheadleApril 198128photo
Baublit, Harry HughApril 198912
Baublit, Lucy (Sheadel) 1904April 19696photo
Bauer, GeorgeMarch 200314
Bauer, HildaMarch 200615
Bauer BarbershopAugust 198111-26
Bauer FamilyJune 197512photo
Baughn, RichardAugust 19638, 9
Baughn, RichardJune 196511
Baughn, RichardDecember 19656
Baughn, RichardFebruary 19737-9
Baughn, RichardSeptember 20025
Baum, Charlie 1895April 19694photo
Bauman, HenryMarch 199713-14
Bayman, AlmaOctober 196510
Bayman, AnneJune 200214
Bayman, EarlApril 196414photo
Bayman, LewisApril 196414photo
Bayman, Linda SullivanFebruary 198712photo
Bean, CecilMarch 200615
Bean, HaroldAugust 19666, 7photo
Bean, J Thomas, RevJune 19722-9
Bean, Rev J TJune 200525
Beane, CecilMarch 200616photo
Beane, HaroldMarch 200616photo
Beard, AmonOctober 198710photo
Beard, ArloJune 200010photo
Beard, DaltonOctober 196910photo
Beard, DessaJune 200214
Beard, EugeneDecember 199211-13author
Beard, EugeneSeptember 200411
Beard, Frances DickersonDecember 199111photo
Beard, FredOctober 19648
Beard, FredDecember 19787-9photo
Beard, FurloJune 200010photo
Beard, GalenJune 200010photo
Beard, Galen 1920February 19698photo
Beard, Galen 1922February 19697photo
Beard, GlenDecember 198418photo
Beard, JackOctober 19886photo
Beard, Juanita KingFebruary 19747-11
Beard, Juanita KingApril 198317-20author
Beard, KennethOctober 196910photo
Beard, KennethOctober 196913photo
Beard, KennethOctober 196913photo
Beard, LouisApril 197710photo
Beard, M EugeneJune 197518photo
Beard, Nellie KingDecember 19787-9photo
Beard, Ruth (Coyle) 1912February 19696photo
Beard, WilliamOctober 196412
Beard FamilyFebruary 19747-11
Beard FamilyApril 198917-18
Beatty, CharleyDecember 200619photo
Beatty, CleonJune 200213
Beavers, EdwardOctober 196510
Bechtel, MelindaOctober 196310
Bechtel, NormaJune 198615
Bechtold, GeorgeJune 19722-9
Bechtold's GroceryJune 19693-10
Beck, C EOctober 195813
Beck, FredaAugust 198918photo
Beck, Mary RebeccaMarch 200615
Beck, MrSeptember 200612
Becker, Holda McLaughlinJune 197919-21author
Beckman, Sharon LApril 198830author
Bed Bug RowJune 199019
Beebe, J T, DrFebruary 19645
Beebe, J T, DrJune 199319
Beebe, JTJune 197311
Beech, C D CJune 199322
Beech ChapelFebruary 196415
Beech Chapel SchoolJune 197512, 13, 15photo
Beech Chapel SchoolJune 20027
Beech Chapel SchoolJune 20036
Beeching, BenjaminDecember 19748
Beeching, EdithDecember 198418photo
Beeching, EdnaDecember 198418photo
Beeching, EthelDecember 198418photo
Beeching BarnFebruary 197810, 11photo
Beer HyjackingMarch 200325
Beers, VanceDecember 200520photo
Beerwert, DillmanApril 197111
Beeson, BenJune 19732-7
Beeson, Benjamin FFebruary 198722
Beeson, CarlFebruary 198410photo
Beeson, CharlesFebruary 197925photo
Beeson, Charles HJune 200314
Beeson, Charles HMarch 200613
Beeson, Edward BMarch 199811-13
Beeson, HarmonJune 19732-7
Beeson, KellerOctober 196912photo
Beeson, KellerDecember 198428
Beezely, FlorenceOctober 196510
Beezley, DonnaMarch 199618photo
Beezley, FlossyOctober 196913photo
Beghtel, HesterSeptember 200226
Beghtel, MartinSeptember 200226
Beigh, Florence 1920February 19698photo
Belch SchoolFebruary 196915photo
Belch SchoolJune 20027
Bell, IkeAugust 198124photo
Bell, Robert SOctober 19584
Bell, WilliamOctober 19585
Bell, WilliamApril 198728
Bell, William MelvinJune 200314
BellingsFebruary 197915
Ben Hur LodgeFebruary 19711-9
Benner, B WMarch 200528
Benner, MrsAugust 198311photo
Bennett, AlfredDecember 200617photo
Bennett, BillAugust 198124photo
Bennett, Boy"June 20056photo
Bennett, DanOctober 196412
Bennett, DudeAugust 198124photo
Bennett, HarryJune 19693-10
Bennett, HarrySeptember 19988-12
Bennett, HermonJune 200528- 30
Bennett, MarvinSeptember 200326photo
Bennett, MildredJune 198128photo
Bennett, NoraJune 198813photo
Benoit, Julian, RevJune 196412
Bentz, CharlesApril 197710photo
Benzinger, ErwinFebruary 198226photo
Bergman, Josephine (Fries)April 19737photo
Berndt, CraigSeptember 20035-21author
Bernice Carver RecipesDecember 20005-8
Berringer, JohnDecember 20026
Berry, ArthurOctober 196413, 14photo
Berry, ArthurOctober 19649
Berry, ArthurAugust 198619
Berry, Clema CJune 198623
Berry, EverettDecember 200616photo
Berry, JohnOctober 196412
Berwert, EOctober 199118photo
Berwert, EdDecember 19918-10
Berwert, Edward HenryDecember 199719-21photo
Berwert, VivianDecember 19918-10
Best, MattieOctober 196310
Bethel ChurchSeptember 199619
Betts, BillOctober 197213-15
Betts, MameOctober 197213-15
Betzner, AltheaAugust 197516
Betzner, Anna EApril 19854photo
Betzner, EarlenFebruary 199221-22
Betzner, FrankAugust 19729-12
Betzner, Hilda 1922February 19697photo
Betzner, JohnAugust 19729-12
Betzner, JohnAugust 19729-12
Betzner, JohnAugust 197516
Betzner, Lois 1920February 19698photo
Betzner, Lois 1922February 19697photo
Betzner, LorenaAugust 19729-12
Betzner, Mary 1922February 19697photo
Betzner, WilliamAugust 19729-12
Bevington, BettyFebruary 19879photo
Bevington, L DApril 19648
BicentennialJune 200111-14
Biddle, James FJune 19693-10
Biehl, Henry EdwinApril 198912
Big Lake Swimmers, 1927June 20041photo
Bilger, DavidJune 19807
Billings, William DFebruary 198722
Billman, ClydeJune 200615
Billman Bros Service StationMarch 199913
Bills, CorwinDecember 200017photo
Bills, EldonJune 200627
Bills, HartieJune 200217
Bills, HortySeptember 200416
Bills, MableJune 200217
Bills, MaryJune 200217
Bills, Mary (Estlick) 1912February 19696photo
Bills, Mary (Estlick) 1920February 19698photo
Bills, MaxieJune 200218
Bills, RoyJune 200218, 19
Bills, SprayJune 200217
Binder, AliceApril 198717
Binder, Edward CAugust 199218-20
Binder, FGJune 19722-9
Binder, HomerDecember 198426
Binder, HomerJune 198820
Binder, Homer PApril 19854photo
Binder, J Fred, MrsApril 19737
Binder, Joachim Frederick JFebruary 19807
Binder, OttoAugust 19666, 7photo
Binder Butcher ShopMarch 200519
Binder familyJune 200310
Binders Meat MarketDecember 198712
Birlie SchoolJune 200210
Births of WCAugust 197411
Bismark ClubOctober 197112-14
Bitner, AdamDecember 200423
Bitner, CalvinDecember 200423
Bitting, FrankMarch 200520
Black, NelsonJune 200220
Black, S MOctober 196310
Black LoonAugust 197412
Blackford, DaleAugust 198124
Blackford, DaleJune 199211photo
Blacksmith ShopOctober 19753, 4
Blain, BobMarch 200525author
Blain, BobMarch 200527photo
Blain, BobMarch 200622-25author
Blain, BobJune 200620- 22author
Blain, Edward AApril 198912
Blain, GladysMarch 200614
Blain, Ida AOctober 196310
Blain, JamesJune 19757-9photo
Blain, JamesJune 200116photo
Blain, James GApril 198710, 11
Blain, JohnAugust 197713, 14
Blain, JohnAugust 198124photo
Blain, MelvinOctober 19764-11author
Blain, RobertDecember 200520photo
Blain, Walter 1909April 19697photo
Blain, William AJune 200528- 30
Blain FamilyOctober 19766
Blain FamilyAugust 19773-6
Blaine, WendallFebruary 19874photo
Blair, BenOctober 198728
Blair, BenMarch 199725-26
Blair, BenJune 200414-23, 31
Blair, DeboraJune 198818photo
Blair, WilliamFebruary 19839
Blair, WilliamFebruary 198719
Blair, WilliamSeptember 20025
Blake, RoyalJune 197518photo
Blake, WilliamAugust 197110photo
Blakesly, Clarissa FOctober 196310
Blanchard, BetheleneJune 200213
Blanchard, ClarissaOctober 196310
Blanchard, EstherJune 200010photo
Blaugh, GwenDecember 200617photo
Blee BrothersApril 198425
Blee FamilyJune 196411-14
Blee FamilyJune 199019
Blee ManseJune 196410photo
Blessing, MilanMarch 200315
Blew, PearlAugust 198724photo
Bloom, BOctober 199118photo
Bloom, B JJune 197613
Bloom, B JSeptember 200017
Bloom, B JMarch 200519
Bloom, BentonFebruary 198410photo
Bloom, BentonJune 19866photo
Bloom, BentonJune 20049
Bloom, BentonMarch 200615
Bloom, Benton JayJune 19799, 10
Bloom, Benton JayFebruary 19801-5photo
Bloom, Benton JayApril 198817-19photo
Bloom, Benton JayDecember 199011
Bloom, Benton WJune 196511
Bloom, Benton WDecember 19654photo
Bloom, BillAugust 199113photo
Bloom, BillyOctober 199118photo
Bloom, EarlJune 197613
Bloom, William MFebruary 19921-14author
Bloom, William MJune 200616- 19author
Blue, Mary KinseyAugust 198918photo
Blue BellFebruary 19871-13
Blue Grass CreameryMarch 20047, 8
Blue InkwellFebruary 198021, 22
Blue JacketOctober 19933-5
Blue River SchoolJune 20027
Blumenthal'sMarch 200224
Board of HealthMarch 200120
Boat ClubJune 200522
Bockelman, DarleneDecember 19853-7author
Bockelman, DarleneJune 199025photo
Bodle, BertOctober 196412
Bodley, David SAugust 19646photo
Bodley, JamesAugust 198414photo
Bodley, JamesApril 19879photo
Bodley, James MApril 198911photo
Bodley, James, SherriffApril 198517photo
Boggess, JohnApril 19737
Boggs, InezJune 200627
Boggs, JuniorJune 200627
Boggs, OrvinDecember 19635
Boggs, PrestonApril 197111
Bogue, RevApril 197710photo
Boles, AnnSeptember 200226
Bolinger HouseAugust 198127photo
Bolles, HarryApril 197111
Bollinger, FosterOctober 19847photo
Bollinger, Harry, JrSeptember 200326photo
Bollinger, Marian EJune 197817-19author
Bollinger, O AApril 198522photo
Bolton, JamesDecember 198425
Bolyard, CatherineJune 200626
Bolyard, JOctober 199118photo
Bolyard, SOctober 199118photo
Bolyard, SterlingJune 19866photo
Bonar, CarolAugust 198724photo
Bonar, CaroldDecember 19647
Bonar, SamOctober 196310
Bonar, VeraAugust 198724photo
Bonar, WHOctober 196310
Bonebrake, FayeDecember 200619photo
Bonebrake, GayDecember 200619photo
Bonebrake, GlenDecember 200619photo
Bonebrake, JamesDecember 200619photo
Bonebrake, MadgeDecember 200619photo
Bonebrake, Mrs JohnDecember 200619photo
Bonebrake, OpalDecember 200619photo
Bonebrake, RayApril 198518
Boner, GevaJune 200626
Boner, RaymondJune 200627
Bonfiglio, JamesDecember 200017photo
Bonifas, RuthAugust 197310-14
BoonvilleDecember 198425
Boonville SchoolOctober 195812
Boonville SchoolJune 20027
Bootjack RoadhouseFebruary 197215
Bord? (Beard), FurlowDecember 198419photo
Bordner, Blanche MJune 200211photo
Bordner, DorothyJune 200211photo
Bordner, JuanitaJune 19866photo
Born, FirmerFebruary 198322photo
Born, Firmer RApril 198129
Boschet, Lloyd VApril 197111
Bowbly, JimDecember 198427photo
Bowdy, Russell AAugust 198414photo
Bower, AllenMarch 200527photo
Bower, GuilfordAugust 198619
Bower, WrightApril 198129
BowerSeptember 200513
Bowerman, Charles MJune 198315author
Bowerman, LymanFebruary 19655
Bowerman, PerryJune 197513
Bowers, ElmaOctober 196910photo
Bowers, EugeneJune 200628
Bowers, GuilfordOctober 196413, 14photo
Bowers, JackJune 19722-9
Bowers, JohnOctober 196910photo
Bowers, MerrittOctober 19847photo
Bowers, WilmanOctober 196910photo
Bowie, EOctober 199118photo
Bowlby, AlAugust 198715photo
Bowlby, AlbertAugust 197713, 14
Bowlby, DonnieAugust 198124photo
Bowlby, J EAugust 198715photo
Bowlby, JamesAugust 198124photo
Bowlby, Mary 1909April 19697photo
Bowman, D JMarch 200528
Bowser, DDecember 200422
Bowsman, EOctober 199118photo
Bowsman, FOctober 199118photo
Box SuppersApril 198225
Boyd, EdithJune 197616photo
Boyd, GeorgeOctober 197213-15
Boyd, George ADecember 196313
Boyd, George ADecember 196314
Boyd, HarryAugust 19729-12
Boyd, RobertAugust 19729-12
Bozworth, GroverMarch 200310photo
Braddock, AlbertApril 198129
Braddock, ClarenceJune 19722-9
Braddock, ClarenceApril 198128photo
Braddock, Clarence 1904April 19696photo
Braddock, E YostDecember 19654photo
Braddock, E YostDecember 19749author
Braddock, E YostJune 197518photo
Braddock, E YostOctober 19831-7photo
Braddock, EffieOctober 198214photo
Braddock, Elijah YJune 196912
Braddock, GeorgeMarch 200319
Braddock, May 1904April 19696photo
Braddock, Ruth (McNear)June 197616photo
Braddock, Ruth (Stevens)June 197616photo
Braddock, WilliamJune 19722-9
Braddock HouseJune 196911photo
Braddock HouseJune 197515photo
Braden, SamuelOctober 19663
Bradley, TerryJune 200220
Bradshaw, EdithAugust 198724photo
Bragg, RickFebruary 198219-22author
Brahm, FrankFebruary 198320
Brahm FamilyAugust 19668, 9photo
Brand GarageDecember 200515, 19photo
Brandenburg, James VirgilApril 198912, 15
Brandon, ClintOctober 199125-27
Braun, HopeJune 198818photo
Breedlove, Joyce ElizabethSeptember 200513
Breisch, EvelynJune 200213
Breisch, Henry JApril 198619
Bremen, JamesDecember 200617photo
Bremer, HelenDecember 200617photo
Brennaman, Dr J F June 200513
Brennan, BarryJune 19693-10
Brennan, Barry KinsleyJune 19711
Brenneman, BenJune 19722-9
Brenneman, Dr B FJune 200310
Brenneman, Forrest, DrJune 19819
Brenneman, Franklin RMarch 199613-14
Brenneman, GladysAugust 19868photo
Brenneman, HelenAugust 19868photo
Brenneman, HelenAugust 198918photo
Brenneman, LeviOctober 196310
Brick MakingDecember 197922-25
Bricker, Alonzo RogerApril 198912
Bridge, ClemmetFebruary 198225photo
Bridge, EmmentApril 198416photo
Bridge, Franklin MFebruary 198325-27
Bridge, Franklin MJune 19851-19
Bridge CollapsesJune 199921
Briegel, Mrs Fay (Hallauer)June 200511photo
Briggeman, ErvinApril 197710photo
Briggs, AllieAugust 19644
Briggs, Andrew JacksonJune 19804
Briggs, BritJune 19804
Briggs, CharlesJune 19804
Briggs, CharlotteMarch 200614
Briggs, DavidJune 19804
Briggs, DellaAugust 19644
Briggs, Dr JesseDecember 200321poem
Briggs, EdJune 197613
Briggs, ElizabethJune 19804
Briggs, FrankApril 19732-8
Briggs, FrankJune 19804
Briggs, FredJune 19804
Briggs, JamesJune 19803
Briggs, JesseJune 19804
Briggs, LeliaJune 198128photo
Briggs, LeliaMarch 200614
Briggs, Orvill, DrAugust 19648
Briggs, OrvilleApril 198129
Briggs, Orville CApril 198321, 22author
Briggs, Orville C, DrDecember 196311photo
Briggs, Orville C, DrApril 197013photo
Briggs, Orville C, DrAugust 19827-12author
Briggs, Orville C, DrAugust 19821-6photo
Briggs, Orville, DrJune 197518photo
Briggs, Orville, DrAugust 19773-6author
Briggs, Orville, DrOctober 19773-6author
Briggs, Orville, DrAugust 197815-18author
Briggs, Ova (Ball)April 19737photo
Briggs, RebeccaAugust 198015-20
Briggs, RobertJune 19805
Briggs, SilasJune 19801- 8photo
Briggs, SilasJune 19801-8photo
Briggs, Silas EdwardJune 19804
Briggs, StevenJune 19804
Briggs, ThomasDecember 19647
Briggs, TomApril 197012photo
Briggs HouseJune 19808photo
Briggs SchoolJune 20027
Brimstone SchoolJune 20027
Brindle, BarbaraMarch 199510-19author
Brockenhammer, Christian JMarch 200325
Broham BrosSeptember 200211
Bronson, SamuelDecember 196313
Bronson, SamuelDecember 196314
Brooks, FernOctober 19846photo
Brosman, SusieApril 198626photo
Brosman, SusieDecember 200520photo
Brower, NelsonApril 197710photo
Brower, Nelson "Tye"August 198119
Brower, RalphApril 197710photo
Brower, RoyApril 197710photo
Brown, AdaAugust 19729-12
Brown, AncelAugust 19729-12
Brown, ArthurJune 198623
Brown, BelleAugust 19729-12
Brown, Corp Edwin MMarch 20029photo
Brown, ErvinAugust 19729-12
Brown, Homer RayApril 198517photo
Brown, JeanetteDecember 19961-5author
Brown, JeanetteJune 199710-12author
Brown, JeanetteDecember 199713-16author
Brown, JeanetteJune 19981-23
Brown, JeanetteJune 19996
Brown, JeanetteSeptember 199915-18author
Brown, JeanetteDecember 20005-8author
Brown, JeanetteJune 200117-21author
Brown, JeanetteMarch 200226author
Brown, JeanetteMarch 200323, 24author
Brown, JeanetteMarch 200327, 28author
Brown, Josiah SFebruary 198721
Brown, PeterOctober 196310
Brown, RossAugust 19729-12
Brown, SamuelFebruary 198722
Brown, Sarah RuthMarch 200620
Brown, TonyaMarch 200026-27author
Brown, VallorousOctober 196310
Brown, VallorousOctober 197920
Brown, ZenasFebruary 198722
Brown Bobbies- recipeFebruary 198531
Brown FamilyOctober 196310
Brown SchoolJune 20027
Broxon, James W, DrApril 198329, 30
Broxon CemeteryOctober 19663photo
Brubaker, BillySeptember 20041photo
Brubaker, Charles RomainSeptember 20041, 12, 13photo
Brubaker, Choella JaneSeptember 200414, 15photo
Brubaker, ClaraOctober 19793
Brubaker, HaleSeptember 200412photo
Brubaker, HazeletteSeptember 20041, 12photo
Brubaker, MalissaSeptember 200412photo
Brubaker, MaudSeptember 20041photo
Brubaker, Susan MillerApril 199018-21
Brubaker, ThorntonSeptember 20041photo
Brubaker, WilliamSeptember 200412photo
Brumbaugh, ClarenceJune 20065, 6, 11photo
Brumbaugh, Harold JenksJune 20068
Brumbaugh, HarryApril 198518
Brumbaugh, JacobJune 20065
Brumbaugh, LenaOctober 198214photo
Brumbaugh, Logan WayneJune 20068
Brumbaugh, NickeyMarch 200615
Brumbaugh, Sarah (Davis)June 20065
Brumbaugh, Vera LutrelleJune 20068
BrumbaughSeptember 20059
Brunner, AdaOctober 196412
Bryan, Howard EMarch 200210photo
Bryan, William JenningsApril 198126
Bryant, JimSeptember 200325photo
Bryant, JoeAugust 198120
Bryon, William JenningsJune 197919-21
BT Roberts Free Methodist ChurchSeptember 200128
Buckles, Mr.December 200619photo
Buckles, RussellApril 197111
Buckman, DrJune 199322
Bucks Crossing SchoolJune 20027
Buck's Crossing SchoolOctober 19793
Budget, 1940September 200411
Buffalo (Eberhard?) SchoolJune 20027
Buffalo BillJune 198824-25photo
Buffalo Dry GoodsAugust 198126
Building PermitsMarch 199711
Bull TownApril 198321-23
Bull Town FarmJune 199019
Bulltown (Phenian?) SchoolJune 20028
Bultman-Deardurff, JaLeen December 20068-11
Bump, ElmerApril 19737
Bump, Elmer NFebruary 19843
Burch, EvelineFebruary 198313
Burch, WilliamDecember 200512
Burch, William ErnestApril 198912, 14
Burch, ZebulonAugust 19638
Burch, ZebulonOctober 19644
Burch, ZebulonSeptember 20025
Burkholder, GoldaApril 198416photo
Burned CabinsFebruary 196512
Burnham, CharlesApril 197111
Burns, EarlApril 198129
Burns, GarlandDecember 200520photo
Burns, GeorgeDecember 198427photo
Burns, GeorgeDecember 198428photo
Burns, JohnOctober 197218
Burns, ThagrusSeptember 200420
Burnworth, MarionAugust 19666, 7photo
Burnworth BrosJune 200512
Burnworth PoolJune 200026-27
Burwell, EugeneOctober 19847photo
Bus WreckDecember 200516
Busch, FredAugust 19668, 9photo
Busch's Soup HouseOctober 197213-15
Bush (Kyler?) SchoolJune 20028
Business- 1859October 198123
Buss, EvaJune 200010photo
Butchering DayFebruary 197815-19photo
Butchering DayOctober 197910-12
Butler, CharlesJune 196512
Butler, CharlesOctober 19664, 5
Butler, CharlesAugust 196814, 15
Butler, Charles WJune 19871-13photo
Butler, EllaOctober 196510
Butler, EllaJune 198813
Butler, IreneJune 198813
Butler, Wayne DApril 197111
Butler TrialAugust 197819-21
Buttermore, DaveJune 200613photo
Buttermore, MaudeJune 200613photo
Buzolits, LorettaJune 197512photo
Buzzard's GloryJune 19639
Byall, MauriceApril 197111
Byall, S WOctober 195811, 12
Byall, SWOctober 196510
Byer, EugeneAugust 198816photo
Byram, JohnDecember 196313
Byrd, LawrenceMarch 200317- 19
Byron, William JenningsAugust 19729-12
Byron, William JenningsDecember 19755
Byxbie, ErastusFebruary 198718

C J Eyanson's Sons StoreSeptember 199712
CabinetmakersAugust 197413
Cadys, JohnDecember 200619photo
CakewalksOctober 198321-25
Calhoun, Crede HDecember 200426
Calhoun, David SDecember 200427
Camp Fire GirlsApril 19877photo
Camp Fire GirlsAugust 198916-19
Camp WhitleyJune 199523-24
Camp Whitley -CeltsMarch 200629photo
Camp Whitley, 1928June 20046photo
Campbell, JamesFebruary 196510
Campbell, JasOctober 196310
Campbell, JemimaOctober 196310
Campbell, Walburga EyansonAugust 19645
Can Curen, Mrs J BJune 200514
CanalJune 196413
Canal EraOctober 19731-9
Canal Lock WoodDecember 196710
Canal-Jeff twpApril 198423-25
CanalsFebruary 197110-12
Candy RecipesDecember 197111-15
Canvasser's MagazineApril 196413
Carding MillFebruary 196415
Cardner, JoshuaOctober 19645
Cargyle, Mary AliceJune 200220
Carmin, AryJune 200010photo
Carmin, MaryMarch 20035
Carnes, Dr WilliamJune 20026
Carol, WayneFebruary 19694
Carpenter, RevJune 19722-9
Carper, AlfredOctober 196310
Carrington, Ruth BarberAugust 198513author
Carroll, Wilbur SMarch 200325
Carry, JeromeAugust 19668, 9photo
CarsApril 198215-22
Carsons, Jane AOctober 196310
Carter, ArthurOctober 197111photo
Carter, ArthurJune 198118photo
Carter, ArthurJune 19866photo
Carter, ArthurApril 19878photo
Carter, EdAugust 196814, 15
Carter, HarveyApril 198125, 26author
Carter, HarveyJune 198126photo
Carter, HarveyJune 198127photo
Carter, HarveyJune 198128photo
Carter, Harvey LJune 198125-29author
Carter, Harvey LAugust 19879-12photo
Carter, Harvey LewisOctober 19777-10author
Carter, Norman EDecember 198311
Carter, SylvaniaOctober 196310
Carter, WyattJune 198126photo
Carter, WyattJune 198127photo
Carter (Smith), EllenAugust 19636
Carter FieldDecember 198311-13
Car-Train TragedyFebruary 197314
Carver, BerniceOctober 19583, 4
Carver, BerniceAugust 197310-14author
Carver, BerniceJune 197518photo
Carver, BerniceAugust 19751-7author
Carver, BerniceApril 197611author
Carver, BerniceAugust 197619photo
Carver, BerniceOctober 197715author
Carver, BerniceFebruary 197918author
Carver, BerniceDecember 19799-12author
Carver, BerniceDecember 198010-14author
Carver, BerniceJune 198121, 22author
Carver, BerniceDecember 19817-19author
Carver, BerniceDecember 19811-6photo
Carver, BerniceApril 198227, 28author
Carver, BerniceOctober 19839-16author
Carver, BerniceJune 198419, 20author
Carver, BerniceFebruary 19851-8author
Carver, BerniceAugust 19913-4author
Carver, BerniceOctober 19925-9author
Carver, BerniceDecember 200018-20author
Carver, BerniceJune 200111photo
Carver, BerniceDecember 20011-17
Case, CLJune 197311
Caskey, GrantApril 197710photo
Casner, Clarinda LOctober 196310
Casner, VioletDecember 198010-14
Cassel, AmandaOctober 196310
Cassel, JennieAugust 196912
Cassel, MaryOctober 196310
Cassell, JennieJune 20009
Cassell, PhreortisDecember 19634
Cassels, CharlotteDecember 19967-8author
CataloOctober 198326
Catholic's Virgin MaryFebruary 1977
Cattle BrandingDecember 200018-20
CC Class 1907April 19854photo
CC MapFebruary 198716, 17
CCHS 1906April 198416photo
Cearbaugh, HarveyApril 198517photo
CemeteriesOctober 196511-14
CensusDecember 200219-22
Census StatsSeptember 200218-20
Centenary SchoolJune 20028
CentennialFebruary 19881-13
Centenniel FarmsFebruary 19773, 4
Center SchoolJune 20028
Central BuildingFebruary 196510
Central BuildingDecember 19743photo
Central HallApril 197812, 13
Chadeayne, JonathanJune 199019
Chadwick, KeithOctober 19847photo
Chamberlain, SarahOctober 19585
Chamberlain ProductsApril 196413
Chamberlin Products April 19646
Chandler, JohnJune 199020
Chandler, MarthaFebruary 19694
Chapin, JamesApril 19645
Chapin, JamesApril 19645
ChapineFebruary 19654
Chaplin, ByronAugust 197411
Chapman, DonFebruary 19843
Chapman, EvaAugust 19921-18photo
Chapman, Eva (Terman) 1912February 19696photo
Chapman, FloydFebruary 19758
Chapman, GordonAugust 198120
Chapman, GordonDecember 198314-23photo
Chapman, GordonJune 198722photo
Chapman, GroverFebruary 19757photo
Chapman, GroverApril 198129
Chapman, GroverOctober 198327-30author
Chapman, GroverFebruary 198519-22author
Chapman, GroverDecember 199012-14author
Chapman, GroverAugust 19921-18photo
Chapman, Grover HFebruary 198613
Chapman, Grover IApril 198417-20author
Chapman, Grover IDecember 198413-16author
Chapman, Grover IsaacApril 198912, 16, 18
Chapman, HaroldJune 19757-9photo
Chapman, HelenJune 198714photo
Chapman, LLOctober 196510
Chapman, NathanJune 196512
Chapman, NathanJune 200626
Chapman, William SApril 197111
ChapmanJune 200116photo
Charter mbrs Am LegFebruary 19843
Chauncey, ElihuDecember 19649
Chauncey, ElihuOctober 19653
Chauncey, ElihuOctober 19813-5
Chauncey, ElihuFebruary 198715
ChautauquaDecember 19754-6
ChautauquaJune 198714-15
Chautauqua -1919March 199915
Chautauqua LiteraryDecember 19664-6
ChautauquasJune 19851-19
Chesterman, HomerApril 197710photo
Chesterman, VonApril 197710photo
Chewing Gum RecordAugust 198020
Chickamauga BridgeJune 19981-5photo
ChickensDecember 20057
Chief CoesseAugust 198526
Chief ok-o-las-she-mahFebruary 196512
Christian, MaryOctober 196310
Christian Science ChurchSeptember 200628
Christman, Vera LJune 20065-14author
ChristmasDecember 19682, 3
ChristmasDecember 19913-7
Christmas 1887December 198728-30
Christmas 1915December 19859-13
Christmas- EarlyDecember 19716-8
Christmas LightingsDecember 19983
Christmas TraditionsDecember 19935-24
Churches- Union TwpAugust 19896
ChurubuscoDecember 196411
ChurubuscoJune 198529
ChurubuscoDecember 19969-16
Churubusco BankMarch 20065
Churubusco GunfightDecember 19633-6
Churubusco Phone CoApril 19732-8
Churubusco SchoolJune 20026photo
Churubusco theaterMarch 20067
Churubusco, Naming ofFebruary 19723-9
Cigar factoriesDecember 19718
CircusDecember 198516
City Free LibraryFebruary 19711-9
City HallAugust 19646photo
City HallDecember 198718
City Meat MarketSeptember 20068
Civil VolunteersApril 19789-11
Civil WarSeptember 199816-19
Civil War - 129th RegApril 19712-9
Civil War DiarySeptember 199826-28
Civil War DiarySeptember 199918-31
Civil War IncidentDecember 197714
Civil War MonumentJune 19648, 9photo
Clapham, 2nd Lieut Lloyd DMarch 20029photo
Clapham, BurnJune 19722-9
Clapham, BurnsideOctober 195813
Clapham, CharlesJune 200214
Clapham, Corp John TMarch 20029photo
Clapham, JohnAugust 19666, 7photo
Clapham, Lloyd DDecember 200226photo
Clapham, RussellDecember 200017photo
Clapham, Russell BFebruary 198613, 15photo
Clapp, RMarch 200213
Clapp, RobertDecember 197412photo
Clapp, RoyalAugust 198816photo
Clapp, RoyalMarch 20035
Clapp, W SMarch 200213
Clark, AlbertDecember 200617photo
Clark, CharleyAugust 19644
Clark, DeweyDecember 198419photo
Clark, EdithApril 19878photo
Clark, ElizabethMarch 200615
Clark, FrancesJune 19866photo
Clark, FrancesJune 19866photo
Clark, FrankOctober 196310
Clark, George LDecember 199130
Clark, HazelDecember 198128photo
Clark, JosephOctober 196310
Clark, KateOctober 196310
Clark, MarvinApril 19876photo
Clark, Mary KJune 200214
Clark, OrenAugust 197110photo
Clark, PatrickFebruary 19773
Clark, PatrickApril 198425
Clark, PatrickJune 199017
Clark, PatrickAugust 199313-14
Clark, Roy, DrFebruary 19799-14
Clark, StephenAugust 19644
Clark, SteveJune 20048photo
Clark, StevenAugust 197110photo
Clark, VirginiaJune 198714photo
Clark, VirginiaAugust 198918
Clark, ZetaFebruary 19799-14
Clarke, James EJune 197611photo
Clark's Clover Store March 200224
Class of 1911December 199814-15
Class of 1944March 199822
Class of 1951December 20003-4
Claxton, IsaacOctober 196310
Claxton, IsaacAugust 19644
Claxton, John BApril 198518
Claxton, RichardOctober 19706, 7
Clay, ScottApril 198129
Cleland, DaleMarch 200313photo
Cleland, F WOctober 196310
Cleland, Maxine 1895April 19694photo
Cleland, WilliamAugust 19644
Clemenza, Mary EOctober 196310
Cleveland, AugustaOctober 196310
Cleveland, BenjaminApril 19645
Cleveland, BenjaminDecember 19648
Cleveland, HoraceFebruary 19653
Cleveland, JesseJune 19646
Cleveland, MartinFebruary 19839
Cleveland CemeteryMarch 199720-21
Cleveland FamilyDecember 198225-29
Cleveland TownshipJune 19646
Cleveland TownshipDecember 19648
Cleveland TwpApril 19644-14
Clevenger, HenryOctober 196412
Clevenger, L HMarch 200528
Clifford, PaulJune 20051photo
Clifford, RobbertJune 200623-24
Clingerman, Bernard 1912February 19696photo
Clingerman, MarieFebruary 197513photo
Cloverleaf ClubOctober 199123-25
Clugston, Asher RDecember 19642
Clugston, BenJune 19722-9
Clugston, DOctober 199118photo
Clugston, D B JrMarch 200528
Clugston, DavidMarch 200617photo
Clugston, DavidMarch 200615
Clugston, David BDecember 19991-5
Clugston, David BJune 200512
Clugston, ElizabethJune 198714photo
Clugston, ElizabethAugust 198918photo
Clugston, HerbertJune 19722-9
Clugston, Philemon HJune 19812-6
Clugston Adams & CoMarch 200417
Clugston HotelDecember 198719photo
Co B 74th RegJune 19985-11
Co F 100th RegJune 199818-23
Co F, 100thDecember 197918
Co G 160 th Reg-Sp Am WarMarch 20029-10photos
Co G MustersJune 197816
Co K 88th RegJune 199812-17
Cobaugh, SarahOctober 196310
Coble, M MDecember 199131
Cocklin, Charles BApril 198518
Coesse, ChiefMarch 200625
CoesseDecember 196411
CoesseOctober 19658
CoesseApril 198026-28
CoesseJune 19846
CoesseAugust 19897
CoesseDecember 19953-5
CoesseDecember 199618-20
Coesse (Ko-woz-gee)December 199617
Coesse General StoreSeptember 199420-22photo
Coesse HS 1916June 198429
Coesse SchoolJune 20028
Coesse StoreJune 19682
Coesse TownDecember 196312
Coesse TreatyFebruary 196512
Coesse, (Chief)August 19654
Coffman, GeorgeAugust 197413
Coffman, NancyFebruary 19694
Colchin, JamesJune 19866photo
Cole, GoldieFebruary 197113photo
Cole, Peter LJune 197311
Cole, RalphFebruary 197113photo
Coleman, AlexanderAugust 197413
Collamer, JacobApril 19645
Collamer, JacobJune 19643
Collamer, JacobDecember 196411
CollamerJune 19643-6
CollamerDecember 196411
CollamerFebruary 19689
Collamer DamOctober 198617
Collamer Grist MillJune 19643photo
Collamer Grist MillMarch 200522
Collamer SchoolDecember 19955
Collamer SchoolJune 20028
Collamer StoreApril 197713-15
Collier, KarenJune 198818photo
Collins, Eliza Jane (Fleming)December 197920photo
Collins, FamilySeptember 200227
Collins, JamesSeptember 200210
Collins, James SDecember 196310
Collins, James SAugust 19644
Collins, James SApril 19672
Collins, James SJune 19693-10
Collins, James SSeptember 20049
Collins, James SMarch 200515
Collins, Jane HOctober 197410-12photo
Collins, JennieJune 19649
Collins, JennieFebruary 198714photo
Collins, Jennie HOctober 196310
Collins, JohnApril 196613
Collins, RichardAugust 19638, 9
Collins, RichardAugust 19638, 9
Collins, RichardFebruary 198715
Collins, RichardSeptember 20025
Collins, WilliamJune 200220
Collins FamilyOctober 19744-12
Collins HomesteadOctober 19741photo
Collins HomesteadOctober 19744-12
Collins HomesteadAugust 197618
Collins HouseJune 198115-17photo
Collins SchoolJune 198125-29photo
Collins SchoolJune 20028
Collinwood AcresJune 19693-10
Colman, EdOctober 19704photo
Colman, HomerOctober 19704photo
Columbia CityDecember 19649
Columbia City 1902April 198621, 22
Columbia City BandAugust 19668, 9photo
Columbia City Building, BusinessDecember 19871-25
Columbia City Business- 1902April 198329, 30
Columbia City DowntownFebruary 19904-8
Columbia City DowntownJune 199213-18
Columbia City PropertiesFebruary 198715-24
Columbia City SchoolsOctober 19583
Columbia City Street NamesFebruary 197010-14
Columbia CreameryMarch 200317
Columbia Drug AdMarch 199914
Columbia EngineeringOctober 19835
Columbia High SchoolJune 20023photo
Columbia ProductsMarch 200522
Columbia Star Bank RobberyMarch 200520
Columbia TheatreMarch 200530
Columbia TheatreSeptember 200622-27
Columbia TownshipDecember 19649
Columbian SchoolJune 20028
Combs, BuncieOctober 19846photo
Combs, Charles CappyDecember 198625
Combs, H EOctober 196310
CombsOctober 19847photo
Commercial MailOctober 19823-9
Compton, AllieAugust 19644
Compton, AndrewJune 19638
Compton, AndrewJune 197312-14
Compton, ArtyAugust 19644
Compton, CharlesAugust 19644
Compton, EllenAugust 198311photo
Compton, GeorgeOctober 196510
Compton, GeorgeJune 19693-10
Compton, George OAugust 197516
Compton, JamesMarch 19953
Compton, JamesSeptember 200227
Compton, LettieOctober 196310
Compton, M EOctober 196310
Compton, MarySeptember 200227
Compton, Mary StaffordJune 197312-14
Compton, NelsonAugust 19644
Compton, NelsonAugust 19644
Compton ChurchMarch 200622
Compton ChurchMarch 200626
Compton SchoolJune 20028
Concord ChurchAugust 198415
Concord Methodist ChurchAugust 19643
Cone, AlmaMarch 199527-28photo
Cone, Chester LOctober 196310
Cone, EdwinOctober 19643
Cone, EdwinAugust 198629
Cone, EdwinJune 20037
Cone, MaudOctober 196510
Cone, MaudeOctober 195811
Cone, OrillaJune 20036
Cone, SalimaOctober 19643
Cone, SophiaJune 20037
Conkley, FredFebruary 198225photo
Conklin, FredDecember 198428
Conkling, BurtonDecember 197412photo
Conkling, BurtonAugust 198619
Conkling, Burton ROctober 196413, 14photo
Conkling, Ethel MiriamMarch 200615photo
Conkling, FredOctober 196912photo
Conkling, Nevada (Collar)April 19737photo
Conley, WillodeneJune 200620
Connant, Grover 1909April 19697photo
Connell, CaryJune 198126photo
Connell, DrAugust 19639
Contz, Nellie MOctober 196310
ConveyancesAugust 197815-18
Cook, AsaMarch 200211
Cook, Clara AmeliaDecember 19864
Cook, Mabel (Christmas)December 199716
Cook, Mary GlennFebruary 197513photo
Cook, PerryFebruary 197513photo
Cook, VonDecember 197412photo
Cook, VonOctober 19847photo
Cook, WaveAugust 198816photo
Cook Bowling Lanes RobberyJune 199915
Cooked LakeSeptember 200231photo
Cooked LakeSeptember 200231photo
Coolman, EdApril 199317photo
Coolman, HomerApril 199317photo
Coolman, Homer AApril 198517photo
Cooper, FrankJune 19722-9
Cooper, ROctober 199118photo
Cooper, RobertApril 19876photo
Cooperrider, WilburFebruary 19874photo
Copeland, MarcusJune 200010photo
Coplen, CyrenusOctober 196310
Copp, CherylDecember 19943-12author
Coppage, Charles WilliamJune 200327
Copper Beech TreeApril 196512
Cordill, AlexFebruary 19843
Cordill, Clifton CApril 198518
Cordill, HelenOctober 19847photo
Cordill HardwareApril 198522photo
Cormany, Howard AlbertApril 198518
Cornelius, WilladeneJune 200628
Cornmesser, MaryApril 198811-13author
Corse, Alfred EMarch 200210photo
CoterieMarch 19973-5
Cotter, CharlesJune 198720
Cotterly, ErnestOctober 195811
Cotterly, ErnestJune 198623
Cotterly, John LFebruary 198017, 18
Cotton, IreneOctober 19847photo
Coughlin, CarlingtonSeptember 200428
Coughman, MrsAugust 198311photo
Coulter, PaulMarch 200224
Country LifeAugust 197514, 15
Country LivingDecember 198413-16
County Fair 1883October 19668
County FarmDecember 200130
County Seat, FirstFebruary 196512
CourthouseJune 19751photo
CourthouseDecember 20041photo
Courthouse April 19653-7photo
Courthouse 1888September 20021photo
Courthouse CannonApril 198415photo
Courthouse CannonsDecember 197819-21photo
Courthouse ClockJune 199015
Courthouse Cornerstone DedicationSeptember 20029, 10
CourthousesOctober 19839-16
CourthousesSeptember 20025-17
Couts, Nellie MApril 19648
Coverstone, DeanJune 200220
Coverstone, JDDecember 200130
Coverstone, RoseOctober 196510
Coverstone SchoolJune 200210
Cox, BernieceMarch 200615
Cox, EldonSeptember 200326, 27photo
Cox, Elmer JMarch 200622
Cox, MarthaDecember 200617photo
Cox SchoolOctober 195812
Cox SchoolFebruary 19659
Cox/ Sell SchoolJune 20028
Coy, ElmerApril 197012photo
Coyle, AlvinJune 200010photo
Coyle, Amanda (Cassel)February 19694
Coyle, AmosOctober 196310
Coyle, Arthur 1912February 19696photo
Coyle, DavidOctober 196310
Coyle, H CoyleJune 200526
Coyle, HenryFebruary 19694
Coyle, James RFebruary 19843
Coyle, MargaretOctober 196510
Coyle, MargaretApril 19878photo
Coyle, Martha 1922February 19697photo
Coyle, MattieJune 200218
Coyle, NellieJune 200218
Coyle, OralJune 200218, 19
Coyle, Robert 1920February 19698photo
Coyle, Robert 1922February 19697photo
Coyle, Robert 1922February 19697photo
Coyle, W HOctober 196310
Coyle, W HFebruary 19644
Coyle, William 1912February 19696photo
Crabb, Francis AFebruary 198722
Crabill, CledithJune 198127photo
Crabill, MadgeJune 198127photo
Crabill SchoolJune 200210
Crace, Phyllis (Trump)June 20056photo
Craft, CarolineOctober 196310
Craig, KayJune 200122-23author
Craig, OrvilleOctober 195813
Craig, William SApril 198619
Craighead, GeorgeJune 19683-6author
CranberriesSeptember 200519
Cranberry SwampsAugust 197414
Crawford, AllenJune 200215
Crawford, CecilFebruary 197113photo
Crawford, DickMarch 200224
Crawford, DickJune 20058
Crawford, HelenAugust 198724photo
Crawford, HomerJune 19722-9
Crawford, JayAugust 198816photo
Creager, AliceDecember 198419photo
Creager, Lydia (Burd)December 200610photo
Creager, PeterSeptember 20025
Creager, RussellDecember 198419photo
CrescoJune 197911-13
CrescoApril 198026-28
Cresco StoreApril 196713photo
Cresco StoreJune 196915photo
Cresco StoreFebruary 198016-19photo
Crest CarDecember 198812
Cripe, RobertJune 200213
Crist, Abe, MrsAugust 198311photo
Crist, MarthaOctober 196310
Crooked Lake GolfJune 19773-8photo
Crooked Lake PreserveDecember 19799-12photo
Crooked Lake SubmarineDecember 199915
Crooks, PatSeptember 199423-24
Crooks, VernaSeptember 199423-24
Crosley, Rev M June 200225
Crosley's IcyballSeptember 200130photo
Crouch, GraceApril 197818
Crouch, JuliaMarch 200620
Crouch, LloydOctober 196912photo
Crouch, PaulJune 200626
Crouch, R SOctober 196510
Crouch, RSApril 197818
Crow, Amy 1909April 19697photo
Crow, JamesFebruary 19838
Crow, JosephFebruary 19838
Crow, Ralph 1909April 19697photo
Crow, Rosella (Wright)December 200521
Crowell, HarveyJune 198623
Crowell, RayOctober 19704photo
Crowell, RayApril 199317photo
Crowell, Sarah JaneJune 199021
Crowell SchoolJune 20028
Crows Corner SchoolJune 20028
Croxton, FrankDecember 196314
Croxton, Oliver Ambrose December 196313
Croy, George, MrsAugust 198311photo
Croys, GeorgeDecember 200619photo
Crume, RalphJune 200423
Crystal radiosFebruary 19655
Cullenmore, MarjorieFebruary 19874photo
Cullers, Andrew JamesFebruary 198613, 15photo
Cullimores, DanDecember 200619photo
Culver Black Horse TroopJune 19793
Cummins, CoraJune 199619photo
Cummins, GeorgiaJune 200217, 19
Cummins, LaurettaJune 200626
Cummins, LottieJune 200217, 19
Cummins, LymanJune 200217
Cummins, RoyalJune 200217
Cummins, SamJune 19643
Cummins, ScottJune 200217
Cummins, WayneJune 199128-29photo
Cummins, WayneJune 199619photo
Cummins, WayneJune 200217
Cummins Farm, SanfordMarch 200622
Cunningham, LeoDecember 200017photo
Cunningham, T MOctober 196310
Cuppy, AbrahamApril 196613
Cuppy, AbrahamDecember 199128-29
Cuppy, AbrahamSeptember 20025
Cuppy, AbramAugust 19638
Cuppy, JohnOctober 19793
Cuppy, Nancy (Hale)October 19793
Cuppy, SarahDecember 199128-29
Cuppy FamilyFebruary 19648, 10photo
Cuppy HouseFebruary 19648photo
Cuppy HouseApril 19785-8photo
Cuppy HouseAugust 198127photo
Curtis, Helen UlreyJune 19783-6
Curtis, Helen UlreyAugust 19831-11author
Curtis, Helen UlreyApril 199018-21author
Curtiss, MajorieJune 20051photo

