1850 Census Mortality Schedule

Whitley County Indiana

In 1850 census enumerators were directed to secure in addition to the usually required census data, information as to all persons dying in the twelve month period prior to the enumeration of the census about 1 June 1850. This list is compiled from various published sources and likely contains mispelling and errors. It appears the original list was compiled by the Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis. Only 7 of the 10 columns are listed here. Please Send corrections.

1850 Census started 14 Aug 1850, completed 17 Oct 1850.
Total Population of Whitley County 5,190
Total Number of Dwellings visited 914
Total Number of Families 940

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Name Died age Sex Born Occupation Cause of Death
Aker, ElizabethFebruary51FemaleVirginiaHousewifeDispepsia
Boner, JaneMay 44FemaleNew YorkHousewifeChildbed Fever
Campbell, James A.May 2 monthsMaleIndianaScarlet Fever
Chapman, PeterDecember9MaleOhioScarlet Fever
Clark, JuliaFebruary2FemaleIndianaJaundice
Collins, JaneDecember64FemaleKentuckyHousewifeInflamed Liver
Collins, JohnJune72MaleVirginiaFarmerDropsey
Compton, Alvert H.November1MaleIndianaLiver Fever
Compton, FrancisApril1 monthMaleIndiana
Compton, Orpha J.April30FemaleOhioHousewifeSore Throat
Cook, SarahMay 1FemaleOhioBurn
Cornell, Benjamin H.August55MaleNew YorkCongestion Chills
Cuppy, Abraham C.January26MaleIndianaFarmerConsumption
Davis, EvanMay 29MalePennsylvaniaConsumption
Dils, Adaline J.August9 MonthsFemaleOhioConsumption
Dils, Mary JaneJune25FemaleOhioConsumption
Doty, Louisa J.April7 monthsFemaleIndianaSct Rash
Dupler, ----April1 monthMaleIndianaConvulstions
Dupler, ----April6 monthsFemaleIndianaConvulsions
Fletcher, -----April1 monthMaleIndianaDeformed
Flora, PeterFebruary93MalePennsylvaniafarmerPalsy
Ford, LeviMay 5MaleIndianaWhooping Cough
Ford, MarthaMay 2FemaleIndianaWhooping Cough
Ford, MaryMay 8 monthsFemaleIndianaWhooping Cough
Gilbert, -----June30FemaleSouth CarolinaConsumption
Gillespie, MenzesJanuary2MaleIndianaScarlet Fever
Goodrich, John F.December2MaleIndianaEresipelas
Hapner, SalomeOctober36FemaleOhioHousewifeConsumption
Hartsock, LeviAugust1MaleIndianaS Compt
Hopkins, EliasNovember24MaleOhiofarmerSmall Pox
Jeffreys, HarbertOctober60MaleVirginiafarmerDropsey
Jones, JohnOctober1MaleIndianaChills & Fever
Joslin, Elcy E.May 2FemaleIndianaScarlet Fever
Joslin, Mary J.March3FemaleIndianaScarlet Fever
Kelsey, CarolineJanuary3FemaleIndianaScarlet Fever
King, -----February1 dayFemaleIndiana
Lemon, Francis M.October8MaleOhioEresipelas
Leopard, JohnFebruary15MalePennsylvaniaScarlet Fever
MacLurgh, Allice A.October9FemaleIndianaInflamed Brain
McCafferty, Mary A.March3FemaleIndianaLung Fever
McGrew, Hiram M.September6MaleIndianaTyphus Fever
Mosher, Nancy M.May 7 monthsFemaleIndianaInflamed Lungs
Nicholas, RosanFebruary1 monthFemaleIndianaFits
Ormsby, EbenezerSeptember43MaleVermontTeacherFlux
Pert, AbnerAugust25MaleSouth CarolinaCholera
Pierce, Mary A.October26FemaleOhioHousewifeBisl. Fever
Presler, LydiaMay 1FemaleIndiana
Rambo, HelenJuly4FemaleIndianaScarlet Fever
Rea, -----February1 dayMaleIndiana
Ride, Meriah L.February1FemaleIndianaScarlet Fever
Riley, Sarah J.April2 monthsFemaleIndianaSct. Rash
Sherrer, WilliamAugust4MaleOhioFlux
Shoemaker, AsaJuly50MaleNew YorkFarmerBrain Disease
Slussman, John M.June19MaleGermanyLightning
Smith, ClarendemJuly1MaleOhioFlux
Souder, MaryAugust18FemaleOhioHousewifeUlcer
Stolstorf, GeorgeAugust30MaleGermanyMillerCholera
Thrasher, EliasMarch14MaleVirginiaScrofula
Tuttle, Mary A.November1FemaleIndianaInt. Fever
Wayner, Martha J.May 28FemaleOhioHousewifeLung Fever
Whitman, JamesMarch13MaleIndianaLung Fever
Wiwnicke, HenrySeptember29MaleGermanyFarmerCholera
Yetts, Catherine B.April6 monthsFemaleIndianaConvulsions

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