D X StationMarch 200526
Dailey, OApril 198722
DairiesDecember 20025-15
DairiesMarch 20035-22
Daniel, DanJune 19722-9
Daniel, DanFebruary 198612
Daniel, DanMarch 200428author
Daniel, DanielFebruary 19808
Daniel, DanielAugust 19811-9photo
Daniel, EdOctober 197111photo
Daniel, EdJune 198118photo
Daniel, EdFebruary 198224photo
Daniel, Hannah LevyAugust 19816photo
Daniel, HattieDecember 19793-6
Daniel, LeeJune 199023
Daniel, LeopoldJune 19722-9
Daniel, SarahMarch 200614
Daniel, ThelmaDecember 19915
Daniel BrosDecember 196310
Daniel Bros September 200613
Daniel Bros Packing FireMarch 200024-25
Daniel Bros.April 19723-6
Daniel familyJune 20039
Daniel HouseSeptember 200628
Daniels, TedOctober 196412
Daniels, TedAugust 197110photo
Daniels, TedApril 197710photo
Daniels, TedOctober 19785photo
Daniels, TedOctober 198618
Dare, CharlesSeptember 200123author
Darley BarnAugust 198521photo
Darr, Glen WDecember 20027
David, KirbyApril 19737
Davis, A COctober 196310
Davis, AlbertMarch 200325
Davis, DonaldJune 198126photo
Davis, Gertrude 1922February 19697photo
Davis, Harley GSeptember 199418-19author
Davis, IsaacFebruary 198718
Davis, Rev GailDecember 198125, 26author
Davis, WilliamMarch 200617
Davis , BenJune 199020
Davis FamilyJune 200614
Day, CharlesDecember 197412photo
Day, Jane OrvilleSeptember 20041photo
Day, OrvilleSeptember 200422
DebateSeptember 20015-23
DeBolt, AliceAugust 198526, 27author
Deck, Florence (Smith) 1895April 19694photo
Decker, EthelFebruary 197113photo
Decker, FamilySeptember 200227
Decker, LouisaSeptember 200226
Decker, NathanielApril 198427
Decker, NathanielJune 199017
Deed, 1stJune 19638
Deem, BerniceJune 198126photo
Deem, LewisDecember 196311photo
Deems, W JOctober 19585
Deer, GeorgeJune 19732-7
Deeter, AnselJune 200628
Deeter, Ansel CApril 197111
Deeter, CoraOctober 196912photo
Deeter, Cora 1909April 19697photo
Deeter, DonAugust 198124photo
Deeter, DonaldOctober 196912photo
Deeter, ForrestDecember 197612photo
Deeter, LenoreJune 200625
Deeter, LenoreJune 200630
Defending the Flag CastOctober 197112-14photo
Delker, RebeccaOctober 196310
DeMoney, JAJune 19741-10
DeMoney, JesseJune 19722-9
DeMoney, RobertJune 200215
DeMoney & Son Funeral HomeDecember 19665
DeMoney Funeral HomeMarch 200026-27
DeMoney-GrimesJune 199013-14
Dempsy, OJDecember 19652, 3
DePoy, Alice 1922February 19697photo
DePoy, FamilyOctober 196310
DePoy, HollieDecember 198418photo
DePoy, John SOctober 19637
DePoy, KOctober 199118photo
DePoy, Murray 1920February 19698photo
DePoy, Murray 1922February 19697photo
DePoy, RalphApril 197111
DePoy, Samuel (Ollie)February 196412
DepressionJune 197817-19
DepressionFebruary 19793-13
DepressionFebruary 197918
DepressionFebruary 197918
DepressionFebruary 197919
DepressionAugust 19899
DepressionApril 19913-13
DepressionSeptember 200610
Depression HumorFebruary 197916, 17
Deputy, Manfold WOctober 195813
Deutsch, GeraldJune 198127photo
Deutsch, LloydJune 198127photo
Deutsch, LloydJune 198128photo
Deutsch, MabelJune 198127photo
DeVauls, Georgia ComptomApril 19737photo
DeVault, Blanche MaynardApril 19854photo
Devil's HollowJune 196413
Devil's LakeApril 198814
Deviney, OwenOctober 199316
Devinny, TimothyJune 200627
DeVol, AbeJune 198722photo
DeVol, CoachOctober 199118photo
DeVol, Oris (Abe)June 198721
DeVol FieldApril 199310
DeVol FieldJune 19968-14
Dew Drop InOctober 197213-15
DeWitt, JosieApril 196916
Dewitt, VelmaDecember 200617photo
Dewitt, VernonDecember 200617photo
DeWitt Boarding HouseOctober 19788-11
Dicke Locke lampDecember 19688photo
Dickerhoof, GeorgeMarch 200325
Dickerhoof, PeterMarch 200325
Dickerson, FrancesJune 200214
Dickerson, FrancesMarch 200616
Dickerson, J DJune 19927photo
Dietrich, AlbertaJune 200010photo
Dietrich, AlbertaMarch 200524
Dietrich, JohnOctober 195812
Dietrich, Mr & Mrs FredMarch 200524
Dietrich, Mrs AnnaMarch 200524
Dietrick, BobJune 19866photo
Diffenbaugh, BobDecember 20046photo
Diffendarfer, COctober 199118photo
Diffendarfer, CarterJune 197518photo
Diffendarfer, CarterOctober 198127, 28
Diffendarfer, CarterJune 200111photo
Diffendarfer, Carter OFebruary 1978
Diffendarfer, Carter OApril 197814author
Diffendarfer, Carter OFebruary 197914, 15author
Diffendarfer, Carter OFebruary 198123, 24author
Diffendarfer, JohnAugust 19644
Diffendarfer, O HJune 200512
Diffendarfer, ZodeaneApril 19876photo
Diffendarger, Carter OOctober 197711-14author
Diller, GeorgeApril 198711
Dillman, FOctober 199118photo
Dillman, FranklinFebruary 197916, 17author
Dillman, FranklinJune 198130photo
Dillman, FranklinFebruary 198226photo
Dillman, FranklinDecember 19833, 4photo
Dillman, FranklinJune 20048photo
Dillman, NevaDecember 198419photo
Dimmick, EdApril 198711
Dimmick, Frank EApril 198518
Dimmit, WSApril 19876photo
Dingus, DianneJune 198818photo
Dingus, MitchellMarch 200527photo
Dinkmeyer, FrancesApril 19854photo
Dinkmeyer, FrancesMarch 200614
Dinnon, RachelOctober 196310
Dirrim, Charles "Bull"August 198119
DiseasesApril 198029, 30
Ditton, CharlesOctober 19644
Ditton, CharlesOctober 197218
Ditton, CharlesFebruary 198313
Ditzenberger, FrankDecember 200616photo
DoctorsFebruary 198723
DoctorsJune 199317-24
Dodds, AdamFebruary 196510
Dodge, BetsyDecember 200425
Dog lawsDecember 20057
Dohner, HannahAugust 198311photo
Dollar DaysSeptember 199528
Donaldson, MrApril 19648
Doney, WilliamJune 200627
Donner, AlJune 19646
Doran, Cecil HowenstineAugust 198918photo
Doriot, C GJune 200512
Doriot, R AOctober 196510
Dorland, JamesOctober 196310
Dorland, Luke, RevAugust 19656
Dorland, R HOctober 196310
Dorman, FayOctober 199212-14author
Dorman, Fay EDecember 19746-7author
Dorward, Carol AndrisSeptember 20051photo
Double DipJune 20058
Douglas, A JJune 20036
Douglas, A JJune 200416
Douglas, AJOctober 19587, 13
Douglas, AJFebruary 19778
Douglas, AJDecember 198027, 28
Douglas, FloydOctober 19587
Douglas, LloydOctober 19672-14photo
Douglas, LloydDecember 198120
Douglas, Lloyd CJune 19901-12photo
Douglas, Lloyd CMarch 200523
Douglas, Sarah (Cassel)October 19672-14photo
Douglas FamilyOctober 196310
Douglas MarkerOctober 197821photo
Dowel, EstherDecember 19913
Dowell, Harlan OliverFebruary 198613, 15photo
Dowell, HarrisonJune 19732-7
Dowell, KathrynAugust 198724photo
Dowell, KeithJune 200220
Dowell, MaryDecember 19859-13author
Dowell, MaryJune 19861-13author
Dowell, MaryAugust 198615-17author
Dowell, MaryOctober 198628-30author
Dowell, MaryDecember 198627-29author
Dowell, MaryApril 198725-27author
Dowell, MaryJune 198715author
Dowell, MaryAugust 198723-28author
Dowell, MaryDecember 198728-30author
Dowell, MaryFebruary 198815-20author
Dowell, MaryDecember 199216-18author
Dowell, MaryJune 199420photo
Dowell, MaryJune 19971-7photo
Dowell, MarySeptember 200010-12author
Dowell, MarySeptember 200014-15author
Dowell, MillardApril 19879photo
DraftJune 199827-29
Draft Protestors 1863December 19894-10
Drake, HeberApril 197710photo
Drake, RexJune 19763
Drawbaugh, JohnAugust 197413
Drayer, L P, DrJune 199322
Dreger, Rev A FMarch 200225
Dreiser, TheodoreDecember 197513
Dreyer, FamilyDecember 20065
Duffield, Evelyn MagleyApril 199227photo
Duffield, Evelyn MagleyMarch 200010author
Duggins, ValAugust 198120
Duncan, RoyFebruary 19874photo
Duncan, RoyFebruary 19879photo
Duncan, SusieFebruary 198712photo
Dunfee, AltheaDecember 19664-6photo
Dunfee, LewisApril 19732-8
Dunfee, William HAugust 197413
DunkardOctober 19838
Dunlap, JaneDecember 198914photo
Dunlap, William, JrMarch 200213
Dunlop, WilliamApril 19646
Dunn, Cora MaywhoorDecember 198421
Duties of City MarshallDecember 20055
Dutter, RexOctober 196413, 14photo
Dutterer, RexAugust 198619
Dygert, AnitaMarch 200621

Eagle BreweryFebruary 19711-9
Eagle BreweryOctober 197213-15
Earl, CharlotteOctober 196310
Early, Harry, MrsDecember 19654photo
Early, May (Barney)February 19737-9author
Early BusinessAugust 19757
Early LifeFebruary 199114-17
Early OrdinancesDecember 19996-13
Early RadioJune 200612
East Elkhart SanitariumOctober 19646
East Elkhart SanitariumAugust 197013-15photo
East End GarageDecember 20051photo
East Ward SchoolApril 19873, 4photo
Easterday, AthenaJune 200630
Easterday, DennisSeptember 19996
Easterday, GeorgeFebruary 199314-17photo
Easterday, GeorgeJune 200626
Easterday, KathrynJune 200626
Easterday, KeithJune 200625
Eastman, HowardJune 19693-10
Eaton, NelsonJune 20026
Eberhard, Dr.December 200611
Eberhard, E LFebruary 19646
Eberhard, GeorgeFebruary 19773
Eberhard, HenryDecember 200619photo
Eberhard, MadgeJune 200213
Eberhard, MillardJune 19763
Eberhard, OnaOctober 198214photo
Eberhard, WOctober 199118photo
Eberhard (Buffalo?) SchoolJune 20028
Eberhard SchoolJune 19778
Ecker, Joseph NDecember 19648
Eden, GlenDecember 20026
Edgar, EllenMarch 200616photo
Editorial 1859September 199722-28
Editorial NewspaperApril 196413
Edwards, Al, MrsAugust 198311photo
Edwards, Anna HMarch 200613
Edwards, C W, DrOctober 19586
Edwards, Caleb, DrJune 19662
Edwards, Charles SOctober 198320
Edwards, Charles SDecember 198420
Edwards, HeleneOctober 19846photo
Eel RiverFebruary 196513
Eel RiverFebruary 19682-12
Eel RiverApril 196811-13photo
Eel RiverAugust 198427-29
Eel River Post-FortFebruary 196514
Eel River Valley RRSeptember 20035-21
Eger, GraceOctober 196913photo
Eger, RoyOctober 196913photo
Egner, Edd 1912February 19696photo
Egner, GerrySeptember 200430photo
Egner, MarvinSeptember 200430photo
Egner, R EOctober 196310
Egner, WilladeaneApril 198721-23
Egner, WilladeneOctober 19863-17
Egner, WilladeneApril 19876photo
Egner, WilladeneApril 198821-22
Egner, WilladeneJune 19883-11author
Egner, WilladeneDecember 198938-39
Egner, WilladeneApril 199016-17author
Egner, WilladeneMarch 199510-19author
Egner, WillideaneMarch 200430photo
Egner, WillodeanSeptember 200430photo
Egolf, AdamJune 196912
Egolf, Adeline 1895April 19694photo
Egolf, AllenApril 197111
Egolf, Ann 1895April 19694photo
Egolf, ArnieApril 198128photo
Egolf, Arnie 1904April 19696photo
Egolf, ArtAugust 19668, 9photo
Egolf, Charlie 1895April 19694photo
Egolf, Cora 1895April 19694photo
Egolf, D MFebruary 19646
Egolf, DeweyFebruary 19773
Egolf, ElizabethJune 200010photo
Egolf, George 1895April 19694photo
Egolf, JohnFebruary 19773
Egolf, KatherineDecember 196414
Egolf, Marion 1895April 19694photo
Egolf, Mary 1895April 19694photo
Egolf, RodgerJune 19711
EgolfSeptember 20059
Egolf FamilyApril 197512-13
Egolf SchoolApril 197512-13photo
Egolf SchoolAugust 197514photo
Egolf SchoolApril 198127-29
Egolf school 1895April 19694photo
Egolf School 1904April 19696photo
Egolf/ Bethel SchoolJune 20028
Eighth Grade ExamDecember 199811-13
Eisaman, FoyAugust 19749photo
Eisaman, JackJune 19866photo
Eisaman, MildredJune 198714photo
Eisaman, MildredAugust 198918
Eisaman, RussellFebruary 19843
Eisaman, WalterJune 19722-9
Elder, EstherOctober 196910photo
Elder, MaxineJune 200626
Elder, TedOctober 196910photo
ElectionsOctober 199327-28
ElectricityApril 197615, 16
ElectricityFebruary 199011
Electricity pricesDecember 20058
Electricity/Water OrdinancesDecember 19996-10
Elevator RobberyJune 199722
Eley, StellaAugust 19869
Elliott, CandaceOctober 196310
Elliott, Lucille (Christmas)December 199717
Elliott, Mrs SamuelJune 197611photo
Elliott, Tim/TomOctober 196910photo
Elliott, WalkerApril 197012photo
Elliott, Walker "Spooner"February 19694
Elliott, WWJune 200418author
ElliottJune 200218
Ellis, KirkFebruary 19843
Elm ArtifactDecember 20059, 10photo
Eloph, Harry EFebruary 198613
Ely, OgrettaMarch 200524
Emerick, EttaJune 198429
Emerick, HowardDecember 200017photo
Emerson, Louise JOctober 196310
Emerson, MiltonOctober 19585
Emerson, Milton EDecember 196310
Emery, J LeeDecember 19797, 8photo
Emery, John LeeJune 198813photo
Emery, LeeOctober 196510
Emery, LeeJune 197514
Emery, MaryOctober 196310
Emery, SabinaOctober 196310
Emery, ThomasDecember 196610
Emig, CarlFebruary 197513photo
Emrick, JerryJune 200220
Emrick/ Emerick SchoolJune 20028
Engle, DanielDecember 196414
Engle, DavidMarch 200211
Engle, ElmerApril 198129
Engle, JohnDecember 196414
Engle, Michael RobertMarch 200224
Engle, RobertMarch 200224
Engle, RossJune 200522
Ennis CafeApril 19737
EntertainmentDecember 198514-28
Entertainment 1886December 198611-24
Entrekin, RandallAugust 19666, 7photo
Enz, CarlJune 200111photo
Enz, LenoreJune 200111photo
Enz, LenoreDecember 20065
EpiscopaliansJune 198117
Erdman, EdJune 198118photo
Erdman, EdnaDecember 198128photo
Erdman, George R WMarch 200325
Erdman, Mrs Vera (Baker)June 200511photo
Erdman, Sergt August EMarch 20029photo
Erdmann, EdOctober 197111photo
Erdmann, RobertJune 200615
Ergenbright, AnnaAugust 19729-12
Erne, BOctober 199118photo
Erne, ConradJune 200512
Erne, CooneyAugust 197818
Erne, Elery ErcieApril 198911, 16,17photo
Erne, HarloFebruary 19843
Erne, WilburApril 198221author
Ernst, FOctober 199118photo
Ervess, KatieFebruary 19694
Essex TerraplaneJune 200519
Essig, BillOctober 19886photo
Essig, ElizabethJune 20036
Essig, FlorenceOctober 196510
Essig, Mary WaltersAugust 198918photo
Essig FarmAugust 19638
Est. Board of HealthDecember 20057
Estlick, AlbertJune 200629
Estlick, Albert 1922February 19697photo
Estlick, Blanche BriggsAugust 197515author
Estlick, Dorothy JJune 200630
Estlick, Richard 1922February 19697photo
Estlick, Russell 1920February 19698photo
Estlick, Russell 1922February 19697photo
Estlick, ThomasAugust 197411
Estlick, ThomasJune 200626
Estlick FamilyAugust 19773-6
Estlick MarkerOctober 197413photo
EtnaDecember 196411
EtnaAugust 197114photo
EtnaDecember 197711-13
Etna Baptist ChurchMarch 200015-17
Etna ConsolidatedApril 19698photo
Etna Hi SchoolApril 19745photo
Etna High Sch 1909April 19697photo
Etna Methodist ChurchOctober 198430
Etna SchoolApril 19801-13photo
Etna SchoolDecember 198427
Etna SchoolJune 20028
Etna School FireDecember 198412
Etna TornadoFebruary 198112
Etna TownshipDecember 19649
Etna TownshipAugust 19773-6
Etna Troy ChurchesDecember 198125, 26
Etna/HeclaDecember 19808photo
Evans, James EAugust 198118photo
Evard, DavidJune 19722-9
Evard, PaulAugust 19666, 7photo
Eve, JohnDecember 200619photo
Eve, LeeOctober 19584
Ewigleben, WalterJune 200220
Ewing, CharlesSeptember 20025
Ewing, WilliamFebruary 19654
ExplosivesDecember 20056
Eyanson, IreneMarch 200613
Eyanson, KatherineOctober 198214photo
Eyanson, MarcellaJune 198714photo
Eyanson, MarcellaAugust 198918photo
Eyanson , IreneFebruary 197925photo

Fagan, Charles EverettMarch 200612
Fagan, RiahMarch 200614
Fahl, ClarenceJune 200215
Fair, MurrayFebruary 19655
Fair Oak SchoolJune 20028
Fairchild, MosesDecember 19648
Fairchild, MosesApril 198425
Fairchild, MosesJune 199017
FairsDecember 198517, 18
Fall out shelterJune 200426
Fanning Mill FactoryDecember 197613-15
Fanning MillsOctober 19776
Fannings MillsFebruary 198718
Farley, RussAugust 198120
Farm LifeApril 197820-23
Farm LifeJune 19809
Farm LifeSeptember 19961-7
Farman, AliceOctober 196310
Farmer, RobertMarch 200621
Farmers BankJune 19693-10
Farmers InstituteDecember 199824
Farmers Loan & TrustFebruary 19823-11photo
Farmers Mutual TelephoneCoApril 19732-8
Farmers WifeJune 199616-20
FarmingApril 198023-26
FarmingJune 198417
Farming MemoriesSeptember 19951-23
Farren, GeorgeAugust 19666, 7photo
Farren, JoeAugust 19666, 7photo
Farren, JoeDecember 200017photo
Farren, PhilAugust 19666, 7photo
Farren, PhilJune 19861-13photo
Farren, PhilJune 19866photo
Farren, PhilAugust 198615
Faught, BertApril 19723-6
Faust, Jessie HunterAugust 19645
FDR ToiletAugust 198029
Feaster, TesterApril 197012photo
Feaster, Will FJune 200512
Feaster's GroceryJune 19693-10
Feedsack clothesDecember 200620-25photo
Feist, Clarence "Booney"August 198816photo
Feist, Clarence (Booney)June 197614
Feist, Clarence AJune 19773-8author
Feist, LillieApril 19854photo
Feist, Lillie MMarch 200614
Feit, CharlesSeptember 200628photo
Feit, DeMaris (Armstrong)September 200628photo
Feit, JohnSeptember 200117author
Feit, JohnMarch 200620
Felger, TomMarch 200629photo
Fellers, Martha JOctober 196310
Fenian SchoolApril 198323photo
Ferguson, W SFebruary 19644
Ferguson, W SJune 200526
Ferguson, William TJune 197311
Ferran, JoeAugust 19732-5
Ferrell, HenriettaDecember 19916
Ferrell, JamesDecember 200617photo
Ferren, Bugler PhilipMarch 20029photo
Ferrey, RalphOctober 196510
Ferry, RalphApril 19737
Ferry, Ralph RJune 19693-10
Fesler, GeorgeAugust 19742-4
Fetro, JohnOctober 196310
Fetters, Howard FApril 198619
FFASeptember 200323-29
Fiddlers, GreenApril 19678-10
Fiddlers GreenDecember 196415
Fiddlers GreenOctober 197213-15
Fiddler's GreenOctober 199324-25
Fifth BatteryJune 197915-17
Finley, Hugh LOctober 196310
Fire BellAugust 19646photo
Fire HydrantsSeptember 19987
Firestone, Ally DOctober 196310
Firestone, J BFebruary 19644
Firestone, J BJune 200526
Firestone, James BradenFebruary 198613, 15photo
Firestone, JBJune 197311
Firestone, TyreeOctober 196412
Firestone, WalterOctober 19648
Firestone, WalterFebruary 198410photo
First Baptist ChurchDecember 19873photo
First National BankJune 19693-10
First Presbyterian ChurchSeptember 19941-11photo
First Presbyterian ChurchJune 200616- 19
First Schoolhouse MarkerOctober 19581photo
First white SettlersJune 19663-5
Fisher, AdamSeptember 200526
Fisher, CharlesApril 198716photo
Fisher, CliffMarch 200520
Fisher, DanMarch 200622
Fisher, David EDecember 196414
Fisher, Elbertine (Briggs) 1912February 19696photo
Fisher, Elbertine (Briggs) 1920February 19698photo
Fisher, GeorgeAugust 197713, 14
Fisher, GraceFebruary 19797, 8doll
Fisher, HaroldJune 200215
Fisher, LawnAugust 197713, 14
Fisher, MerleDecember 198221-24author
Fisher, Merle 1912February 19696photo
Fisher, RichardAugust 19666, 7photo
Fisher, Robert EMarch 200619
Fisher, RussellDecember 200617photo
Fisher HouseOctober 198026photo
FishingAugust 199013
Fleck, A ROctober 196510
Fleck, AlvinJune 20026
Fleck, Alvin ROctober 19584, 13
Fleck, Alvin RFebruary 19861-10
Fleck, CleonJune 19755author
Fleck, CleonDecember 197913-17author
Fleck, CleonAugust 19801-11
Fleck, CleonAugust 198328-30author
Fleck, CleonApril 19841-9author
Fleck, CleonJune 198423-25author
Fleck, CleonFebruary 19861-10author
Fleck, CleonAugust 198916-19author
Fleck, CleonOctober 199224-25author
Fleck, CleonJune 199431
Fleck, Cleon LFebruary 19921-14photo
Fleck, FordJune 198813photo
Fleck, George MorrisonApril 19785-8author
Fleck, MrJune 200215
Fleck, MrSeptember 20067
Fleck, OrlandApril 197710photo
Fleck, PaulSeptember 200121author
Fleck, PaulineAugust 198918photo
Fleck, ROctober 199118photo
Fleck, RoyApril 197710photo
Flesch, PennySeptember 20005-9author
Flesch, Penny SDecember 199918-25author
Flickenger, JessieDecember 198428
Flickinger, NaomiOctober 196910photo
Flickinger, NaomiOctober 196910photo
Flickinger, SlyvesterJune 19722-9
FlickingerDecember 196313
Flood - 1913April 19742-11
Floods -1950December 199914-15
Flowers, HenryApril 197615, 16author
Flowers, Henry MOctober 19723-5author
Flowers, Henry MFebruary 19732-6author
Flowers, Henry MOctober 19731-9author
Flowers, Henry MAugust 19753, 4author
Flox, HaroldMarch 200619photo
Flox, JacobJune 19757-9photo
Flox, JakeJune 198719photo
Flox, JakeJune 200116photo
Flox, RichardJune 19812-6
Flox , JOFebruary 198013
Flox Department StoreMarch 200526
Flu- 1918December 200323
Flu EpidemicSeptember 20066
Foltz Sales & ServiceJune 200521photo
Folz, Mr & MrsJune 200522
Fonefield, RuebenFebruary 198722
Forest, AnnaJune 198429
Forrest, CharlesJune 19722-9
Forrest, JohnDecember 196313
Forrest, JohnDecember 196314
Forrest, RobertDecember 196313
Forrester, Mr & MrsJune 20058
Forst, RusselOctober 19846photo
Forsythe, L AOctober 196310
Fort ConstructionDecember 19757-9
Fort Wayne & Chicago railwayOctober 19645
Fortman, MarthaJune 198818photo
Fortman, NancyJune 198818photo
Foshers, Rev J BJune 200226
Fosler, EthelOctober 19846photo
Fosler, FredDecember 197412photo
Fosler, GeorgeDecember 20069
Foster, BerlinApril 198325-28photo
Foster, DOctober 199118photo
Foster, JohnJune 197311
Foster, Kenneth DJune 198010author
Foster, MillardAugust 197110photo
Foster SchoolAugust 197515-17photo
Foster SchoolJune 20028
Foust, AHApril 19732-8
Foust, Archie HFebruary 19913-10
Foust, Cleon HJune 200512
Foust, F HFebruary 198718
Foust, FranklinOctober 19712
Foust, FranklinSeptember 20026
Foust, Franklin HAugust 19666, 7photo
Foust, Franklin HJune 19693-10
Foust, Franklin HDecember 197613-15
Foust, Franklin HAugust 199121photo
Foust, MabelMarch 20041photo
Foust, MaryDecember 200017photo
Foust, Mary HunterAugust 198323photo
Foust, SolomonFebruary 198718
Foust BlockJune 19693-10photos
Foust FamilyAugust 198219-26
Fowler, Madeline AJune 200410
Fox, HaroldAugust 19749photo
Fox, JolenOctober 19886photo
Fox, RoyalDecember 198419photo
Fox, SusanSeptember 199822-25author
Fox ProductsApril 19646
Frame Barn (First)October 19643photo
Frame House (First)October 19643photo
France, CarlJune 19757-9photo
France, CarlJune 200116photo
France, HazelDecember 200017photo
France, JohnAugust 19666, 7photo
France, RobertaMarch 200621
Frank, Herman RFebruary 19859-13photo
Frank, KathleenFebruary 19797, 8author
Franklin- townJune 198529
Frank's GreenhouseFebruary 19859-13photo
Frantz, ArdenMarch 200524
Frantz, HaroldMarch 200524
Frantz, JackJune 200629
Fred Dunfee SchoolJune 200210
Fredricks, JoeJune 20026
Free MasonsJune 19716-10
Freed, LytellOctober 19847photo
Freeland, JosephApril 198717
Frey, Barbara CarverDecember 20015-11author
Frick, PhilFebruary 19874photo
Fricke, Phyllis KylerFebruary 198311-13author
Friend, Jane 1895April 19694photo
Friend, Lettie (McClain) 1895April 19694photo
Fries, GeorgeMarch 200620
Fries, JosephineJune 19706photo
Fries, LeoFebruary 19692-15author
Fries, Leo JApril 19678-10author
Fries, Leo JAugust 197314, 15author
Fries, Leo JOctober 197310author
Fries, Leo JApril 197412, 13author
Fries, Leo JAugust 197411author
Fries, Leo JFebruary 19752author
Fries, Leo JApril 19759-13author
Fries, Leo JJune 197513-14author
Fries, Leo JJune 197512author
Fries, Leo JAugust 197515-17author
Fries, Leo JFebruary 197716author
Fries, Leo JJune 197713author
Fries, Leo JDecember 199427-30author
Fries, Marie (Perry)February 19694
Fries, Mary CatherineDecember 19701photo
Fries, Mary LouJune 200427author
Fries, Mary LouDecember 200427author
Friskney, MarieJune 19638photo
Friskney, MarieAugust 198724
Fritz, DaveDecember 200619photo
Fritz, EdDecember 200619photo
Fritz, KrissyJune 198818photo
Fritz, RalphDecember 200619photo
Frohmuth, GusJune 19722-9
Fruchy, ErmalSeptember 200424
Fry, AlbertaJune 200214
Fry, Alfred AApril 197111
Fry, JackMarch 200527photo
Fryover, AngelineOctober 196310
Funeral CoachJune 19741photo
Funeral ServicesDecember 199025-26
Funeral spoonDecember 196613photo
FuneralsDecember 197913-17
Funkhauser, SophiaApril 19854photo
Fur TradeAugust 197713, 14
Fuselbarger, P JOctober 196510

Gable, ErmaDecember 198419photo
Gable, ErmaDecember 198419photo
Gaerte, EdAugust 197110photo
Gaff, Alpheus BAugust 19644
Gaff, DorothyJune 198126photo
Gaff, EldeeDecember 19917
Gaff, James EApril 198619
Gaff, MaryJune 198126photo
Gaff, MaxAugust 19901-7photo
Gaff, MyrtleAugust 19869
Gaff, Neil VApril 198619
Gaff, TedJune 198126photo
Gaff FamilyJune 200614
Gaff SchoolAugust 196912, 13photo
Gaff SchoolJune 20028
Gage, Shirley SullivanFebruary 198712photo
Galbreath, RS, DrJune 19646
Galbreath, RusselApril 19854photo
Galbreath, RussellFebruary 198225photo
Galbreath, SamFebruary 198410photo
Gallivan, DinnicOctober 197213-15
Gallivan, Serg ThomasMarch 20029photo
Galloway, GlennAugust 19779-12
Galloway, GlennDecember 198427photo
Galloway, Glenn PApril 198619
Galloway, LucilleApril 196912
Galloway, Lucille HApril 19801-13author
GamblingDecember 20058
GamesFebruary 198119-24
GamesAugust 198129
Gandy, MaxApril 19646
Gandy, MaxSeptember 200428
Gandy, Mrs OApril 198723
Gandy, OthoFebruary 19837
Gandy, Otho WAugust 19638
Gandy, William HAugust 197413
Gandy BankDecember 199517-24
Gandy pear treeApril 19687photo
Gandy SchoolJune 200210
Garard, CharlesFebruary 196415
Garber, JacobOctober 197213-15
Garber, Sam FAugust 19668, 9photo
Garbor, JamesApril 19723-6
Garbor SaloonApril 19723-6
Garden Gift ShopJune 19693-10
Garden Gift ShopJune 198213
Gardner, NelsonAugust 197310-14
Garner, CorpWilliam FMarch 20029photo
Garringer, JanApril 19801-13author
Garrison, AnneOctober 196510
Garrison, Ben CApril 198712
Garrison, HaroldJune 198128photo
Garrison, JesseJune 198429
Garrison, JesseApril 19854photo
Garrison, JesseMarch 200622
Garrison, Martin DOctober 196310
Garrison, RJune 200227
Garrison, RoscoeJune 19722-9
Garrison, ZachariahFebruary 19837
Garrison, ZachariahJune 20037
Garrison, ZackDecember 19748
Garrison CemeteryJune 19996
Garrison Farm, PeterMarch 200622
Garrison StoneDecember 198412
Garty, ElizabethApril 19876photo
Gas Light PlayersMarch 199619-23
Gas Price WarMarch 200626
Gater, LauraDecember 199819-21author
Gater, LauraMarch 19994-10author
Gates, Alice CJune 198220-21photo
Gates, B EJune 196511
Gates, B EJune 200512
Gates, B EarlDecember 19871-25author
Gates, BEAugust 19666, 7photo
Gates, BenSeptember 200121author
Gates, Benton EJune 19693-10
Gates, Benton EJune 198718-23author
Gates, Benton EJune 200525
Gates, Benton E JrDecember 196311photo
Gates, Benton E JrMarch 200620
Gates, Benton EarlFebruary 198515-17author
Gates, Benton EarlApril 199310, 13-16author
Gates, Benton EarlJune 19933-8author
Gates, Benton EarlAugust 19931-10author
Gates, Benton EliFebruary 19821photo
Gates, Demaris (Scott)October 196912photo
Gates, D'Maris ScottApril 197818photo
Gates, EarlMarch 200616photo
Gates, Gov RalphOctober 196310
Gates, Helene EdwardsDecember 19821-7photo
Gates, JohnApril 19737
Gates, JohnJune 200425
Gates, John EJune 200410
Gates, PatriciaMarch 200619
Gates, RalphJune 19793author
Gates, RalphOctober 19849author
Gates, RalphJune 198719photo
Gates, Ralph April 197812, 13author
Gates, Ralph EJune 196511
Gates, Ralph FOctober 196313author
Gates, Ralph FJune 196715author
Gates, Ralph FJune 19693-10author
Gates, Ralph FJune 19702, 3author
Gates, Ralph FJune 19707author
Gates, Ralph FAugust 197012author
Gates, Ralph FApril 19712-9author
Gates, Ralph FAugust 197110-12author
Gates, Ralph FFebruary 197210-12
Gates, Ralph FApril 19723-6
Gates, Ralph FAugust 19742-4author
Gates, Ralph FApril 19753author
Gates, Ralph FJune 19757-9photo
Gates, Ralph FAugust 19758-11author
Gates, Ralph FAugust 19755author
Gates, Ralph FAugust 19757author
Gates, Ralph FAugust 19769-15author
Gates, Ralph FDecember 197613-15author
Gates, Ralph FJune 19779-12author
Gates, Ralph FJune 197715author
Gates, Ralph FAugust 19773-6author
Gates, Ralph FAugust 19779-12author
Gates, Ralph FDecember 197711-13author
Gates, Ralph FDecember 197716-18author
Gates, Ralph FApril 197816, 17author
Gates, Ralph FFebruary 19793-5
Gates, Ralph FJune 19799, 10author
Gates, Ralph FDecember 19793author
Gates, Ralph FFebruary 19801-5
Gates, Ralph FOctober 198023, 24author
Gates, Ralph FApril 19811-6author
Gates, Ralph FFebruary 19823author
Gates, Ralph FFebruary 19843
Gates, Ralph FDecember 19843-7author
Gates, Ralph FAugust 198816photo
Gates, Ralph FFebruary 19894photo
Gates, Ralph FAugust 199119-21author
Gates, Ralph FSeptember 200411photo
Gates, Richard WMarch 200620
Gates, RobertAugust 198816photo
Gates, RobertJune 200615
Gates, Robert EMarch 200617
Gates familyJune 200310
Gavigan, WilliamJune 200010photo
Gavigan, William 1922February 19697photo
Gawthrop, Hilda (Betzner) 1920February 19698photo
Gaylord, BudJune 200220
Gaylord, Mary AnnAugust 198724photo
Gaylord, Mary AnnSeptember 200624
Geary, Dr JWDecember 196314
Geary, J W, DrDecember 196313
Geary, John K, DrDecember 196313
Geary, Mrs JWDecember 196314
Geary, OwenDecember 196313
Geary, OwenDecember 196314
Gebert, Jack EApril 197111
Gebert, SidneyOctober 196413, 14photo
Gegert, SidneyAugust 198619
Geiger, AbrahamJune 197315
Geiger, AnthonyFebruary 19838
Geiger, FamilySeptember 200227
Geiger, Irvin CJune 197315
Geiger, JaneMarch 200621
Geiger, LenaAugust 198724photo
Geiger, LilaAugust 198724photo
Geiger, Mildred MarieJune 19943-4
Geiger, NonaApril 198129
Geiger, PaulAugust 198724photo
Geiger, Sarah Elizabeth TurnbullJune 197315
Geiger, William AApril 19732-8
Geist, JohnOctober 19847photo
Genealogical SocietySeptember 199530-31
Genealogical SocietyDecember 199931
GenealogyJune 198021-24
Gene's ChorusApril 197711
Gene's ChorusJune 199712-14
Gerard, AltaDecember 197922-25author
Gerard, AltaOctober 19809-18author
Gerard, AltaFebruary 19811-11author
Gerard, AltaFebruary 198125-29author
Gerard, AltaAugust 199023
Gerard, AltaDecember 19901-10author
Gerard, Alta MOctober 197910-12author
Gereard, GilbertMarch 200521
Gerkin, AudraApril 198626photo
Gerkin, AudraDecember 200520photo
Gerkin, ErnestAugust 198124photo
German, R JAugust 19638
Gibson, PollyJune 198818photo
Gibson, RachelJune 198818photo
Gilbert, DorothyJune 200628
Gilbert, MerlMarch 200624
Gilbert Davis American Legion PostApril 196513
Giles, HenryApril 198722
Gill, Mary CatherineJune 200220
Gillespie, BettyMarch 200620
Gillespie, FlorenceOctober 196510
Gillespie, MarcusJune 200427photo
Gillespie, MarjorieMarch 200620
Gillespie, William MOctober 19663
Gillins, HildaJune 197512photo
Ginger, P HOctober 196310
Gingher, MikeDecember 198915-16photo
Gipe, BillMarch 200520
Gipe, EarlJune 198827photo
Girl's Club- 1906June 200511photo
Girl's Junior LeagueJune 199825-26photo
Girls on the PorchDecember 19636
Glass, BlancheOctober 196510
Glass Blowers OutingAugust 19755
Glassley, AlbaApril 19854photo
Glassley, AmosOctober 19785photo
Glassley, AmosOctober 19846photo
Glassley, EugeneApril 196414photo
Glassley, GeneApril 19779photo
Glassley, Harry, MrsAugust 198311photo
Glassley, J Alba, RayFebruary 198225photo
Glassley, MameApril 19779photo
Glassley, Mrs Kate (Baker)June 200511photo
Glassley, RayOctober 197111photo
Glassley, RayAugust 19729-12
Glassley, RayJune 198118photo
Glassley, RussellApril 19779photo
Glassley's Dry Goods, JesseSeptember 200610
Glassley's GrocerySeptember 200610
Glenn, Edward EOctober 195813photo
Glenn, ElzieJune 197315
Glick BuildingJune 19693-10
Globe-Superior Corp- erectedMarch 200520
Glotzer, LewisFebruary 198322photo
GlueckertOctober 197213-15
GoatmanSeptember 199414
Goble, CharlesOctober 19585
Goble, DoraOctober 196510
Goble, Dr M MMarch 200224
Goble, EffieDecember 200617photo
Goble, EnosOctober 196310
Goble, EnosDecember 19652, 3
Goble, EnosDecember 196611
Goble, FordJune 200513
Goble, James WFebruary 19773
Goble, JanetApril 199226photo
Goble, LawrenceFebruary 19655
Goble, Lawrence SApril 198518
Goble, LoisOctober 198214photo
Goble, MerleAugust 198615
Goble, MerleJune 20026
Goble, MerleJune 200514
Goble, Mrs CharlesJune 200514
Goble, PaulFebruary 197926photo
Goboney, Rev Thomas GJune 200618
Godfrey, JohnFebruary 19839
Godfrey, John BaptistFebruary 196513
Godwin, Lora MeeksAugust 19645
Goebel, MortonApril 197111
Goff, CliftonAugust 19749photo
Goff, EarlAugust 19749photo
Golden Scepter FlourJune 19643
Gondek, FrankJune 19693-10
Good, BettyJune 200626
Goodman, LOctober 199118photo
Goodman, LucileJune 198128photo
Goodman, LucilleJune 198127photo
Goodrich, AliceOctober 198710photo
Goodrich, BelaAugust 197817
Goodrich, BelaJune 200627
Goodrich, ChaunceyJune 19806
Goodrich, ClydeMarch 200216photo
Goodrich, FayMarch 200216photo
Goodrich, FletcherDecember 19637
Goodrich, GeraldMarch 200216photo
Goodrich, HaroldMarch 200216photo
Goodrich, KennethMarch 200214-23photo
Goodrich, Loretta MOctober 196310
Goodrich, OrvillMarch 200216photo
Goodrich, PriceDecember 19637, 8
Goodrich, PriceDecember 19647
Goodrich, PriceOctober 197218
Goodrich, PriceJune 200627
Goodrich, RoyJune 198827photo
Goodrich, SilasOctober 19686photo
Goodrich FamilyFebruary 19747-11
Goodrich QuartetApril 198525photo
Goodspeed, Weston ADecember 19829-20
Goodyear, OraApril 19879, 11, 13photo
Gordon, DorisMarch 199618photo
Gordon, JamesFebruary 19839
Gorman, PatDecember 196313
Gorman, PatDecember 196314
Goss, Elba (Bordner)April 197013photo
Goss, MabelDecember 198128photo
Goudy, Bonita 1920February 19698photo
Goudy, Bonita 1922February 19697photo
Goudy, DeweyJune 200626
Gower, James ZJune 197311
Grable, Benjamin JrFebruary 198719
Grable, EarlJune 20069
Grable, MarionJune 198615
Grable, RachelJune 20069
Grable, T MApril 19737
Grable , FrankOctober 198029photo
Grace, BillApril 199317photo
Grace, JohnAugust 198526, 27
Grace, WilliamOctober 19704photo
Grace, WilliamOctober 198615
Grace FamilyApril 197113photo
Grace Lutheran ChurchOctober 19697photo
Grace Lutheran ChurchFebruary 19806
Grace Lutheran ChurchJune 199415
Grace Lutheran ChurchJune 200428
Grace SchoolJune 20028
Grad-1893August 196810, 11photo
Gradeless, AmericaMarch 200625
Gradeless, BMarch 200625
Gradeless, CecilApril 198619
Gradeless, CecilMarch 200625
Gradeless, Earl 1921February 196911photo
Gradeless, NathanielAugust 19638
Gradeless, NathanielOctober 196310
Gradeless, Ralph 1921February 196911photo
Gradeless, RebeccaAugust 19644
Gradeless, Thorrald 1921February 196911photo
GradelessSeptember 20059
Graduation 1902August 19729-12
Graf, Mary ParrettAugust 198417-20author
Grafton BarbershopApril 198522photo
Graham, CashOctober 19785photo
Grahle, Bertha (Christmas)December 199718
Grand, Marshall"December 200512
Grant, JamesAugust 19742-4
Grant, JerryAugust 198119
Grant, LowellJune 19866photo
Grant, LowellAugust 198816photo
Grant, Lucy LangohrSeptember 200118author
Grant, Mary ElizabethJune 200220
Grant, Mrs JuddJune 19635
Grant, Mrs MichaelJune 198130photo
Grant, WalterAugust 198423photo
Grant, WalterJune 19866photo
Grant FamilyJune 197513photo
Graves, Rollie CFebruary 198613
Gray, Ralph TApril 198619
Greely, JohnApril 197111
Green, DeWittOctober 197111photo
Green, DeWittJune 198118photo
Green, DeWittFebruary 198224photo
Green, DeWittApril 19854photo
Green, DrJune 199322
Green, ElizabethDecember 200619photo
Green, MarionSeptember 200610
Green, VanceOctober 19846photo
Green Hill AcademyFebruary 196512
Green Hill AcademyApril 198530
Green Hill SchoolJune 20028
Greenhill AcadamyOctober 19583, 7
Greenhill Cem comm.February 196813
Greer, CleonAugust 198124photo
Greer, HarryAugust 198124photo
Greer, LloydAugust 198124photo
Gregg, ClintonJune 19722-9
Gregg, HenryJune 197311
Gregg, JaneMarch 200621
Gregg, JimDecember 19732-9author
Gregg, RandallDecember 19734photo
Greiser, F A, DrJune 199322
Greiser, OttoJune 198118photo
Grieier, OttoFebruary 198225photo
Grimes, AndersonJune 19732-7
Grimes, AshurDecember 200619photo
Grimes, BlancheOctober 196510
Grimes, DaeDecember 200619photo
Grimes, EdnaDecember 200619photo
Grimes, ErieDecember 200619photo
Grimes, Irving EFebruary 198613, 15photo
Grimes, Mrs HarryMarch 200523
Grimes, OraOctober 196912photo
Grimes, RillaDecember 200619photo
Grimes, Virgil DFebruary 198613, 15photo
Grimes, WilliamMarch 200523
Grimes FurnitureApril 198522photo
Grimes SchoolJune 20028
Grimm, LeolaAugust 198724photo
Grip NutApril 19646
Grip Nut FactoryDecember 197412
Grische, Tural UlreyOctober 197913-16author
Grischke, Tural UlreyJune 198321, 22author
Grischke, Tural UlreyApril 198916author
Grisier, Dr F GJune 200512
Grisier, Dr F GJune 200525
Grisier, F GFebruary 19646
Grisier, OttoFebruary 198224photo
Grisier, OttoApril 198416photo
Grisier, Otto WMarch 200614
Grisier, Otto, DrOctober 197111photo
Grist/Saw MillApril 198422
Grocery DeliveryApril 19765-9
Grocery DeliveryAugust 19763
Gross, GroverSeptember 200411
Gross, Herbert, MrsOctober 196310
Gross, IkeOctober 19785photo
Gross, Mary AJune 19763
Gross, PaulMarch 20021, 5-8photo
Ground Hog SchoolApril 198229
Groundhog SchoolJune 20028
Groves, EugeneSeptember 200118-19author
Groves, EugeneMarch 200621
Groves, ForrestFebruary 198224photo
Groves, JamesJune 200627
Groves, Mary EllenJune 200630
Groves, UlyssesJune 199917
Growcock, AlbertDecember 198419photo
Growcock, James AJune 199122photo
Growcock, Oda EJune 199122photo
Grub Hill / Gruber SchoolJune 20029
Grubb Hill SchoolFebruary 196912photo
Grubb Hill SchoolOctober 196910photo
Gruber, Josephine MDecember 200427
Gruesbeck, AbbieOctober 196310
Gruesbeck, CarlJune 200010photo
Gruesbeck, Framen PFebruary 19843
Gruesbeck, FrankMarch 200524
Gruesbeck, FredJune 200630
Gruesbeck, PeterOctober 196310
Gruesbeck, WalterMarch 200524
Grund, FredaFebruary 19807
Grunder, Col George WDecember 200223photo
Guerling, Mable (Pritchard)April 19737photo
Gulf StationMarch 200525
Gulish, ChristineJune 198818photo
Gunkel, PeggyFebruary 199221-22author
Gunter, EmmaOctober 196310
Gutcher, Michael, DrFebruary 19647
Gutcher, Michael, DrAugust 197013-15photo
Gutscher, MichaelOctober 19646
Gutscher FamilyJune 198813
Gutscher SanitariumDecember 200027-29
Gutscher Sanitarium MarkerOctober 198826-27
Gwin, Benjamin OMarch 20035
Gwin, Benjamin OMarch 200319
Gwin, GilbertMarch 200319, 20
Gwin, Margaret MMarch 20035
GypsiesFebruary 198815-20

Haas, JohnJune 20036
Haas, WillOctober 198618
Haas, WilliamAugust 197110photo
Hackett, AliceOctober 196310
Hadley, ChancyDecember 19648
Hadley, ChaunceyFebruary 196611
Halderbaum& RaupferJune 200512
Halderman, JacobOctober 196412
Halderman, LewisOctober 196412
Halderman, Mary CliffordOctober 196412
Halderman, RayApril 198721
Halenbeck, JohnMarch 200520
Halenbeck, LoisJune 200226
Hall, AnthonaAugust 19869
Hall, B ROctober 196310
Hall, BobMarch 200629photo
Hall, MardellSeptember 200628
Hall, Nerva JAugust 199218-20
Hall RifleDecember 198915photo
Hallauer, FayApril 198416photo
HalloweenAugust 198521-23
HalloweenSeptember 200124-26
Hallowell, MaryOctober 195813
Hallowell, MaryDecember 19636
Hallowell, MaryApril 196912
Hallowell, MaryApril 198223, 24
Hallowell, Mary ElizabethApril 19801-13photo
Hallowell, MissMarch 200616photo
Hamilton, ElizaFebruary 19649photo
Hamilton, EstherOctober 196310
Hamilton, RobertMarch 199720-21
Hamilton, VOctober 199118photo
Hamman, PeterJune 200011-13
Hammer, Fern (Waugh)April 199116-17
Hammer, Fern WaughJune 19841-6photo
Hammer, JamesJune 198623
Hammien, JennieJune 200226
Hammontree, PhoebeOctober 196310
Hammontree, ThomasOctober 19645
Hancock, A ESeptember 200626
Hancock, Arthur ESeptember 20049
Hancock, JackOctober 19702, 3
Hancock, JackSeptember 20049
Hancock, JackSeptember 200627
Hancock, Mrs Hazel (Miller)June 200511photo
Haneline, DorothyAugust 198918photo
Haner, ChristianDecember 196310
Haney, Paul BJune 200213
HangingOctober 19664, 5
Hanna, SamuelFebruary 196611
Hannah, HenryAugust 197413
Hannah, HenryFebruary 198722
Hard Scrabble SchoolOctober 195811
Hard Scrabble SchoolJune 20029
Hardaway, ThomasAugust 198816photo
Hare SchoolJune 20029
Harley, A JOctober 196310
Harley, AmadellaOctober 196310
Harley, AnnaApril 19779photo
Harley, OlinAugust 197110photo
Harley, OlinApril 19779photo
Harley, OlinOctober 19783-7
Harley, Richard HApril 197111
Harley & Linvill HardwareApril 197114photo
Harley FamilyApril 19773-5
Harmar, Josiah, GenFebruary 19684
Harmar DebacleFebruary 19684
Harper, Eldon (Bud)June 20056photo
Harper, George, blacksmithMarch 199815
Harper, JosephJune 197311
Harper, Joseph, Dr June 199320
Harper Buggy FactoryAugust 199222-25
Harper Buggy FactoryDecember 199324
Harper Buggy FireOctober 197711-14photo
Harper Buggy FireApril 197818, 19
Harper Buggy FireFebruary 198620-22
Harris, CarlMarch 20035
Harris, CarlMarch 200319
Harris, ConnMarch 20035
Harris, JohnDecember 198419photo
Harris, LynnJune 19711
Harris, MelJune 200414
Harris, VivianAugust 198623-27author
Harris, VivianOctober 199210-12author
Harrison, A EOctober 196310
Harrison, BenjaminSeptember 20049
Harrison, Capt Joseph RMarch 20029photo
Harrison, HazelApril 19878photo
Harrison, J MDecember 196313
Harrison, Joseph RJune 19693-10
Harrison, Joseph RDecember 198420
Harrison, Joseph RDecember 200223, 24photo
Harrison, Joseph RJune 200310
Harrison, Mamie Williams BrownAugust 19636
Harrison, Mary IMarch 200614
Harrison, RayJune 198719photo
Harrison FamilyFebruary 19747-11
Harroll, Henrietta (Christmas)December 199716
Harshbarger, AndrewOctober 19879
Harshbarger, Capt DMarch 200211
Harshbarger, EmmanualFebruary 19737-9
Harshbarger, EvaApril 19737
Harshbarger, FrankJune 198623
Harshbarger, JohnDecember 196313
Harshbarger, JohnDecember 196314
Harshbarger, JohnOctober 19879
Harshbarger, LewisOctober 19879
Harshbarger, LuraJune 198623
Harshbarger, MarieJune 200211photo
Harshbarger, Marshall McNagnieOctober 198717-18photo
Harshbarger, MaymeJune 198623
Harshbarger, R October 199118photo
Harshbarger, Sam LJune 200512
Harshnes, DariusJune 200512
Hart, Fred WJune 200512
Hart, Joseph KinmontJune 200314
Hart, NellieJune 198615
Hart, NellieJune 198615
Hart, RayOctober 19846photo
Hart, RerraOctober 19846photo
Harter, DaveJune 199025photo
Harter, ElizabethJune 198714photo
Harter, ElizabethAugust 198918photo
Harter, GeorgeOctober 19639, 10
Harter, GeorgeOctober 196310
Harter, GeorgeJune 197920
Harter, GeorgeFebruary 19838
Harter, Kenneth EzraApril 198912
Harter, PaulDecember 200017photo
Harter, Paul LMarch 200615
Harter Restuarant, DukeAugust 196310
Harter's RestuarantJune 19693-10
Hartford Service CoJune 200516
Hartle, F EdDecember 198127photo
Hartley, Leona (Christmas)December 199718
Hartman, BobDecember 20029-11
Hartman, BobMarch 20031photo
Hartman, FannieAugust 19729-12
Hartman, HerbDecember 20029-11
Hartman, LewisApril 198519-21
Hartman, LewisJune 19921-9photo
Hartman, LloydMarch 200524
Hartman, PeterJune 19921-9photo
Hartsock, AbigailOctober 196310
Hartsock, HannahOctober 196310
Hartsock, HermanOctober 196310
Hartsock, JaneOctober 196310
Hartsock, JennieFebruary 19694
Hartsock, JerryOctober 196310
Hartsock, SamuelDecember 19649
Hartsock, SamuelJune 200625
Hartsock, SamuelJune 200627
HarvestOctober 198327-30photo
Harvey, HaroldDecember 198314-23photo
Harvey, HaroldMarch 200616photo
Hass, MaryOctober 196510
Hasty, JamesJune 200424
Hasty, Ruben KJune 200424
Hasty, ShermanJune 200423-25
Hatfield, AlOctober 196412
Hatfield, CarolynMarch 200621
Hatfield, James MOctober 196310
Hathaway, Kate CarperAugust 198311photo
Hathaway, ShermanOctober 19846photo
Hathaway, ThomasFebruary 198311-13
Hauptmeyer, HenryJune 19646
Hauptmeyer, W AOctober 196510
Havens, LorenzoDecember 196310
Hawk, LeolaDecember 19913
Hawk Eye OilDecember 198625photo
Hawkins, Bernice (Snyder)September 20065-12author
Hawkins, HillisSeptember 20069
Hawkins, HillisSeptember 200613
Hawkins, James HillisSeptember 200613
Hawkins, Joseph LeeSeptember 200613
Hawkins, LauraSeptember 200613
Hawkins, MarySeptember 200613
Hawkins, William TFebruary 19843
Hawley, RichardSeptember 200120author
Hawley, RichardMarch 200620
Hawn, HildrethAugust 198724photo
Hawn, KeithDecember 198419photo
Hawn, L EMarch 200521
Hay BalingAugust 197818
Hayden, Alma ConeOctober 19643
Hayden, CWAugust 197411
Hayden, DavidOctober 19643
Hayden, DavidDecember 19649
Hayden, DavidOctober 197218
Hayden, DavidAugust 198629
Hayden, DavidMarch 199527-28photo
Hayden, DavidJune 200011-13
Hayden, HenryOctober 196412
Hayden, OliveOctober 196310
Hayes, Effie BelleDecember 19865photo
Hayes, MichaelDecember 200217, 18author
Hayes, Michael RMarch 200420-23author
Hayes BarbershopApril 198522photo
Haynes, DannyOctober 197310
Haynes, Jeddie MarvinApril 19737
Haynes, WalterAugust 19668, 9photo
Hayworth, Laura Ellen (Hawkins)September 200613
Hazel Cot CastleFebruary 196412
Hazel Cot CastleAugust 198321, 22
Hazel Cot CastleAugust 19851-13
Hazel Hill SchoolOctober 195811
Hazel Hill SchoolJune 20029
Hazen, John FAugust 198414photo
Heacock, Elizabeth RouchFebruary 196510
Heacock , Elizabeth (Ruch)April 196715
Heady, CarlDecember 200617photo
Hearld, KOctober 199118photo
Hearld, LarryMarch 200629photo
Hecht, JacobFebruary 19808
Hedgegard, JensenJune 200514
Hedington, Alva EDecember 19768author
Hedington, Alva EDecember 19773-10author
Hefflefinger, JacobJune 20036
Heimbach, CarolineDecember 200431photo
Heimbach, JohnDecember 200431photo
Heimbach, LorelOctober 198214photo
Heimbach homeDecember 200431photo
Heinbaugh, DorisJune 200010photo
Heine, RalphSeptember 200326photo
Heinley, EdwardJune 19722-9
Heinley, ElmerOctober 197815-17author
Heinley, ElmerAugust 198816photo
Heinley, TOctober 199118photo
Heinley, VirgilApril 19765-9author
Heinley, VirgilApril 198215-20author
Heinley, W ElmerAugust 19789-11author
Heintzelman, CharlesAugust 198120, 22
Heintzelman, ElsieJune 200010photo
Heintzelman, ImogeneMarch 199618photo
Heintzelman, JacobMarch 20035
Heintzleman, IreneDecember 200520photo
Helblig, Flo 1895April 19694photo
Helblig, FrankAugust 19869
Helen, KennerJune 198714photo
Helfrich, KennethJune 200010photo
Helfrich, RalphJune 198813
Helfrich, RichMarch 200527photo
Helfrich, RobertJune 198722photo
Helfrick, BobJune 19866photo
Heller, CharlesFebruary 19808
Heller, GraceMarch 200614photo
Heller, RebeccaFebruary 19808
Hell's Half AcreFebruary 196511
Hell's Half AcreJune 19732-7
Hell's Half AcreAugust 19789-11
Hell's Half AcreOctober 197815-17
Hell's Half AcreAugust 199312-13
Hell's Half Acre SchoolJune 19634
Hell's Half Acre SchoolJune 20029
Helmich, CarlApril 19878photo
Helms, GeorgeJune 19732-7
Helms, HowardJune 19635
Helms, HowardJune 19732-7
Helms, JohnJune 19635
Hemick, CarlFebruary 198224photo
Hemmick, D RileyDecember 197516-18
Hemmick, D RileySeptember 199614-18
Hemmick, KateOctober 196311
Hemmick, SarahOctober 196311
Hendricks, JakeDecember 198425
Hendrickson, ArthurApril 198517photo
Hendrickson, ElmerApril 19854photo
Hendrickson, LuluDecember 19789author
Hendrickson, LuluOctober 198214photo
Hendrickson, LuluJune 198421author
Henley, BeverlyDecember 199931author
Henley, BeverlyMarch 200015-17author
Henley, BeverlyMarch 20015-6
Henley, BeverlyJune 200122-23author
Henley, BeverlySeptember 20025-17author
Henley, BeverlyMarch 200326author
Henline, StanleyAugust 19666, 7photo
Henney, Bessie (Lawrance)February 197113photo
Henney, PhilipFebruary 19773
Hennig, Valentine, ReverendDecember 199413
Henning, LauraDecember 200617photo
Herendeen, ChaunceyAugust 19732-5
Herendeen, ChaunceyAugust 198615
Heritier, Bess AustinApril 197818photo
Heritier, C Jules, DrFebruary 19644
Heritier, MD, JulesJune 200411
Herr, Berniece SuttonApril 198026-28author
Herr, ClydeApril 197710photo
Herr, SimonJune 19846
Herriman, RubyJune 198127photo
Herriman, RubyJune 198128photo
Herrold, Edward IApril 197717-19author
Herrold, Mildred DeWittOctober 19788-11author
Herrold, Mildred DeWittOctober 198028author
Herrold, W W (Frank)April 196916, 17
Hertsell, VelmaJune 200211photo
Hess, AnnaOctober 196311
Hess, AnnaJune 198615
Hess, CharlesFebruary 19773
Hess, EdAugust 197110photo
Hess, Herald 1921February 196911photo
Hess, MichaelDecember 19864
Hess, RichardJune 199025photo
Hess, RobenaApril 19854photo
Hessler, Clarence "Bill"December 199116-22photo
Hetrick, LenaAugust 198311photo
Hickman, E FordOctober 196510
Hickman, FOctober 199118photo
Hickman, FrankJune 19847-11
Hickman, JohnJune 19847-11
Hickman, JohnDecember 19961-5photo
Hickman, JohnMarch 200615, 18
Hickman, John FAugust 198227-30author
Hickman, RalphOctober 19637
Hickman, RalphOctober 196311
Hickman FamilyAugust 198227-30
Hicks, 'JuneMarch 200620
Hicks, MrsSeptember 20067
Hicks, MyrtleDecember 200619photo
Hicks, Ralph MApril 198518
Hicks, Robert EApril 196413
Hicks, Robert EAugust 19801-11photo
Hick's TavernAugust 19809photo
Hiday, MyrtleMarch 199618photo
Hildebrand, GeorgeDecember 19718
Hildebrand, ThomasJune 198824-25photo
Hildebrand, Thomas LJune 19693-10
Hile, LoisJune 200625
Hile, MariahJune 200628
Hile, VerlinAugust 198816photo
Hile (Creamery), B CMarch 200322
Hiles, JamesAugust 198120
Hill, DonDecember 200431
Hill, LaonnaApril 198129
Hill, MarionOctober 196311
Hill, Oscar RApril 198129
Hill SchoolDecember 198418photo
Hill SchoolJune 20029
Hindbaugh, JohnJune 200629
Hindman, JamesJune 198722photo
Hinen, MarnaMarch 200425-27author
Hinen, PeterApril 198425
Hiner, HowardDecember 200617photo
Hiner, MarionDecember 200617photo
Hines, CarlApril 197111
Hinkle, COctober 199118photo
Hipshire FamilyJune 200614
Hire, AbsolomFebruary 19833
Hire, CarrieJune 19706photo
Hire, Esta JAugust 1975photo
Hire, LucyApril 198129
Hire Farm, LeonardMarch 200625
Historic HouseApril 197610-14photo
Historical SocietyJune 198821-23
Hite, John BDecember 200512
Hively, AustinMarch 200520
Hively, Benjamin FSeptember 200513photo
Hively, BillApril 197111
Hively, ChesterApril 198129
Hively, ClintonApril 198128photo
Hively, Clinton 1904April 19696photo
Hively, dauSeptember 20051photo
Hively, EffieApril 198128photo
Hively, Effie 1904April 19696photo
Hively, Elizabeth AnnDecember 196414
Hively, ErvinApril 198128photo
Hively, Ervin MFebruary 19843
Hively, Evelyn (Smith)June 20055photo
Hively, HessieApril 19694photo
Hively, Hessie (Humbarger) 1904April 19696photo
Hively, Hessie HumbargerApril 198128photo
Hively, Homer IApril 197111
Hively, Irvin 1904April 19696photo
Hively, JackJune 200627
Hively, JackJune 200630
Hively, Jesse SMarch 200427
Hively, JuniorJune 200615
Hively, MarjorieMarch 200425-27
Hively, Mary Ann (Miller)September 20051photo
Hively, RalphMarch 200520
Hively, RayMarch 200425-27
Hively, RayJune 200426
Hively, RoseApril 19694photo
Hively, TimJune 19722-9
HivelySeptember 20059
Hoard, AliceSeptember 200624
Hoard, COctober 199118photo
Hodges DairyDecember 200213
Hodges DairyMarch 20046photo
Hoffer, Edmund EFebruary 198017, 18
Hoffer, John HApril 197111
Hoffer, RuthFebruary 197513photo
Hoffert HouseAugust 198026photo
Hogg, GeorgeApril 19762photo
Hogg, GeorgeJune 200615
Holben, DanSeptember 20049
Holbrook, Charles R FDecember 200124-25
Holderbaum, CassiusJune 19693-10
Holderbaum, Cassius EMarch 200319, 20
Holderbaum, D EMarch 200521
Holderbaum, Mable (Vanderford) 1912February 19696photo
Holderbaum, ScottJune 19866photo
Holderbaum, WashingtonMarch 200211
Hole, JohnFebruary 198015
Hollenbaugh, HerbertApril 198711
Hollenbaugh, HerbertDecember 19956-10
Hollenbaugh, LindaApril 198229author
Hollenbaugh, LindaJune 200426author
Holler, CliffordOctober 19847photo
Hollinger, EdMarch 200521
Hollinger, GeorgeMarch 200522
Hollinger , Ed "Brady"March 200522
Hollinger Barber ShopDecember 19874
Hollingsworth, Robert LAugust 197619photo
Hollingsworth Funeral HomeJune 19741-10
Holm, DavidOctober 196311
Holm, EOctober 196311
Holm, HannahOctober 196311
Holt, E MOctober 196311
Holycross, DocApril 197820-23
Holycross, DocJune 197813-16author
Holycross, DocAugust 198122author
Holycross, DocFebruary 198212-15author
Holycross, DocFebruary 198423-25author
Holycross, DocAugust 198526author
Holycross, DoraJune 200630
Holycross, DorisJune 200630
Holycross, EdOctober 19649
Holycross, EdwardSeptember 200411
Holycross, EudolphOctober 19583
Holycross, EudolphJune 19663-5author
Holycross, EudolphFebruary 19672-7author
Holycross, EudolphJune 197518photo
Holycross, EudolphFebruary 19788-13author
Holycross, EudolphOctober 198115-22author
Holycross, EudolphJune 198211-12author
Holycross, EudolphAugust 198213, 14author
Holycross, EudolphAugust 19821-6author
Holycross, EudolphApril 198428-29
Holycross, EudolphOctober 198429, 30author
Holycross, EudolphFebruary 198514author
Holycross, EudolphAugust 198713-18author
Holycross, EudolphAugust 19881-13photo
Holycross, LymanMarch 200623
Holycross, NewtonMarch 200623
Holycross, ThelmaApril 197820-23
Holycross, ThelmaFebruary 197918author
Holycross, ThelmaDecember 19797, 8author
Holycross, ThelmaFebruary 198017, 18author
Holycross, ThelmaApril 198029, 30author
Holycross, ThelmaDecember 198027, 28
Holycross, ThelmaApril 198127-29author
Holycross, ThelmaJune 19817-9author
Holycross, ThelmaOctober 198125, 26author
Holycross, ThelmaApril 198211-14author
Holycross, ThelmaAugust 19821-6author
Holycross, ThelmaApril 198311-15author
Holycross, ThelmaFebruary 198419-21author
Holycross, ThelmaDecember 198523-27author
Holycross, ThelmaOctober 198719-28author
Holycross, ThelmaApril 19893-9author
Home RemediesDecember 19763-8
Home Telephone CoApril 19732-8
Homestead (Raber-Kaufman)February 196610, 11photos
Hontz, ThomasFebruary 198226photo
Hood, WilliamMarch 200613
Hood & Smith FurnitureJune 19741-10
Hook and Ladder WagonAugust 19647photo
Hooper, A YFebruary 196512
Hooper, Adam YFebruary 198722
Hooper, Adams YOctober 19587
Hooper, AYApril 198530
Hooper, Edith Belinda (Swayze)December 197920
Hoops, NoahJune 19763
Hoops SchoolApril 19758, 9photo
Hoops SchoolJune 20029
Hoos, DorothyAugust 198918photo
Hoos, GOctober 199118photo
Hoose, GeorgeJune 200310
Hoosier HysteriaAugust 19745-9
Hoosier OkiesFebruary 19777-9photo
Hoosiers Chain Store (Kroger)September 200613
Hoover, AlDecember 196313
Hoover, AlDecember 196314
Hoover, ChristianOctober 197213-15
Hoover, GeorgeSeptember 199914-15author
Hoover, NatalieFebruary 19886photo
HooverFebruary 198714photo
Hope Lutheran, CoesseAugust 197310-14
Hopper, Hazel (Whiteleather)December 19694, 5author
Horne, GoldaOctober 19846photo
Hose, JacobDecember 196310
Hosler, RichardApril 197111
Hospital, WC MemOctober 19702
Hottel, C LOctober 195813
Hougendoubler, HowardMarch 200520
House TourJune 197918-20
House TourOctober 198416
House, FirstFebruary 196514
House, First FrameAugust 197310-14photo
HousekeepingApril 198211-14
Houser, PaulAugust 198119
Housing AdditionaFebruary 198515-17photo
Houtzer, William DFebruary 19843
Howard, MelissaOctober 196311
Howatt, Frances McLallenDecember 19636
Howatt, Frances McLallenApril 198223, 24author
Howell, RuthMarch 200616photo
Howenstine, PaulineDecember 200617photo
Hower, ChristianFebruary 19711-9
Huckleberry MarshSeptember 200518
HucksterApril 198624
Huckster routeDecember 19669
Huckster WagonsDecember 198221-24photo
Hudson, InaOctober 196912photo
Huffman, Arthur DanielFebruary 198613, 15photo
Huffman, FJune 200225, 26
Huffman, FamilySeptember 200227
Huffman, LeviOctober 196311
Huffman SchoolOctober 195812
Huffman SchoolJune 19634, 5, 6
Huffman SchoolJune 20029
Hughes, C WOctober 19637
Hughes, C WOctober 196311
Hughes, CharlesFebruary 196412
Hughes, Charles WDecember 19891photo
Hughes, LucyOctober 195811
Hughes, Lucy ReamJune 198615
Hughes, MerrittJune 200513
Hughes, Miss MaryJune 200513
Hughes, S VOctober 196311
Hughes, VirginiaOctober 196510
Hughes FamilyDecember 19898-10photo
Hull, AdamAugust 19644
Hull, Frank JrFebruary 19843
Hull, Mrs MargueriteMarch 200522
Hull, RaymondDecember 198325
Hull, RubyDecember 197612photo
Hull, WayneJune 200513
Hullinger, DanielMarch 200622
Humane ShelterDecember 200216
Humbarger, FrederickApril 19694photo
Humbarger, GilbertApril 19694photo
Humbarger, Katura (Schroll)April 19694photo
Humbarger, Void TAugust 198414photo
Humberger, BonitaSeptember 20051photo
Humberger, CatharineSeptember 20055
Humberger, CatharineSeptember 20056
Humberger, HenrySeptember 20056
Humberger, Hugo CanovaSeptember 20051photo
Humberger, Lovina (Hively)September 20051photo
Humberger, Peter, JrSeptember 20057
Humberger, WilliamSeptember 200513
HumbergerSeptember 20059
Humphreys, GeorgeOctober 19846photo
Hunbarger, HessieApril 198129
Hunsaker, EdithAugust 19655
Hunsaker, EdithSeptember 199420-22photo
Hunt, BarbaraMarch 200620
Hunt, LeighSeptember 20067
Hunt, Leigh SmithFebruary 19767-14
Hunt, Ruth (Van Natta)September 20067
Hunt, Smith JOctober 196311
Hunt, TrumanOctober 19645
Hunt FamilyAugust 19773-6
Hunt HouseAugust 198025photo
Hunter, Augusta VDecember 196612
Hunter, JesseMarch 200613
Hunter, John WJune 198011-17
Hunter, William, RevJune 19722-9
Huntington-Goshen RoadApril 19645
Huntington-St Joseph RoadOctober 19638
Huntley, Vivian (Walker)June 20056photo
HuntsvilleOctober 19644, 5
HuntsvilleJune 198530
Hunziker, BillApril 198711
Hurd, J EOctober 196311
Hurd, JohnJune 19722-9
Hurd, ZilphaOctober 196311
Hurley, Julia McNagnyAugust 199027
Hursey, RussellMarch 200629photo
Hursey, SlyviaAugust 198110photo
Hurtsel, HildrethAugust 198724photo
Hyat, IrvinDecember 19734photo
Hyer, AbsolemAugust 19644
Hyndman, Alice 1920February 19698photo
Hyndman, Amanda 1920February 19698photo
Hyndman, Madeline BJune 200410
Hyndman, Robert 1920February 19698photo
Hyndman, Russell 1920February 19698photo
Hyre, HollieJune 198623
Hyre, John Wesley, JrSeptember 19981-7photo
Hyre, KizzieJune 198623
Hyre, LydiaJune 198623
Hyre, VirgilJune 19722-9
Hyser, Vera ShriverAugust 198918photo

I G ASeptember 20068
I S M SocietyApril 198725-27
IceApril 19755-7
IceOctober 198429, 30
Ickus, EthelAugust 198918photo
Ihrig, HerbertOctober 19585
Ihrig, HerbertJune 197915, 16author
Ihrig, HerbertJune 19798author
Ihrig, HerbertSeptember 200123
Ihrig, HerbertJune 200221
Iler, Carrie MApril 198129
I'm my own GrandpaSeptember 199716
Imler, VirginiaDecember 200617photo
Immortal JNAugust 197314, 15
IndenturesApril 198811-13
Indian Agent ReportMarch 200012-14
Indian CustomsSeptember 199714-15
Indian Dancing GroundDecember 197214
Indian TrailsApril 19661map
Indian TrailsFebruary 19732-6
Indian TreatriesApril 19664
Indiana Moon (Shine)October 199015photo
InfluenzaApril 198916
InfluenzaSeptember 199526
Inks, CVJune 19648
InterurbansApril 197816, 17
IOOF Springfield LodgeMarch 200212-13
Ireland, AugustaOctober 196311
Ireland, M WJune 200314
Ireland, Maj Gen MerrittJune 200525
Ireland, MartinFebruary 19644
Ireland, MartinJune 197311
Ireland, MartinJune 200526
Ireland, Martin, DrJune 199321
Ireland, Merrite WDecember 198015-20photo
Ireland, MerrittApril 197013photo
Ireland, Merritt WMarch 200613
Ireland, Merritte WeberFebruary 198113-16
Ireland, Merritte, DrJune 199321
Ireland, Merritte, Maj-GeneralApril 19681-6photo
Ireland, WoosterOctober 196311
Ireland, MD, MJune 200412
Irish in Columbia CityDecember 199427-30
Irish in WCApril 198425
Iron WeeksDecember 198938-39
Irvine, HaroldJune 200220
Irwin, FayeFebruary 198224photo
Isay, OscarApril 19879photo
Isay's Dept StoreMarch 20066
IslandFebruary 198425
Island, TheFebruary 196513

Jackson, A RDecember 19634
Jackson, ChloeJune 198615
Jackson, ElizabethOctober 198317
Jackson, EttieOctober 196311
Jackson, HomerApril 198129
Jackson, IraOctober 19584
Jackson, JackAugust 19756, 7
Jackson, MarilynDecember 198421-25author
Jackson, NoraOctober 19585
Jackson, Patricia HuntJune 198130photo
Jackson, ROctober 199118photo
Jackson, SampsonAugust 19644
Jackson, SarahOctober 196311
Jackson / Goble SchoolJune 20029
Jackson BarnAugust 198520photo
Jackson HomeAugust 198521photo
Jackson SchoolOctober 197817-19
Jacobs, ClarenceJune 19979
Jacobsen, HildrethJune 200615
Jagger, CatherineApril 198624author
Jagger, ClaytonJune 198127photo
Jagger, DeanOctober 196411photo
Jagger, DeanAugust 197512
Jagger, DeanJune 197716
Jagger, DeanAugust 198619
Jagger, DeanAugust 198716
Jagger, Dean 1921February 196911photo
Jagger, HarryApril 199118
Jagger, Ira DeanJune 200312
Jagger, Ira DeanSeptember 200428, 29
Jagger, LloydJune 198127photo
Jagger Farm, DorseyMarch 200622
Jaggers, DorseyOctober 196510
JailApril 199012-14
Jail to Corn CribFebruary 196415
Jail, 1 centuryAugust 19751-5photo
Jail, FirstFebruary 196511
James, EstherDecember 200619photo
James, HazelOctober 196510
James, JohnstonJune 19866photo
James, MaryOctober 196311
James, RobertJune 19636
Japanese Cherry TreesApril 199016-17
Jarboe, NormanJune 198813photo
Jay, SmithJune 200312
Jefferson Center SchoolJune 20029
Jefferson Center-1919December 200616photo
Jefferson TownshipDecember 19648
Jefferson TownshipJune 199016-20
Jefferson Twp FarmersApril 199317
Jeffrey, WyattFebruary 19834
Jeffries, AlbertJune 198127photo
Jeffries, WilmaAugust 19869
Jeffries & Related familiesMarch 199510-19
Jeffries FamilySeptember 199914
Jellison, FredOctober 19846photo
Jellison, HarryDecember 200619photo
Jellison, MabelOctober 196510
Jellison, MabelApril 197818
Jellison, MabelDecember 198428
Jellison, R ADecember 200619photo
Jellison, ThomasOctober 19793-6photo
Jellison, Thomas, MrsAugust 198311photo
Jenkins, DelmerDecember 200619photo
Jenkins, EmmaDecember 200619photo
Jenkins, ErnestDecember 200619photo
Jenkins, HomerDecember 200619photo
Jenks, Anna (Atcheson)June 20066
Jenks, Fern AluraJune 20066photo
Jenks, William AlexanderJune 20066
Jesse, AdairMarch 200613
Jet White GroceteriaDecember 198030
Jewish People of WCFebruary 19808-13
Jim NelsonAugust 19898photo
Jive TalkMarch 199820-21,25-26
John Lowe, Civil War DiaryJune 199923-31
Johnson, ClaraJune 197512photo
Johnson, DavidSeptember 200616-17photo
Johnson, FletcherOctober 196311
Johnson, FredOctober 197111photo
Johnson, FredJune 198118photo
Johnson, FredFebruary 198225photo
Johnson, GMarch 200213
Johnson, GalenSeptember 200326photo
Johnson, Galen R "Johnny"March 200311
Johnson, IvoMarch 199618photo
Johnson, J TOctober 196311
Johnson, JudyFebruary 19661photo
Johnson, Katherine 1922February 19697photo
Johnson, LidiaDecember 200130
Johnson, MarthaAugust 198918photo
Johnson, MaryAugust 198918photo
Johnson, MaxJune 19711
Johnson, MurryDecember 198418photo
Johnson, O LOctober 195811
Johnson, RalphFebruary 196412
Johnson, RalphDecember 198418photo
Johnson, Rose (Magley) 1895April 19694photo
Johnson, WayneMarch 199618photo
Johnson, WilburnOctober 19847photo
Johnson, William, MrsAugust 198311photo
Johnson SchoolDecember 197810, 11
Johnston, AliceJune 200630
Johnston, DaleJune 200625
Johnston, DaleJune 200628
Johnston, DavidJune 19722-9
Johnston, GilbertaOctober 19846photo
Johnston, HerbertAugust 19732-5
Johnston, HerbertAugust 198616
Johnston, JamesFebruary 19773
Johnston, James (Ching)August 19666, 7photo
Johnston, James MagleyApril 19891-13photo
Johnston, JimAugust 198616
Johnston, JimAugust 19898-16
Johnston, JimDecember 198928-35
Johnston, LawrenceAugust 198615
Johnston, Lawrence BJune 19911-16photo
Johnston, LeeFebruary 19754photo
Johnston, Lee FJune 198616photo
Johnston, MarthaJune 198714photo
Johnston, MaryJune 198714photo
Johnston, RachaelFebruary 19773
Johnston, TomJune 19866photo
Johnston, TomJune 198722photo
Johnston SchoolFebruary 19755, 9-11photo
Johnston/Johnson SchoolJune 20029
Jolher?, JohnApril 197710photo
Jollief, John HJune 199712-14author
Jolly, EdgarJune 200628
Jolly, SamAugust 19647
Jones, AlbertJune 200631
Jones, AllenApril 19854photo
Jones, AlviraOctober 196311
Jones, BenjaminFebruary 19834
Jones, BillMarch 199615photo
Jones, CharleyApril 197012photo
Jones, ChesterApril 197012photo
Jones, ChuckSeptember 199423-24author
Jones, ChuckJune 200631
Jones, ClydeJune 200631
Jones, Curtis WJune 19693-10
Jones, Curtis WalterOctober 198413
Jones, DanielJune 200631
Jones, DorothyMarch 200614
Jones, EffaApril 198129
Jones, EverettDecember 196412
Jones, EverettMarch 20061, 8photo
Jones, F LApril 198723
Jones, FamilySeptember 200227
Jones, HarveyDecember 196313
Jones, HeienDecember 198128photo
Jones, JamesJune 200631
Jones, JenniferJune 200631
Jones, KatieFebruary 19694
Jones, LawrenceJune 200631
Jones, LouisMarch 200324photo
Jones, MarisOctober 196912photo
Jones, MarkApril 19854photo
Jones, MaxieOctober 196311
Jones, OrpheusJune 200631
Jones, PerryJune 200631
Jones, RobertJune 200615
Jones, RobinJune 200631
Jones, Stephen AAugust 197713, 14
Jones, W EOctober 196311
Jones, WashingtonDecember 198021-25photo
Jones, WashingtonMarch 200326
Jones, WilliamJune 200631
Jones FamilyFebruary 19772
Jones FamilyAugust 19773-6
Jones SchoolSeptember 199430-31
Jones/ Slope Lawn SchoolJune 20029
Jones/Austin, KittyDecember 200426
Jontz, R JJune 200512
Jontz, Walter 1922February 19697photo
Jordan CreekJune 19639
Joslin, JamesJune 200627
Joy, OlinDecember 198422
Joy, ReinoldSeptember 200326photo
Judd, BobFebruary 198416author
Judd, BobDecember 198417-19author
Judd, Clarence 1895April 19694photo
Judd, EdithOctober 19583
Judd, Elsie 1895April 19694photo
Judd, John 1895April 19694photo
Judd, KathleenMarch 200615
Judd, Mrs Will 1895April 19694photo
Judd, RobertApril 198321-23author
Judd, RobertAugust 198313-16author
Judd, RobertOctober 19831-7author
Judd, RobertApril 198423-27author
Judd, RobertApril 198527, 28author
Judd, RobertApril 198621, 22author
JuddsSeptember 200513
Judson, Ina ScottDecember 198428
Juillerat, RalphDecember 200617photo
Julian, RobertJune 200626
Julian, ThelmaJune 200010photo
July 4, CC firstAugust 19664, 5
Junior Athletic AssJune 199824

Kaiser-Frazier SalesJune 200521
Kaler, BerthaAugust 19868photo
Kaler, Bertha MossmanAugust 198015-20author
Kaler, FamilySeptember 200227
Kaler, JimmyApril 198723
Kaler, MarieAugust 198918photo
Kaler, S FJune 200526
Kaler, WalpoleJune 19819
Kaler SchoolOctober 195811
Kaler SchoolJune 20029
Kampis, JamesAugust 198124
Kates, HaroldDecember 200617photo
Kates, MildredDecember 200617photo
Kaufman, EarlFebruary 196611
Kaufman, EllisMarch 200626
Kaufman, Ethan ADecember 197817, 18
Kaufman, HannahOctober 196311
Kaufman, Harriet RaberFebruary 196611
Kaufman, HenryDecember 197817, 18
Kaufman, John WMarch 200625
Kaufman, NancyOctober 196311
Kaufman, RoscoeOctober 19585
Kaufman, RoscoeOctober 196311
Kaufman, SnyderMarch 200626
Kaufman, Susan AlbertyFebruary 19904-8photo
Kearns, RoyJune 198719photo
Keefer, A DOctober 196311
Keefer, CLOctober 196311
Keefer, Eliza Jane (Washburn)December 197920
Keeney, HFJune 19722-9
Keffaber, PaulSeptember 200326, 27photo
Keifer, Velma JeanFebruary 19874photo
Keim, MrMarch 200527photo
Keirn, AmandaJune 198623
Keirn, GeraldJune 200010photo
Keirn, LeonJune 198118photo
Keirn, Thelma (movie star)October 199016
Keirn, VivianJune 200220
Keirsey, JamesJune 200627
Keiser, ArchieAugust 19764photo
Keiser, Benj FOctober 196311
Keiser, Charles EApril 198826
Keiser, FamilyDecember 20065
Keiser, FrancesApril 19878photo
Keiser, HenryOctober 197310
Keiser, HerbertAugust 19764photo
Keiser, HildaJune 200626
Keiser, John HAugust 19729-12
Keiser, John HOctober 197920photo
Keiser, LeonaJune 200217
Keiser, LuluOctober 197310
Keiser, Marie HayesDecember 200616photo
Keiser, MarjorieFebruary 198119-21author
Keiser, Miss AdaMarch 200522
Keiser, OttoApril 197012photo
Keiser, RobertMarch 200524
Keiser, Robert 1920February 19698photo
Keiser, Robert 1922February 19697photo
Keiser Drug StoreOctober 198028
Keisler, FredJune 200218
Keisler, HarryApril 197012photo
Keisler, HarryJune 200218
Keisler, HazeletJune 200218
Keisler, LepApril 197012photo
Keisler, Lloyd 1920February 19698photo
Keisler, Lloyd 1922February 19697photo
Keister, Kenneth 1920February 19698photo
Keister, Kenneth 1922February 19697photo
Keister, P CMarch 200521
Keller, I NApril 19712
Keller, OttoJune 200220
Kellers, EmilyOctober 196311
Kelley, Arthur EJune 200410
Kellog, LewJune 200514
Kellogg, BobSeptember 200115-16author
Kellogg, BobDecember 200511-20author
Kellogg, BobSeptember 200628
Kellogg, John PDecember 200511
Kellogg, LewJune 200512
Kellogg, LewDecember 20051photo
Kellogg, Lewis EdgarDecember 200511-20photo
Kellogg, Lewis EdgarDecember 200513photo
Kellogg, Virgil LesterDecember 200513
Kellogg Wrecker ServiceDecember 200516-17photo
Kelly, EmmettJune 19764photo
Kelly, EtzelJune 19764photo
Kelly, EvelynJune 200313
Kemery, ElmerOctober 19649
Kemery, GlenFebruary 197314author
Kendall, EdApril 197710photo
Kendall, PaulApril 197710photo
Kenner, AndrewJune 20036
Kenner, AndrewJune 200629
Kenner, Andrew, CADecember 19644-7photo
Kenner, C SFebruary 19646
Kenner, C S, DrJune 199322
Kenner, FrankJune 198623
Kenner, HelenAugust 198918
Kenner, RoyJune 19722-9
Kenner HouseDecember 19647photo
Kenner HouseOctober 198026photo
Kenneth, HoslerMarch 200524
Kennison, A M EmmaOctober 196311
Kent, John 1904April 19696photo
Kent, John JApril 198127-29
Kepler, BessieOctober 196510
Kepner, John HDecember 196310
Kepner, William WOctober 197213-15
Kepner, WWFebruary 198721
Keppler, Glenn MFebruary 19843
Keppler, MOctober 199118photo
Kerns, MarshalJune 19722-9
KernsJune 200116photo
Kerr, ArleySeptember 200428
Kerr, Arley GOctober 195813
Kessie, LenaApril 198129
Kessie, WilliamApril 198128photo
Kessie, William 1904April 19696photo
Kessinger, DB, RevJune 19722-9
Kessler, ArthurJune 19866photo
Kessler, ArthurJune 20045photo
Kessler, DavidAugust 19666, 7photo
Kessler, DavidMarch 200616photo
Kessler, EdwardJune 19722-9
Kessler, HomerJune 19866photo
Kessler, MaryJune 198714photo
Kessler, MaryAugust 198918photo
Kessler, MauriceMarch 200616photo
Kessler, RaymondAugust 19666, 7photo
Kessler, Samuel EdwardAugust 198922-23photo
Kessler, TrevaMarch 200616photo
Kichler's, Flour MillDecember 19634
Kid HacksApril 198428-29
Kiefer, SamuelFebruary 198722
Kiern, LeonOctober 197111photo
Kilby, RoyJune 199610-13
Kile, ArthurJune 200627
Kile, ArthurJune 200627
Kile, HenryFebruary 19773
Kile, Reatha (Jones) 1912February 19696photo
Kile, Roy EApril 198619
Kile, Velma (Armold) 1912February 19696photo
Kilgore, WoodrowMarch 200520
Killian, CarlJune 198722photo
Killian, RalphAugust 19764photo
KilsoquahAugust 19652-4photo
KilsoquahJune 19683-6photo
KilsoquahOctober 198016, 17
KilsoquahApril 19841-9
KilsoquahDecember 199825-30
KilsoquahDecember 200427-29
Kimble, ElvaOctober 19847photo
Kimsey, ElizabethFebruary 198216photo
Kimsey, William LOctober 19871-8
Kinderman, CharlesJune 197311
King, Blanch MeelyAugust 19645
King, Dr W FJune 199322
King, Earl, June 200010photo
King, EllisDecember 200017photo
King, Emma JOctober 196311
King, FlorenceJune 198126photo
King, FrankJune 198126photo
King, JerryMarch 200527photo
King, LawrenceJune 198126photo
King, OllieOctober 196412
King, RalphJune 198126photo
King, RalphMarch 200524
King FamilyFebruary 19747-11
Kingsley, RevJune 19722-9
Kinney, John WOctober 195813
Kinney, LouisaFebruary 196512
Kinney, Louisa COctober 19587
Kinsey, CarlApril 196414photo
Kinsey, David February 19773
Kinsey, Florence HarleyApril 197715, 16
Kinsey, Florence HarleyOctober 19783-7author
Kinsey, Florence HarleyJune 198021-24author
Kinsey, Florence HarleyAugust 198918photo
Kinsey, Harry JAugust 19749photo
Kinsey, HubertAugust 19749photo
Kinsey HouseOctober 198129photo
Kinsey SchoolJune 20029
Kirk, RuthDecember 19886-8author
Kirk, RuthJune 20011, 5-9photo
Kirk, RuthMarch 20025-8author
Kirk, Ruth (Christmas)December 19978
Kirk, RuthannAugust 19898photo
Kirk, ThomasDecember 19886-8author
Kirk, TomAugust 198915author
Kirk, TomAugust 19893photo
Kirk, TomAugust 19898photo
Kirk, TomDecember 198925-27
Kirk, TomDecember 198938-39
Kirk, TomApril 199022-23author
Kirk, TomApril 199027-28author
Kirk, TomFebruary 19933-12author
Kirk, TomJune 199827-29author
Kirk, TomDecember 19985-6author
Kirk, TomJune 20011, 5-9photo
Kirk, TomMarch 20025-8author
Kirk, Tom (Christmas)December 199710
Kirkpatrick, DanielFebruary 19646
Kirkpatrick, DrFebruary 19644
Kirkpatrick, DrJune 19819
KirkpatrickJune 200526
Kirsch, P HOctober 195813
Kiser, PeterAugust 19644
Kissinger, DickAugust 19732-5
Kissinger, Dick (Ceeb)August 198616
Kissinger, JohnAugust 19666, 7photo
Kissinger, KiethJune 19968-10author
Kissinger, RayApril 198711
Kissinger, Richard DJune 197911
Kissinger, W HJune 200512
Kissinger, WHJune 198615
Kissinger, WilliamJune 19722-9
Kissinger, William HJune 19693-10
Kissinger, William HFebruary 198219-22photo
Kistler, JacobAugust 198629
Kistler, JacobJune 20037
Kistler, JerryAugust 199016-19
Kistler, MarieJune 200628
Kistler -Grocery, JerryJune 200620
Kithcart, Dr N IJune 20039
Kithcart, Dr N I June 200525
Kithcart, Dr NathanDecember 200217, 18photo
Kithcart, Dr NIDecember 196314
Kithcart, N IJune 197311
Kithcart, N I, DrDecember 196313
Kithcart, N I, DrJune 199322
Kithcart, Nathan IAugust 198012-14photo
Kithcart, Nathan I, DrDecember 198420
Kitson, EugeneMarch 20035
Kitson, FloydMarch 20035
Kitson, GeneMarch 200313photo
Kitson, LucileApril 198626photo
Kitson, RichardJune 200625
KKKDecember 19877
Kleepsie, Graham, RevJune 200111photo
Kleepsie, KariJune 200111photo
Kling, LesterSeptember 200427
Klingaman, DallasDecember 198428photo
Klingaman, EdithOctober 196913photo
Klingaman, EugeneMarch 200527photo
Klink, Annie ZOctober 196311
KlondikeMarch 20055-9photo
KlondikeMarch 20051photo
Klondike Ice CreamJune 20051photo
Klopfenstein, DickDecember 20046photo
Knail Keg KlubDecember 19682, 3
Kneller, Bessie (Sievers)August 198124
Kneller, ShermFebruary 198410photo
Kneller, WalterOctober 199318
Knight, BennyJune 200220
Knight, MarthaFebruary 19649photo
Knisely, AlexJune 19636
Knisely, AlexOctober 196311
Knisely, AlexanderJune 19821-10
Knisely, AlexanderJune 20035-7author
Knisely, AlexanderMarch 200510
Knisely, EJune 198722photo
Knisely, EmanuelAugust 19729-12
Knisely, EthelAugust 19729-12
Knisely, EthelApril 198416photo
Knisely, GabeOctober 196311
Knisely, George RAugust 19729-12
Knisely, HazelApril 19878photo
Knisely, HermaDecember 198419photo
Knisely, IleneMarch 200613photo
Knisely, IleneMarch 200614
Knisely, James CMarch 200510-19
Knisely, James DFebruary 199114-17author
Knisely, ReginaAugust 19729-12
Knisely, StewartDecember 200017photo
Knisely, StewartMarch 200615
Knisely, WHOctober 196311
Knisley, A SMarch 200511photo
Knisley, AlexanderJune 200525
Knisley, Alexander JDecember 197214photo
Knisley, AmyMarch 200515
Knisley, EdithMarch 200511photo
Knisley, EdnaMarch 200511photo
Knisley, ElizabethMarch 200511photo
Knisley, EmanuelMarch 200511photo
Knisley, EthylMarch 200511photo
Knisley, FrankMarch 200511photo
Knisley, GeorgeMarch 200511photo
Knisley, HarryMarch 200511photo
Knisley, IleneMarch 200511photo
Knisley, James CMarch 200511photo
Knisley, LelaMarch 200511photo
Knisley, Miss MaryMarch 200511photo
Knisley, Mrs FrankMarch 200511photo
Knisley, Mrs GeorgeMarch 200511photo
Knisley, Mrs RichardMarch 200511photo
Knisley, Mrs RuthMarch 200511photo
Knisley, Mrs WalterMarch 200511photo
Knisley, RichardMarch 200511photo
Knisley, RichardMarch 200515
Knisley, RuthMarch 200511photo
Knisley, WalterMarch 200511photo
Knisley, William HenrySeptember 20049
Knobloch, ClarenceJune 198127photo
Knouse, DoctorJune 197311
Knox, Ted, FannyAugust 198121
Knox, TheodoreOctober 198619-24
Knull, JakeOctober 196910photo
Koch, George LApril 19854photo
Koch, John FOctober 196311
Komaiko, Pauline SteinApril 19854photo
Koons, FannieSeptember 200226
Koontz, DrOctober 19585
Koontz, SFebruary 19646
Koontz, S, DrAugust 19654
Koontz, S, DrJune 199322
Korean War MonumentJune 200231photo
Kough, AOctober 196311
Kough, JoyJune 200220
Kramer, AbrahamFebruary 19808
Kraus, ElsieApril 19878photo
Kraus, RoseMarch 200614
Kraus & ApfelbaumJune 200512
Krauss, LeopoldFebruary 19808
Kreider, DouglasJune 19711
Kreider, Hulda VanceApril 198111photo
Kreider, Irvin JApril 19732-8
Kreider, JohnApril 198111photo
Kreider, MartinSeptember 200326photo
Kreider, WilliamJune 197919
Kreider SchoolJune 20029
Kretzinger , HenryJune 198627-29
Krider, ClydeJune 198126photo
Krider, GeorgeJune 198126photo
Krider, GeorgeJune 198126photo
Krider, InezAugust 19869
Krider, IreneJune 198126photo
Krider, LeonardJune 198127photo
Krider, MildredJune 198126photo
Krider, NedraJune 200614
Krider, RoderickJune 198127photo
Krider, TobiasOctober 196510
Krider, TrumanJune 198127photo
Krider Funeral HomeJune 19741-10
Krider SchoolJune 200210
Krieg, AlvinApril 197710photo
Ku Klux KlanOctober 19863-17
Kuckuck, EdgarSeptember 200326photo
Kuckuck, EldonSeptember 200326photo
Kuckuck HomeAugust 198522photo
Kuhns, MarvinDecember 19633
Kump, JennieOctober 196311
Kunberger, FamilyDecember 20065
Kyler, GladysFebruary 197113photo
Kyler, GladysOctober 198214photo
Kyler, MelApril 19737
Kyler, MerleOctober 197610
Kyler, MerleDecember 198419photo
Kyler, MerleApril 19894-7author
Kyler, MerleDecember 199027author
Kyler, Merle WFebruary 197815-19author
Kyler, Merle WDecember 197815, 16author
Kyler, Merle WDecember 197822author
Kyler, Merle WJune 197913
Kyler, Merle WApril 198023-26author
Kyler, Merle WJune 19809author
Kyler, Merle WJune 198123, 24author
Kyler, Merle WOctober 198224-27author
Kyler, Merle WFebruary 198426author
Kyler, Merle WJune 198417author
Kyler, Merle WFebruary 198525author
Kyler, Merle WJune 198726-27
Kyler, Mr & Mrs MerleMarch 200524
Kyler, SylvanFebruary 197113photo
Kyler / Busch SchoolJune 20029

La Balme, Count Jean MottinOctober 198214photo
La BalmeApril 19702-9photo
La BalmeJune 19702, 3
La BalmeOctober 19817-13
La BalmeOctober 198213-18
La BalmeOctober 198625-27
La Balme statuesApril 198730-31photo
LaBalme BibliographyOctober 198019-21
LaBalme MassacreAugust 198515-20
LaBalme SiteOctober 19742
Labar, MarieMarch 199618photo
Labar, RalphDecember 200617photo
LaFollate, T JFebruary 19646
Laird, GeorgeJune 198615
Laird, George WOctober 196510
Lake SchoolJune 200210
LakesOctober 19682-19
LakesOctober 19707-15
Lakes, Rivers, StreamsAugust 19703-11
Lakewood HotelOctober 196817photo
Lambert, JamesApril 197111
Lamboure, MargaretOctober 19847photo
Lamp postsOctober 19763
LampsonAugust 197713, 14
Lamson, LafayetteDecember 196411
Lamson, LafayetteOctober 19769
Lancaster, AlonzoOctober 196311
Lancaster, AlonzoDecember 200619photo
Lancaster, Alonzo LorenzoJune 200331photo
Lancaster, BobMarch 200524
Lancaster, CoraApril 19779photo
Lancaster, Gail ESeptember 200622
Lancaster, IdaJune 198813
Lancaster, IsylOctober 19847photo
Lancaster, JeanetteOctober 19847photo
Lancaster, JohnDecember 200619photo
Lancaster, MaxFebruary 198224photo
Lancaster, MollieAugust 198311photo
Lancaster, Nancy Catherine (Mann)June 200331photo
Lancaster, OpalOctober 19847photo
Lancaster, OrvilleDecember 200619photo
Lancaster, Orville, MrsAugust 198311photo
Lancaster, RobertOctober 19584
Lancaster, RobertAugust 199312-13author
Lancaster, RobertSeptember 19968-12author
Lancaster, Robert FJune 19646
Lancaster, Robert FJune 196513
Lancaster, Robert FOctober 197311author
Lancaster, Robert FDecember 197310, 11author
Lancaster, Robert FDecember 197616-18author
Lancaster, Roy GarnetDecember 200021-27
Lancaster, Thos October 196311
Lancaster, WillApril 19779photo
Lancaster, Will, MrsAugust 198311photo
Lancaster, WrightDecember 200422
Landon, PatOctober 197213-15
Landsdown, WilliamDecember 200619photo
Landy FamilyFebruary 19808
Langeloh, DonaldJune 19693-10
Langhor, Dr JohnJune 199317-24
Langhor, MargaretApril 199226photo
Langoh, DOctober 199118photo
Langohr, BillyJune 200214
Langohr, Dr JohnFebruary 19644
Langohr, Dr RobertFebruary 198718
Langohr, Inez (Brown)June 197616photo
Langohr, Lucy AnnMarch 200621
Langohr, MargaretJune 200214
Langohr, MargoJune 19806- 9author
Langohr, MargoJune 19801-8
Langohr, MargoDecember 19967-8
Langohr, Mrs John LOctober 196311
Langohr, RichardApril 197111
Lansdown, LynnOctober 19846photo
Lantz, PhenaAugust 19644
Larkin CoApril 199027-28
Larwill, JosephOctober 196410photo
Larwill, WilliamOctober 196410photo
LarwillDecember 19773-10
LarwillAugust 198324, 25
LarwillJune 198530
Larwill 1914-1930April 198317-20
Larwill ElectrifiedMarch 200420
Larwill FirstsOctober 197218
Larwill LakeAugust 198320
Larwill LakeOctober 198429
Larwill MarkerDecember 196410photo
Larwill MethodistOctober 19645
Larwill OilOctober 19727, 8
Larwill Safe CrackersOctober 197211
Larwill SchoolOctober 195811
Larwill SchoolOctober 19649
Larwill SchoolDecember 19768-12photo
Larwill School 1955June 200620- 22
Larwill Track TeamAugust 198618-22
Larwill's Natural GasFebruary 198823-25
LaSalle in WCFebruary 19889
Lathrop, Mary EOctober 196311
Lattimer, E JOctober 196311
LaudDecember 196411
LaudApril 19861-18photo
LaudApril 198728
Laud FireMarch 199921
Laud Phone StrikeOctober 197715
Laud SaloonJune 19798
Laud SchoolJune 20029
Laud StrikeApril 198214
Launer, WanitaDecember 200617photo
Lawrence, Blanche E (Knight)June 197914
Lawrence, Clarinda CasnerFebruary 19659
Lawrence, Effie (DeMoney)June 19706photo
Lawrence, EliOctober 196311
Lawrence, FamilySeptember 200227
Lawrence, GeorgeSeptember 20025
Lawrence, George WJune 198228
Lawrence, Isaiah, DrFebruary 19659
Lawrence, JEJune 197311
Lawrence, JohnApril 19876photo
Lawrence, MarionAugust 19666, 7photo
Lawrence, Ola Bowlby BennetApril 197818photo
Lawrence, Perl KJune 197921
Lawrence, RosaJune 200216
Lawrence, VirginiaFebruary 197113photo
Le Vack, BarbaraJune 200220
Leaman, SamuelFebruary 19773
Leaman, Velma (Western) 1912February 19696photo
Leaman FamilyDecember 19799-12
Leamon, FreedomDecember 200017photo
Leech, JohnFebruary 196614
Leedy, C E, DrJune 199322
Leedy, Talmage AApril 198619
Leedy FamilyOctober 199319-21
Leer, MargeryAugust 198724photo
Leffel, Robert, MrsOctober 196311
Lehman, BillDecember 200619photo
Lehman, ClydeApril 197710photo
Lehman, George JApril 197111
Lehman, George J, SgtMarch 199817
Lehman, GlenDecember 197412photo
Lehman, GlenApril 197710photo
Lehman, JeanetteDecember 200619photo
Lehman, PaulApril 197710photo
Lehman , ClydeAugust 198118photo
Lehman Barbar ShopAugust 198116-18, 20photo
Lehmberg, O F, DrDecember 19923-10author
Lehmberg, OttoAugust 198816photo
Lehmberg, Otto F, DrFebruary 19647
Lehmberg, Otto F, DrFebruary 198226photo
Leininer, PhilDecember 200426author
Leininger, Elizabeth (Broom)August 19701, 2photo
Leininger, Elmer CApril 19854photo
Leininger, J CJune 200512
Leininger, JosephAugust 19648
Leininger, Lana (Jones) 1909April 19697photo
Leininger, PhilApril 199226photo
Leininger, PhilJune 200214
Leininger, PhilJune 200214
Leininger, TedOctober 19648
Leininger, TheodoreMarch 200614
LeiningerJune 198719photo
Leininger GroceryApril 19723-6
Leininger Grocery & MarketMarch 200531
Leiter, ArthurJune 198719photo
Leman, Mary (Brown)June 197616photo
Lemon, CloeMarch 200524
Lemon, HazelJune 198813-19photo
Lemon, HazelJune 198813photo
Lemon, HazelJune 198818photo
Lemon, HazelOctober 199214-16author
Lemon, LolaJune 197917, 18author
Lemon, LolaJune 198130photo
Lemon, LolaAugust 198121author
Lemon, LolaFebruary 198623, 24author
Lemon, LolaOctober 198619-24author
Lemon, LolaJune 198813-19author
Lemon, LolaJune 198813photo
Lemon, LolaAugust 199016-19author
Lemon, LolaOctober 199217-21author
Lemon, LolaJune 200010photo
Lemon, Mary (Egolf) 1895April 19694photo
Lemon, MichaelMarch 200621
Leodly, H, MrsOctober 196311
Leonard, RevJune 19722-9
Lepley, GuyJune 200010photo
Leppo, FrankOctober 19704photo
Leppo, FrankApril 199317photo
Leppo, HerbApril 199317photo
Leppo, HerbertOctober 19704photo
Lessig, Ruth (Wilcox) 1912February 19696photo
Levac, Lilly GreggApril 19854photo
LeVack, Lillian (Gregg)June 197616photo
Levi, HannahJune 19722-9
Levi, SimonFebruary 19808
Levin, HarryFebruary 19808
Levin, RebeccaFebruary 19808
Lewis, CharlesOctober 19584
Lewis, Charles HFebruary 196611
Lickey, LucilleDecember 200617photo
LifestylesApril 19893-9
Liggett, EdithMarch 200612
Liggett, ElizabethMarch 200612
Liggett, John AJune 198615
Liggett, MabelMarch 200613
Liggett, W HOctober 196311
Liggett Mills stoneJune 19712photo
Liggett William HJune 19712-5
Light, MargaretDecember 200619photo
Lilley, AmeliaOctober 196311
Lilley, SamuelOctober 196311
Lillich, Carl EdwardAugust 198323, 24photo
Lillich, EdJune 197715
Lillich, James (Pick)August 19666, 7photo
Lillich, JohnFebruary 198410photo
Lillich, Miss AileenJune 200514
Lilly, E WSeptember 20047
Lilly, MildredApril 197818
Lilly, MildredDecember 198128photo
Lilly, MildredApril 198416photo
Lilly, PaulJune 200212
Lilly White ChurchJune 200225
Lincoln, MaryJune 200423
Lincoln, ThomasJune 200423
Lincoln HighwayJune 199520-22
Lincoln Highway MarkerAugust 196511, 12photo
Lincoln Highway MarkerOctober 199028
Lindsey, CharlesJune 19866photo
Line, GeraldJune 19866photo
Line, Harley LApril 198517photo
Linhart, PaulMarch 200225
Linvill, 1st Lieut David SwanMarch 20029photo
Linvill, BenJune 200489photo
Linvill, Ben DSeptember 200426author
Linvill, Ben, DrFebruary 199019
Linvill, Ben, DrAugust 199011-12
Linvill, Benj P, DrFebruary 19647
Linvill, Benjamin Perry, DrOctober 198617
Linvill, ClevelandSeptember 200411
Linvill, D GJune 200526
Linvill, D SJune 20036
Linvill, D S, DrApril 198627
Linvill, D S, DrApril 198911photo
Linvill, David GJune 197311
Linvill, David GSeptember 200016
Linvill, David G, DrJune 19693-10
Linvill, David G, DrFebruary 198722
Linvill, David GoffJune 199320
Linvill, David Goff, DrFebruary 19645
Linvill, David Goff, DrOctober 199021-22
Linvill, David SFebruary 197925
Linvill, David SApril 19879photo
Linvill, David SSeptember 200016
Linvill, David S, DrFebruary 198322photo
Linvill, David SwanAugust 198414photo
Linvill, David SwanJune 20037photo
Linvill, David SwanMarch 200612
Linvill, David Swan, DrApril 198517photo
Linvill, Dr BenMarch 200428
Linvill, Dr Ben PJune 20038
Linvill, Dr D SJune 200512
Linvill, Frank BJune 198323-26
Linvill, GOctober 199118photo
Linvill, HOctober 199118photo
Linvill, HayesApril 198420
Linvill, HayesApril 198628
Linvill, HayesAugust 198617
Linvill, HayesApril 198729
Linvill, HayesAugust 198915
Linvill, HayesDecember 198927
Linvill, HayesFebruary 199020
Linvill, HayesApril 199024-26
Linvill, HayesOctober 199018
Linvill, HayesDecember 199015, 18
Linvill, HayesFebruary 199111-13
Linvill, HayesApril 199125
Linvill, HayesApril 199217
Linvill, HayesJune 19935
Linvill, HayesSeptember 200016
Linvill, L MFebruary 19645
Linvill, Lt D SDecember 200225photo
Linvill, MarthaJune 19866photo
Linvill, Sarah ElbertineAugust 198515-17
Linvill, Walter HayesDecember 198230
Linvill, Walter HayesDecember 19841-10
Linvill FamilyFebruary 196614
Linvill Memorial HospJune 19693-10
Linvill, M D, BenSeptember 200425, 26
Linvill, M D, DaveSeptember 200425
Linville, Dr D SJune 200525
Linville, HarryApril 197111
Liquor lawsDecember 20058
Little, Hester Catherine October 19911-9photo
Little, RJune 200225
Little Eli & the Red RascalsDecember 197310, 11
Little LeagueJune 199610-13
Little TurtleFebruary 196514
Little TurtleFebruary 19671-14photo
Little TurtleAugust 19711-9photos
Little TurtleAugust 197412
Little TurtleApril 19841-9
Little TurtleAugust 19879-12
Little TurtleFebruary 19889
Little TurtleJune 199012
Little TurtleDecember 199819-21
Little TurtleJune 200117-18
Little TurtleDecember 200428
Little Turtle (Chief)August 19633
Little Turtle ArchaeologicalAugust 198913-14
Little Turtle GraveDecember 197616-18
Little Turtle Village MarkerDecember 196614
Little Turtle's War BonnetSeptember 199610
Livery BarnFebruary 19799-14
Livery StableOctober 198125, 26
Living ChangesOctober 198719-28
Lloyd, ArthurSeptember 200428
Lloyd D Clapham AuxiliaryDecember 199616
Lockridge, RossOctober 19584
Loe, Caroline MayFebruary 199311-12photo
Loe, DaveOctober 19886photo
Log House- description ofMarch 200510-19drawing
Logan, BoydDecember 200017photo
Lohman, Mary A (North)December 197921
Lois, KimseyDecember 196310
Lomax, RichardJune 200220
Long, David EOctober 197213-15
Long, David EFebruary 198718
Long, DonApril 197710photo
Long, FamilyDecember 20065
Long, FredAugust 198122, 23
Long, JesseJune 20036
Long, Jesse WFebruary 19833
Long, JoeJune 198126photo
Long, JulieJune 198818photo
Long, LloydAugust 198816photo
Long, MaeJune 198126photo
Long, OliverAugust 197713, 14
Long, OtisAugust 197713, 14
Long, ReubenDecember 19665
Long, StanleyMarch 200620
Long, StellaAugust 19644
Long, WashingtonDecember 19668
Long FamilyAugust 19773-6
Loon LakeDecember 19886-8
Loon LakeAugust 198915
Loon Lake HotelOctober 19689photos
LoraneJune 19639
LoraneDecember 196411
LoraneFebruary 1978
LoraneJune 197911-13
LoraneApril 198526
Lorane SchoolOctober 195811
Lorane SchoolJune 20029
Lorber, EdgarFebruary 198322photo
Lorber, Edgar MFebruary 19843
Lorber, Mary MossmanAugust 197310-14
Lorber, MaxAugust 19666, 7photo
Lorber, MaxMarch 200616photo
Lorber, MiltonOctober 197111photo
Lorber, MiltonJune 198118photo
Lorber, SamuelFebruary 19808
Lorber familyJune 20039
Lorber StoreFebruary 198010photo
LordJune 19639
Lore, IdaDecember 19664-6photo
Lore, IdaFebruary 198714photo
Loright, JuniorJune 200627
Lost Poem ClubDecember 199423
Losure, FredMarch 200521
Loudy, EPOctober 196510
Louthan, RobertApril 198527, 28
Loutzenhiser, AlbertDecember 199221-22author
Loutzenhizer, AlbertJune 198813photo
Lowe, JohnSeptember 199918-31
Lower, Albert GOctober 195811
Lower, AliceOctober 196510
Lower, AntonJune 19766
Lower, David LOctober 195812
Lower, FayJune 19765photo
Lower, Hattie UmmelJune 19765photo
Lower, MableDecember 198323-25
Lower, RachelJune 198714photo
Lower, ViolaFebruary 197925photo
Lowman, WalterFebruary 198224photo
Luckenbill, Sarah ScottDecember 19801-9author
Luckenbill & Stickler FurnitureJune 19741-10
Luecke, HenriettaDecember 200617photo
Lukenbill, LOctober 199118photo
Lundblad, GustaJune 20001photo
Lundblad, Linda (Kitson)March 20036
Lung, TomAugust 198112photo
Luther, RuthJune 198813photo
Luther CreameryMarch 20048
Luther PhoneApril 19732-8
Lutheran OrganFebruary 198518
Lyceum TheaterApril 19723-6
Lynch, EdithOctober 196510
Lynch, EdithApril 19878photo

MacArthur, Douglas, GenAugust 197012
Maccabee LodgeJune 19693-10
MacHugh, Francis S, DrFebruary 198722
Mack, AndrewDecember 19649
Mack, AndrewFebruary 196513
Mack, AndrewAugust 198629
Madden, JuliaAugust 19644
Madden, WAugust 19644
Maddison, GeorgeJune 200528- 30
Mager, Dr FMDecember 19635
Magers, Dr Francis MJune 200526
Magers, F M, DrDecember 19969-16
Magers, Francis MFebruary 19646
Magers, Francis M, DrDecember 196412, 13
Magers, Francis M, DrJune 199322
Maggard, ChristinaJune 198818photo
Maggart, EdithJune 198128photo
Maggart, GaryMarch 200527photo
Maggart, three 1922February 19697photo
Maggert, EdithJune 198127photo
Maggert, OrlyJune 198127photo
Magley, Arnola 1904April 19696photo
Magley, ArnoldApril 198128photo
Magley, BenApril 198128photo
Magley, BenDecember 200017photo
Magley, Ben 1904April 19696photo
Magley, Blanche GApril 19854photo
Magley, Clara (Brumbaugh)June 20065photo
Magley, HomerJune 198615
Magley, HomerJune 198615
Magley, IdaJune 198615
Magley, KennethDecember 19734
Magley, MerleDecember 19734
Magley, PaulineJune 19866photo
Magley, Rose EJune 198616photo
Magley, W EJune 200512
Magley, WHApril 19732-8
Magley, William HOctober 19653
Magley, William HJune 19693-10
Magley, William HSeptember 20049
MagleyFebruary 198714photo
Magley FamilyOctober 19763
Magley FamilyJune 198619photo
Magley Machine shopDecember 19734
Magley photographerApril 19696photo
Magley-Erne GroceryAugust 19846
MailOctober 198618
Mail CarriersAugust 197110-12
MailsMarch 199629-30
Main, Mrs ElizabethMarch 200511photo
Maine, JohnJune 197311
Maires, JohnDecember 196313
Maires, JohnDecember 196314
Maires, MargaretDecember 196313
Maires, MargaretDecember 196314
Majors, MaryOctober 196311
Majors, StephenJune 197311
Mallock, VernApril 198711
Mallock Family, William (Bill)February 19656photo
Mallott, HomerOctober 19704photo
Mallott, HomerApril 199317photo
Malone, BobJune 200522
Malone, ForestFebruary 197113photo
Malone, Sergeant OtisMarch 20029photo
Maloney, DavidDecember 200422
Maloney, MarieJune 19866photo
Maloney, MaryFebruary 19695
Maloney, MaryJune 198126photo
Maloney, Mary 1920February 19698photo
Maloney, POctober 199118photo
Maloney, PatrickOctober 196510
Manago, JimmyFebruary 198410photo
Manning, AlfApril 198815photo
Manning, Lucy AOctober 196311
Mansdorfer, GeneDecember 200616photo
Mansdorfer, RaymondDecember 200616photo
Maple GroveOctober 199318
Maple GroveSeptember 199525photo
Maple Grove/ Poor Hook SchoolJune 20029
Marchand, DecoyOctober 196910photo
Marchand, FrederickAugust 19659, 10
Marchand, SamuelOctober 196412
Marchand MonumentAugust 196510photo
Maring, CalvinOctober 19584
Maring, FamilySeptember 200227
Maring, JacobOctober 19584
Maring, JacobFebruary 196611
Maring, LeonardOctober 1958 4, 5
Maring, N AOctober 196311
Maring, PhilipOctober 19584
Maring, R HJune 200416author
Maring, SarahOctober 196311
Maring CornersAugust 197716, 17
Maring SchoolOctober 19583
Maring SchoolJune 197915, 16
Maring SchoolJune 20029
Marker, Alton 1912February 19696photo
Marker, Alton 1920February 19698photo
Marker, Alton 1922February 19697photo
Marker, Aquilla 1912February 19696photo
Marker, ArvillaAugust 198724photo
Marker, Charles PJune 199122photo
Marker, Slyvanus 1922February 19697photo
Marker, Sylvanus 1920February 19698photo
Marker (Larwill)October 19648
Marker- EtnaJune 19665
Marker- MarshallApril 197618, 19photo
Marker ProjectDecember 19649-13
Marker ProjectFebruary 196511-14
Marker, 1st sherriffDecember 19656
Marker, Co Court MarkerDecember 19654photo
Marker-Adams-PondAugust 197519photo
Marker-JailAugust 197518photo
Marker-Old SettlersAugust 197619photo
Markley, EdithOctober 198214photo
Markley, EdithAugust 19868photo
Markley, HelenJune 197518photo
Markley, John WJune 197911
Markley, KennethJune 200513
Markley, Spurgeon NJune 200513
Marrs, AlvaJune 19722-9
Marrs, EugeneJune 200625
Marrs, EugeneJune 200627
Marrs, EugeneJune 200628
Marrs, FrankJune 19722-9
Marrs, MarthaJune 200628
Marrs, Martha AnnJune 200630
Marrs, MaryJune 200630
Marrs, Mary JaneFebruary 19694
Marrs, RubyJune 200630
Marrs, ShirleyJune 200626
Marrs, WarrenOctober 196913photo
Marrs, WarrenJune 200626
Marshall, D MJune 197311
Marshall, DanielDecember 196310
Marshall, Daniel MApril 197511
Marshall, Daniel MJune 200617
Marshall, Daniel M, DrJune 199119-21photo
Marshall, Daniel M, DrJune 199321
Marshall, LoisFebruary 19761-6photo
Marshall, LoisApril 19764
Marshall, LoisFebruary 198216photo
Marshall, LoisOctober 198831
Marshall, Lois KFebruary 19851-8photo
Marshall, Lois KJune 200616
Marshall, MarthaDecember 196310
Marshall, Martha MJune 200616
Marshall, MorrisonApril 197920photo
Marshall, SamuelJune 197311
Marshall, ThomasDecember 19638
Marshall, ThomasDecember 196310
Marshall, ThomasJune 19673-10
Marshall, ThomasDecember 19718
Marshall, ThomasApril 197920photo
Marshall, ThomasJune 19798
Marshall, ThomasDecember 198010-14
Marshall, ThomasOctober 198131
Marshall, ThomasAugust 19895-9
Marshall, ThomasAugust 19908
Marshall, ThomasOctober 199012
Marshall, ThomasJune 199118
Marshall, ThomasSeptember 199612-14
Marshall, ThomasJune 200221
Marshall, ThomasDecember 200230photo
Marshall, Thomas December 199016
Marshall, Thomas RAugust 19638author
Marshall, Thomas ROctober 19634photo
Marshall, Thomas RAugust 19645
Marshall, Thomas RFebruary 196513
Marshall, Thomas RJune 19667
Marshall, Thomas RAugust 19666, 7photo
Marshall, Thomas RAugust 197513
Marshall, Thomas RJune 19812-6
Marshall, Thomas RDecember 198420
Marshall, Thomas ROctober 19871-9photo
Marshall, Thomas RDecember 19883-5photo
Marshall, Thomas RApril 198914-15photo
Marshall, Thomas RFebruary 199012
Marshall, Thomas RJune 199016
Marshall, Thomas RAugust 199020
Marshall, Thomas ROctober 199016
Marshall, Thomas RApril 199119-22
Marshall, Thomas RApril 199323
Marshall, Thomas RJune 19939
Marshall, Thomas RAugust 199315
Marshall, Thomas ROctober 19936-13
Marshall, Thomas RMarch 199521-23
Marshall, Thomas RJune 199525-27
Marshall, Thomas RDecember 199513
Marshall, Thomas RSeptember 199618
Marshall, Thomas RSeptember 200019-20
Marshall, Thomas RSeptember 200210
Marshall, Thomas RJune 200618
Marshall, Thomas RileyOctober 19586
Marshall, Thomas RileyApril 19751-4photo
Marshall, Thomas RileyFebruary 198812
Marshall and Woman SuffrageFebruary 19909-10
Marshall BedroomApril 198830
Marshall CigarsDecember 198936-37
Marshall DeskJune 197921
Marshall FamilyJune 198413-15
Marshall Home, Purchase of October 19633, 4
Marshall HomeOctober 19631, 3photo
Marshall HomeJune 19678photo
Marshall HomeDecember 198314
Marshall HomeOctober 198420
Marshall Home PurchaseFebruary 19895-13photo
Marshall Home Restoration, James WJune 198426
Marshall House, PurchaseDecember 196311
Marshall House, Thomas RDecember 19636, 11
Marshall InaugurationAugust 198917
Marshall- PoemDecember 198626
Marshall SofaOctober 199030-31photo
Marshall StoryAugust 197411
Marshall VisitFebruary 197713
Marshall, AlaskaApril 197010, 11photo
Marshall's Home purchaseApril 198720
Martains Burg TavernAugust 19777, 8
Martin, Amy 1909April 19697photo
Martin, Benjamin FSeptember 20025
Martin, Delbert 1909April 19697photo
Martin, EstherJune 200626
Martin, GeorgeJune 200220
Martin, J JOctober 196311
Martin, JohnApril 19645
Martin, StephenJune 19668, 9
Martin, Stephen JrJune 200626
Martin, Stephen, SrJune 200627
Martin, SteveJune 19722-9
Martin, WarrenDecember 200619photo
Martin, William RAugust 197411
Martin, William WJune 197311
Martin, Wm M, DrJune 199320
MartinSeptember 20059
Martin FamilyOctober 19766
Martz, ClydeAugust 198119
Martz, Dor Bell (Barnes)August 19859-12author
Martz, HaroldJune 200627
Martz, HugoApril 19819-23author
Martz, Hugo EJune 197911-13author
Martz, Hugo EAugust 19857-9author
Martz, JoeApril 19881-10photo
Martz, LloydJune 200627
Martz, LloydJune 200630
Mary Raber SchoolDecember 19943-12
Mason, Charles WarrenMarch 200612
Mason, CoraOctober 196311
Mason, LawrenceFebruary 198410photo
Mason, MetttieMarch 200612
Mason, NettyJune 20036
Mason, WarrenAugust 19664, 5author
Mason, WarrenJune 198319
Mason, WarrenSeptember 19968
Masonic LodgeOctober 19715-10
Maston, MarionApril 197710photo
Maston's HardwareSeptember 200611
Matchett, Margaret (Rush)August 196810, 11photo
Mathews, JohnApril 198911photo
Matson, JamesAugust 19749photo
Matson, JamesDecember 197412photo
Matson, ZellaOctober 19846photo
Mattix, PhyllisFebruary 198712
Mattoon, ChaunceySeptember 20025
Maxwell, Ellen EAugust 19729-12
Maxwell, JohnAugust 19729-12
Mayer, VirginiaAugust 198918photo
Mayflower CupAugust 19631, 3photo
Mayhoor, MarionApril 198711
Mayne, JeffAugust 19729-12
Mayor- 1stJune 19883-11
Mays, JohnAugust 19644
McCaffery, WilliamFebruary 198721
McCammon, Ryan JAugust 198427-29author
McClain, Clemmie 1904April 19696photo
McClain, MaryJune 198127photo
McClain, Oda 1895April 19694photo
McClain, PaulMarch 200313photo
McClain, Sherman 1895April 19694photo
McClain, VOctober 199118photo
McClain, WillieApril 198128photo
McClellan, MarianAugust 198724photo
McConnell, AlmaApril 19779photo
McConnell, AlmaAugust 198311photo
McConnell, Frank, MrsAugust 198311photo
McConnell, GeorgeJune 19796-8
McConnell, JoEllenApril 19763photo
McConnell, JoEllen AdamsDecember 200115-17author
McConnell, LilaOctober 198214photo
McConnell, MajorieMarch 200615
McConnell, RobertAugust 19749photo
McConnell, William JApril 198216photo
McCowan, AmandaOctober 196311
McCoy, CharlesJune 198127photo
McCoy, CharlesJune 198128photo
McCoy, FranklinJune 197311
McCoy, GladysDecember 19914
McCoy, JakeDecember 196313
McCoy, JakeDecember 196314
McCoy, LizzieOctober 196311
McCoy, Mary AnnDecember 200514
McCoy, NoraFebruary 197713-16author
McCoy, NoraAugust 197715-17author
McCoy, NoraDecember 20005
McCoy, QuimbaAugust 198112photo
McCrea, BTOctober 196412
McCrea, ROctober 199118photo
McCrea , AsherJune 19819
McCrea LiveryJune 19819
McCune, WilliamOctober 195811
McCutcheon, MarionOctober 196311
McDonald, Clemenza BechtelAugust 19649
McDonald, ColJune 19635
McDonald, HomeJune 196711photo
McDonald, I BJune 20036
McDonald, I B, ColOctober 195811
McDonald, I B, ColFebruary 19659
McDonald, IBAugust 196514
McDonald, IBDecember 19742-5photo
McDonald, IBJune 197820-21
McDonald, IBDecember 19783
McDonald, IBFebruary 197921-24
McDonald, IBOctober 19797-10
McDonald, IBDecember 197917
McDonald, IBAugust 198021-24
McDonald, IBJune 198110-14
McDonald, Isaiah BJune 19678-15photo
McDonald, Isaiah BFebruary 19783-5
McDonald, Isaiah BDecember 198121-24
McDonald, Isaiah B, ColAugust 19648
McDonald, Isaiah BurrittApril 198411-13
McDonald House SchoolAugust 19649photo
McDonald's HillAugust 19648photo
McGinley, AliceMarch 200614
McGlaughlin, James LApril 198321-23
McGlaughlin, ThomasApril 198425
McGuire, ClarenceJune 198126photo
McGuire, JoeJune 198126photo
McGuire, KatieAugust 19869
McGuire, T ROctober 196510
McGuire's, SaloonDecember 19634
McHugh, Francis LJune 197311
McHugh, Francis L, DrFebruary 19644
McHugh, Francis, DrJune 199318
McKellar, MalcolmAugust 19668, 9photo
McKellar Tin ShopFebruary 19711-9
McKenna, CharlotteOctober 197213-15author
McKenna, CharlotteJune 197518photo
McKinney, RC, RevAugust 19656
McKown, AlApril 198815photo
McKown, CharlieApril 198815photo
McKown FactoryApril 198815-16
McLain, ClemmieFebruary 198613
McLallanSeptember 20025
McLallen, CatherineDecember 196310
McLallen, DeWittDecember 19636
McLallen, DeWittAugust 198817
McLallen, E LAugust 198213, 14
McLallen, E LJune 200421author
McLallen, E LymanJune 198824-25photo
McLallen, ELJune 19648
McLallen, EL & CoJune 19693-10
McLallen, Heel FactoryDecember 198426
McLallen, HenryOctober 19662
McLallen, HenryJune 198824-25photo
McLallen, Henry DeWittDecember 196310
McLallen, JackAugust 19666, 7photo
McLallen, John AJune 19794, 9author
McLallen, Mabel LiggettAugust 19645
McLallen, RichardAugust 19666, 7photo
McLallen, W FJune 200512
McLallen, WalterJune 198824-25photo
McLallen, Walter FMarch 200613
McLallen, WilliamAugust 19666, 7photo
McLallenFebruary 198714photo
McLallen , FrancesMarch 200419, 20
McLallen , Henry JrOctober 19645
McLallen FamilyOctober 197617
McLallen HouseOctober 197615-17photo
McLallen SchoolAugust 198723-28photos
McLallens, FamilySeptember 200227
McLane, PerryDecember 198418photo
McLaughlin, HildaJune 197919-21
McLaughlin, RebeccaMarch 200621
McLaughlin, T AOctober 196510
McManama, KeithDecember 200617photo
McManama, LeoDecember 200617photo
McNabb, Maude 1895April 19694photo
McNabb, WildaOctober 195811
McNagney, Rob R, JudgeJune 19693-10
McNagny, AlexanderOctober 19645
McNagny, Patricia GatesSeptember 200119author
McNagny, Phil JrAugust 198816photo
McNagny, Phil MFebruary 19843
McNagny, ROctober 199118photo
McNagny, RobFebruary 19894photo
McNagny, Rob RFebruary 196613
McNagny, Rob ROctober 19937-8author
McNagny, Rob RJune 200615
McNagny, Rob R JrApril 197111
McNagny, Rob R, JudgeJune 196513
McNagny, Rob R, JudgeJune 19678-10author
McNagny, Rob ReedApril 19931-9photo
McNagny, W FOctober 196311
McNagny, W FJune 20039
McNagny, William FJune 19812-6
McNagny, William FSeptember 200214-17author
McNagny, William FMarch 200515
McNagny, William FJune 200525
McNagny HouseAugust 198027photo
McNear, BobJune 19866photo
McNear, EdithOctober 198214photo
McNear, J FOctober 196311
McNear, RuthOctober 196311
McNear FamilyDecember 19933-4
McNear HouseDecember 19931photo
McNowan, RachelDecember 198128photo
McVay, AndySeptember 200325photo
McVay, BillSeptember 200325photo
McVay, BillDecember 200612-15author
McVay, BillDecember 20065
Mead, Frances McLainApril 19854photo
Meckler, AnnFebruary 198722
Medical Association June 200526Charter Members
Medical SocietyMarch 199628
Meeks, GraceOctober 196510
Meese, JamesDecember 19634
Meggison, FrancisMarch 200527photo
Meier, Aileen CJune 19901-12author
Meinika, CarolineDecember 200627
Meinika, ChristianDecember 200627
Meinika, RichardSeptember 200326, 27, 28photo
Meinika, WilliamMarch 200327, 28photo
Meiser, CharleyApril 198721
Meiser, L MSeptember 20049
Meiser, LMApril 196715
Meiser, RobertMarch 200616photo
Meitzler, EdwinJune 19722-9author
Meitzler, EdwinAugust 19722-8author
Meitzler, EdwinAugust 19732-5author
Meitzler, EdwinFebruary 19767-14
Meitzler, EdwinAugust 198719-20
Meitzler, EdwinJune 200615
Meitzler, FrankJune 19722-9
Meitzler, FrankApril 198716photo
Meitzler, WillApril 198722
Meitzler BldgFebruary 19711-9
Melbinck, LAFebruary 198714photo
Melhinch, Luella AOctober 195813
Melroy, WilliamFebruary 198722
Memorial DayAugust 198324, 25
Memorial Day ParadeJune 197921
Menzie, DavidMarch 200527photo
MerchantsFebruary 198720
Meredith, GertrudeAugust 19635
Meredith, GertrudeDecember 19734photo
Meredith, RayAugust 19635
Meredith, RSJune 19722-9
Meredith, SalathielAugust 19635
Merrick, HowardAugust 19749photo
Merriman, E, DrOctober 19586
Merriman, EarlDecember 200617photo
Merriman, ElijahDecember 200422
Merriman, ElijahJune 200526
Merriman, ElishaFebruary 19644
Merriman, FamilySeptember 200227
Merriman, James EDecember 19652, 3
Merriman, Lou, MrsAugust 198311photo
Merriman, LowOctober 19785photo
Merriman, LowellAugust 197110photo
Merriman, LowellApril 197710photo
Merriman, WilliamFebruary 19654
Merriman HouseAugust 198127photo
Messner, FlorenceOctober 198214photo
Messner, Florence (Kyler)February 197113photo
Metz, E HJune 198615
Metz, EdwardJune 198623
Metz SchoolJune 20029
Metzger, AnneOctober 19583
Metzger, DarlenMarch 200621
Metzger, LorenSeptember 19951-23photo
Metzger, MaryDecember 19969
Metzger, Mrs RoyMarch 200523
Metzger, RuthJune 199420photo
Meyer, AntonFebruary 19711-9
Meyer, EmilAugust 196614photo
Meyer, LeeOctober 197111photo
Meyer, LeeJune 198118photo
Meyer, Mark AApril 197111
Meyer, RobertFebruary 198410photo
Meyer, SomonFebruary 19808
Meyers, Betty ThompsonAugust 198729author
Meyers, Betty ThomsonApril 19873-8
Meyers, Betty ThomsonJune 198824-25photo
Meyers, Betty ThomspnApril 198815-16author
Meyers, CamilleDecember 198128photo
Meyers, Capt Abram WApril 198018-22
Meyers, DickApril 19876photo
Meyers, Edward J JrAugust 198816photo
Meyers, George WFebruary 19843
Meyers, JamesApril 198711
Meyers, Judge EdwardJune 19693-10
Meyers, MarjorieJune 200214
Meyers, NancyJune 200423-25author
Meyers, Nancy (Berwert)December 199618-20author
Meyers, PeggyJune 200214
Meyers, Richard WApril 197111
Meyers, WalterMarch 200619photo
Meyers, Walter FFebruary 19843
Meyers (Creamery), F LMarch 200320
MiamiApril 19841-9
Miami EmmigrationJune 199621-27
MiamisSeptember 199822-25
MiamisJune 200625
Michael, DonSeptember 200326photo
Michael, lorenSeptember 200326photo
Michael, SteveAugust 198119
Midland Telephone CoApril 19732-8
Mietz, Ethel (Stevens)June 197616photo
Milam, Bonnie LDecember 200322, 23author
Milam, William & BonnieDecember 200322photo
Miles, Ishew FMarch 200622
Miles, LeviMarch 200623
MilitaryFebruary 199314-17
Mill, FirstDecember 19657
Millard, JayJune 200629
Milledge, Nora/NevaDecember 200616photo
Miller, Alford 1912February 19696photo
Miller, AlfredDecember 19642
Miller, AlmertDecember 200619photo
Miller, AnthonySeptember 200512
Miller, Benjamin FranklinSeptember 200513
Miller, Benjamin HJune 19817-9
Miller, BillMarch 200313photo
Miller, BlancheAugust 19763author
Miller, BlancheAugust 19764photo
Miller, BlancheOctober 197614
Miller, BlancheJune 19817-9
Miller, BurvillusMarch 200423, 24
Miller, ByronAugust 198713-18author
Miller, CandyJune 198818photo
Miller, CarlApril 196414photo
Miller, CatherineSeptember 200226
Miller, CatherineSeptember 200512
Miller, CourtlandFebruary 19806
Miller, DanielAugust 19644
Miller, DanielFebruary 19834
Miller, DavidFebruary 19839
Miller, David LeonardSeptember 200512
Miller, Dessie 1909April 19697photo
Miller, EdOctober 197111photo
Miller, Ed, TomJune 198118photo
Miller, Eila LeeSeptember 200513
Miller, EliSeptember 200513
Miller, EliasApril 19646
Miller, EliasJune 19643
Miller, ElizabethSeptember 200513
Miller, EmmaSeptember 200513
Miller, EmmettApril 197012photo
Miller, EthelDecember 19951photo
Miller, GeorgeSeptember 20055
Miller, George WSeptember 200513
Miller, HarryAugust 19668, 9photo
Miller, HenryDecember 200130
Miller, Henry WDecember 20027
Miller, Herbert 1895April 19694photo
Miller, J WFebruary 19644
Miller, J WJune 200526
Miller, JaneOctober 19585
Miller, JCDecember 19718
Miller, JuliaMarch 20065 -11author
Miller, LewisDecember 19951photo
Miller, LizzieJune 197616photo
Miller, LloydOctober 19846photo
Miller, LovinaSeptember 200513
Miller, LucindaSeptember 200513photo
Miller, LucindaSeptember 20058
Miller, LucindaSeptember 200512
Miller, M HJune 200311
Miller, MabelAugust 19868photo
Miller, Maggie MOctober 196311
Miller, Mahala AmandaSeptember 200512
Miller, MalindaSeptember 200522photo
Miller, MalindaSeptember 200512
Miller, Margaret EllenSeptember 200513
Miller, Mary AnnSeptember 200512
Miller, MatildaSeptember 200512
Miller, MelSeptember 200625
Miller, Melvin MMarch 200625
Miller, MikeMarch 200527photo
Miller, MillyAugust 198724photo
Miller, MinnieJune 19706photo
Miller, MrDecember 200423
Miller, Mr & MrsJune 20058
Miller, NormanDecember 197412photo
Miller, OliviaJune 198128photo
Miller, RaymondSeptember 200326photo
Miller, Sarah JaneSeptember 200512
Miller, SolomonSeptember 20051photo
Miller, SolomonSeptember 200522photo
Miller, SolomonSeptember 20055- 28
Miller, SolomonSeptember 200513
Miller, TomOctober 197111photo
Miller, Walter 1895April 19694photo
Miller, WendyJune 198818photo
Miller, WilliamAugust 197713, 14
Miller, WilliamJune 197919
Miller Cigar storeApril 19723-6
Miller FamilyDecember 19867photo
Miller Funeral HomeJune 19741-10
Miller HardwareApril 19723-6
Miller-Hyre SchoolJune 197513-15photo
Miller-Hyre SchoolOctober 19837
Miller-Hyre SchoolJune 20029
MillersburgApril 19645
MillersburgJune 19643
Mills, Dale EJune 19711
Mills, JosephDecember 196310
Milner, Rosa JOctober 196311
Mim-ShawsAugust 199312-13
Minear, ArdithMarch 200620
Minear, RichardMarch 200620
Mineka, CharlesApril 198711
Miner, C CJune 200226
Miner, FrankApril 198722
Miner, Frank EApril 196413
Miner, HenryFebruary 19839
Miner, Mary BeesonAugust 19645
Miner, SamuelFebruary 19839
Mink, ChrisApril 197720-22author
Mink, PaulineOctober 199226-27author
Mink, Pauline FleckAugust 198918photo
Mink, RalphApril 19881-10photo
Mink, Samuel OrthosDecember 19865photo
Minnick, Bernard LFebruary 198613
Mint FarmingDecember 199926-28
Miracle Whip CakeMarch 200429
Mishler Farm, HarleyApril 19644
Mitchell, LucindaOctober 197218
Mitten, A PFebruary 19644
Mitten, A PJune 200526
Mitten, APJune 197311
Mitten, Dr AllenJune 199321
Mitten, Sarah ElbertineAugust 198515-17
Mobil Service StationDecember 200520photo
Mode O'Day Dress ShopJune 19693-10
Model TOctober 197921
Modern WoodmanFebruary 19711-9
Modern WoodmanFebruary 197926photo
Moe, C DOctober 196311
Moe, Frank BOctober 196311
Moeller, VelmaOctober 19583
Moeller, VelmaOctober 198214photo
Moffitt, SamSeptember 200325photo
Molter, TedOctober 196412
Monkeys LooseApril 199319-20
Monroe, Mary MarieApril 198421photo
Montgomery, RobertJune 200220
Moog, WalterOctober 197115
MoonshineApril 198716-18photo
MoonshineDecember 199515
Moore, BetsyJune 198819author
Moore, Henry, SrJune 200627
Moore, Jet 1904April 19696photo
Moore, JettieApril 198128photo
Moore, LisJune 198818photo
Moore, RobertMarch 200520
Moore, ThomasJune 19793-5
Moore Rexall PharmacyJune 19693-10
Moran, AOctober 196311
More, EthelDecember 198418photo
More, GraceDecember 198418photo
More, LeonFebruary 196611
More, Mary EDecember 197214photo
More, PerryDecember 198418photo
More Farm, AlexMarch 200625
More HomesteadDecember 19655photo
More HouseJune 197918photo
Morris, WilliamJune 197311
Morris, William H, DrFebruary 198722
Morris, Wm, DrJune 199320
Morrison, E Ray, DrJune 199322
Morrolf, GarlandMarch 200224
Morrow, Martha (Carter)June 197616photo
Morsches, F F September 200626
Morsches, FrankOctober 197213-15
Morsches, LydiaOctober 198214photo
Morsches, Mable (Foust)August 196810, 11photo
Morsches Lumber CoFebruary 198212
Morse, HelenOctober 196311
Mosher, Carl JApril 197111
Mosher, DeFoe SApril 198517photo
Mosher, DeweyFebruary 198416
Mosher, EliakimJune 197312-14
Mosher, Floyd EverettApril 198912, 16
Mosher, FrancisDecember 198418photo
Mosher, HelenOctober 197917author
Mosher, HiramAugust 197110photo
Mosher, Hiram LAugust 19729-12
Mosher, LeeAugust 19668, 9photo
Mosher, Mike HMarch 200521
Mosher, OrrinJune 19732-7
Mosher, Rhua ComptonJune 197312-14
Mosher, RolloOctober 197111photo
Mosher, RolloJune 198118photo
Mosher, RolloMarch 199823-24
Mosher, Rollo EApril 198416photo
Mosher, Rollo EJune 200629
Mosher, SanfordJune 19732-7
Mosher, Teddy BenJune 19635
Mosher, WillardDecember 198418photo
Mossman, FamilyOctober 196311
Mossman, FrancisAugust 19644
Mossman, JohnOctober 198416
Mossman, John FAugust 197310-14
Mossman, MaryJune 198429
Mossman, MaryMarch 200615
Mossman, OrphaSeptember 200227
Mossman, Sara ElizabethJune 19804
Mossman, William EJune 198423-25
Mossman HomeDecember 198411
Mossman SchoolJune 20029
Mossman's CornersMarch 200624
Motion PicturesDecember 198523-27
Moving DayJune 197913
Mowery, FamilySeptember 200227
Mowery, LewJune 19635
Mowery, LloydDecember 196312
Mowery, WilliamFebruary 19774
Mowrey, HenryJune 19738-11
Mowrey, Marjorie (Jagger)June 20051photo
Mowrey, Wm IssacDecember 19864
Mowrey's CrossingOctober 198222
Mowry, SlyvanusOctober 196311
Moyer, DoraDecember 200617photo
Moyer, EarlOctober 196510
Moyer, EarleenDecember 200617photo
Moyer, JohnFebruary 19874photo
Muck Crops SchoolSeptember 199717
Mullen, Mettie MasonFebruary 197925
Mullen, Nettie (Mason)June 20037photo
Mullendore, Lola RichardsApril 19877photo
Mullendore, NoahJune 19764photo
Mullendore, StanleyJune 20048photo
Mullendore, Stanley SJune 20045author
Mullendore ConfectionaryJune 20058
Mullendore Motor SalesJune 19978
Mullett, DanMarch 200627
Mullett, DorothyDecember 200617photo
Mullett, John AdamJune 19769, 10photo
Mullett FamilyDecember 19662, 3
Mullor, MajorieMarch 200614
Municipal WaterworksAugust 19916-8photo
Munns, HazelOctober 19583
Murbach, HarmonDecember 196310
Murbach, HelenFebruary 197926photo
Murbach, LindaMarch 200621
Murbaugh, Joy LynnMarch 200621
MurderMarch 200018-23
Murphy, AllanMarch 200621
Murphy, JohnAugust 198120
Murphy, MaxSeptember 200116-17author
Murphy, MaxMarch 200620
Museum, OpeningApril 19643
Museum StartFebruary 19662
MusicJune 198624-26
Music CareersAugust 198615
Myers, Abram WDecember 197918
Myers, ArtaAugust 198922-23photo
Myers, BarbaraJune 200214
Myers, ChristianAugust 198417-20
Myers, DanielOctober 198317, 19photo
Myers, EllaAugust 19868photo
Myers, Ella TyreeAugust 19867photo
Myers, Eloise PattersonAugust 19867photo
Myers, FrankAugust 19868photo
Myers, Frank LAugust 19861-9photo
Myers, HelenJune 200628
Myers, Henry, LeviFebruary 198722
Myers, Martha JaneOctober 199021-22
Myers, May BraddockApril 198128photo
Myers, NancyJune 200220
Myers, Walter (Muzzy)August 19666, 7photo
Myers, Walter DJune 19722-9
Myers, Walter DanielDecember 198326-29photo
Myers, WDApril 19755-7author
Myers , LeviAugust 198614
Myers ConfectionaryDecember 197111-15photos
Myers ConfectionaryAugust 19861-9
Myers Creamery, F LDecember 20025
Myers FamilyApril 197112
Myers HouseAugust 198418photo
Myers Ice Cream FactoryApril 197814photo
Myers RestuarantApril 197112
Mylin, C SJune 198615
Myres, DoctorJune 197311

Nabor, Guilford MOctober 195813
Naming Columbia CityJune 198121, 22
National GuardFebruary 19711-9
Nauman, Mable (Wigent)April 19911photo
Nauman, Mary (Wigent)April 19911photo
Neal, DonnaJune 198813photo
Nei SchoolJune 20029
Neilson, NielsDecember 20028
Nelson, BettyAugust 19895-8author
Nelson, BrettDecember 19701photo
Nelson, JimJune 199025photo
Ness, LloydSeptember 200326photo
Nevius, Geneva OttJune 200214
Nevius, Geneva OttJune 200426author
New Center SchoolFebruary 197515, 16
New Center SchoolJune 200210
New LakeOctober 19699
New Troy CenterFebruary 196911photo
New Year- 1934June 199724
Newcomb, George LJune 200225, 26
Newspaper, 1stJune 19689
Newspapers 1902February 198624
Niccum, W L, DrFebruary 19644
Nichols, KOctober 199118photo
Nichols, Maude 1895April 19694photo
Nichols, SarahFebruary 196512
Nichols, Sarah AOctober 19587
Nicholson, FranklinJune 200220
Nichter, DellaDecember 199510-11
Nickey, AddisonJune 197919
Nickey, David WAugust 19644
Nickey, Ella MApril 19854photo
Nickey, JacobAugust 19644
Nickey, JacobJune 19804
Nickey, RebeccaJune 19804
Nickey, Rheua VApril 19854photo
Nickey, RoseOctober 196311
Nickey, RoseDecember 196612
Nickey, SamuelJune 197919
Nickey, SamuelJune 19804
Nickey, SamuelJune 20037
Nickey, William SSeptember 20048photo
Nickey FamilyAugust 198015-17
Nickey SchoolJune 200210
Nie, Elmer JOctober 196510
Niebel, IdaApril 19694photo
Niebel, WillApril 19694photo
Nix, KennethSeptember 19961-7photo
Nix SchoolJune 200210
Noble, AubgeryOctober 196910photo
Noble, D C June 200512
Noble, IreneOctober 196910photo
Noble, Irene 1922February 19697photo
Noble, Mrs AlvaMarch 200524
Noble, NorrisOctober 196910photo
Nobles, CiceroDecember 200424
Nobles, SilasFebruary 19839
Noe, JoanJune 200628
Nolt, AnnaApril 198519-21
Nolt, DoctorSeptember 200424
Nolt, EphJune 19722-9
Nolt, LymanOctober 196510
Nolt HouseAugust 198520photo
Nolt SchoolJune 200210
Nolt's Mill BridgeSeptember 199723-25
Norris, FredAugust 198118photo
Norris, HenryApril 19732-8
Norris, JennieAugust 198311photo
Norris, LincolnDecember 200619photo
Norris, MabelOctober 196510
Norris, MabelJune 198813
Norris, Sam, MrsAugust 198311photo
Norris Drug Store, W FSeptember 200610
Norris Pharmacy, W F March 199715-16
North, Adam EdwardAugust 196414
North, CalMarch 200623
North, George WOctober 196311
North, George WApril 19658
North, George WFebruary 19711-9
North, GWApril 19732-8
North, JohnMarch 199615photo
North, Mrs G WJune 200619
Northam, BillJune 19866photo
Northam, MarianMarch 200615
Northham, James KennethJune 197911
Nowels, AEJune 19722-9
Nowels, RussellJune 19722-9
Nulf & AppletonSeptember 200211
Nu-Mode Beauty SalonMarch 200224
Nutritional ResearchApril 19646
Nye, TracyJune 19711

O Grant Gandy CoJune 19643
Oak Grove Church of GodMarch 19953-9
Obenchain, RalphMarch 2004
Obenchain, WilliamApril 198522photo
Oberkeiser, William HAugust 198414photo
Oberlin, Miss RubyJune 200511photo
Oberlin, RubyOctober 196510
Oberlin, RubyDecember 198128photo
O'Callaghan, EllaAugust 196810, 11photo
O'Callaghan, Ella March 20041photo
O'Connell, DelilahSeptember 200526
O'Connor, AlbertaSeptember 200624
OddfellowsMarch 199623-24
O'Donnel, Red "Ned"August 196310
Ohki, GraceJune 200214
Ohki, GraceMarch 200617
Ohki, ShinzoFebruary 19711-9
Ohki, ShinzoApril 19851-16photo
Ohmart, Howard SApril 198518
Old Center SchoolFebruary 197514, 15photo
Old Center SchoolJune 200210
Old LakeOctober 19699
Old Red BarnJune 198321, 22
Old SettlersDecember 197513-15photo
Old SettlersJune 19793-12photos
Old SettlersAugust 198523-25
Old SettlersAugust 198910
Old SettlersMarch 20009-12
Old SettlersJune 20035-7
Old Settlers 1904August 19634
Old Settlers 1906December 199621-22
Old Settlers 1909June 20003-8
Old Settlers 1912, 1909June 200125-27
Old Settlers DaySeptember 199812-15
Old Settler's Parade 1910August 19673-15
Old Settlers, 1961June 200615
Old Troy CenterFebruary 19699photo
Olds, WalterJune 19693-10
Olds, WalterMarch 200515
Olinger, LilaJune 198127photo
Olinger, LilaJune 198128photo
Olive Chapel UB churchAugust 196914photo
Oliver, BensonDecember 200619photo
Oliver, Jayne MullendoreDecember 19863-9author
Oliver, MarthaJune 200619
Oliver FamilyMarch 199918-21
Oman, George WAugust 19895
Oman, JuliaOctober 196311
Oman, MaxieDecember 19748
One Room School TeachersDecember 19746-7
One Room SchoolsDecember 19797, 8
One Room SchoolsApril 198417-20
Onion DaysAugust 197510, 11
Onion Days (Collins)October 197612, 13photo
Onion FarmingAugust 19758-13photo
Onion FarmingAugust 19758, 9
Onion FarmingAugust 197615
Onion FieldsApril 197717-19
Onion FieldsApril 199321
Opera HouseJune 199512-13
Orcutt, AliceJune 200630
Orcutt, Dale 1921February 196911photo
Orcutt, GeraldJune 200627
Orcutt, GuyMarch 200225
Orcutt, Lee 1921February 196911photo
Ordinances- 1900December 20055-8
OrgansOctober 198628-30
Oriental Show YouJune 200321-23
Ormsby, ZilphaOctober 196311
Orndorf, John WJune 200310
Orner, CHJune 19722-9
Orner, FelixJune 19722-9
Orr, MargueriteJune 200630
Orr, MaryMarch 200620
OrrSeptember 200513
Ort, SanfordJune 197920
Orts Dept StoreMarch 20066
Osborn, BenJune 19722-9
Osborn, Carl JSeptember 199625-26photo
Osborn, FrankOctober 196412
Osborn, PhyllisFebruary 19874photo
Osborn, PhyllisMarch 200616
OscarMarch 19978
Ostroski, BusterSeptember 200421
Ott, Amelia TrimmerApril 197513photo
Ott, MillardAugust 198616
Ott, Millard JAugust 198421-26photo
Ott, RevJune 19722-9
OuthousesOctober 19711-4
Overdeer, AustinOctober 197111photo
Overdeer, AustinOctober 197919photo
Overdeer, AustinJune 198118photo
Overdeer, GlenJune 19722-9
Overdeer, JakeJune 19722-9
Overdeer, MaryFebruary 19941photo
Overdeer, RobertJune 200215
Overland CarJune 197915photo
Overly, VeraOctober 199222-24author
OverlySeptember 20059
Owl, JohnDecember 200428

Padgett, W DApril 198723
Page, R V, RevJune 197015
Paige, SJJune 19722-9
Paige FamilyJune 200119-21
Paige MansionDecember 19658photo
PalatinateDecember 199713-16
Palmer, AdamDecember 198418photo
Palmer, GeorgeApril 198626photo
Palmer, George AAugust 197513
Palmer, George AJune 19768
Palmer, George AAugust 197819-21author
Palmer, George AFebruary 197919author
Palmer, George ADecember 19806, 7author
Palmer, George AOctober 19813, 4author
Palmer, George AFebruary 19833-10author
Palmer, George AFebruary 198310
Palmer, George AApril 198625-27author
Palmer, George AOctober 198630
Palmer, George ADecember 198610
Palmer, George AFebruary 198715-24
Palmer, Joseph LeroyApril 198911, 16photo
Palmer, LewisApril 198626photo
Palmer, SarahOctober 196311
Palmer, W COctober 195813
Palmer, WCFebruary 197925
Palmers, George AJune 198018-20author
Panulo, Reino JrJune 19711
Park, Jennie AOctober 196311
Parker, BillMarch 200527photo
Parkey, DrJune 197311
Parks, AnnaJune 200427
Parret, FrederickAugust 198417-20
Parrett, DavidOctober 19584
Parrett, DavidJune 20036
Parrett, David DFebruary 197310
Parrett, FamilySeptember 200227
Parrett, JamesSeptember 20025
Parrett, James RJune 19711
Parrett, JosephAugust 19638
Parrett, JosephDecember 196410
Parrett, JosephSeptember 20025
Parrett, Joseph, HenryApril 19645
Parrett, PhilAugust 198115
Parrett, William April 19646
Parrot, SamSeptember 200610
Parsley, Esther (Vanderford) 1912February 19696photo
Parsons, HubertJune 200627
Pat's CafeSeptember 199423-24
Patterson, AlAugust 197310-14
Patterson, MaryOctober 196311
Patterson, WAAugust 197110photo
Paul, Mary JOctober 196311
Paul, OradatOctober 19846photo
Paulson, Sarah JaneDecember 196313
Paulson, Sarah JaneDecember 196314
Paulus, Grover 1895April 19694photo
Paulus, Ura 1895April 19694photo
Paulus, Vina 1895April 19694photo
Payne, John DOctober 196311
Payne, SophiaAugust 198629
Peabody, JacksonSeptember 200625
Peabody, S JAugust 19633
Peabody, S JMarch 200231photo
Peabody, S JJune 20038
Peabody, S JJune 200512
Peabody, Simon JSeptember 199713
Peabody, Simon JMarch 20011-6photo
Peabody, Simon JSeptember 20049
Peabody, Simon JackFebruary 19663-7photo
Peabody, SJJune 19693-10
Peabody, SJOctober 19692-6photos
Peabody, SJJune 19722-9
Peabody, SJApril 19732-8
Peabody, SJJune 197919-21
Peabody, SJOctober 19881-15photo
Peabody, SJAugust 199119-21
PeabodyJune 19763-6photo
PeabodyDecember 198421-25photo
PeabodyJune 19929-12photo
Peabody Co-operativeSeptember 199623
Peabody FamilyJune 200122-23
Peabody HouseOctober 198813photo
Peabody SaloonJune 19766
Peabody SawmillFebruary 198212-15
Peabody SawmillOctober 199017photo
Peabody's Fairview AddAugust 198614
Pear Tree, OldestDecember 200424
Peeler, HollisApril 19658photo
Peen-am-wahJune 196512
Pefley, Mr (principal)June 200614
Pence, AllenFebruary 196410
Pence, AllenApril 19712
Pence, Benjamin, DrDecember 196310
Pence, DaleAugust 198816photo
Pence, DaleMarch 199624-26author
Pence, DaleDecember 20045-20photos
Pence, Dennis DMarch 200621
Pence, EdithOctober 19847photo
Pence, EstellaApril 19878photo
Pence, GeorgeFebruary 19839
Pence, GrantOctober 197213-15
Pence, HenryFebruary 19839
Pence, HerschelAugust 19869
Pence, JacobJune 197315
Pence, JonMarch 200629photo
Pence, JuanitaJune 200630
Pence, LaverApril 198128photo
Pence, LaVer 1904April 19696photo
Pence, LillieOctober 19846photo
Pence, MargeDecember 20047photo
Pence, Mildred Marie GeigerJune 19941photo
Pence, OlieOctober 196510
Pence, Ollie GAugust 19869
Pence, Ora MApril 198129
Pence, OrvalOctober 196510
Pence, OrvalApril 19758, 9photo
Pence, Robert LAugust 197716
Pence, RuthDecember 19865photo
Pence, StellaOctober 196510
Pence, Tobey AApril 19854photo
Pence, VeraDecember 196310
Pence, VeraMarch 200615
Pence, Vera IsabelleDecember 196310
Pence homesteadJune 19687-9photo
Pence SchoolJune 200210
Penguin PointMarch 200525
Penguin PointJune 20059-10photo
PenimoJune 19738-11
Penn, Kenneth EApril 197111
Pennslyvania DepotAugust 19741photo
Pennslyvania RRJune 198327-29
Pennslyvania RR sta CCApril 196913, 14photo
Pennslyvania RR sta LarwillApril 196919photo
Pennslyvania SchoolJune 19634, 5
Pennslyvania School 1897February 197213
Pennslyvania/Essig SchoolJune 200210
Pennsylvania Railroad StationJune 199421-23
Pennsylvania SchoolDecember 198419photo
Penny, LeeApril 19876photo
Pentz, JackAugust 19666, 7photo
Pentz, John CApril 19732-8
PeppermintJune 19796-8
Peppers, OrvilleOctober 196912photo
Peppers, Orville RApril 198619
Pequignot, MildredMarch 199618photo
Perez, Brittmarie JansonDecember 200427author
Perin, E SMarch 200528
Perkins, JamesAugust 196413
Perrin, JesseOctober 19645
Perrin, Jesse SDecember 19649
Perrin, Jesse SJune 200627
Perry, DavidAugust 197411
Perry, Hobart EApril 197111
Perry, Lee JrApril 19921-11photo
Perry, MarieDecember 197612photo
Perry, TalcottDecember 19649
Perry, TalcottAugust 19895
Pet ParadeApril 19875photo
Pettigrew, AlverlOctober 19587
Pheister, James 1912February 19696photo
Pheister, Laura 1912February 19696photo
Phend, HenryJune 19722-9
Phend, PatriciaJune 200626
Phend, PhyllisJune 200628
Phenian (Bulltown?) SchoolJune 200210
Phillips, AudreyApril 19891
Phillips, Avyce RichardsAugust 198918photo
Phillips, CulleyApril 19891
Phillips, DawnJune 198818photo
Phillips, DianneDecember 200421author
Phillips, HarmonApril 19891
Phillips, Harmon GFebruary 198613
Phillips, Harmon GApril 198911photo
Phillips, JacobOctober 19645
Phillips, VigiliusJune 19866photo
Phillips, WillardOctober 19649
Phillips, WillardJune 198813photo
Phillips, WillardAugust 198816photo
Phillips, WillardJune 200630
PhonographsJune 198421
PhysicansDecember 200318-20
PhysiciansJune 197311
PhysiciansJune 200525
Pickard, Harold EApril 197111
Piepho, AlbertOctober 19583
Piepho BarnDecember 19667photo
Pierce, EliFebruary 19644
Pierce, Eli, DrFebruary 196412
Pierce, Eli, DrFebruary 19838
Pierce, Eli, DrAugust 19851-13
Pierce, Eli, DrJune 199319
Pierce, Howard HAugust 198510-12
PierceJune 200526
Pierceton State BankDecember 199514
Pineapple QuiltAugust 19636photo
Pioneer FamiliesFebruary 19747-11
Pioneer HeritageDecember 19694, 5
Pioneer HistoryFebruary 19737-9
Pioneer JourneyJune 197312-14
Pioneer LifeDecember 198021-25
Pioneer-Indian StoriesApril 19819-23
Piper, JohnOctober 196311
Pittsburg, Ft Wayne & Chicago RRFebruary 198421
Pittsburg, Ft Wayne & Chicago RRAugust 198416
Plane CrashApril 198917-18
Plasterer, DonDecember 20046photo
Plat Map- 1862August 19769-15photo
Platner, Otis EAugust 198414photo
Platting Columbia CityAugust 19638
Plattner, JoneMarch 200621
Plattner, LeeFebruary 19843
Plattner, Lee JrApril 197111
Plattner, LucilleAugust 198918photo
Plattner, OtisApril 198911photo
Plattner, Otis EApril 198517photo
Plattner, Otis EApril 19879photo
Play CompaniesDecember 198516-20
Pleasant View DairyDecember 200213
Pletcher, EliOctober 196311
Pletcher, JoeJune 19738-11
Pletcher, JohnJune 19738-11
Pletcher, LawrenceOctober 196510
Pletcher, RussellAugust 19666, 7photo
Pletcher FamilyDecember 197310, 11
Pletcher FamilyFebruary 19747-11
Plummer, CarolineJune 198717
Plummer, GladysDecember 200616photo
Plummer, GlenJune 199122photo
Plummer, IraOctober 195812
Plummer, IraJune 19722-9
Plummer, J BJune 20036
Plummer, JacobJune 198717
Plummer, Jacob WilburJune 199021
Plummer, JeanMarch 199618photo
Plummer, Leigh SOctober 19827, 8author
Plummer, WilliamJune 199021
Poem found in Guardian bookSeptember 200225
PoetryOctober 198423, 24
Poffenbarger, Mary AnnMarch 200620
Poffenbarger, NancyMarch 200621
Political OratorsJune 197821
Politics, Whitley CountySeptember 20045-11
Polston, WilliamJune 200624
Pompey, ClaybornFebruary 19834
Pontiac SchoolFebruary 19754, 6photo
Pontiac SchoolJune 200210
Pontius, CharlesDecember 196313
Pontius, CharlesDecember 196314
Pontius, GeorgeSeptember 200017
Pontius, George ADecember 197716
Pontius, George AApril 198824-25
Pontius, JohnDecember 196313
Pontius, JohnDecember 196314
Pontius, Thomas TFebruary 19843
Pontzius, GAApril 19732-8
Pontzius, GeorgeJune 19693-10
Pontzius, JonSeptember 20015-22author
Pontzius, TomJune 200116photo
Pook, Edwin HApril 198619
Pook, WilliamDecember 20065
Pool, Chester WOctober 196311
Pooler, RossDecember 198418photo
Poor Hook SchoolSeptember 199525
Popcorn stand- ChurubuscoJune 20061, 9photo
Porter, Dr MilesJune 199322
Portman (Salvage), JacobFebruary 19711-9
Portman FamilyFebruary 19808
Post OfficeFebruary 19653photo
Potawatomi ChiefOctober 196613, 14photo
Potawatomi Indian VillageOctober 19642
PottawattamisJune 200625
Pow WowJune 19963-7
Pow WowSeptember 1997
Pow WowSeptember 199829
Pow WowDecember 200128-29
Pow Wow ScheduleJune 199727
Powell, LaurelAugust 19851-9author
Poyser, Mrs OwenAugust 197619photo
Pratt, Katherine (Coyle) 1920February 19698photo
Pratt, LOctober 199118photo
Precision PlasticsJune 19693-10
Precision PlasticsSeptember 19988-12
Prehistoric Ice AgeApril 198227, 28
Prehistoric SitesAugust 198414
Presbyterian BellAugust 19767, 8
Presbyterian BellJune 200616
Presbyterian ChurchDecember 196513, 14photo
Presbyterian ChurchApril 198823
Presbyterian Coffee PotFebruary 197712, 13
Presbyterian Cook BookAugust 197512, 13
Presbyterian, Eel River ChurchAugust 19656
Pressler, Bayard 1895April 19694photo
Pressler, Charles EApril 198517photo
Pressler, DickMarch 200629photo
Pressler, Ervin AApril 198517photo
Pressler, Henry COctober 196311
Pressler, Homer LApril 198517photo
Pressler, LandisApril 198716photo
Pressler, LandisMarch 200615
Pressler, Loella 1921February 196911photo
Pressler, Ralph 1921February 196911photo
Pressler, RileyJune 198128photo
Pressler, RuthJune 198127photo
Pressler, RuthJune 198128photo
Pressler, StanleyMarch 200615
Prettyman, Mrs Mildred (Lillie)June 200511photo
Price, LeeFebruary 19843
Price, Sarah JOctober 196311
Price AptsFebruary 19711-9
Priest, Wm ReubenOctober 196311
Printing, PublishingDecember 19732-9
Pritchard, CarlDecember 198419photo
Pritchard, EstherJune 19838author
Pritchard, FernDecember 198419photo
Pritchard, PearlApril 198911photo
Pritchard, RosieOctober 196913photo
Procunair, CharlesDecember 200130
ProfessionsFebruary 198721
Prophet, TheJune 19707
ProsecutorAugust 19931-10
Provident Trust CoJune 19693-10
Provident Trust CoDecember 198721photo
Provident Trust CoMarch 200318
Prugh, MaryOctober 196311
Prugh, WMarch 200211
Public LibraryMarch 200116-19
Public SquareJune 197510-11photo
Pugh, Essa PenceApril 198128photo
Pugh, Essie (Pence)April 19696photo
Pugh, Mary AliceJune 198821-23
Pugh, Mary AliceJune 200425author
Pugh, Mary Alice GatesJune 200411
Pugh, RichardJune 200626
Pumphrey, RezinDecember 196310
Putnam, RobertMarch 200619, 20photo
Pythian SistersJune 200523, 24

Quail, MarilynAugust 19898photo
Quick SchoolJune 200210
Quilt "Trip Around the World"March 200629photo
Quinn, Sarah EMarch 200521
Quinn, WalterJune 200220

Raber, MaryOctober 19584
Raber, MaryJune 19638photo
Raber, MaryDecember 19664-6photo
Raber, MaryDecember 19851-7photo
Raber, MaryFebruary 198714photo
Raber, Mary FrancesDecember 19642
Raber, Mary FrancesJune 198714photo
Raber, Mary FrancesAugust 198918photo
Raber, Mary FrancesOctober 199227-28author
Raber, Mary MDecember 19642
Raber, Nellie RileyDecember 19831, 5-10photo
Raber, R FrankDecember 19642
Raber, R FrankJune 19722-9
Raber, S G, MrsDecember 196311photo
Raber, SamuelFebruary 196611
Raber, SamuelFebruary 19773
RaberAugust 198320
Raber (town)October 198221-27
Raber Abstract OfficeJune 19693-10
Raccoon VillageJune 19636
Raccoon VillageJune 196412
Raccoon VillageFebruary 196512
Raccoon VillageJune 196610
Raccoon VillageJune 199019
RadioOctober 1982
RadiosDecember 200515
Radke, GeneMarch 200313photo
Rahm, CliftonDecember 20028
Railroad, Eel RiverApril 19676photo
Railroads- 1st in CCJune 200520
Railway ExcursionsDecember 198517
Rambo, SmithJune 19643
Ramp, DaveDecember 198916photo
Ramp, DaveJune 200326photo
Ramp, DickDecember 198938-39
Ramp, DonaldApril 197111
Ramp, FrankJune 198623
Ramp, JacobAugust 19638
Ramp, Jacob August 196411
Ramp, PaulAugust 198724photo
Ramp, RichardJune 197518photo
Ramp, SheilaJune 198818photo
Ramp, ViolaApril 198824-25author
Ramp HouseAugust 196411photo
Ramsey, EuraApril 19879, 11photo
Ramsey, Eura EugeneFebruary 198613
Ramsey, GroverApril 198129
Ramsey, Milo 1895April 19694photo
Ramsey, OrpahApril 198129
Ramsey, Pearl 1895April 19694photo
RamseySeptember 200513
Randall, William, RevFebruary 198226photo
Randolph, Fern BaileyApril 197818photo
Rasor, Charles RApril 198619
Rassaman, WillApril 198722
Ration BooksMarch 19976-7
Ration StampsMarch 199611-12
Raupfer, Miss HelenMarch 200522
Raupher, BenjaminFebruary 19711-9
Raupher, BenjaminOctober 197213-15
Raupher, Edward BApril 198619
Raupher BreweryDecember 197717
Ray, George, HenryFebruary 19839
Ray, JamesJune 19722-9
Ray, Marry (Christmas)December 199717
Raypole, CarlDecember 19865photo
Ream, GeorgeJune 200111photo
Ream, George SOctober 196412
Ream, LucyOctober 195811
Ream, Myrtle EMarch 200614
Ream CemeterySeptember 199619
Ream HouseAugust 198026photo
Ream SchoolJune 19634, 5
Ream SchoolJune 200210
Ream WarehouseJune 19819
Reams, MyrtleOctober 196510
Reaser, G WApril 19648
Recipes, SummerJune 200428
Red Brush SchoolOctober 195812
Red Brush SchoolJune 200210
Red Front SchoolDecember 19652, 3
Red Mill TheaterApril 19723-6
Red Mill TheaterDecember 198527photo
Red Mill TheaterDecember 198713
Red School HouseApril 198014-17
Red Wigwams & White CabinsSeptember 19968-12
Redman, Amos EJune 19763
Redman, HaroldAugust 198020
Redman, JoeMarch 200313photo
Redman, Mrs AmandaMarch 200524
Reece, HubertOctober 19649
Reece, RonnieMarch 200527photo
Reece, Sergeant Doctor JMarch 20029photo
Reed, BlancheOctober 198214photo
Reed, Dorothy MagleyJune 198115-17
Reed, Franklin JrApril 197111
Reed, FredAugust 19644
Reed, HOctober 199118photo
Reed, JackJune 198623
Reed, PatMarch 200429author
Reed, PatJune 200428author
Reed, RayDecember 200130
Reed, RaymondOctober 196311
Reed, RoyDecember 198314-23photo
Reed, SGAJune 197311
Reeg PontiacJune 20058
Reel Horn SchoolJune 200210
Rees, ElmerFebruary 198613, 15photo
Reese, HelenOctober 19847photo
Reese, RogerApril 197111
Rehm, StephenApril 197111
Reid, C S, DrJune 199322
Reid, TerryJune 200328photo
Remington, JamesAugust 19749photo
Remmington, RuthSeptember 20068
Resler, MaryJune 200010photo
Revarre, Anthony JrOctober 19667photo
Revarre, AntoineDecember 200428
Revarre, TonyAugust 19652-4photo
Revolutionary AncestorsApril 197617
Rex, DanielAugust 197713, 14
Rex, MadalynMarch 200629author
ReynoldsFebruary 196510
Rhoades, AlbertAugust 19722-8
Rhoades, FamilyJune 197112
Rhoades, ForrestOctober 197111photo
Rhoades, ForrestJune 198118photo
Rhoades, ForrestFebruary 198225photo
Rhoades, GeorgeJune 19722-9
Rhoades, JesseAugust 19722-8
Rhoades, JohnJune 19738-11
Rhoades, MaeJune 198127photo
Rhoades BuildingDecember 199420photo
Rhoades Stag BarFebruary 19711-9
Rhoads, DonDecember 199113photo
Rhoads, Edith RuchFebruary 196510
Rhoads, ForrestApril 198416photo
Rhoads, GeorgeJune 19722-9
Rhoads, J MarksSeptember 199816-17author
Rhoads, JohnOctober 197213-15
Rhoads, MarkFebruary 197510, 11photo
Rhoads, MarkApril 198129
Rhoads, Mark WDecember 199416-20photo
Rhoads, WillisFebruary 197510
Rhodes, Ann (Enslen)December 197921
Rhodes, Francis LOctober 198319
Rhoton, DeanApril 19876photo
Rhoton, RichardMarch 200615
Rice, CoachOctober 199118photo
Rice, EzraOctober 196311
Rice, HenryOctober 196311
Rice, J AOctober 196311
Rice, J WJune 200225
Rice, John WDecember 196310
Rice, NewellJune 198722photo
Rice, WilliamOctober 19644, 5
Richard, Emma 1921February 196911photo
Richard, Leonard 1921February 196911photo
Richard, LewisSeptember 200226
Richard, Wayne 1921February 196911photo
Richards, ClelaFebruary 198711photo
Richards, Eldon RApril 197111
Richardson, WillardAugust 198119
Richardville, Joseph DrouetApril 19845
Richer, DrApril 198522photo
Richey, AlfredAugust 19869
Richey, AmyAugust 19869
Richey, AnnaAugust 19869
Richey, CharlotteJune 198126photo
Richey, ChesterJune 198126photo
Richey, FredAugust 19869
Richey, KrisJune 200326photo
Richey, Kris DAugust 198414author
Richey, Mildred ShoresSeptember 20001-4photo
Richey, SusanAugust 198910author
Richey, SusanAugust 198917photo
Richey, Susan (Christmas)December 19979
Richland Center SchoolJune 200210
Richland SchoolOctober 195812
Richland TownshipDecember 19649
Richland TwpOctober 19644, 5
Ricker, ElmerApril 198722
Rickey, W COctober 196311
Riddick, PaulJune 200214
Riddick, Paul EMarch 200617
Rider, John HOctober 196311
Riley, BerniceMarch 200616photo
Riley, JennieOctober 196311
Riley FamilyDecember 19839
Riley SchoolApril 197510-11photo
Riley SchoolJune 200210
Rindfusz, EverettOctober 196412
Rindfusz, PearlOctober 195812
Rindfusz, RalphOctober 196510
Rindfusz, RobertMarch 200621
Rindfusz, ShellaOctober 195812
Ringel, Lewis 1922February 19697photo
Ringle, Lewis 1920February 19698photo
Ritter, DaleDecember 200617photo
Ritter, FamilyJune 19638
Ritter, Sarah EDecember 196313
River CraftAugust 198427-29
Riverside DairyDecember 20026-13
Riverside DairyMarch 200318
Road BuildingJune 198223-28
Roadarmel, LeonardDecember 200619photo
Roadarmels, HowardDecember 200619photo
Roads, BertOctober 197213-15
Roads, JessOctober 197213-15
RoanokeAugust 196819photo
Roath, RolloApril 19801-13author
Robert, ForrestDecember 196314
Roberts, CatherineJune 200214
Roberts, DeliaOctober 196311
Roberts, Edna CampbellFebruary 196510
Roberts, EmalineSeptember 200415
Roberts, FamilySeptember 200227
Roberts, GeorgeMarch 20037
Roberts, MamieSeptember 200010-12
Roberts, NathanOctober 196311
Roberts, RoseSeptember 200415
Roberts, SarahJune 200628
Robert's Gas StationJune 20058
Robinette, GustaDecember 200616photo
Robison, Brenda [Reeg]December 20025-15author
Robison, Brenda ReegSeptember 19993-6author
Roby, MildredJune 200010photo
Rockefellow, John DMarch 200231photo
Rockey, LelaJune 198126photo
Rocky, ChesterSeptember 200019
Rodgers, JosephDecember 196313
Rodgers, JosephDecember 196314
Rodkey, EstherOctober 196311
Rodkey, TodiscarOctober 196311
Roe, JoeJune 19866photo
Roe, JosephAugust 198816photo
Roe, Joseph RJune 196511
Roe, Joseph RJune 19693-10
Roebuck FamilyFebruary 197015
Rogatz, AaronDecember 200228, 29
Rogers, Francis AJune 197311
Rogers, Frederick, DrFebruary 198722
Rohody, MicahOctober 19846photo
Rollins, ErastusJune 19732-7
Rollins, HazelOctober 19846photo
Roma's Smart ShopFebruary 19711-9
Romey, BobAugust 198616
Romey, HenryApril 196511
Romey, PaulFebruary 19655
Romey, RobertAugust 19732-5
Root, JosephJune 19846
Root Jr., Joseph HFebruary 19653
Rose, SamuelFebruary 19808
Rose Bud SlimOctober 198126
Rose Bud SlimDecember 19816
Rosebud SlimJune 19708-11photos
Rosebud SlimJune 198216photo
Rosebud SlimAugust 198623-27photo
Rosebud SlimDecember 198630
Rosebud SlimApril 198814
Rosebud SlimDecember 200421
Rosentrader, HouseOctober 196311photo
Rosentrader, TomOctober 19639
Rosentrader, VirgilOctober 19639
Rosentrader HouseJune 197918photo
RotaryMarch 199624-26
RotarySeptember 19988-15
Rotary ClubAugust 198815-27
Roth, Blain 1909April 19697photo
Rothgeb, BudJune 199420photo
Rouce SchoolJune 200211photo
Rouch, Desta JaneJune 19804
Rouch, J EOctober 196311
Rouch, JohnAugust 198414photo
Rouch SchoolJune 20021photo
Rouch SchoolJune 200210
Round Top SchoolAugust 19643photo
Roush, JackDecember 20046, 7photo
Roush, JohnJune 19646
Roush, MichelleJune 198818photo
Rowabaugh, Billy RJune 200216
Rowland, SamFebruary 19732-6
Royce, EmmaOctober 196311
Ruch, CharlesAugust 197413
Ruch, GeorgeFebruary 199011
Ruch, HattieOctober 196311
Ruch, JAApril 19732-8
Ruch, Jacob AJune 200512
Ruch, JoeFebruary 199011
Ruch, Joe HJune 200512
Ruckman, HaroldDecember 198418photo
Ruckman, KathrynJune 198714photo
Ruckman, KathrynAugust 198918photo
Ruckman, LuluJune 200211photo
Ruckman, MauriceDecember 198418photo
Ruckman, MaxieOctober 196311
Ruckman, Nellie OliverMarch 199918-21author
Rufer, SamuelAugust 197413
Rummel, ChristianJune 19846
Rumsyre, Anna ReeOctober 198214photo
Rupley, Leon, SheriffApril 198820photo
Rupley, MortDecember 20068
Rupley, ROctober 199118photo
Rupley, RobertJune 19866photo
Rupley, RobertApril 19876photo
Rural ElectricityJune 198726-27
Rural Electrification CorpMarch 200522
Rush, Col I BAugust 19645
Rush, Col IBJune 198430
Rush, DamarisAugust 19645
Rush, HarryFebruary 19808
Rush, I BJune 19693-10
Rush, IBJune 197820-21
Rush, MargaretMarch 20041photo
Rush, MikeJune 199420photo
Rush, SadieFebruary 19808
Russel, DonJune 200218
Russel, MableJune 200218
Russel, RoyJune 200218
Russell, Hazel SellersApril 197818photo
Russell, POctober 199118photo
Russell, PaulAugust 19732-5
Russell, PaulJune 19866photo
Ruth, KnisleyJune 19866photo
Ryan, EdithOctober 196510

Sacred Harp SingingSeptember 200521
Sadler, MortOctober 19774
Safford, HenryJune 197311
Salesman, AlbertOctober 196913photo
Salesman, DoraOctober 196913photo
Salesman, HarveyOctober 196913photo
Salesman, Harvey Conrad "Casey"April 19646
Salesman, JimMarch 20037photo
Salesman, JimMarch 200313photo
Salesman, Nona GeigerApril 198128photo
Salesman, RobertJune 200220
Salesman, WilliamFebruary 198613, 15photo
Salesman, William LFebruary 198725
Salmon, Delight 1921February 196911photo
Salmon, JC 1921February 196911photo
SaloonsOctober 197213-15
Salts, MinnieOctober 196912photo
Samuel, Reuben DrJune 19636
Samuel, ZereldaJune 19634photo
Samuel OberkiserMarch 200412- 14
Sanders, FredApril 19878photo
Sanders, JuliusMarch 200615
Sanders, Julius COctober 195813
Sanders, ProfFebruary 198224photo
Sanders, William HApril 19854photo
Sandmire, ALJune 197311
Sankpeel, CharlieDecember 200130
Sattison, Donald 1920February 19698photo
Sattison, JonathanAugust 19657, 8
Sattison MonumentAugust 19658photo
Sauers, Mrs Eliza EllenSeptember 200526
Saurer, JohnApril 199317photo
Sawmill ExplosionJune 197315
Saylor, JMarch 200213
Saylor, JacobFebruary 198721
Saylor, John POctober 196311
Saylor, LinnieDecember 200130
Saylor, RufusOctober 196311
Scantling, MaryDecember 198128photo
Scantling, Miss MaryJune 200511photo
ScantlingFebruary 196411
Schafer, RollieSeptember 20055-28author
Schafer, SueSeptember 20055-28author
Schang, JackSeptember 200113-15author
Schang's Drive InSeptember 19991-6photo
Schaper, HermanApril 198723
Schaper, Mrs WalterMarch 200627
Schaper, Theodore AFebruary 19807
Scharnowske, EmilDecember 198924photo
Schauber, PennyJune 198818photo
Scherry, SallyJune 198813photo
Schinbeckler, HarmonJune 20026
Schinbeckler, HarmonJune 200615
Schlup, Leonard, Ph DDecember 19883-5author
Schmidt, HaroldJune 19693-10
Schmittou, GilbertJune 200625
Schneider, FrankApril 198721
Schneider & LillyJune 200512
School BellsFebruary 197710, 11
School ChronologyOctober 19588, 9
School DaysFebruary 197615, 16
School GamesDecember 198417-19
School HackApril 198625-27
School Hack (Union)February 197113photo
School ManuelMarch 20007-8
School SportsFebruary 198223-25
School TimelineJune 20023
Schools, EarlyDecember 196612
Schools-Union TwpAugust 19896
Schrader, BillieFebruary 197113photo
Schrader, C WJune 200519
Schrader, ElmerJune 20058
Schrader, HenryOctober 196311
Schrader, IsaacSeptember 200226
Schrader, Isaac, MrsMarch 199811-13
Schrader, JohnOctober 19846photo
Schrader, MartinSeptember 200226
Schrader, MaxMarch 200313photo
Schrader, NileDecember 198418photo
Schrader, NileJune 200519
Schrader, SimonDecember 197922-24photo
Schrader, WilodeaneFebruary 197113photo
Schrader familyJune 196811
Schrader FamilyDecember 199723-24
Schrader SchoolOctober 195812
Schrader SchoolMarch 199525
Schrader SchoolJune 200210
Schricker, Henry, GovFebruary 19894photo
Schroeder, RichardMarch 200527photo
Schroll, Jane 1895April 19694photo
Schuck, Lucile KitsonApril 19801-13author
Schuh, LewisDecember 200130
Schuh SchoolOctober 195811
Schuh SchoolOctober 19838
Schultz, FrankJune 198521-27
Schultz, Frank TJune 199122photo
Schultz, FranklinDecember 20009-15author
Schultz, G Franklin, LietAugust 199318
Schultz, George BFebruary 19783-5author
Schultz, George FApril 19789-11author
Schultz, George FJune 197820-21author
Schultz, George FFebruary 197921-24author
Schultz, George FJune 19793-5author
Schultz, George FDecember 197918author
Schultz, George FFebruary 198021, 22author
Schultz, George FFebruary 19806author
Schultz, George FApril 198018-22author
Schultz, George FJune 198011-17author
Schultz, George FAugust 198012-14author
Schultz, George FAugust 198021-24author
Schultz, George FOctober 198019-21author
Schultz, George FFebruary 198113-16author
Schultz, George FJune 198110-14
Schultz, George FOctober 19817-13author
Schultz, George FDecember 198121-24author
Schultz, George FFebruary 19823-11author
Schultz, George FApril 19821-9author
Schultz, George FAugust 198219-26author
Schultz, George FOctober 198213-18author
Schultz, George FDecember 19829-20author
Schultz, George FApril 198325-28author
Schultz, George FJune 198323-26author
Schultz, George FOctober 198317-20author
Schultz, George FDecember 198326-29author
Schultz, George FFebruary 19843-15author
Schultz, George FApril 198411-13author
Schultz, George FJune 19841-6author
Schultz, George FOctober 198410-13author
Schultz, George FDecember 19847-10author
Schultz, George FFebruary 198523, 24author
Schultz, George FApril 198517, 18author
Schultz, George FJune 198521-27author
Schultz, George FAugust 198515-20author
Schultz, George FAugust 198515-17
Schultz, George FDecember 198514-22author
Schultz, George FFebruary 198613-19author
Schultz, George FApril 198628author
Schultz, George FApril 198623
Schultz, George FJune 198624-26author
Schultz, George FAugust 198610-14author
Schultz, George FOctober 198625-27author
Schultz, George FDecember 198611-24
Schultz, George FFebruary 198725, 26author
Schultz, George FApril 198729author
Schultz, George FApril 19879-14
Schultz, George FAugust 19879-12author/photo
Schultz, George FFebruary 198823-25author
Schultz, George FApril 198911-18
Schultz, George FAugust 198915author
Schultz, George FDecember 198936-37
Schultz, George FFebruary 199011
Schultz, George FApril 199024-26author
Schultz, George FJune 199013-14author
Schultz, George FAugust 199011-12author
Schultz, George FAugust 19908author
Schultz, George FAugust 199015author
Schultz, George FAugust 199020
Schultz, George FOctober 199021-22author
Schultz, George FOctober 199012author
Schultz, George FOctober 199018
Schultz, George FDecember 199015-19author
Schultz, George FDecember 199011author
Schultz, George FFebruary 19913-13author
Schultz, George FApril 199119-26author
Schultz, Ted ADecember 19901-10
Schumaker, ConradJune 20036
Schumaker, JOctober 199118photo
Schumaker, JuliaMarch 200615, 16
Schumaker, LoisAugust 198724photo
Schumaker, MadgeAugust 198918photo
Schumaker, Melvin JDecember 20026
Schumaker, SamuelJune 20036
Schuman, Alton, JoshuaJune 19722-9
Schuman, BirdieJune 19639
Schuman, BirdieJune 199619photo
Schuman, Dr O VJune 200512
Schuman, Dr O VJune 200525
Schuman, EdithMarch 200524
Schuman, Ernest SApril 19854photo
Schuman, Ferrald 1920February 19698photo
Schuman, Ferrold 1922February 19697photo
Schuman, FrancesJune 199619photo
Schuman, InaOctober 196510
Schuman, Ina MazeJune 198623
Schuman, JackJune 199619photo
Schuman, Kate EOctober 196311
Schuman, MelvinJune 200010photo
Schuman, Mrs MelvinMarch 200524
Schuman, Myrtle (Coyle) 1920February 19698photo
Schuman, O V, DrApril 198911photo
Schuman, Oliver V, DrOctober 19701, 2photo
Schuman, Oliver, DrFebruary 19647
Schuman House, BerdieDecember 19637photo
Schumm, MiltonDecember 20046photo
Schurck, JosephAugust 197411
Scott, AdrianJune 200615
Scott, Bertha ImogeneJune 200410
Scott, C VDecember 196312
Scott, CarlDecember 200619photo
Scott, D'MarisDecember 198428
Scott, D'Maris MargueriteJune 200410
Scott, EdwardDecember 198428
Scott, Edward DDecember 19801-9photo
Scott, FamilySeptember 200227
Scott, Frances EugeniaJune 200410
Scott, GabeJune 19819
Scott, GabrielAugust 197411
Scott, HontzAugust 198124photo
Scott, HudsonAugust 197713, 14
Scott, Ina October 196510
Scott, J Wm CSeptember 200426
Scott, JacobJune 200627
Scott, JohnDecember 196411
Scott, JohnApril 196910, 11
Scott, JW, DrAugust 197712
Scott, Mabel 1909April 19697photo
Scott, Mabel AustinJune 200410
Scott, Myrtle (Fleck)April 197713-15
Scott, NoahDecember 200619photo
Scott, RickJune 19711
Scott, Robert HudsonJune 200410
Scott, Robert RApril 19732-8
Scott, RonaldDecember 198427photo
Scott, RonaldJune 200410author
Scott, RonaldDecember 200426
Scott, Ronald ShirleyJune 200410
Scott (Keister) SchoolFebruary 19693photo
Scott CabinOctober 19764photo
Scott FamilyOctober 19764-11
Scott FamilyAugust 19773-6
Scott HouseDecember 19804photo
Scott SchoolAugust 196915photo
Scott SchoolJune 200210
Scott, M D, J W CSeptember 200425
Scott, MD, James William CockerillJune 200410
Scott's Drug Store, D CSeptember 200610
Scrap DriveAugust 198719-20
Scrap-Iron DriveApril 198821-22
Scrivener, EdwardAugust 197413
Seagley, JohnDecember 19695-14
Seagley, JuliaDecember 19695-14
Sealing Wax FactoryDecember 197716-18
Sealing Wax FactoryApril 198824-25photo
Secrist, Edwin WMarch 200521
Secrist, EverettApril 19876photo
Secrist, FerrellApril 198626photo
Secrist, SamuelMarch 199614
Seek's VillageFebruary 196513
Seek's VillageOctober 19809-18
Seek's Village MarkerAugust 199023
Seiver, FamilyDecember 20065
Sell, FamilySeptember 200227
Sell (Cox?) SchoolJune 200210
Sellers, A WOctober 196311
Sellers, DessieOctober 196510
Sellers, GrantMarch 200624
Senger, CyrusApril 197710photo
Sesquicentennial QueenFebruary 19661photo
Setter, WilliamJune 200513
Settler, Miss RuthJune 200514
Settler, FirstFebruary 196513
SettlersJune 198018-20
Sevits, BenFebruary 198620
Sevits, MarshallJune 200615
Sevits, MrDecember 200619photo
Sevits, RussellOctober 196510
Sevits, RussellJune 19706photo
Sevits FarmsteadDecember 19657
Sevits HomeDecember 200431photo
Sewell, JohnMarch 200319
Sewell, WilliamJune 200220
Sewing Machine (Wilson)August 19635photo
Sexton, DonJune 19871-13
Sexton, SusieJune 199025photo
Sexton, Susie DuncanFebruary 19871-13author
Seymour, W RJune 198615
SeymourOctober 196311
SeymourOctober 196313
SF Trembley CoFebruary 19711-9
Shaffer SchoolJune 200210
Shanepp, EdgarMarch 200624
Shape Note SingingSeptember 200521
Sharp, Abraham JMarch 200625
Sharpe, BobDecember 199113photo
Sharpe, RobertAugust 19732-5
Sharpe, RobertMarch 200225
Shaul, HelenJune 19866photo
Shaw, JamesJune 200213
Shaw, LeonFebruary 197925photo
Shaw, Phoebe CorrindaDecember 19864
Shaw, SallieJune 200624
Sheadel, Blanche (Magley) 1895April 19694photo
Shearer, EdisonAugust 198724photo
ShearerSeptember 20059
Sheckler, CharlesMarch 200018-23
Sheckler, DelmerMarch 200018-23
Shedd, RalphApril 197710photo
Sheeler, Keller LFebruary 19843
Sheets, BettyMarch 199618photo
Sheets, DorothaJune 199016-20author
Sheets, DorthaOctober 19583
Sheets, EdgarApril 197111
Sheets, HattieAugust 198724photo
Sheets, LloydApril 197111
Sheets, OrenAugust 19732-5
Sheets, OrenJune 19866photo
Sheets, OrenAugust 198616
Sheline, GlennOctober 197921, 22
Shelton, WilliamJune 19722-9
Shenefield, EugeneOctober 198711-15photo
Shenefield, Thurel, DrOctober 198711-15photo
Shephard, FernJune 200630
Shepherd, James SJune 198623
Shepherd, KennethApril 19876photo
Shepherd, Mary EFebruary 198722
Sherbahn, BrickyardDecember 197922-24
Sherbahn, DavidDecember 197922-24photo
Sherbahn, EdgarDecember 197922-24photo
Sherbahn, JohnDecember 197922-24photo
Sherbahn, KennethApril 199118author
Sherbana, JacobApril 198722
Sherer, GeorgeDecember 197922-24photo
Sherwood's PondSeptember 200221-25poem
Shiebly, S AOctober 19586
Shilts, GertrudeJune 19706photo
Shilts, J HDecember 20059
Shinbeckle, HomerOctober 196510
Shinbeckler, BOctober 199118photo
Shinbeckler, H A March 200521
Shinneman, BarbaraFebruary 198721
Shinneman, HarryJune 19722-9
Shinneman, HarryOctober 19801-8author
Shinneman, HarryApril 19879, 11, 12photo
Shinneman, I WOctober 196311
Shinneman, IsaacOctober 19801-8photo
Shinneman, IsaacFebruary 198718
Shinneman, JacobFebruary 198130
Shinneman, KateOctober 196311
Shinneman, Lena (Kessie) 1904April 19696photo
Shinneman, Lena KessieApril 198128photo
Shinneman, PercyMarch 200614
Shipley, LucilleDecember 200616photo
ShirleyFebruary 198714photo
Shively, Annabel (Stickler)June 20055photo
Shively, Annabelle (Stickler)June 20051photo
Shively, DaveMarch 200313photo
Shively, David AJune 20055
Shively, DonMarch 200313photo
Shively, HelenJune 20055
Shively, SApril 19646
Shobey, AlbertJune 200513
Shoda, BeverlyJune 20056-7photo
Shoda, JohnJune 19722-9
Shoemaker, COctober 199118photo
Shoemaker, EdgarJune 200215
Shoemaker, IlaOctober 195811
Shoemaker, Luther UrbanAugust 19729-12
Shoemaker, MildredDecember 200617photo
Shoemaker, RalphOctober 196413, 14photo
Shoemaker, RalphAugust 198619
Shoemaker, SamuelDecember 19649
Shoemaker, SamuelAugust 197411
Shoemaker FamilyMarch 200110-15
Shook, FloydJune 19722-9
Shook, GeorgeOctober 196412
Shook, GlennJune 19722-9
Shoop, M EarlApril 19854photo
Shorb, Thomas JOctober 196311
Shoro, L EJune 200226
Shot Heard Around the worldOctober 197310
Shoup, ElizabethFebruary 19654
Show, L CJune 200225, 26
Show-YouFebruary 19711-9
Show-You FactoryApril 198510photo
Shriner, BobAugust 198616
Shriner, E BOctober 196311
Shriner, HelenJune 200313
Shriner, JohnOctober 19774
Shriner, RobertAugust 19732-5
Shriner, RobertAugust 198423photo
Shriner, RobetJune 19866photo
ShrinerSeptember 20059
Shriner LakeFebruary 196514
Shriner Lake SteamerJune 198430
Shriver, Susie (Collar)April 19737photo
Shropshire, Joan StrouseApril 198421photo
Shroyer, Marion ROctober 196311
Shroyer, Mrs.December 200423
Shuh SchoolOctober 19642
Shuh SchoolOctober 196913photo
Shuh/Schuh SchoolJune 200210
Shuler, RayApril 198626photo
Shultz, FranklinOctober 197614
Shultz, George FDecember 19783
Shultz, George FFebruary 19793-5author
Shultz, George FJune 197915-17author
Shultz, George FJune 19799, 10author
Shultz, George FJune 19795author
Shultz, George FOctober 19797-10author
Shultz, George FOctober 197918author
Shultz, George FDecember 19794-6author
Shultz, George FFebruary 19805author
Shultz, George FDecember 198015-20author
Shultz, George FFebruary 198319-24author
Shultz, George FAugust 198917
Shultz, George FDecember 19894-10
Shultz, George FranklinAugust 197718author
Shultz, George FranklinFebruary 19933-9
Shultz, IrenaJune 200010photo
Shumaker, RoyJune 200211photo
Sickafoose, AndrewApril 19646
Sickafoose, CarlApril 197710photo
Sickafoose, JohnDecember 200422
Sickafoose, MichaelMarch 200515
Sickafoose, WOctober 199118photo
Sickafoose, WalterJune 19866photo
Sickafoose School?June 200210
Sievers, HenryOctober 196510
Silent MoviesApril 197715, 16
Siling, MiltonAugust 197413
Siling, Tilghman IAugust 197413
Silk Stocking RowAugust 198215-18photo
Simcoke, James S, DrJune 199319
Simmons, JerryOctober 196311
Simon, RoseFebruary 198410photo
Simonson, Capt PeterOctober 19652-9
Simonson, PeterDecember 196411
Simonson, PeterOctober 19652-9photo
Simonson, PeterJune 197915-17
Simonson MonumentOctober 19656photo
Sincoke, James BJune 197311
Sine, JacobFebruary 19838
Sine, SussanahFebruary 19838
Singer, George MJune 198010
Singer, George MMarch 199710
Sink, OscarApril 197710photo
Sink HoleJune 197014, 15photo
Sink holesAugust 196816, 17photo
Sir KnightsApril 196711
Sisson SchoolJune 200210
Sittler, WardDecember 198428photo
Slagle, GeorgeFebruary 19833
Slagle, Mary DOctober 196311
Slater, Agnes (Smith) 1904April 19696photo
Slater, Agnes SmithApril 198128photo
Sleesman, David DFebruary 19843
SleighingFebruary 198519-22
Slessman, Dr B FJune 20039
Slessman, Dr B FJune 200513
Slessman, GeorgeJune 19732-7
Slessman, JacobApril 197611photo
Slessman, JosephJune 19732-7
Slessman, MathiasJune 19732-7
Slessman, MerrilApril 198815photo
Slessman, RalphMarch 200325
Slocum, FrancesMarch 19994-10
Slocum, FrancisAugust 196610-14photo
Slonager, AlbertOctober 196912photo
Slope Lawn AcademySeptember 199430-31
Sloss, Frank HApril 19752author
Slusman, JacobFebruary 198722
Slusman, MichaelFebruary 198722
Slusser, ArchieJune 19866photo
Slusser, ArchieAugust 198615
Slusser, DOctober 199118photo
Slusser, ElsieDecember 198428
Smalley, Bernice 1909April 19697photo
Smalley, ForrestOctober 19648
Smalley, FrankAugust 198122, 23
Smalley, JohnOctober 196412
Smallpox scareDecember 19828
Smith, A HDecember 200619photo
Smith, AbbyDecember 200126-27photo
Smith, AlbertApril 197012photo
Smith, Albert HDecember 200618
Smith, AlvaOctober 196912photo
Smith, AlvaDecember 198427photo
Smith, AlvaDecember 198428photo
Smith, AnnOctober 196311
Smith, ArchieJune 198824-25photo
Smith, ArthurDecember 196313
Smith, ArthurDecember 196314
Smith, ArthurJune 198127photo
Smith, ArthurJune 198128photo
Smith, AshJune 19722-9
Smith, BazelJune 19722-9
Smith, BobSeptember 200428author
Smith, CarlJune 19866photo
Smith, CarlMarch 200615
Smith, ChaunceyMarch 200520
Smith, EarlApril 198416photo
Smith, Edgar PaulAugust 197516
Smith, Edgar PaulDecember 19769-12author
Smith, Edgar PaulFebruary 197710, 11author
Smith, EJJune 19722-9
Smith, EliasDecember 19652, 3
Smith, Fanny FlorenceOctober 198619-24photo
Smith, FlornDecember 200617photo
Smith, ForrestJune 198126photo
Smith, FreemanDecember 200619photo
Smith, GarlandDecember 200619photo
Smith, GarlandDecember 200618
Smith, GlennJune 198126photo
Smith, Glois (Kyler)February 197113photo
Smith, GoldaJune 198126photo
Smith, GraceJune 198126photo
Smith, HelenJune 200122-23
Smith, HenryJune 19741-10
Smith, HenryDecember 200121-23
Smith, IvaOctober 196912photo
Smith, JackSeptember 200421
Smith, JamesMarch 200524
Smith, JaneDecember 19647
Smith, JonathonJune 200627
Smith, LeoJune 198126photo
Smith, Leona 1909April 19697photo
Smith, LesterDecember 200617photo
Smith, LindaMarch 200620
Smith, LloydDecember 200617photo
Smith, LouvaJune 200214
Smith, Lyle EltonJune 19711
Smith, MaeOctober 196510
Smith, MargaretJune 200217
Smith, Mildred (Cook)February 19777-9author
Smith, Miss KittieFebruary 19811-11photo
Smith, Mrs. Earl (Rose) (Feist)June 200511photo
Smith, NancyMarch 200621
Smith, NathanAugust 19644
Smith, NellAugust 19868photo
Smith, OrphaOctober 198819-22photo
Smith, PaulJune 198813
Smith, RebeccaAugust 19643
Smith, Rev SamuelJune 19666
Smith, Robert ArchibaldJune 197911
Smith, RoxyAugust 19644
Smith, RTOctober 196510
Smith, RubySeptember 200521
Smith, RuthMarch 199618photo
Smith, SadieOctober 19584
Smith, SadieOctober 19841-7photo
Smith, SamuelAugust 19636
Smith, SamuelAugust 19643
Smith, SamuelDecember 19649
Smith, SamuelFebruary 19837
Smith, SamuelFebruary 198722
Smith, SamuelJune 20037
Smith, SamuelMarch 200622
Smith, SelmaJune 198127photo
Smith, SelmaJune 198128photo
Smith, StanleyAugust 197110photo
Smith, StuartAugust 198123
Smith, StuartJune 19866photo
Smith, StuartJune 198722photo
Smith, StuartDecember 199025-26
Smith, StuartSeptember 20005-9
Smith, StuartJune 200615
Smith, Stuart DJune 19741-10author
Smith, Stuart DSeptember 19971-9photo
Smith, TerryMarch 200629photo
Smith, VioletJune 200010photo
Smith, W SMarch 200528
Smith, W WMarch 200213
Smith, WesleyApril 19712
Smith, William McKinleyApril 198911, 15photo
Smith, Winfield ScottApril 197014, 15photo
Smith, Winfield ScottApril 199130-31
Smith, Winfield ScottMarch 200326
Smith, WSOctober 196412
Smith BarnFebruary 197810, 11photo
Smith Center SchoolJune 198125-29photo
Smith Center SchoolAugust 19869
Smith Center SchoolJune 200210
Smith FamilyFebruary 19772
Smith SchoolFebruary 19757, 8, 9photo
Smith SchoolJune 200210
Smith TownshipDecember 19649
Smith Twp settlersFebruary 19833-10
Snapp, GeneMarch 200527photo
Snell, Myrtle (Hively) 1895April 19694photo
Snipe HuntingDecember 200228, 29
Snodgrass, Arba 1909April 19697photo
Snodgrass, FrancisMarch 200622
Snodgrass, HaroldApril 198626photo
Snodgrass, JohnJune 200628
Snodgrass, Merl 1909April 19697photo
Snodgrass, Minnie 1909April 19697photo
Snodgrass, Ray HMarch 200622
Snodgrass, RussellJune 200010photo
Snodgrass, WilliamAugust 198715photo
Snodgrass ChurchApril 19692photo
Snodgrass FamilyOctober 19767
Snow CruiserFebruary 198514
Snow CruiserDecember 199421
Snyder, AliceSeptember 20066
Snyder, Ameda Ellen (Holler)September 20061photo
Snyder, Anna OOctober 196510
Snyder, Bernice VaileSeptember 200613
Snyder, CarrolDecember 197412photo
Snyder, CarrollSeptember 20066
Snyder, Carroll JenningsSeptember 200613
Snyder, Cora LJune 198623
Snyder, E EugeneSeptember 200613
Snyder, Elizabeth (Bollinger)September 200613
Snyder, Firmer EldoSeptember 20061, 10, 13photo
Snyder, Hannah (Hartsock)February 19694
Snyder, Helen LouiseSeptember 200613
Snyder, HenrySeptember 20025
Snyder, Henry AdamSeptember 200613
Snyder, Henry LewisSeptember 200613
Snyder, HughSeptember 20067
Snyder, Hugh RonaldSeptember 200613
Snyder, MarkSeptember 20066
Snyder, MarkSeptember 200613
Snyder, MaryOctober 196510
Snyder, MonroeOctober 195811
Snyder, PaulAugust 19749photo
Snyder, PaulApril 197710photo
Snyder, PaulSeptember 20069
Snyder, Paul RevereSeptember 200613
Snyder, Vera AliceSeptember 200613
Snyder, WilliamAugust 19666, 7photo
Society PresidentsJune 197518photo
Soldiers Aid SocietyDecember 197919-21
Sonday, Francis MJune 19741-10
SorghumFebruary 198125-29
Souder, BettyMarch 200617
Souder, CFebruary 19646
Souder, ChristOctober 196311
Souder, Cleo BarnesDecember 199218-20author
Souder, Dr CJune 199322
Souder, ElbertMarch 200325
Souder, FloydOctober 196510
Souder, HenryMarch 200211
Souders, CMarch 200528
Souers, EthanFebruary 196512
Souers, Marjorie GillespieSeptember 200120author
Sounder, Dr C LJune 200512
South WhitleyDecember 196410
South Whitley AlumniMarch 199825
South Whitley CreameryApril 19748photo
South Whitley Honor Roll-1945March 199824
South Whitley HotelJune 19662
South Whitley JailOctober 198425-27photo
South Whitley MusicalsApril 19773-16
South Whitley NewspapersJune 19839-16
South Whitley Street FairApril 198523photo
South Whitley TribuneApril 196412
Southern Anti-bellum silverFebruary 19702-9photos
Sowers, JohnnyOctober 19704photo
Spalding, C EOctober 195813
Spanish American WarMarch 200323-25
Spann, JessApril 197710photo
Spann, MaynardApril 197710photo
Sparks, RalphAugust 198120
Spaulding, WayneMarch 200616photo
Spear, HannahOctober 196311
Spear, HarrisonOctober 196311
Spear, JesseFebruary 19839
Spear, MildredJune 200211photo
Specialty Salesman MagApril 196413
Speed limitDecember 20057
Speed limit for BicyclesDecember 20056
Spelling Match 1917October 19777-10
Spencer, IsaacAugust 19639
Spier, JesseAugust 19644
Spitler, Mary Ann (Harshbarger) 1895April 19694photo
Spitler, NaomiMarch 200616photo
Spohn, Rev AJJune 19722-9
Sponnauer, KermitApril 197710photo
Spore, Adam MOctober 196311
Spore, Ida MOctober 196311
Sporting Jubilee 1886August 198610-14
Spratt, Sarah JaneOctober 196311
Spring CreekJune 19639
Spring Fountain GroveAugust 198713-18
SpringfieldApril 19648
Springfield AcadamyApril 19648photo
Springfield AcademyOctober 19584, 6photo
Springfield Letter 1866June 200623-24
Spurrier, ClifftonDecember 198418photo
Squawbuck, BillOctober 19642
Squawbuck RoadOctober 197311
Squawbuck RoadSeptember 199621-23
Squawbuck TrailOctober 19642
Squires, JOctober 199118photo
Squires, Oliver PMOctober 198421-24photo
Sroufe, Mr & Mrs Oran March 200524
St Catherine's Catholic ChurchFebruary 196615
Stafford, LetaFebruary 198714photo
Stafford, RobertJune 200628
Stafford, Zoe AnneMarch 200620
Stahl (Cooperage), CharlesFebruary 19711-9
Stair, CarlisleDecember 200017photo
Stair, ErnestDecember 198418photo
Stair, LouiseDecember 198418photo
Stair, OpalDecember 198418photo
Stair, OtisDecember 200017photo
Staley, HarryFebruary 19874photo
Staley, HarryMarch 200520
Staley, Ray JrMarch 200520
Staley, Ruth AnnMarch 200620
Stallsmith, CharlesSeptember 200226
Stallsmith, DanielSeptember 200226
Stallsmith, EllenSeptember 200226
Stallsmith, FrankDecember 198925-26
Stallsmith, FrankSeptember 200226
Stallsmith, HuldahSeptember 200226
Stallsmith, JohnSeptember 200226
Stallsmith, LottieSeptember 200226
Stallsmith, WilliamSeptember 200226
Stanley, S S StanleyMarch 200521
Staples, BruceJune 19934
Staples, DonJune 198722photo
Staples, GenievaAugust 198724photo
Staples, JamesOctober 196311
Staples, Lillie 1895April 19694photo
Staples, LoganOctober 196813photo
Staples, LoganJune 19934
Staples, LoganMarch 200529
Staples, Minnie 1895April 19694photo
Staples, Virgil LeeAugust 198110
State Bank Hold-UpApril 19737
Stauffer, GeorgeJune 19948-14
Stauffer, MarciaJune 199025photo
Stayer, Lovell DruleyDecember 200616photo
Stayer, RichDecember 200616photo
Steam HeatAugust 197812-14
Steel, JamesJune 198812
Steel, JamesJune 200627
Steel, JohnApril 197111
Steel, Samuel WJune 198717
Steel, Wilbur ZApril 198717
Steele, BelleOctober 196311
Steele, CaptJune 200527
Steele, Charles HenryDecember 200514
Steele, EugeneApril 197111
Steele, Lucy JeanetteDecember 200513photo
Stein, SolomonFebruary 19808
Steinfeld, JacobFebruary 19808
Steinman, Mary PontiusDecember 19636
Stellar's Candy Store, ChrisSeptember 200610
Steller Candy ShopApril 198522photo
Stemen, Shelley BFebruary 19843photo
Stenley, EmosMarch 200213
Stephel, CharleyJune 196413
Stephens, RuthOctober 19834
Sterhoff, CharlesApril 198721
Sterling, EllenOctober 196311
Sterling, Genevieve WaughDecember 19748
Sterling, Mrs AliceMarch 200524
Stevens, EthelJune 198623
Stevenson, JOctober 199118photo
Stevenson, JackJune 19866photo
Stevenson, WalterDecember 200426
Stevenson, Walter LeRoyJune 20045photo
Steve's DreamJune 20045
Stewart, ClevelandOctober 196510
Stewart, ClevelandJune 19706photo
Stewart, FranklinApril 198912
Stewart, J MOctober 196311
Stewart, NathanAugust 198724photo
Stewart, Nathan DrApril 198014-17author
Stewart, TAOctober 196311
Stickler, BernieceJune 200211photo
Stickler, BlancheJune 200211photo
Stickler, Cleo August 198124author
Stickler, Cleo MaeJune 19764photo
Stickler, Cleo MaeJune 19929-12author
Stickler, Faye IreneJune 19764photo
Stickler, FrankOctober 196510
Stickler, GarlandFebruary 197914author
Stickler, GuyJune 20058
Stickler, H OJune 19764photo
Stickler, Henry OttoJune 199230
Stickler, HomerDecember 198418photo
Stickler, Kitty BelleJune 19764photo
Stickler, OttJune 19763
Stickler BuildingFebruary 196510
Stiffler, DaleMarch 200325
Stillson, WilliamDecember 19748
Stingle, OraJune 198615
Stites HouseApril 196513photo
Stites HouseJune 199421photo
Stockert, GladysJune 198126photo
Stockert, HomerAugust 19869
Stockert, JacobDecember 197812, 13
Stockert, LoisJune 198126photo
StockyardsJune 198826-27photo
Stoler, AbramOctober 19645
Stoler, MalindaOctober 196311
Stoner, Charles ROctober 196510
Stoner, ClaudeJune 19646
Stoner, D DOctober 196311
Stoner, KatherineMarch 200523
Stoner, Mr & Mrs FrankMarch 200523
Story, W AOctober 196311
Stough, DillaOctober 196311
Stough, ElaineJune 200214
Stough, Eleanor (Mickey)December 197921
Stough, George WOctober 19797-10
Stough, George W, ColDecember 197714
Stough, George W, Lt ColJune 19653-6photo
Stough, RalphJune 19722-9
Stough, RobertAugust 19666, 7photo
Stough, Bodley, Hollinger barber shopMarch 200522
Stouse, RalphFebruary 19843
Stover, SarahOctober 196311
Strack FamilyApril 19841-9
Strain, JohnJune 20036
Strauss, BillyAugust 19668, 9photo
Strauss, HenryAugust 19668, 9photo
Straw, JacobDecember 200512
Straw, MaudeDecember 200512
Strean, JohnOctober 196311
Stribley, MurrayOctober 19886photo
Stroh (feed mill), ErnestFebruary 19711-9
Strong, DonDecember 200017photo
Strong, DonaldDecember 200016
Strong, EJune 200225
Strong, EJune 200225
Strong, E KJune 200310
Strong, ElanorJune 200226
Strong, Eph KJune 19693-10
Strong, Ephriam KDecember 19665
Strong, Ephriam KMarch 200613
Strouse, AbeFebruary 198410photo
Strouse, AbeDecember 200017photo
Strouse, AbeJune 200116photo
Strouse, Abraham KFebruary 19843
Strouse, AKFebruary 19808-13photo
Strouse, AKApril 198619, 20author
Strouse, DavidFebruary 19644
Strouse, DavidJune 200526
Strouse, Edgar (Bud)October 19916photo
Strouse, Edgar JOctober 196311
Strouse, Edgar JOctober 197918, 19photo
Strouse, Edgar JAugust 198816photo
Strouse, Edgar SrFebruary 19894photo
Strouse, HaroldJune 19757-9photo
Strouse, HenryOctober 197213-15
Strouse, MJune 200310
Strouse, NormanApril 19854photo
Strouse, RalphAugust 198322photo
Strouse, Ralph, HaroldJune 198719photo
Strouse ClothingApril 196510photo
Strouse StoreFebruary 198012photo
Strouses'August 19871-8photo
Studebaker, MrJune 19646
Stultz, J HOctober 196311
Stultz, JosephDecember 196612
Stultz, JosephJune 20036
Stultz, MargueriteApril 19762photo
Stultz, MargueriteAugust 19784
Stultz, MargueriteJune 198631
Stump, HubertJune 198312
Stump FiringOctober 197716
Stump PrintingApril 19646
Stump ProductsAugust 198119
Sugar Creek InnDecember 19669
Sugar MakingSeptember 200519
Summers, JeremiahOctober 196311
SummitOctober 19644, 5
SummitFebruary 196512
SummitJune 197917, 18
Sumney, William AAugust 197110photo
Sunday, Mr (Funeral Director)March 20066
Sunday lawsDecember 20056
Sunday School PicnicAugust 198713-18
Sunshine SocietyDecember 199726
SuperintendentJune 19755
Superior Garment CoSeptember 199418-19
SuperstitionsFebruary 19943-11
SurveyorsJune 198211-12
Sutherlin, Harry AJune 19767, 8author
Sutton, BernieceMarch 200620
Sutton, CCJune 197311
SW Sectional ChampsDecember 197412photo
Swafford, IraAugust 198119
Swan, ElishaOctober 196311
Swan, ElishaDecember 19652, 3author
Swan, J N, RevAugust 19656
Swander FamilyJune 19923
Swank's Tie BarnDecember 20069
Swanson, CarlOctober 19785photo
Swartz, Dr.December 200611
Swartz, Francis MDecember 196313
Swartz, HaroldSeptember 200326photo
Swartz, WilliamDecember 196313
Swartz, WilliamDecember 196314
Swayne, M J SFOctober 196311
Swayze, William MJune 197311
Swayze, William, DrFebruary 198722
Swayzee, William M, DrFebruary 19645
Swayzee, Wm M, DrJune 199320
Sweeney, AlvinOctober 19648
Sweeney, HarryFebruary 196911photo
Sweeney, PerryOctober 19648
Sweringen, Asn, DrJune 199322
Swiedelphe, VictorMarch 199815
Swift, HannahMarch 20015-6
Swihart, FlorenceOctober 196510
Swihart, HenryAugust 19638
Swihart, HenryOctober 19653, 4
Swihart, HenryFebruary 198718
Swihart, HenrySeptember 20025
Swihart, IsaacFebruary 198130
Swihart, William AdamDecember 196310
Swihart HomeOctober 19654photo
Swimming TurtleApril 198121-23

Tabernacle CollapseJune 19722-9
Tabernacle Roof CollapseFebruary 198611, 12
Tadpole SchoolOctober 195812
Tadpole SchoolJune 200210
Tailor ShopsApril 19723-6
Tales of TroyJune 200625-30
Tannehill, Otis OOctober 199121-22
Tannehill GroceryOctober 199121-22
Tapawingo ParkJune 19643
Tapy, GeorgeOctober 196913photo
Tapy, GeorgeJune 20026
Tapy, George FOctober 199030-31photo
Tapy, George HOctober 195813
Tapy, George HAugust 19729-12
Tapy, George HApril 198722
Tapy, George H (Prof)April 19699
Tawney, AliceJune 198623
Taxes, EarlyOctober 19637, 8
Taylor, A H, DrFebruary 19645
Taylor, A H, DrJune 199319
Taylor, D AJune 19722-9
Taylor, DaveJune 199127photo
Taylor, Ernest FFebruary 198613, 15photo
Taylor, MaryOctober 196311
Taylor, Mrs AnnaMarch 200523
Taylor, PeteOctober 19886photo
Taylor, PeterFebruary 19664
Taylor, R BOctober 196311
Taylor, RichardDecember 200616photo
Taylor Game ShopJune 199710-12
Taylor StationFebruary 19664
Taylor StationJune 19838
Teacher ExperiencesOctober 19923-28
Teacher ExperiencesDecember 19923-22
Teachers, 1905October 196510
Telephone Party LineFebruary 198623, 24
TelephonesDecember 19985-8
TelephonesJune 200020-22
Telephones March 199923-24
Templin, FranklinFebruary 198721
Tennant, D L, DrOctober 19648
Tennant, L W, DrFebruary 198423
Tennant, Lewis W, DrOctober 196412
Terman, Bertha 1912February 19696photo
Terman, EvaJune 200217photo
Terman, FernJune 200218
Terman, Gilbert 1921February 196911photo
Terman, HazelJune 200218
Terman, JackJune 200626
Terman, JuanitaFebruary 198112author
Terman, Ralph 1912February 19696photo
Terman, Ralph 1920February 19698photo
Terman, Russel 1921February 196911photo
Terman, SaddieJune 200218
Terman, WilliamJune 200218
The Honor of a CowboyApril 198014-17photo
Theile, HermanOctober 19653
Thomas, CalvinAugust 19644
Thomas, Frances SmithJune 199117photo
Thompson, ArthurOctober 19846photo
Thompson, BOctober 199118photo
Thompson, EdSeptember 200325photo
Thompson, EzraOctober 19644
Thompson, Gail ButlerApril 198912
Thompson, George WMarch 200617
Thompson, JacobOctober 197213-15
Thompson, JakeJune 19738-11
Thompson, JimSeptember 200521
Thompson, LidaDecember 19664-6photo
Thompson, RalphAugust 198414photo
ThompsonFebruary 196913photo
Thompson (tavern), JacobFebruary 19711-9
Thompson TavernJune 19738-11
Thompson's Boarding HouseFebruary 198718
Thomson, BettyJune 200214
Thomson, BillApril 198719-20
Thomson, FannieOctober 196311
Thomson, GeorgeJune 200214
Thomson, William "Charlie"August 199015
Thomson, William C JrAugust 198816photo
Thomson SchoolJune 200210
Thomson's ChevroletMarch 200525
Thorn, Nona (Geiger) 1904April 19696photo
Thorn Creek Center SchoolSeptember 200510
Thornburgh, Bertha MayMarch 20001-6
Thorncreek Center SchoolJune 200210
Thorncreek Christian ChOctober 19773photo
Thorncreek Grad 1887February 197312
Thorncreek Hi SchJune 19705, 6
Thorncreek Hi SchOctober 19705
Thorncreek SchoolOctober 19773
Thorncreek SchoolApril 198127-29
Thorncreek SchoolsFebruary 19752
Thorncreek SchoolsJune 198615-23
Thorncreek TownshipDecember 19649
Thorncreek TownshipOctober 19773-6
Thorncreek TwpOctober 198124
Threshing DayJune 197813-16photo
Threshing RingFebruary 198525
Thurston, GladethJune 197919
Tibbets, IsaacAugust 19644
Tilbury, Lena VanJune 198429
Tillman's GrocerySeptember 200611
Tinkham, HannahOctober 196311
Tinkham, JosephJune 196513
Tinkham, JosephJune 200626
Tinkham, JosephJune 200627
Tinkham, SanfordSeptember 199523-24
Tinkham, SanfordSeptember 200014-15
Tinkham, SanfordSeptember 200417
Tinkham WoodsJune 20047
Tinkham's WoodsSeptember 199523-24
Tinney, Webb GJune 200410
Tippman, DaniDecember 200128-29author
Tobey, Mary EllenMarch 20015-6
Tobey, Rev N MAugust 19633
TobinFebruary 196411
Todd, ThelmaJune 198127photo
Tollerton, JamesJune 197311
Torbet, Matilda (Egolf)December 197921
Torbet, Mollie COctober 196311
Torbet, Oliver SApril 19817
Torget, OliverApril 196511
Townsend, HarryJune 19722-9
Township ElectionsSeptember 199725
TownshipsApril 19664
ToysDecember 19673-9photo
Trabert, FamilyDecember 20065
Tracey, M SApril 19648
Tracey, Mathew SOctober 196311
Trachsel, FlorenceJune 200010photo
Trachsel, ShantonOctober 196412
Trachsel, Shanton SOctober 19649
Tracy SchoolJune 200210
Train WreckOctober 198223photo
Traster, Fern (Crawford)February 197113photo
Traster, MabelAugust 198724photo
Traster, OlinDecember 200619photo
Traster, SamDecember 200619photo
Traub, AaronFebruary 19808
Travelbee, CharlesJune 200220
Travelbee, HarryApril 198416photo
Travelbee, Harry CMarch 200614
Travelbee, JOctober 199118photo
Travelbee, JeanJune 200220
Travelbee, JeanMarch 200619
Travelbee, Margaret LouiseJune 19979
Travers, PatrickMarch 200325
Treaty- 1832December 19817-19photo
Treaty of GreenvilleFebruary 19675photo
Tree OrdinanceFebruary 197915-17
Trembley, Geo DOctober 196311
Trembley, JeanAugust 198918photo
Trembley & McNearJune 200512
Tressler, RaymondOctober 19846photo
Tri LakesSeptember 199412-13
Tri Lakes HotelOctober 196816photos
Tri Lakes PavilionJune 19931-8photo
Tridle, WillApril 198722
Trier, ArthurAugust 198816photo
Trier, Arthur HMarch 199520-21
Trier, Arthur JrJune 200615
Trier, OrdineApril 197710photo
Trieron DanceSeptember 199711
Tri-Lake ResortMarch 200529
Trimmer, BasilSeptember 200326photo
Tripcony, BonnellJune 200215
Tripcony, Robert ROctober 19829author
Tripp, JimmyJune 200227
Tritch, FrilbyFebruary 198722
Trout, AdaleneAugust 198313-16photo
Trout, AdelineApril 198126
Trout, AliceJune 200220
Trout, Ned EFebruary 198523, 24photo
Trout, TressaFebruary 198410photo
Troy Center SchoolOctober 198115-22
Troy Center SchoolJune 200210
Troy Center SchoolMarch 200623
Troy Literary SocietyFebruary 19668
Troy Literary SocietyMarch 200410, 11
Troy SchoolsFebruary 19692-15photo
Troy TownshipDecember 19649
Troy TownshipApril 19665
Troy TownshipJune 19787
Truex, FrancisApril 197111
Truex, Lowell L, Mstr SgtJune 199918
Truex, WayneMarch 200629photo
Truman, B HOctober 195811
Truman, CecilApril 198624
Trumball, A MJune 200629
Trumball, AMAugust 19644
Trumball FarmMarch 200622
Trumbell, JeanMarch 199618photo
Trumbull, Alta (Windle) 1904April 19696photo
Trumbull, Alta WindleApril 198128photo
Trumbull, AMAugust 19742-4
Trumbull, HenriettaOctober 196311
Trumbull, MunsonAugust 19644
Trumbull, WillisAugust 198124photo
Trumbull FamilyAugust 19773-6
Trump, Cortez HApril 19879, 11photo
TrumpOctober 19847photo
Trussler, EmmaOctober 196311
Tschantz, DMApril 197710photo
Tschantz, HaroldFebruary 198325-27photo
Tschantz, Harold FFebruary 198315
Tschantz, Leman EMarch 200325
Tschantz, MayoloOctober 19585
Tucker, AlbertJune 19693-10
Tucker, Benjamin HFebruary 198613, 15photo
Tucker, Charles AlbertFebruary 198613, 15photo
Tucker FamilyAugust 19773-6
Tulley, AllieOctober 196311
Tulley, BeulahOctober 196510
Tulley, CyrusSeptember 200210
Tulley, Cyrus BalseyOctober 196311
Tulley, FrancisAugust 19644
Tulley, FrancisJune 197919
Tulley, FrancisFebruary 19834
Tulley, FrancisOctober 198416
Tulley, RosannaJune 20036
Tulley, RoseannaAugust 197411
Tulley, RoyAugust 19644
Tulley-Riley houseAugust 19686-8photo
TunkerDecember 196411
Tunker SchoolJune 200210
Turkey, JohnJune 196512
Turkey, JohnJune 19738-11
Turnbull, AlonzoJune 197315
Turnbull, LewisJune 197315
Turnbull, LorenzoJune 197315
Turnbull, RobertJune 197315
Turnbull, WesleyJune 197315
Turner, William HenryDecember 200512
Turney, OralDecember 200616photo
Turpin, Mona BellAugust 198029author
Tuttle, C WJune 200512
Tuttle, CaldwellOctober 197213-15
Tuttle, HoraceFebruary 198720
Tuttle, Naomi (Studebaker)August 198121
Tuttle, RJune 200226
Tuttle, RansomOctober 197213-15
Tuttle, RansomMarch 199613
Tuttle, RansonFebruary 198720
Tuttle BuildingJune 19779-12
Tuttle HallDecember 19875
Tuttle MillJune 19712-5
Tuttle MillJune 198326
Tuttle Mill ExplosionApril 199022-23
Tuttle OperaFebruary 196510
Tyler, A HJune 197311

Ulerich, EdAugust 19668, 9photo
Ulerich, Ed FJune 200512
Ulerich FamilyFebruary 197512
Ulerich HallFebruary 196510
Ulrey, Frances AnnabelleAugust 198311photo
Ulrey, Jonathan, MrsAugust 198311photo
Ulrey, OrvilleJune 197915photo
Ulrey FamilyAugust 19831-11photo
Ulrey FamilyAugust 198326, 27
Umbaugh, EmanuelOctober 196311
Ummel, CarlJune 19866photo
Ummel, CarlJune 198722photo
Ummel, HarryJune 19765photo
Ummel, HarryJune 19763
Ummel, HarryJune 19766
Ummel, Henry JJune 19763
Ummel, JaneJune 19765photo
Ummel, JeffJune 19765photo
Ummel, JeffersonDecember 198421-25photo
Ummel, RayFebruary 19874photo
Underground RailwayAugust 19634
Union SchoolJune 200210
Union- townJune 198529
Union TownshipDecember 19649
Union TownshipApril 19894-7
United Brethren in Christ ChurchAugust 19643
Universalist ChurchJune 200225

Valdictorians/SalutatoriansMarch 200612-21
Valentine MarketOctober 197115photo
Van Becker, LorenzoJune 196413
Van Curen, BenJune 200513
Van Curen, James BMarch 200325
Van Houten, Ida (Rhoads) 1895April 19694photo
Van Houten, Jacob AFebruary 19837
Van Houten, LucindaMarch 200621
Van Meter, WilliamJune 197919
Van Meter, WilliamMarch 200625
Van Orsdall, ITDecember 19718
Van Orsdall, RuthApril 19854photo
Van Orsdall, VivianJune 197616photo
Van Voorst, AlbertMarch 200521
Van Voorst, MonzelleFebruary 19886photo
Van Voorst, WillodeanJune 200010photo
Vanbuskirk, Guy MApril 198912
VanBuskirk, Rosella (Scott)June 197616photo
Vance, CharlesApril 197111
Vance, MarieApril 19723-6
Vandalia RailroadFebruary 196410
Vandalia RRAugust 196812, 13
Vandalia RRJune 197716
Vandeman, CarlJune 19765photo
Vandeman, Flossie UmmelJune 19765photo
Vanderford, Andrew "Pedro"June 19938
Vanderford, Anna 1922February 19697photo
Vanderford, ChloeDecember 200520photo
Vanderford, Chloe 1922February 19697photo
Vanderford, EugeneJune 200625
Vanderford, Kenneth 1921February 196911photo
Vanderford, Kenneth EOctober 19705author
Vanderford, Kenneth HOctober 198421-24author
Vanderford, MableApril 197013photo
Vanderford, OlieApril 197012photo
Vanderford, Roy 1922February 19697photo
Vanderford, Velma 1921February 196911photo
Vanderford, Verda 1921February 196911photo
Vanderford, WilliamFebruary 19696photo
Vandersand, EdwinJune 198623
Vandersaul, BillMarch 20037
Vandersaul, MarionJune 200010photo
Vandersaul, Mrs EdwinMarch 200523
Vandersaul, Mrs MauriceMarch 200523
VanHouten, CatherineAugust 19643
VanHouten, JacobAugust 19643
VanHouten, Jacob ASeptember 20025
VanHouten, Jacob AJune 20037
VanMeter, WilliamFebruary 19836
Vanosdall, RodaAugust 198110photo
VanVoorst, SchuylerJune 200627
VanVoorst, SchuylerJune 200627
Vanvoorst, StevenMarch 200621
Vermilyea HouseAugust 19634
Veterans HonoredOctober 198816-18photo
Vice President, FlagDecember 19638
Victorian Etiquette of Polly ChaunceyJune 19997-13
Vietnam soldiers lostMarch 200425
Vietnam War DeathsJune 19711
Vogely, LavonDecember 200616photo
Voigt, BirdenaDecember 19695-14author
Volgen, Bertha Van DerJune 200412
Voorees, EdOctober 198618

W F Norris PharmacyMarch 199715-16
Wabash-Erie CanalJune 19636
Wabash-Erie CanalJune 19636
Wabash-Erie CanalOctober 198330
Wabash-Erie CanalApril 198426
Wade, LueyAugust 19869
Wade, MabelJune 198126photo
Wade, MarthaJune 198126photo
Wade, Mary JOctober 196311
Wade, PollyAugust 19869
Wade, SusieAugust 19869
Wagner, AlbertDecember 19665
Wagner, D M, DrJune 199322
Wagner, GuyDecember 197922-24
Wagner, JoyceJune 200220
Wagner, SueOctober 196311
Wales, Rev. JamesSeptember 200525
Walker, AllenOctober 19637
Walker, AllenOctober 196311
Walker, BertJune 200211photo
Walker, Bert DApril 198619
Walker, GeorgeAugust 19656
Walker, LeeJune 200211photo
Walker, Ora (Pence) 1904April 19696photo
Walker, Ora PenceApril 198128photo
Walker, RobertJune 200111photo
Walker, RobertSeptember 200627
Walkers ConfectionaryMarch 200526
Walkup, WWJune 197311
Wallace, Corp Byron PMarch 20029photo
Wallace, Jacob BJune 19722-9
Wallace, MikeAugust 19668, 9photo
Wallace, Sheldon October 196415
Wallace, WilbertAugust 198619
Wallace, WilburOctober 196413, 14photo
Wallace, ZadieMarch 20041photo
Walter, Anna MarieJune 200214
Walter, DOctober 199118photo
Walter, DavidMarch 200225
Walter, David AMarch 200614
Walter, EdFebruary 19711-9
Walter, FredOctober 197213-15
Walter, GeorgeApril 198815photo
Walter, GeorgeAugust 199015
Walter, George EDecember 199019
Walter, JodyMarch 200225
Walter, John RobertDecember 199111-12photo
Walter, John RobertJune 200214
Walter, OttoApril 198815photo
Walter, Otto "Skinney"August 19914-5photo
Walter, WmJune 200531
Walter-Raupher BreweryFebruary 19711-9photos
Walters, Addie AOctober 196311
Walton, H MOctober 196311
Walton, HarrietFebruary 19694
Walton, JosephAugust 197413
Wantz, FrederickApril 19819
Ward, DorisJune 19866photo
Ward, Elsie Heintzelman (Christmas)December 199717
Ward, FrancesJune 200010photo
Ward, HibertDecember 197922-24photo
Wardner, Bushnell & Glessner CoMarch 200515
Warner, Luther MMarch 200613
Warner GarageApril 198523
Warnick, DennisJune 199614
Warnick, Dennis (Christmas)December 19977
Warnick, ThelmaJune 200213
Warnick FamilySeptember 19997-10
Warren, DonaldJune 19757-9photo
Warren, Mrs Ben NJune 200619
Wartburg CollageOctober 19583, 7
Wartburg CollageAugust 19655, 6
Wartburg CollegeDecember 198027, 28
Wartburg SeminaryFebruary 196511
Wartime Syrup CakeMarch 200429
Wash DayApril 198311-15
Washboard BandApril 196414photo
Washburn, AdabelleMarch 199618photo
Washburn, JamesApril 19723-6
Washburn, JimmyJune 200514
Washburn, JohnAugust 19666, 7photo
Washburn, MaryJune 197512photo
Washburn, ThomasFebruary 198720
Washburn, ThomasSeptember 20025
Washburn BlockDecember 198722photo
Washington Center School FireMarch 200122
Washington Center-1925December 200617photo
Washington School GraduatesMarch 200027-28
Washington TownshipDecember 19648
Wasserman, Roxy (Cummins)February 19694
Water WorksApril 199123photo
Waterfall, BlitzAugust 19668, 9photo
Waterfall, CarlFebruary 19799-14
Waterfall, Carl 1895April 19694photo
Waterfall, ClarkDecember 199130
Waterfall, ClarkDecember 199729author
Waterfall, ClarkMarch 20024photo
Waterfall, ClarkMarch 200524
Waterfall, Clark "Doc"March 19981-8photo
Waterfall, Doc" ClarkMarch 20017-8
Waterfall, Dr ClarkSeptember 200016-20author
Waterfall, FlorenceJune 19866photo
Waterfall, FranklinAugust 19732-5
Waterfall, FranklinAugust 198617
Waterfall, Franklin (Warpy)June 199116photo
Waterfall, FredAugust 19668, 9photo
Waterfall, Fred SMarch 200210photo
Waterfall, JohnJune 19722-9
Waterfall, WilliamJune 19722-9
Waterfall, Zadie (Wallace)August 196810, 11photo
Waterfield, MargeMarch 199611-12author
Watson, CoraOctober 196510
Watson, CoraJune 198813
Watson, JohnMarch 200624
Watson, LouSeptember 199614-18
Watson, Lucy AOctober 196311
Watson, Lucy AnnDecember 197516-18
Watson, MaryOctober 196913photo
Watson, MaudOctober 196510
Watson, OrphaOctober 196913photo
Watson SchoolJune 200221photo
Watson SchoolJune 200210
Watt, JohnAugust 19841-9photo
Watters, GarlandJune 200626
Watters, JimmyOctober 19649
Waugh, BerthaDecember 19748
Waugh, ElizabethJune 200626
Waugh, FernApril 198623
Waugh, FernJune 198623
Waugh, FernMarch 200614
Waugh, GeneviveDecember 198418photo
Waugh, HarperOctober 196510
Waugh, HarperJune 19706photo
Waugh, IdaJune 199919-20
Waugh, James KFebruary 199325photo
Waugh, JimJune 199025photo
Waugh, LethaApril 198129
Waugh, LymanJune 198127photo
Waugh, LymanJune 198128photo
Waugh, MirthJune 19706photo
Waugh, MirthApril 198416photo
Waugh, PaulDecember 19748
Waugh, RichardMarch 200620
Waugh , David MinerSeptember 199816-17
WCHS Charter MbsApril 19834
WCHS-25 yrsApril 19833-10
WeatherheadApril 199313-16
Weaver SchoolFebruary 19695-8photo
Weaver SchoolApril 197012, 13photo
Weaver SchoolJune 20021617photo
Weaver SchoolJune 200210
Webber, BillJune 198130photo
Webber, WilliamJune 197311
Weber, JohnJune 198615
Weber, MaryAugust 198918photo
Weber, WilliamFebruary 19646
Weber, William, DrAugust 198614
Weber, Wm, DrJune 199322
Webright, SEApril 198722
Webster, D EFebruary 19646
Webster, D E, DrJune 199322
Webster, Dr M WJune 200525
Webster, Dr.December 200611
Webster, FredAugust 196810, 11photo
Webster, FredJune 198615
Webster, FredMarch 20041photo
Webster, Guardian EMarch 200213
Webster, JoeOctober 19886photo
Webster, M WOctober 196311
Webster, Monroe WFebruary 19646
Webster, RobertJune 200010photo
WeddingsDecember 19863-9
Weeks, Flo (Egolf) 1895April 19694photo
Weeks, HarlanMarch 200521
Weeks, Harland AFebruary 19843
Weeks, PhilJune 20056-7photo
Weeks, Rowena (Loe)June 20056photo
Weick, MrsJune 200220
Weick familyJune 20038
Weick Shoe StoreMarch 199724
Weick's Shoe StoreAugust 196310
Weick's Shoe StoreOctober 198617
Weick's ShoesOctober 199326
Weigold, BillMarch 200629photo
Weigold, Florence (Windle)April 19696photo
Weigold, Florence WindleApril 198128photo
Weikert, LoraineMarch 200620
Weiland, WinifredMarch 199618photo
Weimer, BerniceOctober 196912photo
Weimer, DaleJune 200213
Weimer, ElsieOctober 196912photo
Weimer, FlorenceOctober 196912photo
Weimer, HermanAugust 19749photo
Weiner, AnnetteOctober 19847photo
Weisweber, FamilyDecember 20065
Welch, EdwardFebruary 198613
Welker, ShermApril 198524photo
Welker, ShermanOctober 196412
Well DrillingApril 196712photo
Weller, Maud COctober 196311
Wells, CallieOctober 196311
Wells, MrsAugust 198311photo
Wells, William, CaptFebruary 19679
Welsh, JohnAugust 197413
Welsheimer, FillmoreAugust 19644
Welsheimer, FredJune 200516
Welsheimer, JamesAugust 19644
Welsheimer, PaulAugust 19666, 7photo
Welsheimer, R LMarch 200624
Welsheimer, T BAugust 19644
Welsheimer, WAugust 19644
Welsheimer & KingJune 200512
Welshimer, Clara OdellJune 19804
Welshimer FamilyApril 198026-28
Wenger, N RFebruary 19646
Wenger, N R, DrJune 199322
West, AddieDecember 200427
West Ward SchoolApril 19875photo
West Ward SchoolDecember 19988-10
Western, Asher 1912February 19696photo
Western, Dorothy 1920February 19698photo
Western, Dorothy 1922February 19697photo
Western, Lois JeanJune 200625
Western, PaulJune 200625
Western, PaulJune 200628
Western, SamApril 197012photo
Western, TomMarch 200527photo
Western ExchangeOctober 197213-15
Wetzel, Mary EllenJune 200424
Weybright, DellaOctober 19847photo
Weybright, FrederickDecember 196411
Weybright, GeneSeptember 200613
Weybright, HarleyApril 197710photo
Wheatley, JohnSeptember 20025
Wheeler, Frank December 200425
Wheeler, Gracia L AmmermanAugust 19645
Wherrey, HowardFebruary 19711-9
Wherry, MargaretMarch 199618photo
Whetstone, L HOctober 196311
Whicker, EdDecember 196313
Whicker, EdDecember 196314
Whisman, R EOctober 196412
Whist ClubDecember 198627-29
White, AdamDecember 196313
White, Allan DJune 19752-4author
White, Allan DJune 197922author
White, Allan DDecember 200111-14author
White, AnnaOctober 196311
White, ArmyJune 199619photo
White, BurtonAugust 197110photo
White, Burton ROctober 196412
White, Burton RJune 198025, 26photo
White, Burton RMarch 200325
White, DickOctober 19704photo
White, Dick, JimApril 199317photo
White, Dr S RJune 200512
White, DVApril 197512
White, ElizabethOctober 196311
White, FayeJune 199619photo
White, HarlanJune 198412author
White, HarlanAugust 198618-22author
White, JimOctober 19704photo
White, PeregrineAugust 19633
White, SusannaAugust 19633
White BannersDecember 198120
White Rose FlourJune 19643
Whiteleather, ArdithJune 199015author
Whiteleather, D VJune 200310
Whiteleather, David VAugust 19851-13photo
Whiteleather, David VDecember 20026
Whiteleather, DeanJune 200627
Whiteleather, DVApril 198722
Whiteleather, HazelAugust 198918photo
Whiteleather, JohnAugust 19666, 7photo
Whiteleather, John WJune 196511
Whiteleather, KeturahOctober 198214photo
Whitko Log CabinApril 197720-22photo
Whitley, Col WilliamDecember 19648
Whitley, Col WilliamFebruary 196514
Whitley, Col WilliamApril 19722photo
Whitley, Colonel WilliamApril 19821-9photo
Whitley Co 1858December 199623-24
Whitley Co 1930March 199818-19
Whitley Co AbstractJune 19693-10
Whitley Co BanksMarch 199826
Whitley Co MurderJune 197915
Whitley Co Telephone CoApril 19732-8
Whitley CountyDecember 19648
Whitley County HistoryDecember 19829-20
Whitley County Motor SalesApril 199224photo
Whitley County Officicial Fraternal Ass.April 197213-19
Whitley County-HistoryApril 19662-14
Whitley MarkerDecember 19741photo
Whitley MgnApril 19646
Whitman, HattieFebruary 198410photo
Whitman, HattieJune 200111photo
Whitman, Omar DFebruary 198726
Whitman, Omer DFebruary 198613, 15photo
Whitmore, SarahDecember 200511
Whitney, Ethel EApril 198416photo
Whittenberger, WalterOctober 196412
Wick, Clyde WApril 198912
Wickliff, GeorgeAugust 197713, 14
Wickliffe, GeorgeMarch 200624
Wickliffe, Lodema 1909April 19697photo
Widdefield, G BJune 200512
Widdefield, G BMarch 200624
Widney, B VDecember 196310
Widney, BVAugust 197513
Widup, CyrusOctober 196311
Widup, H COctober 196311
Widup, J JOctober 196311
Widup, MaryApril 198129
Widup FamilyOctober 19775
Wiegold, John WFebruary 198613, 15photo
Wiegold, John WFebruary 198725
Wigent, ChaunceyJune 20036
Wigent, FrankDecember 19748
Wigent, RonaldDecember 198418photo
Wigent, RoyAugust 197110photo
Wigent, RoyOctober 198618
Wigent, Roy SMarch 200613
Wigent, Warren SJune 19693-10
Wigent (Creamery), WarrenMarch 200322
Wiggens, DrOctober 197218
Wilcox, JamesAugust 19666, 7photo
Wilcox, NaomiOctober 196311
Wilcox, PaulFebruary 19843
Wilcox, PaulDecember 200017photo
Wilcox, PaulJune 200116photo
Wilcoxson, Ariel DApril 19879, 11photo
Wilder Lightning BrigadeMarch 200327
Wilderness SchoolJune 200210
Wilfong, Robert WJune 19711
Wilkeswood Landing StripOctober 197217
Wilkins, Dr.December 200611
Wilkinson, EdithJune 200010photo
Wilkinson, JoeOctober 196912photo
Wilkinson, OthoOctober 196912photo
Wilkswood- stallionFebruary 19666photo
Will, FirstAugust 196413
William, JesseMarch 200213
William, LelandJune 200111photo
Williams, Alice B, DrAugust 198729photo
Williams, Alice B, DrJune 199322
Williams, Alice, DrOctober 197923
Williams, BobbyJune 200220
Williams, Charles SJune 197311
Williams, Dr AliceSeptember 200415
Williams, Drs Charles & AliceAugust 19636
Williams, Leland MikeAugust 198816photo
Williams, LloydDecember 200118-20author
Williams, Lydia Schuyler BalerAugust 19636
Williams, MagAugust 198311photo
Williams, RandallMarch 200621
WilliamsMarch 200213
Williams ShopApril 198522photo
Williams, M D, Charles SSeptember 20048photo
Williamson, BobMarch 200527photo
Williamson, DavisJune 19722-9
Williamson, EarlDecember 200619photo
Williamson, ElvaOctober 19846photo
Williamson, HOctober 199118photo
Williamson, HarleyApril 197710photo
Williamson, Laura KniselyAugust 19645
Williamson, Laura KniselyJune 19833-7
Williamson, Perry WJune 19795, 11author
Williamson, Perry WOctober 19821-6author
Williamson, Perry WJune 19833-7author
Williamson, RollaMarch 200624
Williamson, W WJune 200512
Williamson, WallaceOctober 196511-14author
Williamson, Wallace WOctober 19821-6
Willits, EugeneDecember 199229
Willits, ReedOctober 197111photo
Willits, ReedJune 198118photo
Willson, F D, DrJune 199322
Wilson, H D, MrsDecember 197920
Wilson, JennieJune 19783-6
Wilson, JennieAugust 198311photo
Wilson, JohnOctober 196312
Wilson, John SMarch 200620
Wilson, Thomas MOctober 196312
Wilson, Zeal ChristopherApril 198911photo
Wilson LakeOctober 198430
Wince, AlfredOctober 197716
Wince, ArleneMarch 200313photo
Wince, Arlene (Carmin)March 20037photo
Wince, JohnOctober 19585
Wince, John LSeptember 199722-28author
Wince, MargaretOctober 19585
Wince, SarahOctober 19585
Wince FamilyAugust 197715-17
Windle, DorothyJune 198126photo
Windle, Florence MApril 198129
Windle, GeorgeJune 19757-9photo
Windle, GeorgeApril 198128photo
Windle, George 1904April 19696photo
Windle, George EApril 198129
WindmillsApril 197815
Wine, Betty JoJune 200625
Wine, Betty JoJune 200626
Winebrenner, BessApril 197818photo
Winebrenner, MrsSeptember 200424
Winebrenner, NelsonFebruary 199311-12photo
Winegardner, Adrian EMarch 200210photo
Winegardner, Anthony WayneSeptember 20055
Winegardner, Herbert, JrSeptember 20055
Winegardner, Mary CatharineSeptember 20055
Winegardner, RebeccaSeptember 20055
Wineland, DonJune 20058
Winslow, EdwardAugust 19633
Winton CarMarch 200627
Wire, JennieOctober 196312
Wise, JohnApril 197710photo
Wise, MargaretJune 200231
Wise, Maud CatherineSeptember 200412
WiseJune 200218
Witmer, FletcherOctober 196912photo
Wolf, BobSeptember 200326photo
Wolf, DavidFebruary 19838
Wolf, DonJune 20057
Wolf, Jacob, ReverandOctober 19587
Wolf, Max 1921February 196911photo
Wolf, RichardJune 20057
Wolf, WiggyJune 20057
Wolf DriveApril 198426
Wolf Lake Trolley LineFebruary 197716
Wolfe, AdamJune 19693-10
Wolfe, Ben 1909April 19697photo
Wolfe, BobFebruary 19874photo
Wolfe, Ervin EApril 198619
Wolfe, HenryJune 19643
Wolfe, JacobAugust 19656
Wolfe, JacobAugust 19656
Wolfe, LawrenceFebruary 19874photo
Wolfe, LawrenceAugust 198724photo
Wolfe, Leonard EApril 198619
Wolfe, MOctober 199118photo
Wolfe, Maurice EAugust 198129author
Wolfe, Noah JMarch 200521
Wolfe, PhyllisJune 200213
Wolfe, RusselAugust 198724photo
Wolfe, RuthJune 200220
Wolff, Rev JacobDecember 198027, 28
Wolff, WilliamFebruary 19808
Wood, JimMarch 200224
Wood, Pauline (Armold) 1920February 19698photo
Wooden checksFebruary 19664
Woodham, GregMarch 200629photo
Woodham, MadgeJune 198813photo
Woodham, Madge SchumakerDecember 198323-25author
Woodham, Madge SchumakerMarch 19969
Woods, CalvinJune 198127photo
Woods, LewisAugust 198414photo
Woodville SchoolJune 200210
Worden, AlJune 19635
Worden, Dr J WJune 199322
Worden, JamesAugust 197310-14
Worden, LesterMarch 200325
Worden, W HDecember 196313
Worden, WHDecember 196314
Workman, BlancheJune 19706photo
Workman, HowardAugust 19732-5
Workman, HowardAugust 198616
World War ISeptember 20066
Worth, LewFebruary 196510
WPAOctober 199326
WrestlingAugust 19909-10
Wright, AlexanderDecember 200521
Wright, ArthurDecember 200521
Wright, Delbert 1922February 19697photo
Wright, DennisAugust 19749photo
Wright, Francis MelvinDecember 200521
Wright, IlahDecember 200520photo
Wright, JuniorJune 200625
Wright, Margaret (Hull)December 200521
Wright, Marilyn (Shively)June 20051photo
Wright, Marilyn (Shively)June 20055photo
Wright, RussellApril 197111
Wright, Terry TJune 19711
Wright, TheodoreDecember 200521
Wright, WilliamDecember 200521
Wright Reunion- 1914December 200521
Wuertley, GeorgeDecember 200617photo
Wuertly, FredDecember 200617photo
Wunderlich, H MOctober 196312
Wunderlich, JamesSeptember 20045
Wunderlich, JennieOctober 196312
Wunderlich, JoeFebruary 196510
Wunderlich, LizzieOctober 196312
Wunderlich, LizzieFebruary 198714photo
Wunderlich, MayFebruary 196510
Wunderlich, Simon HFebruary 198721
WWIFebruary 198613-19
WWIApril 198619, 20
WWIFebruary 198725, 26
WWIApril 19879-14
WWIApril 198911-18
WWI 1st DrafteesFebruary 198319-24
WWI DrafteesAugust 198411
WWI DrafteesApril 198517, 18photo
WWII victimsApril 197111
Wyncoop, EdnaAugust 198724photo
Wyncoop, MyrtleAugust 198724photo
Wyncoop, Ralph AndrewApril 198911photo
Wynkoop, CashOctober 19886photo
Wynkoop, FrankApril 197013photo
WynkoopJune 19838
Wynkoop GroceryOctober 197115

Yagel, GloisOctober 198214photo
Yagle, WilliamJune 19927photo
Yaney, William JrJune 197518photo
Yant, MerlinDecember 20035photo
Yaste, GeorgeOctober 19886photo
Yellowstone TrailMarch 200623
Yetts, WilliamFebruary 198721
Yoder, Harry TOctober 19583, 4, 13photo
Yoder, Harry TAugust 19749photo
Yoder, Harry TFebruary 197615, 16
Yoder, Harry TOctober 19923-4author
Yoder, Harry TJune 20026
Yohe, Lola MarieMarch 200613, 14photo
Yohe, Mabel MOctober 198222-24author
Yohn, EllaAugust 19729-12
Yontz, AvasanaJune 20038
Yontz, BessieJune 198615
Yontz, CharlesAugust 19732-5
Yontz, Charles (Ducky)August 198616
Yontz, CoronerJune 197315
Yontz, DillonOctober 19774
Yontz, FredJune 19757-9photo
Yontz, FredJune 198719photo
Yontz, FredJune 200116photo
Yontz, G FredFebruary 19843
Yontz, Gail GalvestonApril 198911photo
Yontz, HelenJune 200214
Yontz, MearlApril 198416photo
Yontz, Merle WeickAugust 19867photo
Yontz, Miss RuthJune 200511photo
Yontz, RalphMarch 200210photo
Yontz, RJFebruary 19711-9
Yontz, RuthDecember 198128photo
Yontz, RuthApril 198416photo
Yontz & HallauerJune 19788-12
Yontz GroceryJune 19788-12photo
Yosthrenski, JohnSeptember 200421
Youmans, Zewell WMarch 200325
Young, AFebruary 19808
Young, AlfredOctober 196412
Young, Beryl OFebruary 198613, 15photo
Young, Gerald HApril 197111
Young, John MOctober 196312
Young, N AOctober 196312
Young, OrvilleApril 197710photo
Young, Sophia FaunkhouserFebruary 197511photo
Young, Susan MAugust 197310-14
Young, WilliamAugust 197413
ZartmanSeptember 20059

Zinn, RayFebruary 198613
ZinsmasterAugust 197713, 14
Zintsmeister, FredOctober 196312
Zintzmeister, GraceSeptember 200419
Zintzmeister, LenaSeptember 200419
Zion BellAugust 19913-4photo
Zion LutheranOctober 19674photo
Zion Lutheran BellDecember 200118-20
Zion Lutheran ChurchAugust 19911photo
Zion OrganFebruary 198226photo
Zirkle, MissJune 200215
Zolman, ClaudApril 198518
Zolman, ClydeJune 198127photo
Zolman FamilyJune 200614
Zuber, A DMarch 200325
Zumbrum, ForrestMarch 200520
Zumbrum, FrankMarch 200520
Zumbrum, Ida 1895April 19694photo
Zumbrun, E HMarch 200325
Zumbrun, Lynn SDecember 199918-25
Zumbrun, OmerFebruary 196513
Zumbrun, Raymond EApril 197111
Zumbrun, RelyFebruary 199013-18author
Zumbrun, WylandApril 198619
Zumbrun MurderFebruary 199013-18
Zurcher, CarlDecember 20046photo
Zwissler, Gayle YontzSeptember 199412-13author


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